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April 21, 2019


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At some point Shivinder is going to sing. The courts aren't going to separate the brothers role in this mess. They continue to hold them equally responsible. Gurinder would have to offer Shivinder something really big to keep him quiet. Same with Godhwani. Bribe or blackmail at this point. Godhwani knows too much. If Gurinder can’t protect him or bribe him to keep quiet about the exact details of misappropriated funds and monies being transferred then Godhwani will eventually cut a deal with investigators. At least that’s how these things play out here in America. I might be terribly naive, though. Perhaps Gurinder has enough politicians in his pocket to keep all three of them out of jail and prison. But if he doesn’t, then the secrets will start coming out.

It’s like reading about a crime family—a mafia gang. And I just want to point out that when you register 100+ company names and start moving money in and out of their accounts, that’s just a no brainer. No real company in the world operates that way other than money launderers. The problem/delay is combing through all the books and trying to map out the trail of cash. That’s exactly why money launderers create so many unnecessary companies—to make the cash flow difficult to trace.

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