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April 30, 2019


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Hello Brian
My name is Nick from the UK, and I have been dropping in on your blog recently as the GSD issues mount.
Thought you might enjoy the attached links which show a worrying set of goings on over in Portugal.
All this created by Mooji, one of our own home grown gurus in the UK. Some parallels with Sant Mat, especially the over emotional vulnerable young women pouring out their stuff to the guru. Mooji seems to have gone from tea shop owner/incense seller to neo advaita pundit and now fully fledged God incarnate guru!
Once you have read through all this maybe you might want to consider it for a post. This whole story really encapsulates what is so off with the whole guru scene. Wind the clock back 40-50 years and the Mooji ‘satsang’ audience could be the same young white clad devotees surrounding Da Free John and Osho Rajneesh. There are also all the attendant rumours, with some hard evidence of flagrant abuses and violations going on.
Two scenarios emerge from this for me;
1. This guy really believes his own hype or the hype surrounding him that he is a veritable manifestation of the Divine, or at least fully enlightened as Ramana Maharshi was claimed to be.
2. He is knowingly running a racket along the lines of ‘how to be a trickster guru’ by Alan Watts.
Either option is somewhat disturbing so take your pick!
FYI one of the more amusing parts of Watt’s essay is the following advice for the budding guru;
“As soon as you can afford to wangle it, get hold of a country house as an ashram or spiritual retreat, and put students to work on all the menial tasks. Insist on some special diet, but do not follow it yourself. Indeed, you should cultivate small vices, such as smoking, mild boozing, or, if you are very careful, sleeping with the ladies, to suggest that your stage of evolution is so high that such things do not affect you, or that only by such means can you remain in contact with ordinary mundane consciousness”.
This seems to be something that Mooji has done with relish! Check out his website and you will find the whole shooting match of books/CD’s/streaming TV/blessed bits and bobs. A veritable cottage industry! Sure beats working for a living!
On the serious side, willingly allowing vulnerable young people (especially girls) to gush over you and prostrate to you is simply silly and ridiculous. This encourages a potential for predators to take advantage of them, not least the possibility of the guru himself.

God is The Hero with a thousand faces
Veganism is the hill they chose to stand on
The divine scales of creation don't balance at the fulcrum of our choosing
Poetry won’t save us
My cheese has slipped off its cracker
The yawning maw of the infinite abyss
Surrender to the void
Archaic Sarcasm
Intransigent Protagonist
It wins its own category
Painting the Titanic
The courtesy of exaggeration
Self absorbed idiocy
Soft as the hair of a ghost
Creative procrastination
Hardline indifference
Fear Chaos Insanity
Horror Evil Madness
Innovation that never occurs
You’re twisting my melon
A capricious and often brutal administration
I’ll never have to to sweeten my coffee again
A monument to tedium
I am incapable of irony
The morning after the nightmare before
Lemons in a basket
A mirage of happiness and satisfaction
Malignant narcissism
Offended by everything
Ashamed of nothing
Uniquely Crestfallen
Hostile Historians
A brutal street of twisted dreams
Hiatus of Hostility
We are dancing on a volcano
Concentrated Nucleus of Hate
Chlorinated Nothingness
Unabated Absurdity
Positive Jupiter aligns with Ethereal Neptune

Thank you and I appreciate with you.

@Arjuna . . . be wise & prudent

You said:
"" That is one hell of a dumb answer he gave - would ignore and tell the police!!! ""

My psychic sense says that THAT would have changed
the lives of Mother, Daughter into hell

We You don't know the exact nature of her complaint
Look how italian parents touch their offspring

Here on this blog , it's always the same
Nobody knows anything about anything


Wait for the "BOOM"

Ethereal Neptune

Super Sweet Anahabad Shabd perhaps to add


777 you wrote: "My psychic sense says that THAT would have changed
the lives of Mother, Daughter into hell"

If someone is so distraught that her own husband is molesting their child, and asks the guru in a public forum like she did, then that speaks volumes as to how she is at her wits end in dealing with this.

To say that the mother and daughter would change into a hell, shows a total lack of empathy and understanding of the situation. The only response to this should be to take that child out of harm's way. PERIOD. Deal with that idiot molesting the child afterwards. This would be the expected response from anyone on this. She and the child are already living in a hell.

Wayne Caravella is constantly on GSD for making strange responses and trying to manage things when GSD says things that puts himself/RSSB in a bad light. Apparently this keeps him quite busy in addition to managing the centers outside of India.

A poor response is a poor response. RSSB is infamous for keeping things under a heavy blanket. Advocating anyone to leave a marriage, report a negative incident surrounding the dera or any of it's centers, is covered up or de-escalated immediately. So it's sad to see that if someone is in trouble, especially a child, and the response was give more love to her husband, then where does that leave the child? Unbelievable.

I watched the link of that "guru" in Portugal. How the followers were behaving and saying what they were saying. Gave me a bad taste in my mouth and felt a little sick to my stomach. Is that kind of blind faith still prevalent in today's society? Holy shit.

You know ya just can’t get a decent guru these days. All the good ones have passed on and most of the rest it seems, can’t keep their hands off ‘benefits’ that accrue from being in positions of power, thus often leading to falls from grace. A while back, Brian posted a great picture of a fella climbing up to a ledge where the guru sat dressed in drag - such a great laugh and poignant message - it’s all not what it seems AND more importantly at some stage we have to give it all up and realise that GURU stands for ‘Gee U R U’ - the true guru is our own Self. That’s how I see it.

Mind you there is the possibility that if we ‘raise it right’ a machine consciousness could step in at some stage and show us the way, certainly in the realm of thought. David Lane made interesting points in one of his Integral World essays and stated that gurus of the future could well be virtual/digital. So I guess Spencer could be right suggesting Briananda is fulfilling this role to some degree. He (Brian) certainly meets some of the criteria - lives in Oregon and drives a VW GTI - (GTI=Generally true intention :-)).

To be sung as per ‘Oh where oh where has my little dog gone’ —

Oh where oh where has my good guru gone
Oh where oh where can he be?
My son, wake up, he has no interest in you -
He’s into GOT on his new smart TV!

GOT = Game of Thrones.
Best wishes

"You know ya just can’t get a decent guru these days."

Tim Rimmer, my wife has a guru who is pretty decent. Has a handful of disciples who visit him at his home while his daughter in law makes chai and little grandkids sleep on the bed in the living room. He even calls my wife on her birthday.

Basically he's a really normal guy who some say has a gift of premonition. One of his followers seems to have called TV stations to try making him famous, but he turns down all interview requests and he generally turns down all new followers, too. He actually turned down 2 of my crazy friends by name who I'd never told him about and that he'd never met who were hassling me to find them someone to fix their problems. It was pretty strange, actually.

But she happened upon him by chance and verified his decency by actually knowing him as a human being, not a celebrity who speaks on a stage in front of 200,000 people in a foreign country. The dynamic of the relationship is obviously very different, and it reminds me of the romantic or idyllic feel we may have got when we read about with Mirabai and Guru Ravidas early in our RSSB days. Even if it's not real, it's the real thing.

Hi Jesse. That's great your wife has found this. Are you at liberty to say what he asks his disciples to practice?

In search of I kinda feel sorry for you

In Search Of,

He just tells them to more devoutly worship whatever they already worship. He himself is a Shiv Bhakta and has never told my Sikh wife to worship Shiva.

In India there are so many of these sorts of local gurus around and in my opinion they're much more interesting than the big names in the spiritual talking business.

Thanks Jesse. That's cool. Hope she finds it helpful and inspiring.

No room to feel sorry for anyone. Follow your path and I'll follow one that clicks for me... Ilanovitch.

Many imperfect possibilities/answers

I saw on TV about an enquete in the UK
that this happens in15% of families

No jails enough
Don't mention Italy where mother/sons relations are intense
No idea about India
but I know that consequences can be horrible


"""" . He is from the 16 sons of Satpurush. Next Rssb Master will also be from the 16. He has played this game so that the unmarked souls leave the path. """"


This exactly the kind of myths, Gurinder want to finish with

Read the Granth
He has Myriads of Daughters and Sons in Myriads of Universes

He is Shabd vibration and each Jeeva, can join His Song
and ultimately each quark/atom/molecule sing His Song
because there is no other place to go


all symbolism is personal, all regions are individual, . .

As a follow up to my floating the Mooji guru scandal erupting in Portugal and all over the web please see this mini rant below. I hope in your role of exposing this sort of rot that you might flex your intellectual muscles on this one! It really is a psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists and cult busters dream! See this link below which shows what is going on;


A typical bliss ninny love in! Don’t get me wrong I get and understand the devotion, though I no longer have a clear notion of divinity that I would be devoted to. Having been to Krishna Das gigs I completely get all this. But after a while the emotional highs that are stimulated and freely encouraged give rise to the lows. There is also the notion that this is genuine spiritual ecstasy, whereas it is the stimulus that counts; it could be the Beatles, a rave, a Krishna icon, etc. These mostly young people are so full of the love and goodness the world needs, but to my mind this emotional uplift and near hysteria at times is not overall healthy or even necessary for spiritual development. For spiritual I now read ‘inner’ and try and bypass too much metaphysical speculation.
This type of mass bliss love in can in many ways be wholesome, but you can just see the cultishness of it all when there is a central personality involved. In this case a current guru. It seems less cultish when it not centred around the idol worship of another human being, but to a more abstract concept such as a Krishna or Buddha idol.
So how do trickster gurus get away with it? It’s obvious when you think about it. It is simply economic supply and demand. There is an awful lot of demand out there, and most of it is not very discerning or ‘demanding’.
What this guy Mooji is doing is simply shocking; letting young vulnerable people bow and scrape to him/sleeping with the nice young ladies as he fancies/ selling photos of his ‘lotus feet’ on his website/ allowing people to sing hyms (bhajans) to him praising him as God. There used to be dust on sale from where he walked, made available on the website. Absolutely shameless hucksterism and mind mending cultish BS of the worst kind. So sad that people fall for this every generation. Thought it might have been all over with Da Free John, but no. 30 years on it is the same cult based BS, only Mooji doesn’t have the saving grace of at least being a profound writer.
He claims lineage from Ramana, despite scholars being clear that Ramana didn’t accept lineages. He claims to teach Advaita, except scholars point out he is peddling a dumbed down mash up of Advaita meets New Age psychobabble. Now all of this would be less damaging if it didn’t involve all the sex with girls young enough to be grandchildren and all the multi million pound corporate peddling of spirituality lite.
Please Briananandaji oh most holy highness of COTC please investigate and publish your findings. Help alert people to this travesty and expose this cult before it sucks in too many more dupes.

Dear "In Search Of",

Just analyse how this online gossiping works.
These online spaces and the discussions over a topic in these spaces goes with a flow.
Without any substantial and factual information.

Most of the commenters who are supporting a part of debate goes on forming their own stand objecting and ridiculing everything as if they know everything where the reality is that they don't even have slightest of the visibility of an event and it's related beings.

First of all, this complaint by the mother is reported by some anon over email to Brian. No one has validated it's authenticity.

If you or anyone here, even the person who sent this email, or many commenters here who are from UK really seeking the truth, must have gone ahead and reach out to the woman and find their current state.

If we take this on the face value, and consider it the truth, even then no one has actually gone there and meet that mother to know the current status and here we all are blindly making our own suggestions. The Master is known to send enormous grace and blessings when anyone pleads in front of HIM. If this case reported is a fact, I do not have a slight doubt that the Master, while giving the answer to the mother, has already blessed the father with wisdom and he must have already repented his misdeeds and by now would have been converted to a decent person.

The other concern of what the Master should have advised.
So you think the mother is stupid and couldn't have thought of the same advise that you are giving her ?
And actually this is our state of disgraced mind, we reach out to the Master with a question and already having an answer within ourself, we just want the Master to repeat our own answer.

And that never happens.
The Satguru is not here to boost your ego by nodding in your nods.

HE is here to bruise and eventually erode your ego and make you capable of merging in the Shabd.
Whatever response HE gave must have been the best for the family alongside fixing the issue already in it's entirety.

One Initiated, you wrote: "I do not have a slight doubt that the Master, while giving the answer to the mother, has already blessed the father with wisdom and he must have already repented his misdeeds and by now would have been converted to a decent person."

Blessed the father with wisdom? Are you serious? Why wasn't he blessed with wisdom so he didn't do the despicable acts in the first place? When the child was probably crying, what happened with the blessings?

Personal responsibility and taking ownership of robbing the child of her innocence. This is what it is all about. Why does it have to be in code? Why not just say take the child out of that situation and deal with the father through counselling or the justice system?

Next time you get a speeding ticket, have your better half ask GSD tearfully how to fix the problem, and he'll bestow his blessings on you so you stop speeding and become a decent person. Sounds exactly like what you've just said. Only the child is in grave danger, physically and psychologically.

Reality check

One initiated complains about gossip on online forums "without any substantial and factual information" even though there are numerous articles, quotes, and otherwise that prove his statement completely false. One Initiated also ascribes magical powers to his Guru with literally no evidence.

- The Master is known to send enormous grace and blessings when anyone pleads in front of HIM.

Gonna need some evidence of this other than what you say, One. What even is "grace?" It means nothing in this context.

-no one has actually gone there and meet that mother to know the current status and here we all are blindly making our own suggestions.

You don't know that. Maybe people have gone and inquired about her state.

-I do not have a slight doubt that the Master, while giving the answer to the mother, has already blessed the father with wisdom and he must have already repented his misdeeds and by now would have been converted to a decent person.

Can you show a single example from anywhere of a random man telling someone to stop molesting kids, stop beating their wife, stop drinking etc and they just stop right there and then? The world doesn't work that way.

-The Satguru is not here to boost your ego by nodding in your nods.

Maybe not, but that's all he ever succeeds at doing. Radha Soamis are the most arrogant people on earth. Even when you try showing humility you humble-brag about it. Your ego is huge and you are willing to lie to protect it. That's the dark and rotten fruit of "namdhan" from this fake guru you worship.

One Initiated, you're no Manjit. If we were all being honest here we'd all have to say that you're dumber than dog shit. The things you believe and the pathetic excuses you make for terrible behavior are the sorts of things we see in mass murderers like Pol Pot who once claimed that "only bad people were killed" during the Khmer Rouge reign. You would literally excuse a murder by your guru as some sort of necessary deed to cleanse the world.

Yes, Search, "Shit Happens"
with people living under the influence of mind (kaal), shit happens, daily!
Keep crying in your ego, or reach out to the doctor to get treated.

We tag our incapability as others' failure. Just like the case of Jesse.
due to his ego, he never experienced the grace and it can't be explained.
so with his current stand, he has to live like this only. sorry, no fruits for him.

with each comment, Jesse raises the bar of how cheap a person can be.

I forgive each and every disgraced comment of Jesse,
I hope not, but given the rot he presents,
it appears that forgiveness from HIM might not come for free.

repent now or pay later, choice is yours.

One Initiated, "Shit Happens". Wow. You dismiss child abuse as shit happens.

This is the arrogance and blind idiotic comments that one would expect and continues to be propagated by morons like you.

Keep it up. You're holding up the guru's ideals. You'll be in Sach Khand for sure. So will I. Probably sooner than you. Take a wild guess how I know...

God is one, if that's what we want to call that power or energy. Or it's nothing into nothingness. At least I have the sense of discrimination which you are clearly lacking.

You don't get brownie points from the guru inside or outside for saying bullshit like that in defending him. You merely come across like a moron regurgitating bookish knowledge.

Have fun with yourself.

With great love, and hope that you read and investigate other tangential works besides the RSSB literature. And lose the arrogance, please.

You see the arrogance:
"I forgive each and every disgraced comment of Jesse,
I hope not, but given the rot he presents,
it appears that forgiveness from HIM might not come for free."

For the life of me, can you not understand what you're writing here?

This is religious dogma at its extreme. Nowhere in RSSB literature do the guru's sayings does this get mentioned. Where are you getting this from? Those shitty dinner parties where satsangis get together and try to one up each other in his praise?

Religious craziness at its worst. Pretty soon you'll be camping outside Exer's workplaces holding up signs like Scientology whacks are doing.

It's written everywhere, you are probably missing the gist:

"Sant ka nindak maha hatyara"
Abuser of a Saint is a great murderer.
read garud puran which mentions at length about the sins and the punishments.

Baba Gurinder Singh Ji Maharaj is a Sant Satguru and HE reveals this on me, in a grand fashion, in each and every satsang that I attend by HIS order.

I am not defending anyone here, Search.
I am just telling the truth.
Not a single person from the ~7 billion odd beings alive today is capable to defend HIM, when HE is defending them and the earth continuously.

I am just trying to help my fellow brothers and sisters who mistakenly have fallen prey to the mind games.

Gurus play mind games all the time.
Faqir Chand asked both Sawan Singh and Charan Singh if they knew about the experiences their disciples were having. Both denied knowing their disciples experiences and said they would not reveal it to them because it would upset the order of things.

Which means it would ruin the dera they had built. So in the process of protecting the dera, they mislead and insinuate that the guru is all knowing when in fact they know they are not.

Do some research and figure out for yourself. If all you read is RSSB literature, how will you know anything else?

Faqir was wrong and slandering
They are . . .
but only for knowledge their Master gives them to knowIn fact we all have
My first impression was right . . we say

Don't forget serendipities . . . one per hour, . . per minute. . . how many? . . hard to imagine
Don't forget the Shabd, . . they are


"Faqir was wrong and slandering"

This is all spiritual partisanship. You choose a guru, from your short list of major international english speaking gurus, and claim that any and all who disagree are automatically wrong. Even though you have no way of proving one way or the other if your guru or the other was right or wrong, then you take sides as if you're in a gang. Just like unimplemented political policy being debated by people who are exempt from the policy's implications. You're an outsider who gives funds but isn't represented.

Reminds me of a time I was shopping at this Tibetan shop and some new agey follower of the Self Realization Fellowship (another famous-in-the-west Indian cult) asked me if I knew baba ji. In their tradition he's a mythical man who has lived in the himalayas (of course) for centuries and has the ability to change bodies at will.

I explained that I was aware of many baba ji's and that was a follower of one who we called baba ji. She huffed and puffed at me "There's only on eternal baba ji!" Had she met this eternal baba, or was it that she'd invested her entire ego into the feeling of being special and saved by finding the true one? In retrospect I feel like I should have snapped back that MY baba was the best!

Orthodox Christians sing "we have seen the true light! we have found the true faith!" but most were simply born into Orthodoxy and have no other "light" or faith to compare theirs to. A Sikh friend of mine recently told me that he doesn't know much, but he knows that Sikhism is the best. He also doesn't know anything about Sikhism.

If this stuff really affects you it means your world is too small. None of this matters which is why it's so much more fun to joke about and insult this goofy Gurinder guy and his lust for money. He should be made to do like Emperor Showa and deny his claims of divinity, and we should make fun of that one nephew of his for looking like a deformed turtle.

Do any of you know about this Q-anon cult in the USA? It's a political religion that imagines that conspiracies go so deep that the president tweets at certain times and uses certain words for the purposes of leaving hidden numerological clues.

Some of you are like that. You think that baba ji's words have esoteric significance and you need to use your secret decoder ring to unravel the mysteries. You assume his power level revelation is imminent and he's gonna do something YUGE to prove how Sat and Sach and Shabd he really is. But nothing will ever happen.

Just like a total of zero of Q-anon's predictions have come true (ACTIVATE: SESSIONS lolol) zero of Gurinder or his sycophant's dreams are coming true either. You dorks are stuck here defending your guru on the internet and being mad at me while not having mindblowing worlds of light and sound experiences. Not an enviable position to be in.

The Masters speak

Their words have the ring of esoteric insignificance; undecoded wisdom that will, in one nono-second ravel the mysteries of this finite creature we call the Universe. That they have assumed this power; level revelation is imminent: Nothing will ever happen.
Mind-blowing worlds of light that sound these experiences are indeed an enviable position to be in.
Time never stands still.

The disciples misunderstand.

Yep Jesse strikes me as precisely the sort of dorky geek who knows all about q-anon etc etc - I mean who in their right mind even takes an interest in that kinda stoopid crud for starters.

I bet you guys are all the things you proclaim to hate - a bunch of new-agey uncritical ignorant know-it alls who all think they are super duper intelligent, are spiritually ‘enlightened’ and have the wisdom of Solomon - but in reality are just a pisswilly bunch of ephemeral asspipes.

Oversized egos from wee men trying to compensate, but are simply intolerant to accept a viewpoint different to their own.

Bet I’m right. Call me Dr Phil.

Live long and prosper 🤓

The wisdom of Solomon super duper intelligent
Who in their right mind even takes an interest in the spiritually enlightened.
Oversized egos from wee men relax while trying to compensate a bunch of new-agey uncritical ignorant know-it alls.
All the things you proclaim to hate are just. Who thinks they are, who all think they are, are ephemeral aspires, simply intolerant to accept a viewpoint different to their own.

A lot of angry folk on here - debating and insulting. Whilst the ones they are debating are simply getting on with their lives and enjoying them.

Just a thought

@David Lane

"Faqir was super clear that he didn't know about his appearances and it is not right to bastardize his views to support
a more conventional view of Sant Mat.

If you have any questions, feel free to write anytime.

Posted by: Repost | May 04, 2019 at 11:48 PM. ""

I see that at least Ishwar, son of my dear friend Tek
weakened the fakir's statement of lying Saints
by inventing that they do this to have people going inside, not bad as arguments

Did he (neither Ishwar) ever spoke or knew about the Sant Mat FIRST AMENDMENT
that no ego affected Soul ( Jeeva) can unify himself with the Almighty
because his ego would say : "I did it - Woow - Wauuuw -I made it "
which would throw him out of the establishment called "S K" to the lowest floor

When young I learned Tumpek Butterfly ( 15% faster ) from the world champion directly
No other could have given me the mind-setting to accomplish this Wiener Walz Dolphin Rhythm
Actually nobody can

So, where in all this , someone points to the need of a Great Master a Champ ?

The pharizeers under the Cross, they though the were winning, had won

Me: All seven chakras entities in the universes will attain unification
rapidly ( during this Big Bang )
other particles which are God too, . . they will follow later, . . there is just no other place to go

For who is not in a hurry, . . just wait , don't hurt a living thing, don't steal an apple or a smile
it is, which is essential

If you think you are a Lover try and do asap all U can to hear The Sound left or right side
just start
all visual effects are just peanuts - Light manifestations out or in you came from Sound, . we all know
from John 1.1
confirmed now by Quantum Mechanics
The first good working IBM 20QUBIT Qantum Computer will confirm what I said here

Ramana Maharshi : Only by being absorbed in HIM, by BE HIM you can know Him
and next yes because HE plays this scheme since Myriads of Big Bangs ago, to the power of Zillion
yes Seth Shiv could only utter : Wonder upon Wonder, upon Wonders

Just Listen to the Anahaad Shabad as much as you can
It's not really difficult
Yes, each 7 chakra individual hears , most are not aware

Don't strive for knowledge , strive to increase your daily Love

Rare in space you find a planet better equipped for learning Compassion than earth


A master is not all knowing
He knows only what His Master gives Him to know p. specific second and happening
on a need to know base
Serendipities ( miracles - impossibilities) : we have once in a while , . . . HE has them un-interruptivly

(English ortho not corrected)
fasten your seat belts > this bang could be a boom

Whatever is said
and specially the option that all these "interventions"
are produced by our own mind . . ,
please read my comments in


where I would have arranged several horses to participate in races
under special names
like Vivaldi and MaharaJI
and I would have arranged also the French journal "Nice-Matin" to place the article
on that given date
AND on TOP arranged that on the beach the wind blow that journal to me on I windless day at the beach

then the journal fowled Open that article which advised me with the same words that I used a second before in another language ( I still have that journal - of course

In another comment, another year
I described that the official dutch representative of Yogananda's
Self Realisation Fellowship Doctor Piet Romein
on my ( and actual wife ) request to be a member, ....
after extensive serving of cookies and tea
and showing the bees ( he was an inker )
"I cannot help you"
and gave the address of RSSB in Holland ( I will not repeat again : see the comment)

I later met him
and because Doctor Intelligent Piet Romein denied that we ever had visited him
I'm thinking now that Charan Singh MaharaJI had taken his place at that visit

Now my point is absolutely NOT to convince - Everybody please chose your own Chaurasi

but my point is
that neither Brian neither David Lane
reacted on my offer to receive a copy of the under 1) mentioned Journal
neither were interested by contacting the under 2) mentioned Piet Romein

are adventurers
only interested in sensation , . . respectively book sales and NOT in the ANY TRUTH at all



For U all information concerning
Brians remark
"" Insofar as Sant Mat teaches that the inner guru manifests as sound and light, he may well have. ""

My modest experience of best_meditations, . . that is when thoughts are no longer

That Simran interferes with Sound
That Sound is The Master
That wondrous feelings are HIS Feelings
That in a way I don't exist anymore
That the Seth Shiv's "Wonders" are a tiny percentage of the Truth ( What Is)
in the minus the power of 1000 percentage
of what really is
That The Master extremely precisely regulates the Power I can endure, . . the happiness I can be-happen
That in a way I am HIM
That My Master is The Almighty also and derives it from the Giant Line of predecessors
That this is the LOVE Optima Forma
That nobody can escape . . . only some time and time_space differences

That nothing is/will be refused if you would have a second for wishing
That each second in Creation is SO justified
That Beas spreads The Truth in the middle of filth

Teke Mele

777 manmukh (as u know) in chief

Just watched an interesting interview with Peter Fenwick talking about altered states of consciousness, meditation, near death experiences and inner visions.

Published on May 2, 2018

Peter Fenwick (born 25 May 1935) is a neuropsychiatrist and neurophysiologist who is known for his pioneering studies of end-of-life phenomena.

What really happens when you Die | End-of-life-phenomena • At Home with Peter Fenwick


Brian you are wrong he is speaking of sm guru. Why he than said to D.Lane that he should go and love Charan and do whatever he says.
by: Anony | May 05, 2019 at 10:45 PM

Here Faqir was right
It cannot be done on your own
Love does it
leave Gollem


@Jen. That was nice Darling - He scanned a Beatle brain during Maharishi s TM. ( Harrison)
I don't think there are any scans on thoughs-less persons !

Before I ever heard id RSSB , I collected books on NDE and of course
Stevenson's famous 20 cases of reincarnation
Actually there are 100 s. about all that - A dutch heart chirurg, wrote books, came on TV because he had so many cases only himself - Doctors are still somewhat afraid like Pilot on Ufos - to become outcasted - Thanks



In no line in this judging the uttering of the Faqir
was the slightest thing said about aqahabad Shabad

Shabad has many intensities
Doing math or repairing a car it's still there as a sweet occurrence
in Meditation it can be a hurricane of Love
It's still the same
It is The Mater ) It is the 5 words package - It is our Self
The essence that will never die
The Holy Ghost
Our Holy Ghost
Without It this whole discussion is foul play

Speaking Grand Prix - never mention the gas or the battery

The essence



@Jen, Austin and @Everybody

This knowledge, Sawan Singh pointed out, is conveyed to the physical master via the inner Shabd (Divine Sound),

We have that all , . . but a demo version, called intuition

This is the 100rdth time I say
case closed

"On a need to know base, only " ( Runsfeldt. haha ). or

Charan welcome Luce. from Venezuela with
"What took you so long"

The history can be googled



Though he started off with traditional ideas of what being a guru was all about, Chand came to realize that the mystical powers devotees attribute to gurus are merely manifestations of their own mind. ""


So, . . when my now wife, then fiancé opposed rssb more frantic than yr Laurel
she was 19 and wanted to drink sherry, partying, and meat and all what was not advised
and then, . . .

Huzur Charan MaharaJI ( while he was in India and we in Rotterdam, Holland )
appeared in our room
applied his seducing Darshan, next spoke dutch
and explained this Path during 90 minutes

that was her own mind



U spend hours, days, months about ancient happenings
but zero on actual miracles
not to speak of serendipities
Yes, . . after so many years you're egos would implode


In de video :


Multitasking . . . it happens all the time


777 are you sure your chick didn't just see all your radha soami books all the time and your constant babbling conversion attempts and pretend to have some divine experience?

she was a 19 year old girl. im sure you could have convinced her to see satan appear speaking in any language you wanted if she was into you enough.

I'm so over all the religious stuff, especially the need for some guru to save us. Who are we, what are we, why are we here, what's the point of it all, we live, we die, we hope there is something else after death, we believe in a soul and inner regions because we are desperate and need something to cling on to and we are simply these little ant like creatures running around on this planet, each of us with our own individual programmed brain thinking and judging and questioning.

When asked about the possibility of alien existence, Neil deGrasse Tyson said:

“If aliens came and they had only that much more intelligence than us — the gap that is between us and chimps, and we have DNA in common — if they were only that, they could enslave the entire earth and we wouldn’t even know it. Maybe that has already happened. And we are living our lives as though we are expressing the free will of the human species, yet we are nothing more than an ant farm. On their shelf. So we are their entertainment. Not even worthy of investigation beyond what we look like in their terrarium.”

Hi Jen
I love what you wrote here
“I'm so over all the religious stuff, especially the need for some guru to save us. Who are we, what are we, why are we here, what's the point of it all, we live, we die, we hope there is something else after death, we believe in a soul and inner regions because we are desperate and need something to cling on to and we are simply these little ant like creatures running around on this planet, each of us with our own individual programmed brain thinking and judging and questioning.”

I have been ruminating over this for some time and you have supplied the perfect answer. I will pursue my self interest, knowing full well that no one will or can SAVE me.
It’s a case of Lights on/ Lights off/ End

Or as we say in London “Goodnight Irene”

Thanks again Jen
Life is all we have
The Unfulfilled Void overflowed with Graceless Nothingness

Bardo Todol is a prayer, directed at the person who died
with the exception of " Those who under the guidance A Perfect Saint already atteign the Light"
( exactly in the middle of the text , dutch version Page 110 )


Wishful thinking
Please apply to Chapter 20 here, Open-Thread Twenty ; now you are there

unless you wishful do otherwise


The Remainder Reminder by Dr Eugene Genetics:::
The ancient wiseness of ChopraBollox
surmounts conjecture propagated by intransigent protagonists. In these most modern of the Ages, the Age of Steel and Plastic, archaic whispers are translated into the parlance of our times. Although every little thing is wide open to misinterpretation, there are fundamentally sound bites that cannot ever be misconstrued.
The Truth bites soundly.
Plying our full attention partly on The inner whispers, the pull of the sound bites draw the consciousness upwards, inwards, into an uncertain unconscious samadhi.
The Remainder part of the full attention is probably wondering.

Oneness will ever cease

Hi Mike England,

Besides talking ChopraBollox, lol. What do you believe in? I'm not very good with words and live a very quiet life just observing and getting ready to depart and wondering if there is life after death. I like to be as truthful as possible, I think its very important, or not!

I do think people are quite robotic, myself included, with my orderly life style. I think the simulation theory makes the most sense, living in some kind of computer game, which is why artificial intelligence will be taking over as the next big step.

There must be other life forms in this universe containing so many galaxies. They are probably just watching to see if humans will blow up their own planet. I've experienced telepathic communication but thats another story. Oh, the inner whispers! So Mike, which planet are you from?

Cheers, from Jen

Dear Jen
I’ll give a nice answer tomorrow. It’s midnight here in London...past my bedtime 😴
I’ve been in the blog too long today 😱 🥴

The Consciousness constructs of virtual surrealities

#Jesse &Comp. @Mozart

Héé. stop that noise, . . Y'r just pretending


Dear Jen
To answer the last question first.
I’m from Planet Me.
My reality revolves with me at the innermost centre.
Brian put up a Science is the best guide to prove a possible Spiritual experience. Well....
God is the Intelligent Creator.
Science is the long way round to reveal this Absolute.
As for life after death, I sometimes think it’s there but mostly it’s Goodnight Irene.
When that big day comes. And all our answers are questioned. Whose Name do we remember.

The sensible scientific studies crawl through time and space, movement is slow and ponderous. Their faltering baby steps leave them far behind in their search for the Truth.
It is beyond their limitations of misunderstanding.
No gem rains of rubies for them.

Those who are aware of their own Supernatural phenomena, wether in great magnitude or small magnificence, smile benignly. They hear the Inner Angels singing, the multi sky bells ringing, as they tuck little science into bed.

Dr Eugene Genetics Ageless new age wisdom states clearly:
Admixtures of memories are misidentified gravitational waves

I thought we would be instructed about the values of atheism here, that is
you take 'nothing' , . . shake it and have something

Instead we have 2 failed grandfathers discussing with their last breaths
around whatever lies happend around 'n older even faqir nobody ever heard off
with the help of Ishwar , also 100 almost

Me, at 82 , I don't think youngsters are interested
They like joy, pleasures, life, spirit and actual spirituality


But 4most ages : Atheisme deader than dead - - Go Guru. GO. - Let it Bang

Hi Mike,

You say "To answer the last question first.
I’m from Planet Me."

So cool! I am from the planet I AM. 'I Am', my planet, revolves through endless possibilities and huge expanses of space. This is why I'm so spacey. I don't agree with "God is the Intelligent Creator", probably because I haven't met him yet in my spiritual journeys.

I do agree that its impossible to know about life after death. Whose Name do we remember? For me it will be Me, I Am here, a soul drop, now to explore the inner regions, much more interesting than this boring world. As for Science, meh. If they studied supernatural phenomena that would be interesting. Do you know of any scientists who are investigating the supernatural? Probably not because they would be scoffed at, have to be very serious and logical to be a scientist.

Strange how the logical, intellectual type of satsangi, or ex-satsangi want to appear so very intelligent so they dismiss any magical and exciting other worldly experiences. Why does it matter anyway. Good to enjoy mystical OBE's, hearing 'multi sky bells ringing', brings a bit of magic into life. Even though this whole world seems magical imo, we each create it with our very own brains.

Nice to talk to you Mike, just a bit of fun...

we each create it -- Wow -- There we go

Nice you agree ( somewhat ) that IQ has no importance with God
Lucifer with IQ 9^9^9 (to the power of; how to write that in typepad_Here)). thought that and still licks his wounds
God via Jesus said gives that sometimes to the creators of universes
He said "deceiver from day one" Wonderful expression

God knows only LOVE and looks in all corners of the surrounding time_space_shit where to find it
Turned out that places like earth are COMPASSION BOOSTERS


@Mr Lane
to the heart of Faqir Chand's philosophy.

Yes, what you say about Faqir Chand's ultimate realization (or his final approach to it perhaps?) was that seeing inner light and listening to inner sounds got him to a very high place indeed.... and it was

This is not correct
Rejecting the last layers of ego
the Soul will jump dive as long as possible IN the Sound and Light

This has nothing to do with staring that spark at the end of the tunnel
Many actual disciples do this daily

Don't worry - your capacity of decisions making is not yours
It doesn't matter how naked the "mind without the body idea" is word-ded now by yourself
The mind will take what's most convenient and in yr case with lots of love

Same for S*
@S >. Was your niece Sylvia ever initiated ?


Pls do these un-convenient Simran words instead > Is more effective
exactly because they have no reference

The fog has lifted
My mind is clear
I see the fate that we all fear

Tentatively I took their hand

Down long dark corridors that reeked of time
I saw the reason and penned the rhyme
Welcome they said
My eternal friend
Waiting for us
At life’s sweet end

Life during life before death

It strikes me irrelevant whether we Believe or not. If the RSSB gang got it right, then our next life is something to look forward to.

On another hand: This time may be all we will ever have. It is best to absolutely enjoy what we can, while we can.

Fill our hearts
Before emptiness parts

Dr Eugene Genetics ruminating
The brain mind is our plaything
Of wild imagining
The World on a string
Doesn’t mean a thing

@Mediator said :
Anyways wish you good luck in defining the un-defineable the pure consciousness, the mystery I may say and for others it will simply be a dead non matter after a while at the final ends of our bodies.

It is an absolute scientific certainty that
science will fail
From many aspects seen
but one that Science knows now is the certainty that this earth is a half endproduct
and that the number of such 'half'-planets ,
during ( let's say 10 billion years, but much much more when multiverses will be proven or RSSB's 7 regions Gestalt)

that this "experiment" in our case 'cruel_evolutionair' has started /ended a myriad times,

Take the word myriad on what it is < no math exist to contain that figure
So we know : MANY TIMES

We know some stories : Lucifer but also Mars

If there had been only One succes with science, they would have shouted this around the Galaxies by now


Only LOVE can do the job and easily


Shabad Song

@ 777,

"The mind will take what's most convenient and in yr case with lots of love"

Thanks bro, love and compassion is the answer to everything imo :)

I read. ""god almighty himself. If there are other realms, different laws may apply, but not to this one. """

This One as a sub-realm, ant in the dust under HIS Feet
Who will judge Purusha about taking some trillions of Lakhs_$

From a human standpoint ( if U insist )
these were both middle class families and had not these anmounts

Phil from the UK has no reason to deceive us
His family was excited to GIVE around 10 millions with NO CONDITIONNS in 1991 and still are GLAD

Purusha/Prakiti did it HIS WAY. through 2 cousin proctors
I remember them so well when 1 & 2 playing under Beloved MaharaJIs trousers

Apparently Giant sums will be soon needed
with what happens actually on this planet

Let' s hope it's all in GOLD actually and make a jump like the one
the bit coiners do can never forget

Be glad it's not for a WALL but for a . . . BANG



If you had 5 partizans instead of 3, . . would you feel better
You try so hard

Remember that I was a lifetime user of HYDERGINE
to poison the world with

Because it was so cheap it was taken out it out
together with so many beneficial drugs!
It worked fantastically
I still will pay 20 times the original price if someone can find old storages.

I hope Shiv or Malv read this infamous hysterical blog and do me an offer

Remember Fukushima?

That company DAI threatened journalists and a French reporter I know.
had to fly away with his family because of REAL death threats because he wrote in the French press exactly how it was

Not only D lied to Japan & Gov ; they could have prevented that Tsunami damage
Up to this day they are responsable for >
10 000. deaths

and on the price they payed, . . the same year they sold for the double

I think they play a dangerous game against Prakriti in the HC,
Do you think Gurinder is as forgivable as Jésus?
Didnt the 10 Gurus fight their way?

next see what I wrote above and also & especially the Love exchange I witnessed more than 30 minutes between the SatGuru and his grandchildren . . . .

This BANG. to come must be a very special one ( who has read Edgar Cayce on Japan and consequently a much bigger Tsunami in the opposite direction)
Just wait

"Do you think Gurinder is as forgivable as Jésus?
Didnt the 10 Gurus fight their way?"

777, Jesus dined with and taught sinners. Gurinder signs contracts with them and attempts to screw them for money. No comparison.
As for the Sikh Gurus, also no comparison if we're taking their stories as literal. I don't think any of them fought until the 6th Guru, and they also weren't known for stealing land, but rather for protecting land, temples of other religions, and the poor and downtrodden.

Not sure what world you live in, but it doesn't correspond to any reality I experience. I guess that's fine. We'll probably all burn in hell anyway.

We'll probably all burn in hell anyway.
No Jesse

Like is the case now
We will be where we like to be, . . . Muaaaah
Karmas. come next life. . . . Muaaaah . . . what an adventures. !!!


There is no such thing as Karma. In any shape or form. It is an absolute myth to make us behave. Bit of a guilt trip really.
There is only Irony.
But nobody would feel guilty about Irony.
How ironic 🥴

I like a Song, . . named ' Love '

Spence wrote
You asked
"Yep, I also don't think we are these bodies or brains. What are we? What term would you use, something like, spirit or soul, or consciousness and awareness?"

My completely subjective understanding is that we are temporal fluctuations of a vast pool of energy.
99% of our genes are identical to those of apes and chimpanzees.
Only 1% of the genetic code that makes a chimp a chimp is different.
99% identical......

Remember the investigator with an Amazon tribe at first, the second contact

He showed only Radio and they asked when he was gonna feed the lady that talked all the time

Then, much later showing "time square" on TV in more developped case
let's say
he showed the 6th chakra

Now on this blog, let keep it at that
The 7th chakra and it's Symphonies is WAY WAY out of yr understanding
much less even than a starting Quantum Physicist have
and u like it
next time the 1% maybe?

It's God's total prerogative to take back that initiation you got in a flash


Hi Mike,

You say there is no such thing as Karma.

Are you an atheist Mike? What do you believe in? No reincarnation, no karma, just one life, no soul or spirit, no after life?

Hope you will answer, I am really interested.

Dear Jen
I’ll keep this as short as possible:
I am a student and disciple of Dr Eugene Genetics.
Intelligent intriguing intricacies interact interesting independent idioms indefinitely

We create our own Fiction.
Happy Days
Now until.......


I hardly semi-humble layered some on Synthe KN-6500
Did it to have little kids familiarized with Indian Chords

Then a nice event :
Look out of my window and greet the three Deities and their Courts
That must be because the sweet Simran prevailed in all this

Anahabad Shabad is SO Many octaves higher and sweeter

Dear Jen
The hidden message in my Last Post (Last Post 😀) is there is nothing to believe in.
I live my life and that’s it.
I like reading the blogs and comments here and do have an interest in the supernatural. Fun and games, as the saying goes.
Life is ALL we have

Life is ALL we have

How about Love?

the tiny loves, todays loves
the love in music ( not Shabd , just simple
the Love of "cannot eat, . . cannot sleep'
then orgasm, . . . how about

next little spiritual Love in the heart that cab go UP
how about suddenly you hear that sweet tone that is in everything
next you are aware that THAT is YOU
You like that

And I havn't said a word about what you become after all that
when a good Path is at work

How to be That Song?
How to be The Creator?

. . . and Mike is exactly on the right planet on the right time
after the dinos and before the sun will burst

hééé. , . . . in N° 20 I can say anything

Oh 777
Yes indeed you are on a mighty roll.
I know you want to win the Last Post race.
Love is personal. I do not post personal.
In my lovely world my earlier posts above are two good answers to Jen’s questions.
To reiterate we came from nothing. We return to nothing. Any further comments on the subject of Life an Love will be under the direct tutelage of Dr Eugene Genetics.

Hi Mike,

You say: "there is nothing to believe in".

When I go on my morning walk my thoughts are here I am, watching, looking at the beach and the ocean, feeling the cool air, hearing the birds, patting the little doggies coming past on the path, chatting to friendly people... my senses are alive and I'm in the moment to moment of what I am experiencing but still there is that little voice in my head... nagging, who am I, what is this world, its just a spinning ball in a huge universe, and am just a little dot wandering around and its all for nothing, or it will be when I die, this world won't last forever, nothing lasts. Is it all some kind of simulation perhaps? So many questions.

I have to believe that there is something else, its too depressing otherwise, just enjoying this life which does not last all that long, I'm 73 now. I know its just patterns in my brain but I want to believe I have a soul and will continue in another life form and the way I have lived this life will create something better perhaps?! How does Dr Eugene Genetics cope with all of this, must be a nutty professor ;)

Dear Jen
Dr Eugene Genetics widely publicised published book Disenchanted Land:
Multiple magnetic microscopic mediums magnify meandering momentous misinformed moments.

His writings have been mistakenly misunderstood and misinterpreted, proving that everything is filtered by the individual. We create our own fiction.

This Beautiful Life, full of Wonder.
That “we are not alone feeling “ you have is inherent in us all, hence the creation of the Creator.

Although not schooled by Dr Eugene Genetics, Brian has wisdom regarding the Truth. Check out Brian’s My Zen snow globe.

Brian wrote-- God, soul, spirit, heaven, Devil, and such -- for something substantively real.

It ALL depends on which chakra(s) one is energizing ( if genuine, . . no fake )

( Auto )-Hypnosis is often induced to such ends. ( if no fake )

Madonna tried it in vain last week in Tel Aviv
Beyoncé &Comp do a much better Job
African Tribes do Voodoo
Pentecost churches , a little higher
thousands of ways

But rare are those who can handle the Crown Chakra


""". ONE. Or you can call it ZERO! I DEFINED REALITY ALREADY! DON'T YOU SEE!!!???" he maniacally screamed. """





Brian's frame doesn t work
I had to type/ass : Hinessight
anyway . . here is the result


and there is so much more around Master's Multi positioning



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