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April 09, 2019


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There is this Anahabad Shabd and it
can save U from everything imaginable
and give goose bumps every day

Be. nice to people giving it out


Posted by: 777 | April 10, 2019 at 11:34 AM

Thank you Brian for this open thread.
This may not be critical thinking, but hey ho.
In the RSSB publication: Concepts and Illusions A Perspective. It is made clear that only the Master can take us to God. In my perspective, this is a concept and an illusion.
Isn’t irony ironic, as the saying goes.

My very own Choprabot:
Gradual realisation is selfless vanity


Hi 777,

Happy to see you back here again.

Hi Mike England,

Looked up Choprabot, just shows how reading profound sounding words at random feels good. Cool, I've bookmarked the website and will visit it daily. Maybe mind twisters are the path to enlightenment, who knows ;)

The neophyte’s introspection expands self consciousness
The moment we can accept that every little thing we do and have ever done is categorically out of our hands then we can move into a greater awareness. Our limited and finite lives become more meaningful as we realise that there is no free will. We behave accordingly accountable to the fact that we are the thought bubble of God, the Intelligent Creator.
The criticism of the Holy has been ordained since time immemorial, as has the criticism of the criticism by the critically aware critics. Our very breath takes on new meaning as our ego rescinds to a joyous state of happiness. Finally, We can see the outer form of the Master and start to end our journey of unmutual disharmony.
Selective spirituality resounds monotheistic dualityism
Peace and Goodwill to all at the Church of THE Churchless

I am not a Guru.
I have no followers.
I can only point. You must uncover the discoveries to build a platform for yourshelf.
This is an extract from my soon to be published book: The Invisible Meaning.
Chapter 1: Vegedairyian: a new ending

The minimal sub telepathic paradigm we use to adhere us, no longer applies in our post egoism unself.
The Modernist Ancient Wisdom approach is seemingly incorporated, seamlessly, using unctuous anecdotes, inane analogies and boring drivel.
In order to gain success or, to put it another way, be successful, in our chosen avenue of purposeless endeavours, we must painstakingly submit to a life within. When we see the unfolding Truth rear it’s ugly head, we know for certain. To quote Spence Tepper. “A rule you must live by is not the same as living that principle as part of your custard”
We strive to be Vegadairyians, some see this as a fruitless task, through this unifying system we meat each other in glorious past lives.

Peace and Goodwill to All at the CHURCH of the Churchless

You will agree :

This Path is only about Love

Love is a misty term - We often call it Compassion
the desire to do good

By Compassion we are attracted to that Love which is Sound
Master and Simran

It's universal
It is even the goal of cruel evolution
Without seeing that cruelty, we can't feel the compassion ( Love)

Each living atom or planet , animal will go to the top
this way

The time that it takes doesn't matter

The differences between those and 7 chakra beings is only 'time'
from1second ^ -999 up to 1 lightyear^999 ( ^ = to the power of )

Humans take their time too
Some are in hurry, some go with the flow

Brian's 'EXISTENCE' produces many conscience_stuffs
They ALL turn into Love via Chaurasi/Evolution
but Hitler takes more time than Sister Theresa

What would God do else
with his Almight
I don't know something better

Being a Love generator, accumulator

I read long ago a book of Theodore Sturgeon
about a planet or moon collecting 'brain tissue' and good complete brains
It roamed several Galaxies
A certain moment it had collected a moon size operating living

But it didn't learn any compassion. - :-)

So Creation is very simple
Just be kind, . . that solves it all

Love to everybody because HE is You


That is the most Beautiful poem you have ever written. It brought a smile to my tear filled eyes.
What are riches untold
In a world without Compassion.
At times we, as a species, rush to judge, usually that which we do not understand fully. We must elevate our selves individually collectively overcoming the lens of our limited brain senses to achieve Love.
Love is all you need.
Love and compassion.
The end is near. Heaven awaits within sending the chorus of inner angels to draw us back to the fold. Our True Home

Peace Love Compassion and Goodwill To all at the Church OF the Churchless

Hey Mike England, I think I know who you are, anyhoo this is my own Choprabot attempt...

Emptiness and mindfulness that is unfulfilled is stifling for some and ecstatic for others in the stream of consciousness that pervades all other thoughts of wishful thinking and desperate clinging to some unknown mysterious God who wilfully punishes all as a whim of misunderstanding and inscrutability.

Thank you for the nod(s). And yes I am he.
I loved your Choprabot. So deep and meaningfullless. Made me laugh out loud.
My careless carefree superficial research has decovered there has always been a Random Word Generator among us. From my limited understanding The choprabot is the current spiritual guide in the ore Aztec lineage. Their purposes are to guide. Spiritually.

Understanding transcends itself.

Peace Love Compassion and Goodwill to all at the Church of the ChurchLESS

Lies and pretence are outstanding in their significance to the one who owns them and insignificant to the other who sees through them. Mental telepathy reaches further than existence can expand in the wondrous mystical realisation that reveals the foolish behaviour of the ignorant madness of life.

The mystic crashes through boundaries of insignificance and animated with wonder travels through life with amazing awareness of the unknowingness of the infinite.

All is gobbledegook...

Meaningless in life is meaningful for some and not for others.

Strangeness is comfortable for some and for others it is too unnerving.

Hence beliefs are held in high regard if there are many who believe, because the sense of belonging to something like a tribe or clan, that makes their life seem worthwhile.

Yet, to be strange and different creates a sense of self-worth and power.

The power of one individual, not the power of many.

Although eventually at death oneness will overtake and the drop will merge with the ocean and hopefully lose itself in bliss and harmony.

Hi Jen
As Professors Meat Loaf said
You took the words right out of my mouth

All praise the Chaprabot

Meaningful Unknowingness

Bliss and Harmony to all at the CotC

Oh sweet lord Jesus how pathetic pedantic can one get?

The site moderating policy is so godforsaken skew it couldn't get any more decrepit in denial of reality if it was as religiously devoted to it's atheists tenets it so brazenly lies about.

Hi Mike and Jen
and thousands of readers who like poetry

Mike let's see HIM in action
to start three times a day. or five for muslims
or at all like a GIHF
Not that they know everything; - they see on a need to know base
( Runmsfeld. omg )

In France we had Maître Philippe in Lyon , 18th century.
He cured people, . . . took pain away
They wanted to give him so much, . . in gratitude
but he always said : "Don't slander, don't gossip, . . that would be my reward"
But he didn't refuse a copious meal after all . :-)

Once a Lady came and after helping her , he said
"Would you please abstain gossiping one half hour in a row ?

I never heard if she succeeded

Do U see my drift ? . . . ( is that good English?)


the above "poetry" when I drink that :
it's really possible to see HIM in action
like Sean Penn's magnificat in the last 5 minutes of
the movie "The thin red Line"

most people will think "he is crazy"
to say these things when nothing than death, pain and destruction
happens around U
Suddenly ( now while writing ) I understand the god Shiva
and how good She is


Dear joshu-J
I like your comments posted here. There is a certain charm and mystery to them. As you have stated “Oh Sweet Lord Jesus” I’m wondering if you believe in the Healing power of Christ. I do have an interest in Christianity and hope you can share some of your personal insights on this Open Thread.

Regards M

777 catch up with you over the weekend 😀

Hi Jen
Love your work.

As always, Now and Forever
Peace and Love to All At The Church Of The Churchless

Dear 777
Your poem:
By Compassion we are attracted to that Love which is Sound
Master and Simran.

John 1.1
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

I am drawn to the Creative Power. It has many names, which adds to my fascination. I like Dhun and Anahad Shabd as they are quite graphic and illustrative to my way of thinking 🤔
Some years back I drifted away from the RSSB for very personal reasons. I’m being drawn back there now despite the current financial scamdal.
Truth will out 😍

Do U see my drift ? . . . ( is that good English?)
Simply put. Yes to both 🤗
You do have a nice way with words.
The drift regarding gossip; it is too easy to gossip and chitter chatter. If all is good, that is a very short conversation. BUT if not, we can be here for hours.
Hope you see my drift.

Keep posting. It is an Open Thread.

Peace Love and Kindness to all the CotC

despite the current financial scamdal.

A good TRUST_Keeper
is those 3 photos existing of th actual GIHF . . . . :-)
not 4, neither 5

A billion more very good cameras around than with Diana

Do some reflection guys & girls, . . . be wise, . . don't trust IQ
Really : Lucifer had 9999 and licks still his wounds


Gurinder's disciples, . . . please NOW it's a giant time
to go in and love Him
He needs it. -

No, no affiliation nor attachment to either Christianity or atheism, they're opposite sides of the same coin.

777, I just did a Google Images search for "guru Gurinder Singh Dhillon." I counted at least 12 separate photos of the RSSB guru. So you need to find another reason to consider that he is God in Human Form with miraculous abilities.

Hi 777

You wrote
"Gurinder's disciples, . . . please NOW it's a giant time
to go in and love Him
He needs it. -"

In my opinion the source of love doesn't need our love. Our love was given to us by them. They own it. They own all the fields, all the humans and animals. There is no question about money or property or love, no commodity in short and parcelled supply when it comes to the true source of love. No property to buy or to lose. It is all God's.

And therefore no avariciousness.

But the source of fraud and scandal needs to be helped out of their addiction. What do they need so badly? What is the spiritual void they are trying to fill building and buying all these mostly empty buildings?

Blind love from so many, for so many years, can wear down one's capacity to discriminate right from wrong.

It's obvious how someone in Gurinder's shoes could be corrupted and become the source of corruption, at least in theory.

But what is anyone else's excuse for throwing away the one tiny thing that distinguishes us from animals? The capacity to know objective truth? To know right from wrong regardless of our interests? To exercise the ability to choose poverty when it is the right thing to do, even when the temptation of obscene wealth stands before us?

The ability to speak out when no one wants to hear what you have to say, but it must be said.

Or the decision to submit, to the authority of God and the courts when one has knowingly erred and harmed others.

And to say, "I was wrong."

Pardon my old expression..But it takes s real man.. And a real woman, to do that.

It takes the best of Mankind to do it. A real Master, or at least someone making real progress to that end.

Dr Eugene Genetics wrote:
Atheism is the Cause of all Effects

The unholy mess of this massive financial scamdal has prompted many views, facts, home truths and opinions.
Here’s my opinions.
IF the Baba is either just involved or the ringleader it would show a lack of faith and belief in God despite his own lofty position.
This is paradoxical.
According to Sant Mat:
The Perfect Master is in direct communication with God.
For example: Swami Ji lived in a hut and ate chapatis, spending most of his time in deep meditation.

The recent posts about the Gurus arrested for murder and rape, clearly shows they were con artists. Just in it for the money, the power and the glory. And sex.
I have never heard any rumours about murder and rape directed at the Baba.

After Maharaji Charan Singh, I believed in good faith that the Baba was the real deal. However, over time, I drifted away from his personality and the RSSB dogma altogether.
It rankles me that the RSSB now looks like another big con.
Peace and Love to all at the Church of the CHURCHless

I said : "GO IN" (stop thoughts)
Why creation exists . . . I know only one answer
for the accumulation of Love
Apparently God needs that
You see another motivation ?


and when nasty karma comes up, . . . it's THE moment par excellence to exercise Compassion / Love

I can very very well imagine Gurinder doing Bhajan 18 hours p/day
like Seth Shiv Dayal did - HE had a bank scandal too

There might not be shareholders other than satsangis

Hi 777
The true Master is the servant of all.
Consider the creation. She makes us, feeds us, helps us find love, clothes us, teaches us patience and humility.

She is forgiving without question in each new moment gifted to us.

She has infinite love and wealth. Yet she teaches us absolute economy. Everything is recycled.

She gives and gives, creates anew without end, and she does so in absolute subservience and silence.

She gives and gives and never takes. She is the most creative artist and the angelic muse of every artist.

The creation is absolutely honest. She cannot lie. She keeps no secrets, though we are often blinded to those secrets by our own passions, anger and avarice. Mankind projects our limitations onto her. We can misunderstand. But not creation. She understands perfectly. She listens and listens with love for us. And she is patient. In time, if we follow her lead and learn to listen, we finally learn her lessons.

The True Master is anyone who embodies these qualities. But they will be impossible to find.

Because so pure is Creation's love that anyone who finds her is humbled into silence. She is infinitely more intelligent and powerful than we are.

She will have to approach you, 777. It can't be forced.

You won't find that perfect love industrialized into a man made organization. That's just a photo copy. But if a photocopy can give you a glimpse, then even they photo copy has served a good function.

Oh Lordy lord lord
More hullabaloo bullshit baffles brains doing the rounds here
Like 777 says, go inside and STFU

Then all your revolving questions and devoid of reality analysis and counter analysis will become Null and Void as it so paradoxically IS from the get go.

G'day Spence,

What a journey never to arrive at with lots of pedantic bullshit on the way and pathetically baffling nonsense to overcome to find the ultimate paradox to confirm the utmost weakness and at last to find... The Void

Thus spake Nothingness.

PS. I think we should ban that joshu-J chap (shh don't tell him)

Ban somebody , . . even here?
You can always ignore ?
Or can't U ?


about 'succes' in meditation
If you have. not interrupted your thought stream, the inner dialogue for 5 seconds
there was no meditation at all


Reality counters Analysis
The stark Reality of what our limited consciousness can perceive is restricted in proportion to our progressive attitude.
Dr Eugene Genetics, while being discredited and debunked found the time to write:
All our revolving questions must be completely devoid of Reality. Analysis and counter analysis will become Null and Void as it so. Paradoxically IS there a paradox from the get go.

The Buddha on the road said “don’t kill me, I’m only the messenger”
The messages hidden in Holy books are distorted by our lack of compassion at the exact same moment we continue preaching Love.
Love cannot be analysed
Analysis cannot be Reality
Reality cannot be anything else

Peace Understanding and Goodwill to all CotChurchless

Still banned by where the "good " boys are
the following needs a place where the slander and inculpations are

Some might understand, Arjuna certainly

5 minutes ago I took by His Grace a tomato from the field

Did a first delicious bite, next thought : "normally with salt this is even better"

Now as we know everything is relatively subjective
I just 'imagined' that I had salt and did put it on

Yes , it could not be better
not even with the real salt

Now my thought comes:
This so called "perfect" , state the SatGuru ""should"" be
Next God arranged that we see that in HIM

Sant Mat Version 3, - ( no need to ask cop^yright , according to the new European legislature
Just publish . . . and u hv it


this is the end of Gurinder answering questions
Good 4Him

Sant Mat 3 : Everybody answers his own questions

777, you're not allowed to leave comments on regular posts because you ignored repeated requests from me to stop being preachy and to make sense in what you wrote. You're still preachy, and you still don't make sense, so nothing has changed.

But due to my boundless Buddha-like compassion for religious beings who haven't seen the light of truth, I've provided Open Threads where preachiness and not making sense are tolerated.

Nobody is forced to come 19_here

Ask any actuarial what the difference is between
3 photos. versus 10 million
and 10 photos on a million

He will answer : NONE


For Jim, . . at the occasion of my 82th birthday


Please THUMB UP my
Read the text on

It makes it easy to find my identity


But due to my boundless Buddha-like compassion for religious beings who haven't seen the light of truth, I've provided Open Threads where preachiness and not making sense are tolerated.

Thank you Brian
You have provided an outlet for my creative insanity or insane creativity

Peace and Goodwill to You and all at the Church of the Chutney

(I couldn’t resist that predictive text typo)

Now a perishable church is on fire.
Let's associate with the Eternal and Delicious


QUANTUM physics state that atoms are in a dormant state before observation. That's a little easier to understand than Niels Bohr
that they don't existed before

Observation and it's really tested creates Brians so called scientific objectivity

With a Sat Guru it is the same
The moment a disciple 'observes' God is Present according to the girls need
and happy about both states

I find that really beautiful

Interesting when two Saints meet
That must be so exciting


"Interesting when two Saints meet
That must be so exciting"

Definitely exciting, 777. They're probably always wondering which one has stolen the most money and who has more women in their harem.



Read some about serendipities

@ 777
Hello - I did understand what you wrote above.

It was deep- as is Spencer brother too.





Lighten UP. pls



Sonya likes messages in the form of music. So do I.

This is the entirety of all philosophy and every other useless human ambition distilled into one piece of recorded audio.

Whenever any of us think we are real, that we know something, or that anything "matters" we can refer back to this.



Sanhidrin mocking :

You lying bastard, . . . if you are really The Son of God
Come from that Cross . . .

and we will believe you"



It's more like this, 777

Sanhidrin mocking :

You lying bastard, . . . if you are really The Son of God
don't steal a billion dollars from shareholders to enrich yourself and sell dirty meds to starving African AIDS victims to buy an airplane . . .

and we will stop reporting on you

Jesse and his Baba Vs Reality

I'm responding to:


Here in order to distinguish the serious from the inane and to follow our host Brian's request.

Jesse and his Baba Vs Reality

Jesse: Are you really that stupid Manjit, do you really believe spirits or mystical experiences have ever practically helped or been involved in the evolution of human intelligence, thought, science etc, you fucking genius?

Manjit: Well, it's funny you say that Jesse, the etymology of the word "genius" itself comes from the idea of a daemon or "tutelary spirit" imparting intelligence to human consciousness, ie. genie-us. This wasn't understood to be a metaphor but an actual direct "inner" experience. Socrates, for example, had an "inner daemon" that he would talk to and take instruction from. But to answer your question, here's a list of a dozen examples off the top of my head of crucial philosophical and scientific advancements in human history the inextricably connected either to inner "mystical" experiences or "spiritual guides". It's a fascinating topic is it not, would you care to discuss it in some more depth?

Jesse: This is a dumb subject, I don't want to discuss this anymore because you're a fucking retard Manjit. You write sooo many words. Whaa, whaa, whaaa, whaaaaaaaaa.

Jesse: Some noise about "charisma".

Reality: Again it's funny you mention charisma, Jesse. Max Weber, considered to be the father of modern sociology, wrote extensively on "charisma". Interestingly, he too associated "charisma" with paranormal or mystical qualities in the person!It is interesting because this is the father of modern sociology, and this particular aspect of his ideas has been quietly brushed under the carpet and forgotten, due to the pressures of the current cultural ideological dominance of materialism (though it is, imo, waning fast :). These kind of things are telling and revealing of why people like you remain in ignorance of the true history of human thought and experience. And ever lack charisma :)

Jesse: Hey folks, Gurinder's surname is "Dhillon". I typed "dhillon" into google and this company came up, they sell alcohol. Gurinder is a hypocritical retard. Aren't I a great investigator follks? Aren't I?

Reality: Thank fuck his surname isn't "Smith".

Jesse: "So Manjit spends 8 years in an English uni filling his average brain with words and cliches" & " he wasted a lot of money tricking himself into thinking he was worthy of post graduate education. Sad!"

Reality: Manjit barely scraped through high school with his GCSEs. He actually got a D in English. Though to be fair, Manjit was dropping acid and partying the very night before some of his exams. Manjit got nowhere near a university, other than to party in the halls of residence :)

Jesse: "And yes, Manjit you fucking retard. There is something worthy of investigation concerning the Podesta brothers. I know the late night talk show satsangs from where you get the right opinions have poisoned the well and all, but read the relevant emails."

Reality: Manjit hasn't watched a "late night talk show" in at least 10+ years. Barely watches regular TV at all, and no news channels. Manjit doesn't think 4chan is a blog for lovers of Chinese martial art movie stars. Manjit heard about the bizarre, ridiculous, paranoid and delusional "pizzagate" before any news outlet he's aware of had reported it, and certainely any "late night talk show". Manjit had seen numerous of the emails and pictures in question before it was mainstream news.

Manjit: Hey folks, here's 2 direct ways to challenge your ideological assumptions and beliefs. Take 8g of dried magic mushrooms, and then come back and speak to me. Failing (fearing? :) that, I can point you to numerous philosophical, scientific & overwhelmingly persuasive anecdotal information that will challenge your beliefs. Trust me, I've been obssessed with these things all my life, I'm not even married so possessed am I by these things! What say you to my challenge?

Jesse: I hope you die so I can go to your funeral and laugh in your family's face.

Brian: Some of us have an actual fullfilling life to lead and don't have time to waste on these things because we're not all such sad losers as you. Get a sense of humour like me and Jesse.

777: You will pay in another life for your actions.

Brian: You're banned.

Random poster: I HATE YOU COZ U R CRITIC

Brian: If you want to have an actual intelligent conversation, please write something of some substance, I am ready and willing to discuss this with you.

Reality: Huh?

Manjit: Jesse, do you believe in bizarre, delusional, paranoid conspiracy theories like "pizzagate"?

Jesse: Yes you fucking retard.

Manjit: Jesse, you don't know anything about anyone and having nothing of any insight or substance to contribute to such a serious and important discussion.

Reality: BINGO!!! WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!

I forgot to add (to be fair, I have only speed read Jesse's comments).

Jesse - the wise purveyor of the endless list of pure, undiluted errors, fantasies & delusions above, after suggesting I "seeks solace in vicariously living through imaginary enlightened beings who hold total sway over his entire being" (do I? Which "enlightened beings" are these? Of course, in reality, I have been criticising the cult of gurudom in stronger terms & for longer online than even Brian has, but as we have already seen demonstrated unequivocally above by Jesse, reality and truth seemingly has no bearing on the noise that is produced in the comments section here, where the cult of appearances reigns. There are more than one or two commenters here on the blog who have simply switched their ideology from the naive "RS Mat" to some other naive "Mat" like materialism or atheism, and satiated their psychological tendencies to look for a father/guru figure from the Baba to the Brian. Some of the praise heaped upon Brian is as ridiculous as the praise the same person heaped upon the Baba just some short months ago.....nothing has really changed but the story, the fairytale we tell ourselves as we enact our inner psychology on the outer world)

Jesse wrote: "This entire subject of consciousness is hilarious. We're already in hell. There's no escape,baby. No escape! No baba. No entheogen. No knowledge. Nothing will help you"

Reality: Well, there you have it folks!

The guy who....well, can't get a single thing correct about anyone or anything on a purely mundane and worldly level, has spoken:

The entire of subject of consciousness is hilarious.

We're already in hell.

No escape.

No knowledge.

Reality: Cavear emptor

Manjit: Well this has been fun, but a waste of time. I won't reply to any more absurd and delusional nonsense. Cheers!

Manjit, the liar, starts his statement with a strawman. Something i never once said or implied. Won't be reading after that sentence.

Tesla was a mystic of sorts. Just not a dumb Indian who thinks normal charisma is magical.

There's a reason your mother chose your spouse, Manjit.

Just a reminder too that Manjit's entire world is one of seeking to justify his opinions by means of agreeing with authority. Just scrolling to make my comment calling him a liar I saw "Socrates" and "Max Weber."

Manjit is a midwit who has to work tirelessly to feel like he's learning, though after so much effort he's only capable of memorizing and lying. Such a sad little boy thinks dropping names and quotes is a sign of intellect. Probably wears a turban to cover a bald spot and I bet he's never fired a gun. I refuse to read books and I shun learning yet I'd bet $10,000 he can't do better on any IQ test. Sad!

@Sonya got
"Nothing happens to the soul. It's just the mind. Depression is a first world problem. You don't see poor people getting depressed because they're too busy working. Stop feeling sorry for yourself."

Another excellent answer is of Swami Ram Das (in Quest for God)

"It is never ok to punish an innocent one !"

The innocent one is the body
The affected one is the mind which goes with you in his even more
disturbed form, with the Soul, wherever it goes

Me: As your mind is rather powerful and automatic in the astral sub regions
at least 'what you desire happens instantly, because it has not the God send Delay
like we have here on earth
It will be nifty to do suicide

What do you want from a Guru, . . that he cries with you
Would that have been helpful?

Krisnamurti received a man
whose farm had been burned out and he had lost a leg
and went for help to Gstaad Zwitserland (yearly Satsang)
In the train he was robbed while sleeping
and told all this

Krisnamurti after hearing this : " Yes Sir, . . What's your problem?"

It treally happened
and it helped the man more than any other answer had provided

I told this to a man here in France Daniel, whose wife
had told him to work out more
and gave a severe diet with to much Kalium, lost kidneys
Then he got DIALYSE life long and the wife left him
she didn't want take care of him

He said : That s the best reaction EVER. !


Gurinder believes very strongly in karma in the sense that people must suffer for their sins. "

It was always like that

LOVE for God vaporise karmas ( the bad ones ) , even in Christian Church
If you can see God in the guru you are blessed because
next you love Him which can be easy for some
Love 4God directly is impossible because you don't know him
How can you love what you can't see

If you are initiated as a first lifer it's different than as a 4th lifer

No two disciples go the same

Please never forget that you the disciple are God as well
like any ant will enter paradise
Where else can she go
There is just a little bit difference in time,


But the reality is that isn't how things work in RSSB. There are so many psychological implications to this I could write a book about it.

The reality is that a real Saint will cut off any reaction where ego pours out

I remember that in a likewise case in 1972 , Charan refused to come to a (guesthouse) lady
Miss Voogd
who cried and yelled the whole night that He should come to help her
and arranged immediately to fly her back to Holland the next day , saying to go to a good shrink once she came home

He said this was a mind thing (ego)


Posted by: 777 | April 21, 2019 at 04:11 AM

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If a guru is not filled with compassion, to the point of sacrificing themselves for the sake of Compassion itself, they are not a true Saint.

If you cry before your Guru but He /She cannot shed tears in sharing your grief, they are no Saint.

Your true Master loves you far more than even you do. That's not just something to tell yourself. It's not just something people in Sant Mat claim about their Master, or people in churches claim about Jesus.

It is the criterion by which you may judge for yourself whom you are dealing with.

And if that love does not reach you, so that you walk away from that Satsang or that Sermon happy to be alive, then that Guru has failed, whatever their approach. They are no true Saint.

You go to a true Saint needing love, wanting love in a pure unselfish form.A love that is beyond you and I, but is the wave of life upon which we are all carried. You find yourself drawn to it, because it lives within you, and compels you. Unlimited, immense and all powerful. That has no system of rules at all.

And in the presence of a true Saint, that is what you get.

If you don't, this isn't a true Saint.

When a machine breaks down, who is to blame? The designer, the builder. He /She themself comes to make the repairs to what they built.

The machine has absolutely no responsibilities at all. That one is just along for the ride.

So you may rightly give that Saint all your troubles. It's their job to take them. In fact when you do not hand them all responsibility for what they did, you make their job much more difficult, and prolong your burdens and your pain. They want your submission of all your difficulties. They want your intimacy and will gladly accept you worst. This is what they love to do. It's their life's work.

So if you are unhappy, they are unhappy. There are no boundaries or conditions between the Lord and His /Her creation. That is why they are always here. They can't help it.

If you are unhappy, it was to find your Saint. And if the one before you makes it worse, they are no true Saint.

To find the Master in the flesh is the answer, not another problem.

When they criricize you but somehow you feel their overwhelming love, that is a good sign.

But if they are petty and cruel, and you are wounded, then you are witnessing evil. Find someone else.

If they live a life of divided interests they are not a Saint. Because singular devotion to God is their only commodity. And compassion for all is the symptom of that devotion.

You have radar, use it.

And if your radar says "danger, this is wrong" trust that. Go with that.

Let me list some of the people Saints love deeply:

All those who are dispossessed, who no longer fit into the world....
People of any land, of any system of belief, of any orientation and any disability.

People in pain, in misery, destitute. If you love, and loving you are wounded by this world, that pain is a prayer to God.

But these are just poetic expressions.

They only have meaning of they resonate within you.

I'm just saying that what you feel deeply as the greater Truth is what we are all made of.

And there are people who live that.

Brian wrote:
""" because anonymity tends to lead people to say things that they wouldn't say to someone face to face.
What Sonya did with her comment -- and I'm deeply grateful to her for this """

Isn't Sonya anonymous ?
She could be Manjit , Osho, or S* or whatever who

Apart from yr banning what U can't handle,
your writings (apart from book copying) , your personal conclusions
are each week more weird and non co-herant like your famous 1*0=1
at the base
Let's opt for a Nobel prize for that one


@Dear Sonya and all women

Now you ended your anonymity leaving us to
DuckDuckGo.COM https://duckduckgo.com/?q=sonya%2BBellarozzi%2BT&ia=web

I suddenly understand much better the deep depressions
that Rssb seekers and also initiated feel and that
they think they are not good enough for this Path

Shame that never is mentioned. "The Path for The HouseMothers"
That makes the whole 2nd and 1rst chakra sex issue less hysterical
Who is a lot at these chakras is LESS at the 6th and 7th, Sawan said

I know more women who play with suicide thoughts after having behaved
during some time in a way that society gravely condemns
With more than a million sweet Girls on cams and this time I will not mention the links
because the whole blog will come over me
girls / women think that they are condemned to hell and develop depressions


Bad Karma is ONLY if you harm another living Being
and I don"t see cam girls
and sex workers doing that often

If they do , it has little to do with sex but with inevitable karma pushing/ driving them
In that case harm would have been done without the sex part anyway

Of course when drugs and specially cocaine is involved the sex sphere invites 'hurting' deeds

As God and also the RSSB GOD never punish, . . HE knows only Love
I m sure HE sees also the often spread Love in these workplaces to the needy
and there is much GOOD KARMA and not bad

I compared earlier that America's most famous psychic Edgar Cayce declared
that he was a prostitute in his former life
and SO collected a lot of very good karma

I really hope that the so concerned will read this
and find some relief
If they did really nasty things stealing / harming / hurting
Gurinder said
" Do You regret "?
"Would you do it again?"

Case closed
Right hurting done after initiation you have to balance yourself
Bad stuff from before is greatly diminished

The Love expressed in & outside meditation can really burn that and HE will help
Then God will compensate the ex-victim ! ! !

You have just to try to Love and be compassionate

Don't worry and be Happy. . . . applies here . . . I hope this will help

What also might help
YOU ARE GOD ALMIGHTY , You always were, What else You could be
Nothing in Creation can go somewhere where God is not
You are always in the position "being His Child"

See what I many time wrote about Serendipities and Solispism or solipsism
It's just a marvellous play, yet you see it
The end is a trillion to the power of trillion
of happiness

I hope no seekers will suicide
here on this physical plane a Mind can learn - the molecules are added to slow your light speed reactions down to seconds
HERE you can conquer the mind with that delay

I love You All

' no corrector - pls forgive)


777, your comments are welcome in Open Threads because you are a great example of religious craziness.

I can't understand your comment above very well, because you never make much sense. But you seem to be saying that women get depressed because they're having sex outside of marriage, or in some way that offends your religious sensibilities.

If so, I repeat; you're crazy. Meaning, out of touch with reality. Attitudes like yours belong in medieval Catholic culture, not the 21st century.

Read it again

Like always you understood the opposite


777, this is what you said. After referring to sex, you claim that women "play with suicide thoughts after having behaved during some time in a way that society gravely condemns." That's a shameful thing to say. Here's your exact words.
I suddenly understand much better the deep depressions
that Rssb seekers and also initiated feel and that
they think they are not good enough for this Path

Shame that never is mentioned. "The Path for The HouseMothers"
That makes the whole 2nd and 1rst chakra sex issue less hysterical
Who is a lot at these chakras is LESS at the 6th and 7th, Sawan said

I know more women who play with suicide thoughts after having behaved
during some time in a way that society gravely condemns
With more than a million sweet Girls on cams and this time I will not mention the links
because the whole blog will come over me
girls / women think that they are condemned to hell and develop depressions

Em, excuse I, and pardon I for intervening, but the gentleman, 777, concludes right after the quote u quote with "THIS IS TOTALLY ABSURD" which you chose to emit (accusing him thereafter of miss-representation while fabricating Fake News against him > that basically he is sexist). The gentleman is saying that many women are distressed (to say the least) because society in makes them feel ashamed for actions ("condemns them to hell") they do, particular sexual actions. WHICH IS, as the gentleman writes, TOTALLY ABSURD, because he says, a person only commits sin if he/she hurts another being. He is saying that liberal sexual behaviour does not warrant negative thoughts, just because society condemns it. It is, he says, merely 1st and 2nd Chakra activations whose waves are 'hysterical' which the google dictionary defines as "affected by or deriving from wildly uncontrolled emotion."

777 even said it that you "understood exactly the opposite, as always"
You are prejudiced against him and it makes your judgment foggy when you read his comments. Or whatever has to do with Radhasoami for that matter.

In any case. It is good that this open threads exists and there is at least a micro parcel of democracy in here.

Is it Vipasana or is Samatha btw? Which one does Listening require?

E, you didn't read 777's comment correctly. He said that women get depressed and want to commit suicide because of shameful sex acts they engaged in.

Then he makes a religious, unproven, supernatural assertion that this is wrong, for bizarre karmic reasons. So I stand by my criticism of the comment.

Thank you E

That's it

What happens is the same idiotcrisy as "honor killing' where
the mind is SO damaged

Brian lives in SALEM (the name)
He cannot be else

Em. No I read it correctly exactly because 777 approves my analysis of it.

Perhaps Sonya can help by explaining
why she wanted to end her life

Suddenly I understand the "first world' remark better
In India people have not the time to extrapolate there "bad-ness"
Westeners need shrines to enforce that

One advice: Go into the Shabd and you are OK
Try to imagine that you hear it - Wow

It's not really difficult - one need only a little bit of love
and ask for more
next whole nature starts singing
and nothing of your past does matter anymore


@ Brian - fair play. How do you
Know that there a million sweet girls on cams?

How do you know they are “sweet” . Think they would be after your money buddy - nothing sweet about that.

Arjuna, 777 wrote those words, not me. So ask 777 why he’s so familiar with sex cams

You are no quick judge
you r not from Salem

I love it


@ 777 what is going on with this remark - millions of sweet cam girls???

I tried to imagine what girls want to ask forgiveness for
and when they not find it speak about suicide

Next with these words
I try to practise anti hypocrytism, the same time declaring
Most do no harm

That God is no Salem Judge , . . that many learn , and also give
apart of their beauty
Love and Compassion

Don't speak about money, . . . it's most
of the time NOT for them and it's ridiculous little

There are many aspects but I wanted take away some of the stress they live with
specially when arriving @ a God seeking Path
God and I prefer them a trillion times over warmongers and killers of babies
in congresses, senats and Govs

And suicides should be completely off the table
because They are and deserve Love

Of course I don't speak only about sex workers
also about mostly girls/women who think they made mistakes while pureeing


Now who want to be judged, . . go on Judge me !

The difference between first and third world countries is
that girls are so free in the west
next have regrets

Boys don't often regret
Nobody should regret - regret only if harm was done
not about social rules ingrained in the mind, to the point even
that honour killing happens every day

Muslim Girls might just be afraid being killed by a brother
Hindu girls of being harmed with acids ( This was outside my scope above ! )

Hi All

If Gurinder uses the 2 Billion
which according to UK Phil
were always His,
to save the human species

Wouldn't U be happy, . . glad even

It's correct : Mohan didn't have these kind of funds AT ALL
Not at all
Religare was a Proxy of The Almighty , I m convinced

Nice name : re-connect the funds to God



hi 777,

I totally agree.
there are in fact a few more such accounts I personally know with proofs.

however, I did not want to mention those in public,
they are very kind acts of humanity and I don't want the egoistic people making fun of the biggest of humanitarian works being carried out by the Masters and the loving disciples.

I openly invited anyone who is actually seeking deeper details.
however, people are more interested in tagging Master responsible for all their failures, instead of themselves... and when failed miserably, starts abusing the Masters.

Unless an individual start accepting their mistake, they will never be able to come out of it and correct it, because they have trapped themselves in a pit of ego and shutter it with guilt.

Eventually setting themselves to witness a worst failure of their life - wasting this whole precious human life.

Dear Gurinder
"Unless an individual start accepting their mistake, they will never be able to come out of it and correct it, because they have trapped themselves in a pit of ego and shutter it with guilt."
- One Initiated

So please just admit you screwed up with the fraud thing, pay your bills, and try to be nice.


Good to hear that
few here see the picture

We all go where our hearts already are, if our hobby is repeating slander, . . . so be it
I prefer beauty and Love
You are more forgivable than I am


"" lower dimensional reformatory of sorts. the walls, the bars, the barriers of the prison are made out of the impulse to control, to possess, and to enjoy. """

Next relate to how deep dream state we strive to rule
already for sure knowing that an atom consists of. 99,999999999 % emptiness = NOTHING
and that pixel on the floor of a huge Cathedral
consists of quarks and other NON-EXISTING stuff

In that nothingness which war we are trying to win . . . .

Let's choose the bright side : Compassion. c q LOVE
and no gossip slander


Who cares if the Guru who inherited the Shabd was in a brothel or a stinking bank

Wow, this thread has turned into a cluster fuck. Never in my life have I seen such horse shit expounded, justified, and argued over. Clearly there are people on here that need some serious psychological intervention.

Not sure what you all are debating, but damn, make a cohesive argument and let's discuss. Haven't posted for a while and thought I'd just check in on this thread. Looks like GSD spiked the Kool Aid too much with this ensemble. 777 seems to have used a keg and funnel... He's having conversations with himself.

Get out and get some fresh air, get a reality check and see that you are indeed living in the current reality, not someone's make believe future state you haven't verified yet.

Not sure what his response will be, but I'm sure it won't make any sense.


In search of
This notes for you
A nice reality bump 😀
I asked the Universe for
A well Deserved unreserved or
Swerved answer-ed
Do you wonder when you wander through the one door
Is it All Oneness there
How does one address their
Undressed Oneness
My Oneness it is I
My Oneness you am I
Softly I imagine
That we us are One
I thought I fought I
Is I arguing with I

When is a door not a door
It is adored

Loving this endlessly
Life is ALL

The people posting here on this thread are mostly 777, who is an old guy whose first language isn't English and Mike England who is a Christian nutcase and cunning troll (Spence Tepper) who is disguising himself under many false names.

He is in fact the nastiest person here on Church of the Churchless imo because he is very deceitful but thankfully I have seen through his superficial behaviour. I really dislike twisted, fake people so much. Especially religious types who are here to stir things up because this is the 'Churchless' site and I guess thats what probably attracts them.

Mike England, joshu-J, who both quote the Bible here on this thread, are probably one and the same person - Spence Tepper. He is probably posting with other names as well.

I suppose there are many people here who are not using their own names but I have never come across such a devious mindset before, someone who is a practising Christian who is pretending to be an ex-satsangi.
In one of his posts here, Spence Tepper gives a very Churchy like sermon, talking about saints, churches, Jesus, satsang or sermons, prayers, evil, danger, dispossessed... on and on, its like being preached to by a Christian evangelist.

I'm calling you out Spence, but I don't expect anything in return from you because you probably won't even give a damn and it will be all about more lies and pretence from you and thats your problem. Karma will eventually get you.

I hope people will read this even though I expect my comment will get lost in the babble, but at least I have said my piece, and once again... I hate fake people !!

This is quite funny and interesting, people confessing about how and why they tell lies and use fake names...

Whisper Confessions: 15 Ridiculous Reasons People Use Fake Names


Hi "Jen"

I don't think you are our Zen master Jen. She is much more copacetic. And never falsely accuses people of anything.

And I'm not sure why you are accusing me of using other names. Why?
I have no other opinions to hide. That's why I use my full name.

So I don't get the accusations. Why not just state what you believe?

Of course you don't know me, but deep down I don't think that is important.

It isn't important that you have singled me out and I don't mind. A cold breeze is refreshing.

But why not state what you actually believe?

You are free here. You can.

Trust me in this "Jen".. What you believe is much more important. And I'm interested to hear what that is.

I already know what I believe. But I don't know what you believe.

And I'm interested to learn.


"He is in fact the nastiest person here on Church of the Churchless imo because he is very deceitful but thankfully I have seen through his superficial behaviour."

Jen, you are in huge fallacy. You don't have slightest idea.
Also, if you are the same Jen I have known, the language that you are using is not suiting you at all. Feel the love not the hatred.

In Search of, we tag our misunderstanding or incapability as others' failures.
as per Brian 777 can only reply on these open threads.
In the comment above he has replied on this comment


Spence Whats up brother ?

Spence, someone started posting using the name Jen, so I have become more suspicious. Also most of the long time posters here seem more honest and I can sense their sincerity. I'm still undecided about you, but it really doesn't matter to me any more. So many people use different names and I will just have to get used to it. This is the way of the world now, people are angry and depressed and don't seem to feel the need to be honest and true to themselves.

Spence, why did you say this: "No one should give another human being that kind of power. " from ---Zen Master Jen". If you are going to quote me, at least get it right.

I have never said that, not here on this blog. I know this because I keep a document with all the posts I have made, so yes I am very orderly. (I had to look up the meaning of "copacetic: in excellent order").

I'm very happy that Brian unpublished the fake Jen's comments and one clue is that it was from a "religious person".

I believe in being honest.

Oh Jen
I thought we were pals.
Mike England seems fun it’s best to keep it light.
Also you posted some Choprabots, so I’m surprised you brought up the I’m Spence again.
We both posted a reply earlier on another thread.

Anyways I’ll continue to post and this Open Thread provides the best outlet for my nonsensical humour and extravagant wordplay:
The invisible meaning.
Dr Eugene Genetics.
The duelling dualists.
The Ones of Oneness.
Plus my One door posted above.
I remain your pal.
I’m NOT Spence.

In Search of, we tag our misunderstanding or incapability as others' failures.
as per Brian 777 can only reply on these open threads.
In the comment above he has replied on this comment



My way to jubilate the carrier Custodier of the Anahabad Shabd Force
He could annulate three planets entirely , just for One Lover
I understand you don't understand this
See it as an extra line in JapJi

He is an exalted phenomenon
Imagine what a real GIHF represents

As for Brian
I guess his represailles bounce back from my remark
that he didn't do any meditation in his whole life

Plus the killing of his books, plus the humiliation
of standing a whole night before the window of the Satguru

Indeed he makes cross-referencing difficult
I referred to the truth from T@IO ( might have misspelled !

Posted by: t@o | April 26, 2019 at 04:49 AM

Is that the original tAo man ? Are you old friend?

777 on behalf of a trillion beautiful SatGurus


By the Grace of the One Supreme Being,
The Eternal,
The All-pervading Purusha,
The Creator, Without Hate, Without Fear,
The Being Beyond Time, Self-existent, The Enlightener, Incarnated.

True at the Beginning, True in the Primeval age
True is He and True He shall be.

Thinking avails not, how so hard one thinks;
Nor silence avails, howsoever one shrinks Into oneself.
Nor hunger goes With the loads of the worlds.
Of a myriad cleverness, not one works.

How then to be True ?
How rend the Veil of shame, untruth?
His Will forsooth
Inborn in us, ingrained°°° in us,
Thou follow.
Thus is Truth attained

The Mighty sing of His Might, and the Blessed of His Light,
some sing that He is distant Far, . .
some sing that He see-eth , watcheth All

Oh Countless sing of countless things, . . He fills them all to overflowing.

True is the Master, True is His Name, . . what offer to make to see His Court,
What words to utter for His support?
meditate thou in the Ambrosial morn on the true Name.

Deathless become they who who hearken to the word, . .
A devotee is foreever joyed and his pain and sin are destroyed.

fathom the deeps of virtue all,
are Glorious like a King, a SHEIKH , a PIR Divine, . .
even the Blind will see the Path Sublime.

They who hear the Word , are the creations Cream, . .
The are the ones approved suprime, . .
are honoured in the court of God, -such beings-,
look beautious in the Counsels of Kings
they fix their minds on the one Master only
they say and do what's thoughtful, Holy . .

And know that Gods doings are beyond the count of us beings, -
Who is it that supports them, . . 't is God,
Whose eternal finger has writ the features, . . and color , kind and form of
all creatures . .
Oh, would one dare to write the account, . . How staggering the count

How Great is His Power, . . How striking His Beauty, . . and of his gifts ,
Oh, who could tell with surity

One Word and the whole Universe throbbed into being,
and myriads rivers of Life came gushing, . .

Powerless am I , Oh Lord , to describe what thy excellence be, . .
sacrifice am I a myriad times unto thee, . .
that what pleaseth Thee is the only good done, . . O THOU the Eternal The
Formless One

Countless the ways of Recitation, . . Countless the ways of Devotion,
Countless the ways of worship, . . countless the aussterities, their
hardships, . .
Countless the books, . . countless the reciters, . .Countless the yogis, .
Countless the men of piety, . .countless the men of merci
Countless the devotees on Thee ruminate, . . in Silence meditate . .
Countless the Heroes who face the steel, . . how powerless I feel Oh Lord, .
To tell what Thy Excellence be, . . sacrifice I am a myriad times unto Thee.

That what pleaseth thee is the only good done, . . Oh Thou
The Eternal, The formless One .

Countless the Unwise in black ignorance reel, . .
Countless the usurpers and those that steel, . .
Countless the Rulers who force their way, . . .
countless the cut-throats whom violence sways, . .
Countless the sinners whom sin engages, . .
countless the liars who wander in Mazes, . .
Countless the wretches , . . have filth as fill, . .
countless the slanderers, carrying loads of evil, . . Himself much is vain, . . and will look small in God's
A King who's dominion is like an Ocean and
has a Mind like a Mountain equals not a worm in whom dwells The Lord

Limitless his praise, . .Limitless its ways, . . Limetless His workings, .
Limitless his givings
Limitless the Sounds, . . Limitless the sights, . .
Limitless the mysteries of His Mind . .
Limitless the Creation, . . Limitless the expanse, . .
Oh countless struggle to find , Who can?

Hi Jen
You've written on more than one occasion, including here, that 'no one should give another person that kind of power' in reference to devotion to a Guru, and to explain that those who are disappointed in the Guru have a personal responsibility. And as an explanatuon of why you are no longer a follower, though you still hold to the vows.

It is also surprising to see your accusations. Since you have my personal email address, you most certainly are welcome to make such remarks to me in private.

Finally, I wrote to you numerous times encouraging you to post and share your views on Atheist and Believer. And I have repeatedly and publicly praised what you have written.

For these reasons, I'm sorry, but I have serious doubts that you are indeed the Jen I have come to know and admire who normally signs as Jen.

If you are, simply email me directly using the email I sent to you.

And then I will confirm here for everyone that you are Jen, though your comments, and in particular the false accusations, are wildly variant and decidedly not negative from the Jen whom I've come to know and admire.

I like truth also, but truth is based on actual facts.

Auto spell error. My last sentance above should read

".... Decidedly more negative from the Jen I know..."

Oh Jen
I just had an epiphany
I know now that you think Spence and I are one

We are all one

Though I am NOT Spence

The Time is Now
Do not dis Spence
Dispense with thy notion
That we are one
Or the Same
In Mind if not Name

Hi Mike!
I invited this 'Jen-b strain' above to write to me via email, because Zen Master Jen and I have had correspondence privately.

Turns out Jen-b hasn't contacted me via email, so they are probably using a fake label.

That means Austin and the Jen above are both not our true friend and Zen Master Jen.

Sensei Jen has also been posting on Atheist and Believer. You can read her writings and selected quotations there. She has truly a mature Zen mind and philosophy that is a pleasure to read. It's sublime.

Jen-b and Jen from Austin have an axe to grind, but must hide herself or himself ("Marco"... "Polo". OK you can come out now).
I encourage that one to share their views.

Accusations are generally projections, but interesting, and filled with pain and humanity.

Hi Mike

"The Time is Now
Do not dis Spence
Dispense with thy notion
That we are one
Or the Same
In Mind if not Name"


You have turned iron into gold, sir!

Dear Spence
Thank you very much indeed.
There have been some very un-Jen posts here for a while now. I’m glad you got to the bottom of the mystery.
I have found the Atheist and Believer website and like Zen Jen blogs.
Sonya was looking for it too.

Iron into Gold 😀
I’m glad you like that one, for sure.
I enjoy your commentary, deep, articulate and lots of compassion.

The wise have opened their eyes and hearts to the Holy parts.

dance performances

This was a mega freudians demonstration
of giant hypocrisy
by pushing this gorgeous girl UNDER the next following men

YES Brian, . . OK. you see both sexes as equal - - - we believe U. Laurel as well !

I wouldn't have noticed if it was not such a shining enlightenment
of your general attitude on everything

I don't think one life more is enough
to repair that

For instance deleting my comment on weapon possession in the US
not in this poltergeist-like chapter but were it should have been :

" google SSRI school shootings "
but u couldn't place that

Imagine U would possess sôme power - Ooh Yes You have
Three blogs to reign

full of subjects to fill with lies and fillth


My email is [email protected] but most know that already
I propose each writer here takes an anonymous [email protected] address of his own
and undersign with it
We could then communicate in freedom

AMAR wrote :

"" There are very few in the sangat who are truly only concerned with their meditation. Although the senior management is constantly saying all sevas are equal, they are not.""

Amar you agreed on that no two sevas are equal

May I emphasize that One Seva of Meditation is myriads more than all other sevas ever done on this galaxy
I mean the breaking down and stopping/killing the inner dialogue entirely a certain time
which can be achieved

By Love

By Qualified Simran containing the vibrations up to the seven ( call them subjective haha I agree ) heavens
powered by someone who reigns over/in these heavens

By the Holy Ghost ( Unstruck magical sweet Sound )

Often there is a combination of these three ways - Even two might missing
but not at the end when we realize that they are all One and equal

ALL other methods in the whole world are CONTEMPLATION = THINKING .
and might prepare for meditation

Material Seva figures hopefully under Love - If not, it makes tiny sense.
Honest Simran might help -
Shabd surely helps


When Gurinder had throat cancer WW 3 was prevented
Awful is what happens NOW
After all: ALL is subjective because we are all of us the Almighty Creator
of everything
Thus ONE

This is the whole Path in a nutshell


Somebody observed the analogue with:
God was bored and created a bang.

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