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April 10, 2019


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Something to consider is why anyone would be willing to take such a risk to become the guru of RSSB.
Especially money hungry guys who were already billionaires.

If the guruship wasn't highly profitable, either directly by taking seva money, or indirectly via access, deals and power over government officials, they wouldn't want the supposedly non paying job so bad that they'd risk jail and a billion dollars for it.

The old books told stories of the gurus being so depressed when they acquired their symbolic turban. Charan was said to have laid in front of a car attempting suicide because they responsibility was so great that he couldn't bear it. Then miraculously 3 days later he comes out giving satsangs. I'm calling b.s.

RSSB's been a family business for longer than we think and the stories were all for show.

Zero comments, really? This isn’t fun anymore. The brothers will take the fall and Shivinder might be friendlier towards his brother when he realizes he’s going to share the same fate. It would be better if the Dhillons had a fire sale of their properties and assets rather than to allow the Singh brothers to go to prison. I may like Gurinder as a person (and that’s probably just me) but the brothers shouldn’t go to jail because he doesn’t want to sell off his assets at a fraction of their worth. Every step should be taken to pay back the brothers so that they can make things right with the courts. Fair is fair.

"the brothers shouldn’t go to jail because he doesn’t want to sell off his assets at a fraction of their worth"

Yes they should.

They all knew what they were doing. This wasn't legitimate investing or responsible business. Loans via crappy failed companies at 0 interest? It was intended all along to just disappear.

Put the whole family in jail or send them to japan to be crushed by sumo wrestlers.

And because I have an obvious love for music as you will see if you visit the Facebook group I started in 2008 called ‘I’ll be you’re friend as long as you’re taste in music doesn’t suck’ (special thanks to Anthony Buchanan for really keeping it going) I’m reminded of Bob Dylan's Song ‘You Gotta Serve Somebody’. Dylan seems to have a very black and white view of morality that perhaps the Dhillons’ “fifty shades of grey” doesn’t embrace. I’m not completely on board with Dylan’s stance but it seems closer to the ideals we should all be serving as opposed to the murkiness of the Singh/Dhillon drama. Grey morality leads to an early grave. The grave of your soul as you continue living in “the land of the undead”. Even animals protect their own. I don’t understand why the Dhillons aren’t coming forward to help the brothers who have sacrificed their fortune and reputation to enrich them.

I try not to “attack” but it’s too close to the wire. At the very least the Dhillons and RSSB associates should offer every single bit of support they can to Malvinder and Shivinder. After all, where would they be without them?

Sonya, I remember in a Q&A session in North America, where someone asked why it's wrong to make money. Baba Ji replied that there's nothing wrong with making money, there's nothing wrong with being successful in life. We have the issue of being obsessed with it, we can't keep a balance.

So, based on his answer, Looks like he said do as I say, not as I do. It sucks that he spends his time socializing and meeting with these wealth obsessed people and not with the general public. You hear in the satsangs all the time about being careful that we should keep the company of good people, because we get affected by them.

Huzoor used to say if if you hang out with gamblers, you'll turn into a gambler; hang out with drinkers, you'll turn into an alcoholic. Looks like he GSD was hanging out with some high rollers and is about to get steam rolled. Deliberately or unintentionally, that's left up to the imagination right now, but the jaws of justice are starting to clamp down on the two brothers and I think Malvinder will spill the beans on everything if he's sentenced.

In search of
I’m sorry but you know nothing of who and what Babaji is. you have an absolutely wrong view of based on your comment. If only you know what the truth is.

Grateful One, please tell us what you and Gurinder talked about last time you spent the day with him drinking chai and running errands. Since you know him so well, we'd all like to know some intimate details about his life, how he behaves and the goings on of his daily life.

I'm super happy that one of Gurinder's close friends is on this site to give his tell-all report.

@ Jesse - i would love a cup of Earl Grey English tea (milk and two sugars) with the Baba. Lol

As we say over the pond “ that would be jolly ole boy”

Jesse if you observe his every move (whether it’s during an official Satsang visit or casually as he is having lunch or chatting with some friends) he is the epitome of a complete sevadar. It is extremely evident to anyone that comes in direct contact with him that His whole life is dedicated in Seva of his Master( hazur maharaji). Yes masters need to earn a living which he did. But his whole life is about Seva and if you don’t still want to continue to argue then go ahead and do that as you only see a very small part of the entire story. Thank you

Grateful, I appreciate what you're saying, but I've met many, many sevadars who act one way, and in reality are completely different in personal settings.

I would hope GSD is as he seems, but who would know? You don't know what he's like, what he thinks about or what his real intentions are. What you see at satsangs, dinners, general meetings, is a job for him. Poor choice of words there, but that's how I feel. I've done seva for over 30 years, and I know that I'm not the same at home in my personal life as I am when doing seva.

The image of the guru is being played by GSD. He plays the part, so to speak. You don't know what he is in a private setting. I've personally seen him get very agitated that certain things were not done to his satisfaction, even getting seriously pissed at his hotel arrangements.

So to say we don't know and you do, is false. I've heard and seen this myself. Why does he get upset when he gets asked how is health is? It's an honest question by anyone who cares. Why get pissed at being asked that in Q&A? Just say I'm fine and thank the person for asking. Why get all bent out of shape and get defensive?

Hi Grateful
Somewhere in all that Seva he and his family and RSSB associates put Dera funds into Religare and took Rs.5,000 crore in loans they didn't repay.

This isn't Seva. This is swindle.

What is the difference between borrowing money and stealing it?

1. When you borrow you repay.
2. If you can't repay you immediately apologize and work out a repayment plan.
3. You don't have your family and associates use fraud to get those loans and more fraud to cover up that you aren't paying your debt.

When you steal money, you have disqualified yourself as a Guru, and also as a sevadar.

To go on pretending you are a guru or pretending you are a sevadar is a mockery to God Himself.

If God is angered by anything at all, it is by the false and insincere Gurus and Sevadars.

God can make Gurus and Sevadars of anyone she likes. She can make Saints from sinners. But they must acknowledge their sins and seek both forgiveness and to recompense those they have stolen from and house they have lied to.

If only it was just the loans that were fraudulent.

But now it appears that all of RSSB is a fraud.

You are entitled to your viewpoint and I am entitled to mine. I have not experienced what you have as a matter of fact I have experienced nothing but love, humility and service in his presence. Yes he has a sense of humor more than Hazur did. I can only tell you from my experience but as we all know no one can understand from others experience, we need to experience for ourselves to really know.so again I can only tell you what I know of Babaji what you choose to believe or not is your choice and your journey. Love to all

In Search of,

As Walt Disney’s granddaughter said, “Money is morally neutral”. There are many honest and generous wealthy people in the world. Look at The Giving Pledge, Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet...

But money isn’t what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about a very serious problem that needs a very quick solution. Tic toc.

Somewhere in all that Seva he and his family and RSSB associates put Dera funds into Religare and took Rs.5,000 crore in loans they didn't repay.

This isn't Seva. This is swindle

I'd like to add to Spence's strong words that those who knew,
peripherally even, of the fraud and remained silent are just as

But, as to GSD's own silence, he almost certainly hasn't come
forth with a promised statement on the advice of attorney.
There are too many accusations among suspects and targets
to make that a sound legal strategy. It's even more complex
with the criminal complaint of an alleged death threat.

As for suspicions GSD was masterminding it all or, at the very
least, "hadda to know what was going on", that's completely a
rush to judgment. If the blog exposes him as a flawed human
being, they can't then characterize him as a financial whiz
who was the mastermind or musta known of the fraud.. You
can't credibly make a case he's only flawed at certain times,
on certain issues either ;)

No, those commenting need to remember the courts exist to
rein in that very human impulse. Let them examine evidence in
a fair, measured, dispassionate way before rendering verdicts.

"As for suspicions GSD was masterminding it all or, at the very
least, "hadda to know what was going on", that's completely a
rush to judgment."

Did he not know that he had to repay his loans?

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