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April 25, 2019


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Nice vid.
Did you notice the same “flakes” landed in exactly the same position.

@ Brian - that is cool - it even relaxed me. 😉

@ Mike - hello. Yes some snowflakes would land in the same place as Brian was watching. If he hadn’t been they would have been more random and having the time if their life. Ha

All the best gents

That is the funniest thing today
Also that flake at the top left and the one near the middle are exactly the same

That’s awesome!! And funny... all snow globes are funny 😄

What is it that’s so magical about snow globes?? In one of my favorite TV series, ‘Burned’, Fiona the Irish ex-IRA/CIA cohort collects snow globes from all the places of significance that she’s travelled to in her illustrious life.

Here’s a tad cheezy song that captures the wonder of the snow globe’s magic: https://youtu.be/uZdFdGG-QOc

Dear Sonya
Look closely
Verrry closely
You will see the Unicorn 🦄

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