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April 30, 2019


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I used my superpower of Changing my mind in fabulous and fantastic ways. Until my nemesis nullified my mind changing capabilities with indecision 🤔

In the RSSB book on Buddhism is included a chapter on gurus and a quote from a Tibetan who thanks all of his gurus (at least I think so. I skimmed the book ten years ago so maybe I'm totally wrong...but probably not). It fascinated me that they included that because RSSB was trying to convince its followers that gurus are rare gods who you select once per life and that changing gurus is a huge sin. But this obviously isn't so in many spiritual traditions, including the Tibetan Buddhists who were quoted as having multiple gurus throughout their lives.

If RSSB is nothing more than a syncretic new age religion that takes bits and pieces from here and there, then they've just given all those who are seeking a way out a plan of escape. Just find another tradition. I currently alternate between a local Hindu Mandir and the Serbian Orthodox Church as and when I want to, and I find this confounding bi-directional heresy to be quite pleasing to my psyche. When I get sick of this I'll do something else.

As for changing ones mind in regards RSSB, I have to ask all those who are stubbornly remaining in it why they refuse to accept us who've left the cult as having valid reasons to do so. There is no information that the remainers have that we don't, and if they're from India they likely have less information, being that foreigners, like myself, and NRI's alone were "privileged" to attend the relatively intimate Q&A sessions and talk with Gurinder somewhat personally.

In my case it was Gurinder's babbling canned answer to my question about the difference between RS and any other religion that started my path out of RSSB.

Those who've stayed in should have to present new information or else stop arguing and attempting to shame people back into the cult. We know all that you know and even more, so nothing you say will ever bring us back.

I've had more jobs than I can count. Deliberately, by the way. I needed to get as much exposure and experience doing different things. I'm more conversant in all aspects of my job than anyone else in my position. I do well and have a different perspective on problem solving.

Unless we change, evolve our thought processes and stay open to new ideas and concepts, we seriously risk stagnating. This applies to our personal life, careers, and our personal/spiritual evolution. Whether this strengthens our faith or pulls in a different direction, it is necessary. We run the risk of becoming entrenched in our dogmatic beliefs and hardened in our intolerance of anyone questioning our belief system or way of life, no matter what we believe in.

We should always be open to questions regarding our beliefs. It's a scientific check and balance in our belief system. If it holds up to scrutiny and meets our own personal criteria, we're good to g., Once it doesn't meet that criteria, we owe it ourselves to find the answer.

In looking back at my life, I can safely say I'm not the same person I was when I was 21, in all aspects. I'm stronger, more well rounded, open to alternate interpretations and not a follow blindly kind of person. I will readily admit when I'm wrong, my wife, not so much... lol. Admitting it's your mistake and you're sorry, is very liberating. It also takes a chunk out of your ego.

Change, evolve, improve, introspection, empathy and humour. Once we become open to change, we open ourselves up to great possibilities in thought, perception and understanding.

A nice tongue in cheek article with serious undertones.
While I was in Holland recently I saw this on the wall, regarding the waiting staff in particular.
This is on the wall in Happy Tosti
a cafe in Den Haag


Compliment people
Magnify their strengths
Not their weaknesses

You are served by people with special needs

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