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April 05, 2019


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You are forgetting another party. ICICI Bank.
ICICI Bank moves Supreme Court seeking ₹250 cr from Malvinder Singh

To round off your list, you might want to add Fortis and ICICI.

-Radh(er Not) Soami

Brian, as this drama unfolds I pay less and less attention to the details and there's something that I can't figure out here.

Has it been established that the Gurinder isn't included in the "unnamed other co-conspirators" that Religare has filed a complaint against, or is it possible that he's implicated in the case filed by Religare as well but we just aren't seeing his name?

The link here provides a good summary in a table format.

Hi Jesse
The religare FIR claims that those "others" who made unlawful gains, ie, the loan recipients, should be investigated.

@ spencer - no one else is going to be investigated here.

Watch this space

Hi Arjuna
You wrote
"@ spencer - no one else is going to be investigated here.

Watch this space"

Does it matter? Either way, does it have anything to do with the spirit in you?

Do you think Nam will evaporate as the corruption in RSSB continues to be documented?

Does the existence of God have anything to do with whether or not Gurinder continues not paying his bills and hiding from that? Even with friends help?

Or finds himself indicted and under house arrest?

Really it's a distraction from spirituality.

The arrow is already pointing away from RSSB.

Find someone else who knows about Shabd.

Yes there is a battle going on behind the scenes to put this all on Malvinder and pretend Gurinder and family never took a loan, never took thousands of crore.

But so what? Who cares how the battle of who can pay lawyers judges and police more goes?

You know the actor who wins the Oscar usually has a marketing team as part of the film production to promote their nomination and voting. Every nominated actor does. Who pays the most often gets the vote.

Even news articles in some journals are being carefully written to never mention Gurinder's name, even though he is directly named in Malvinder's suit and himself and family were the direct recipients of much of these unpaid monies.

It's no different here. Today the Gurinder faction is paying off some to protect their corporate control, and others are paying off to get those audits conpleted and wrest away corporate control. It's a money contest.

At this stage, RSSB leaders and Spirituality are so far apart, so entangled in private equity battles you could say RSSB and Spirituality divorced each other long ago.

Who did that? Who entangled Dera money in private equity?

Who started grabbing real estate internationally to create largely empty religious centers? And large homes for himself at those centers around the world?

It's really ancient history Arjuna.

To me it's already happened, and had nothing to do with spirituality.

People are actively trying to hide the truth, and some of those are prominent Satsangis. So what?

Your conjuction to Shabd isn't threatened in the least. That's completely different.

Spence, well said. As I mentioned in a previous thread, what is the end game to all of this? How has it affected one's faith, has it forced one to look with a clean pair of glasses, or a microscope at the happenings here?

Everything has an impact on our thinking. Those who have developed blind faith with the guru who can do no wrong, and they're blissfully ignorant to the facts, then good on them.

For those who aren't, maybe it solidified our gnawing undercurrent that something just didn't seem right.

For me, at the minimum, I couldn't get my head around the fact that RSSB was so squeaky clean. I grew up in it from a very early age and didn't know anything else besides RSSB.

After reading the excellent work of David Lane and his exhaustive research into the history of this faith and it's origins, things came together for me. Faqir Chand was a wake up call for me in particular.

Let's wait and see if everyone owns upto their liabilities. If not, depending on how this plays out it may just end up being the final nail in the coffin.

@ spencer - once again nothing is going to happen to him. Please don’t give me a run down if what has or is happening- I am aware. Having taking all that into consideration - let me say that nothing will happen to him. It’s the way things are.

That’s all I need to say. You have a very fertile imagination by the way.

Arjuna, it may take a bit of imagination to connect the dots, I don't disagree.

But it takes a full blown hallucination to believe there are no dots.

Another angle is the political angle. Rssb is a huge vote bank. And last elections there were whispers in the dera about which candidate was preferred. Election season is back in india. Punjab chief minister visited dera last week. Other parties are likely to follow. Cant help noticing this is a marked difference from earlier years when the message i heard at the dera was dont mix politics with spirituality.

@ spencer - we will wait and see. As I said he will be fine!

Connecting the dots lol. Ok Einstein 😂

Arjuna - India is changing. Gurus do indeed go to jail for doing wrong. They're not above the law.



Gurinder's going down!

A number of high level gurus with substantial ashram estates were taken down in India recently. Only 2 are coming to mind, namely Bapu Ashrama and Ram Rahim Singh, but there have been others.
If this talk of "nothing will happen to him" is implying that Gurinder won't be punished, I think you're underestimating the changes happening in India right now.

While there still is a culture that protects big religious figures, they're certainly not untouchable. A billion dollars being stolen from foreign companies and local shareholders is so bad for the image of India that they'd likely be more aggressive than they need to be to make an example.

We'll find out.

Mr Spence, Good morning.

Would it require us to extrapolate the happenings the events to proclaim that Guru jee would be behind bars. You are behaving as a modern Nostradamus prophesying RSSB future.

I believe that you have considerable inner access. With as much inner sight you seem to be taking direct orders from inner Guru to nail the outer Guru and you state that Mr Brian has been among chosen few as willed by the erstwhile RS Masters incldg the present one.

you seem to be in a hurry. Facts shall be facts now and then. We have tighten our seat belts to fight an abrupt landing which may be anytime now. Regards.

(Not sure, this might be filtered or excised. Good luck...)

Jesse, the below article lists several more incarcerated gurus. They include Narayan Sai, Gangananda Theerthapatha, Mehndi Kasim, Santhosh Madhavan, Swami Premananda, and Gnyanachaitanya. I also read that Swami Nityananda (Nitwit-nanda) is facing charges. The charges in most cases involve rape and financial fraud.


Hi Mediator
Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this public scandal.
Anyone can interpret the facts currently available however they like.

Personally, I would like to see every individual who hasn't repaid their debts own up to it. We are all imperfect. But we should all be responsible. And there are laws to protect people from theft and swindlers. So the law should proceed with full transparency.

If there is a Seva to help Baba Ji pay his bills, let me sign up immediately.

Because the point is progress. And progress cannot happen hiding the truth.

My question for you is this. If it turns out that Gurinder really is guilty, a significant player in all this, and he acknowledges his role, commits to liquidating his personal assets to make good where he can, and asks for help, will you?

Will you forgive him and help?

This, it seems to me, will be the measure of true love. Your love.

So the threshing floor will separate those who love from those who do not.

Because to love a repentent sinner is far more difficult than loving God. Living A God is actually selfish. But loving God selflessly in service to the poor, injured and weak....The bliss is unimaginable.

Both are selfish. But one is an enlightened selfishness that gives rather than takes.

For that you must still see God even in the sinner, even when the sins are real.

I take all this effort to defend Baba Ji as the inability among those who claim to love to have a pure and selfless love.

Love the sinner, love the poor and the handicapped. Help them. Serve them. They will never be able to repay. But you will have your own reward.

If you cannot do that much, then of course, defend your love for the perfect. That is a thin love requiring very little. I don't see any spirituality in it.

Thanks, Mr Curious. That article was packed full of really normal stuff. Funny how international media is so hyperfocused on Catholics when religious figures of all kinds seem to rape and molest quite a lot. A rabbi in Minneapolis just got caught trying to procure 13 year old girls for sex. Oddly enough, he's the only one who was arrested and won't do any jail time. Strange how that worked out. Hmmmm......

"Theerthapatha, a self-styled godman of an ashram in Kollam, was allegedly sexually exploiting a law student for five years on the pretext of conducting pooja (rituals). The woman took revenge on him by chopping off his penis, says this report in May. Theerthapatha allegedly exploited the woman for five years during visits to her family’s home in Thiruvananthapuram. Theerthapatha says he cut off his own penis as penance."

Just to emphasize this point, Meditator.
If it is so important to claim the Guru is God In Human Form, than isn't it equally important to claim the same God resides fully to the same degree in everyone?

If you cannot actually see the latter, then how can you know the former?

And if you claim on the basis of personal experience that you know Baba Ji Is God, where then is your experience of God in everyone else? God even in your cat or dog? Can they also teach you something, from their perfection?

If you can see that perfection in all, then why single out your Guru?

He has his wonderful teachings. His short comings do not take away from them.

If you love him because he is perfect, so does every starry eyed fan of every movie star.

It's emotional.

Try to see the unending miracle of this creation. It is bursting with miracles. All the laws of physics are miracles, and the fact that the entire creation is obedient to them is also a feast of miracles. And when we glimpse a law we didn't know existed before, but just as real as the other laws, that is a discovery. And such discoveries are miracles.

@ spencer - who is your guru?

Hi Arjuna!
Maharaji is my Guru.

And who is yours?

Mr Spence,
Good morning.

Have got your point which defines the paradox in you that you always seem to be subjected to. We may be mere foolish emotional disciples as yet who are yet to reveal Him inside and therefore the difference between the perceptions that you and us inhabit are obvious.

Pausing for awhile. I have to rush for work.. Regards.

@ spencer - which Maharaji???

Hi Arjuna
Maharaj Charan Singh Ji....

And you?


I totally forgot that Oshos followers,who according to Osho Robbins didn't exist, poisoned a bunch of people too in the "biggest bioterror attack in US history."

Why would a man who didn't want followers do darshan processions in front of his followers in a town he took over and named RAJNEESHPURAM aka Osho Town.

And if you don't think crazy ass Osho wasn't involved in the attack you're crazy. He ratted out his little chelas once they got caught yet afterward they all claimed he knew and encouraged the poisonings.

Find better buddhas Mr Robbins. And here's a tip in case you get confused- AUM Shinrikyo aren't the enlightened bodhisatvas they claim to be either and they also committed acts of terrorism.

Hello Spencer

You are lucky brother - I only saw him once when I was 5 when my mum took me to Beas and he got of his chair and walked right over to me and smiled (he folded his arms and looked deep into me).

I am initiated by the current master

Mr Spence

Yes, I would be willing and I am no one to seek repentance.

I love each of the creatures like many others and I can not behave differently with my Guru irrespective of how He operates here.

'Main hoon param purush ko dasaa
Dekhan aaya Jagat tamashaa'-
A hymn by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
I believe He fits into this very much.


Question :

Given God's only focus on Love
would God accept a criminal, a murderer, a terrorist
loving Him
as His representative on this earth ?

S/He possessing enough pretentions, might
feel apt to answer

Think Ashoka, Akbar, the Sikh Gurus, think about history written by conquerers

The beloved of The SatGuru

"Given God's only focus on Love
would God accept a criminal, a murderer, a terrorist
loving Him
as His representative on this earth ?"

Hi "The Beloved"...

We are all his representatives in one way or another. We are reflections of the divine, covered in karma. No one is higher than another, though some are more advanced in understanding things..

Brian, for example, is very advanced in understanding objective truth.

If you want to learn more about actual objective truth, and separating oneself from one's own superstitions, there is no better Guru than Brian Ji...But it's a painful process, I can tell you.

Yet you cannot make progress past a certain point on love alone. Because that love will bring you to the ugly truths also. Until you learn to understand that truth isn't ugly, whatever its form.

No true saint wants anyone to ignore facts.

And even a Saint must take on Karma to live here. They must live in that little human brain with human failings.

Unfortunately, whatever karma they do take on in order to be anchored to this place, they have to pay off before they leave. They have no karma to carry out. They are perfect souls in the sense that they will return to the source when they go.

So that means if Gurinder chose to take money, as a means if incurring Karma, it all must be paid back before he goes. There is no issue of a second chance. As a Saint he only adopts karma to be here. And that means he intends to pay it all off also. In one way or another. All the good love and devotion received, also has to be balanced.

It's a strange metric and in one sense makes no sense. In another it's perfect.

So Gurinder will pay those loans in one way or another. But most importantly, taking money and not repaying it is no model that you or anyone else should emulate. This is why Baba Ji's adventure will end with worldly justice.

He won't leave a fraud, and he won't leave with the lesson that a Saint is a fraud.

At least that's my opinion.

Hi Arjuna!
You are as lucky as I am, and as anyone.

I believe to be here on this website is a blessing.

Even if Brian doesn't yet realize it, he is doing Master's work.

Brian is a guru in his own right, and there is a tough love lesson about objective thruth he's happy to provide when you are ready.

And you are here, so that's good.

I believe we are both blessed to read what Guru Brian Ji, as a humble soul, but unforgiving of superstition, writes.

And I'm happy to say I'm learning Master's lessons from him, also, Brian the divine Bulldozer of superstition and false beliefs.

Are these people actually serious about the stuff they put forward as facts?

josh-J, yes, I'm serious about the stuff put forward on this blog. Let's divide it into two categories.

(1) Facts. What facts do you disagree with? There's lots of facts in my blog posts, including those related to the financial scandal involving the RSSB guru, his family, and close associates. If you disagree with those facts, which come from the Indian financial press and investigating authorities, please share your better facts so we can have a discussion about which facts are most correct. If it's a different subject you're referring to, the same applies.

(2) Conclusions based on facts. I and others do a lot of this also -- offering up conclusions based on facts. This is an entirely good thing to do. People can look at the same facts and draw different conclusions. As with facts, if you have different conclusions from what's shared on this blog, present your own conclusions and we can have a discussion about which conclusions make the most sense.

See, things are pretty simple when we approach things with an open mind.

I was referring to these doting disciples that put forward stuff like

"Even if Brian doesn't yet realize it, he is doing Master's work".

"Brian is a guru in his own right", and there is a tough love lesson about objectives"

"I believe we are both blessed to read what Guru Brian Ji, as a humble soul, but unforgiving of superstition, writes".

"Brian the divine Bulldozer of superstition and false beliefs"

Are these subjective delusions or facts?

josh-J, in my view they are certainly FACTS. Facts that deserve capitalization to show how fact'y they are. Who could disagree with this praise of me? Certainly not me. Like I said in my previous comment, some people might come to a different conclusion, but naturally I prefer my conclusion.

"Brian the divine Bulldozer of superstition and false beliefs"

Objective fact. Not even a metaphor.

It's hard to understand why anyone would question such a thing as self evident as the sky being blue, but I guess there are some born "colorblind" to divine bulldozers.

Mr Joshu-j

RSSB doctrine is merely a superstition until self realised with bare inner eyes and which obviously can not be proven outside.

But merely on this superstition without an inner sight we, mostly ignore raw facts n figures even if related to appointed Guru/s then we may be following a superstition in yet another form available to us in many other spiritual shops.

Breaking a blind belief and than asking to love n regard the same person- put Him on a God's pedestal will never be easy for anyone. And Mr Brian and Mr Spence are hell bent to send this message to everyone.

I wish you go thru earlier comments of Mr Spence if u are new in this forum.

Hope u are not hurt. Regards.

What is the Dera inhabitants gaining from the RSSBassociation.
Are they using the money and power gained in the following to set up the homes and eduate their children from the donations from Satsangis.
And what of the free hospitals. Who funds them.
What of the huge solar network that they RSSB colony has who paid for that.
where does all the money come from to buy overseas realestate.

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