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March 25, 2019


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"When your wife and sons are actively participating in obtaining the monies through fraud it is even more difficult to claim that you knew nothing"

That strikes me as kind of 3rd world style jurisprudence. Family members of criminals are de facto guilty of the crime of the criminal, because "they must have known."

True story. Relations of mine had the perfect family and doted on their eldest, who to everyone's view was a perfect son. He lost his life in drug sales related shooting that happened right on the driveway of the family home. It turned out the perfect son was one of the largest drug dealers in the region. At the time of the shooting, this son was living at home. The young man's father was a high ranking Secret Service agent. Yet neither he or his wife had a clue as to their son's illegal activities.

PS: Kudos to Jim Sutherland for what he related about Gurinder's offcolor public comments.

"That strikes me as kind of 3rd world style jurisprudence. Family members of criminals are de facto guilty of the crime of the criminal, because "they must have known.""

In this case they did know and they all attended board meetings together. Your example of the secret service officer's degenerate son would only make sense if he and his father were both drug dealers or the father at least attended the venues where the son procured drugs and somehow didn't notice that he was buying drugs, yet the father still personally partook in the financial transactions.

In this case, Jesse, the drug fraud involved the brothers, but their plan to hide the evidence, sell the company and fund Gurinder's Religare all led to Religare's help in placing them in charge of the new Fortis. And then the siphoned funds...

Hi Jay
A more apt example would also be if the son brought home fabulous wealth daily, millions, but refused to discuss where it came from. Mom and Dad enjoy the wealth immensely, new cars, jets, London penthouses, estates in Hawaii and around the world, every home on a compound protected by fanatical devotees to their drug Lord, willing to die for them.

"Honey don't you worry about where Sonnie is getting..?"

"Now dear, if you don't trust your own son! Really! Now let's not be late for dinner at the club, get in the Rolls, shut the door and count your blessings!"

Accepting a loan is not fraudulent in itself.
not repaying it is also not fraud.

the fraud was committed by the singhs by changing the date and making it appear that money had been borrawed at the start of the quarter and returned in the same quarter.
The is fraud and the singhs are responsible for this.

recovery of the money is a civil matter. The main concern is getting the money.

Not sure who, if anyone, would be interested in filing a criminal case against gurinder.

Malvinder has made allegations of criminal activity, but he is not credible since he is a fraudster himself.

Moral issues would or should be of concern to those who consider gurinder to be a good moral person.

A good and moral person would not participate in this fraud out of principle, regardless of legality

Just the Facts, you’re wrong. The fraud was a two way street. The shell companies controlled by the Dhillon family were sending money back to Fortis as part of the fraud.

Receiving stolen money over and over to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars with no repayment, no attempt to repay or return the monies, and concealing the fact, once you know these monies were illegally obtained, is a crime. It's a felony.

Assisting in the fictitious and fraudulent rotation of false payment checks by members of the Dhillon family to conceal the theft of these monies is a crime. This is why both the shell companies and the Singhs were ordered by the Supreme Court of India to make repayment.

Nearly a billion US dollars disappeared and raises this to a whole other level, and is why there is a criminal investigation.

And Gurinder, who received crores of this money has not acknowledged that he owes anything, even as court orders to repay go past their deadline.

We do not know exactly yet who broke the law. So to say it isn't a crime is a premature conclusion.

It may well be a series of corporate robberies, maybe even with Baba Ji's full knowledge, even his direction, on a scale that sets a record for corporate crime in India.

The plan to defraud Fortis was intricate and well thought out between all parties, and that makes everyone involved in the shell company leadership, Including Guru Ji's wife and sons, potentially more than accomplices, but also potentially conspirators.

Just the Facts writes,....”Accepting a loan is not fraudulent in itself.
not repaying it is also not fraud.”

Me: Not paying Loans is cheating some body, down the line, which might not be Legal Fraud, depending on the Laws of the area where the Loan was accepted. But all people with scrupules and morals either repay their Loans, in either Money, Deeds to properties, or Bartered Services,

Dodging responsiblilites because others that cheat others is no excuse for the examples of other people with loose morals that get away from Frauds with out being prosecuted.

If apologies and restitutions are offered, after getting caught, then healing and forgiveness of the Victims might happen , but dodging the frauds committed , while blaming it on others, and asking them to take the Fall, only magnifies the true Character of the Fraudsters, which most likely, is only the tip of the Ice Berg uncovered, as the Tide goes down.

40 years ago, when I was 37, I quit my decent paying Job, to start my own Advertising Business. It was a Franchise , and I bought the Franchise, which included a week end crash course in training,

Cutting to the chase, with out describing the Business, I was broke, with no Assets, ofher then 10 years equity in my house. I was refused the Business Loan from all of the Banks I approached, until I approched one Bank that had loaned me money to buy furniture for my house, on a 5 year loan, which I paid back in monthly installments plus heavy Interest.

The Bank Manager looked at the Business Plan I had drawn up, and told me that 90% of small start up businesses in the area failed, and filed for Bankruptcy within two years after start up.

But he said, he would approve my Loan, ( which included almost one year of my then current Salary), with out me deeding my house as Collateral.

He said, he was approving my Loanm not because he thought my Business Plan would be successful, but because of my CHARACTER, of which, he would gamble that I would find a way to pay back the Loan, should I be one of the 90% that fails!

Long story short,....I never made two years before my Business failed, not because I was incapable of succeeding, but because of State Taxation Laws that was undisclosed in the Franchise Contract, and the Taxes on the Advertising Revenues were more than the Cash flow was generating.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to sell my Franchise, but even that was not to be done, by the small print in the Contract, so the Franchise went back to the Francise Corp., and left me with the unpaid Loan to the Bank.

In my State, I could have filed what’s called a “ Chapter 7 Final Bankruptcy” which would have left the Bank holding the unpaid Loan.

Plus, I had sold all my Advertising under 13 week Contracts, and I was holding prepaid Advertising Credits from most of my Advertising Clients when I closed, and walked away from my failed Business.

NO ONE, including my Bank, ever expected to recover a Dime from me, as I could have Legally, left them all to hung out to dry,...as the RSSB “ Accused” have done to their Creditors,...so far.

But Because I not only HAD, the Morals I was born with, and still retain, I first, wrote Checks to each Advertiser who had Pre-Paid me for their Advertising, along with a letter of apology for closing the Business, and thanking them for their past Business.

Then, the only possible way I could pay back my Banker who had trusted me, because of my CHARACTER,....I sold my house and used half of my accumulated 10 year Equity in our house, and paid back what I owed to the Bank. That all happened in Conn. , when i was 35-37, and I moved to Califirnia, on blind Faith, with my CHARACTOR and high moals intact, and started fresh, struggling to compete with an unfair world.

But I continued to use my 3 Step Plan, in all I did.....
1) It must be LEGAL
2) it must be MORAL
3) it must HELP others, in addition to my self.

It wasn’t easy, but using those Priciples, I retired at 68-1/2 , financially secure, as a Millionaire +,...all the while, paying my Taxes, and obeying the Laws, and not intentionaly cheating or defrauding any one.

My Banker wrote me a very nice personal letter, thanking me for paying back his Bank , and for confirming his intuition regarding my Charactor.

There are some lessons that might be learned here, that might be followed, should any Youngsters, ( or Oldsters) who have swerved off the Track , thinking Justice will never be served, and honesty and morals may be discarded, because of how evil most others live in this world we have projected in to, to be tested.

Jim Sutherland

Best advice Jim!

I agree. It definitely appears to be a collusion and joint project, with all parties playing their part.
The net purpose of which seems to be to defraud the company.

Tepper, you are also right in your observation. There are moral codes which not everyone lives by, but you obviously do, which it appears are lacking with the singhs and the Dhillons in this case. Certainly one would expect more from a guru / master given their moral code is meant to be exemplary.

The guru may or may not get convicted in a court of law, but in the court of "good human conduct" he clearly has failed and this will make most people question his position. Of course, as normal, many will ignore the facts

This is a historic day. Over the last 2 years, we've seen 533,074 articles assuring us of collusion. We've seen talking heads and celebs wailing that collusion is as certain as the sunrise. We now know the collusion "story" was just that, a story. A myth.

It's the biggest collusion "bust" in history. But the alleged colluder isn't who got busted. It was all the people who were dead sure they were right, and that collusion just had to have been going on.

This is what happens when you mistake allegations with actual evidence.

Rssb guru
Gurinder singh Dillon is a master of earth and rssb organization
This type of articles are of meaning less and worth less all are done for publicity

No one can compete with gurinder singh dhillon in the earth /universe/spiritual worlds /our master is leader of spiritual world (god of World in simple language)

Church of lies people who have not any idea about anything
U have only fraudulant facts about anything
U have not right to comment on rssb

I find some of the messages in this blog a perfect example of a good novelist in practise.

certainly the writing skills of some of the bloggers are worth appreciation.

Calling and dragging someones name and mentioning them as a fraudster without having or knowing real facts ia not appropriate.

1. No wherr iy can be proved that babaji was actively running any of the comapnies mentioned by the singh brothers.

2. Well if it is true that babji has borrowed or it was likely given for charity as the case may be, then i have not heard any denial of the matter as well neither acceptance that yhe money was borrowed.

3. no body is trying to bring up the fact that why us daichi making this claim after 11 years.. when the company was even sold off at a profit to sun.

4.The bais of the claim by diachi that fundamental facts were hidden is false, the closure of sale of daichi happened in nov 2008 where some us fda probe details were available.since much before as publix indormation. how one some one hide this public information.

5. RSSB has a lineage of saints preaching, so it is not correct to blame until thiings are known and clarified.

The owner of the blog is repetitively deleting off my comments which shows the person promoting the blog is not genuine.

i shall try to reteriate my points,

1. The commentary and writing skills of some of the bloggers are really appreciatice and worrh of being a prospect for becoming a nice author may be on the lines of sidney sheldon.

2. No where is it proved that babaji is running any of the companys that he is an investor in.

3. If it was a donation or a loan to any of the subaidiary company, it is again not proven that the head of the rssb was involved in accepting the loan or donation. Neither there has been any denial if it was taken.

4. Why has daichi made a claim after 11 years of the clousure of sale.. inspite of the fact that daichi inturn made the sale to sun pharma in return.

5.Also the sale of daichi happened in 2008 nov, some of the probe by us fda on rambaxy was done before this and information was publicly available...

6. rssb has a lineage od spirituality, so its not approprite to accuse the principles or the institute.

Now going back in understanding the intentions of this whole investigation on the part of the bligger would be really good to know as unless there is a real and desperate need, no one would be so much right winged fanatic against some one.. rssb in this case.

so i would like to know why the person is doing what he is..

vijya maliya ko pkada nhi gya or jinho ne sb religion ko ek sman karne ki kohsis ki wo crime kr re hai.repay loan is not a crime according to rule of politics.

Hitesh, your comments weren't deleted. My blogging service put them in a spam folder, where I had to manually publish them.

I request you to kindly not to make negative publicity of such a renowned prestigious spiritual organisation until anything is proven. It will hurt the sentiments of devotees. And tomorrow if it proves to be false then who will be responsible for this negative popularity.

Sab bakWass hai Is there any proof for the allegations then no one can blame rssb

Hi Hitesh, Mona and Sumit
I fully understand your sentiment. To love the Master is itself a source of great comfort and inner wealth. These matters in the press cannot be placed upon the same scale at all. One is a spiritual experience. The other are financial and business events. But they are not inventions. Baba Ji and his family and associates have different levels of involvement. That is also factual. And therefore it is the source of the data which we are sharing and attempting to address. You are most welcome to review those sources for yourself. They are plentiful. And then share your views of that information. Deal with the data, and avoid making personal remarks, please. I believe He would prefer it.

Over the last 2 years, we've seen 533,074 articles assuring us of collusion. We've seen talking heads and celebs wailing that collusion is as certain as the sunrise. We now know the collusion "story" was just that, a story. A myth.

I agree there's a danger to project criminality when the target
lies constantly and is proven to be ethically bankrupt.

But here there was enough evidence that an investigation
was warranted. Subsequent indictments confirmed that the
suspicions were not unfounded. Also, since there was no
exoneration for obstruction, it remains unclear to what extent
collusion may have occurred and been potentially chargeable.

@ all the people believing in hocus pocus and mind creates fear if Gods and devils - wake up!

In one of the Star Trek - the Cree come across a powerful being who claims to be the creator! However- he needs a spaceship. Kirk finally says it “ why would God need a spaceship”?

Ask yourself believers in magic and Gods - why would God need financial instruments and billions???? Wake up!!!

Every time sants go through these and they shine.moreover its yheir grace that yhey dont clarify false allegations . once you visit beas then only you will be able to know my masters power . Master need not to reply to helpless people who for the sake of their small profits try to defame

That was outstanding, Arjuna 👍

@ One Initiated 😚

I’m trying to help and save a few from here - from The negative powers greatest lieutenant. He takes no prisoners and he will disable your intellect at death so that you learn. So nothing really to be proud off here!

@Arjuna,....there is no death. There is only changes of physical Containers during the Adventures in Pind.

Here is a Post I shared in another Forum I post at, that might unwrap a frw mysteries.
“ XXXXXXX...and other Consciousness Explorers,....I really think we might be on to some thing here! In the past, I have been trying to connect my possible past lives with the characters I seemed to identify with, during my Lucid Dream experiences. But since there is only TIME, that can be measured, while in the physical Realms, while in physical bodies, Time has partially expired, in the Astral, Causal, or all other Spiritual/Material Realms, so the reason
Awareness seems to be slipping from one Dimension, or Realm to the other, mostly never allowing enough time to remain in each Realm to get clarity, then, Multidimensional Consciousness with each Soul Container, that operates through one, individual, Physical, Astral, Causal,Ethereal, ( add your own Terms), like Layers of an Onion. Example: Jurgen’s “ Multidimensional Man.” A good example is, one time I was determined to find out if it was me, Jim, that was in an OBE, or was it Jim, in a past life. I actually searched for a mirror, to see if it was me, Jim, in the present. I finally found a mirror in a Rest Room in a Gas Station, looked at the face in the mirror, and it was not Jim! The face was a complete Stranger, with dark brown hair, and Jim’s was blond. But Jim had a bald spot on the back, like a Toilet seat, so I turned far enough around to see the back of my head, and the bald spot was there!! But it was a completely different face, but obviously, the very same Consciousness was operating in that Astral body, as was left in Jim’s sleeping body in bed! So, if we really grab on to the reality, that each of our individual knotted spirit/mind/souls are having Multidimensional experiences in Consciousness, simultaneously, but are only awake, or aware of having the experience , while in one Layer of the Onion at a time, it seems to solve a lot of the mysteries, regarding Reincarnation, Karma, death, life after death, or why we don’t have cars in the Astral or Causal Realms, why we always seem to be lost, or forgetting how to get back to where we forgot where we started from, and why our Images seem to change within each realm, etc. then, the bigger Mystery is, each separate mind, is yet a tiny part of Universal Mind, who yet, is the Creation of Universal SPIRIT,.....so it becomes easier to reverse engineer were we each fit in to being created spirits! ( Just a little more food for thought, for curious souls, seeking answers to the Cosmic Puzzle. ) But Jurgen has triggered my thoughts. We should imagine, that the BIG PUZZLE will never be completed,...until each piece, i.e. individual Spirits, are placed back in to our individual unique spots! 😇

@ Jim

That was a fantastic read. I can recall you once wrote that astral bodies appear lifeless.

I dream seeing my brother and he looks at me and never says a thing - he is just floating there lifeless. He left this earth many decades ago.

I also can remember being hurt badly and unconscious somewhere (can’t give details) and I saw what appeared like a man in uniform in my dream pulling me out from where I was. I have burn marks on my upper arms and shoulders where he grabbed me. A colleague saw me being moved - he thought I was dragging myself but then realised that my arm was being pulled by an “entity he could not see” as he put it.

I stil don’t know what happened and who that man in uniform was - he was wearing WW1 solider uniform.

Now many will put that as my mind - the burn marks say otherwise. Especially as you can see finger like marks on my upper arm - which are now covered with Tatoos.

@Arjuna, .......there are all sorts of Astral bodies, in the various Sub Planes of the Astral Realm. As I posted in the past, Astral bodies also die, and disintegrate, as well as their physical bodies, but they take longer, to disintegrate than their physical bodies. The Zombie like Astral Shells, we see, while having Lucid Dreams or while in deep Meditation, are the most likely, dead, but not yet disintegrated, and is why they just appear to be lifeless, and floating in space, and unable to communicate with live souls that are Astral Projecting out of their Physical bodies. Your Brother has most likely, either reincarnated, or has moved on to his Causal body, which has no identifying form of physical bodies. We all manifest as glowing Spherical ORBs, in the Causal Realms.

Hi Jim,

I downloaded the 'Multi-Dimensional Man' by Jurgen Ziewe onto my iPad some years ago, probably heard about it from you. Just the other day was thinking about the 'Zombie like Astral Shells' which I found a bit unnerving at the time. Fascinating. Will read the book again and will try to gather up some courage to try astral travelling myself.

@Jen,....Meditation is the absolute best and easiest “ Trigger” to induce Lucid Dreams, which are mostly, OBEs, of sorts. Manjit introduced the Lucid Dreams VS OBEs here, years ago, which, at that time, I was not remembering OBEing during dreaming. But the more I meditate, the more Lucid Dreams I have, almost nightly, which I am working harder to remember, when I wake up from each dream, and come back to my physical body, Jurgen’s Multidimensional Consciousness really opens up an interesting consideration I never thought about. Just really think about that concept! It adds Credibility, and Corraborates the Inner Regions described by Swamiji and Sant Mat ONE Masters. Plus, it corraborates the Teachings of Theosophy, i.e. Physical, Astral and Causal bodies, each, Layers of Awareness of the same individual soul. When I, Jim, am lucid, having an OBE experience, and using another Astral body, I know it is the Totality of my Higher Soul Self, that Jim is the present Missionary, using a physical body, to represent Jim’s Higher Soul Self on earth, to balance the karmas created by every past life the soul of Jim has lived since it first was created and started its Journey. I know its Jim, in every Astral body I enter, during Lucid dreams, because all my present knowledge, up to date, travels with me. So, consider, the knotted mind/soul/spirit of Jim’s Higher Soul Self, could be manifesting in the Astral Sub-Planes, in ANY one of the different Astral bodies that the soul of Jim has lived in, that have not YET, ....reincarnated, or moved on to Jim’s Causal body, which is actually, Jim’s Higher Soul Self, where ALL of the past lives that the soul of Jim has lived, are archived there! Iswar Puri also teaches a similar Theology. Unfortunately, there are even dead Astral Shells still visable in the Astral Realms, that the soul of Jim has lived in, and that physical particular body died and disintegrated, but the Astral body, tho also dead, has yet to completely disintegrate. It might sound complicated, to Atheists, or Exers who have given up meditating, but understanding of how Spiritual Mechanics and Metaphysics operate, can ONLY be applied and understood by Meditation, and experimenting using one’s own Physical body to project in to the Spiritual Planes. Its a “ Multidimensional Awareness” that simultaneously operates in Parallel Realities.

Thanks Jim,

Wow lots to think about here. Very interesting about lucid dreams and OBEs, the inner regions, different levels of consciousness.

Just now watching a youtube "Jurgen Ziewe 'The Ten Minute Moment' interview by Iain McNay". Remember watching it some time ago and really enjoying it second time around. Going to watch more videos, I see that he was interviewed by Tom Campbell as well.

You r stupid or may be behind some political or any other religious person pressures because if Malvinder or shavinder are saying they have money then what matters every chor said he has not done this they came to RSSB when they realised that they will be now in eyes and no escape and dare to Blame Guru ji they are fool you too is a fool. Anyway no one can harm guru ji ‘s dignity because to reach there is really not possible. S Gurinder singh Dhillon can never cheat any one.

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