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March 13, 2019


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Couch it in any alternative frame of reference one's preferences dictate it pretty much adds up to same or similar deduction.

Whether it be Lao Tzu, Guatama Buddha, Krishna, Socrates, Christ, Nanak, Hafiz, Ramakrishna or Seth Shiv Dayal Singh alluding to 'greater higher freer less limiting conscious unconditional existing'.

or Neo's Matrix or Truman's illusions

Or largely any "religious" teaching under the sun

Bottom lines reflect that the reality we deem to be "real" isn't quite the "reality" we're inherent to.
they all state in one terminology or another that there's more to the larger picture than we're 'stuck' or attached' to.

Hence there's got to be a system inherent to 'unlock' the conditioning from realising that ultra "inheritance"

Else just be satisfied with whatever's in our limited condition in current realm and frame of reference / mind

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