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March 28, 2019


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My cousins have just gotten back from India, they went to Dera Beas for a week. According to them. Shivinder has apparently been sacked from his role as sevador, and satangis believe he was pressuring Baba Ji for the Guru position. They don't know or refuse to believe Shivinder was giving loans to Gurinder for the seat.
Also Nimmi Singh (the Singh brothers' mother) is said to be very ill in hospital, she is very sad about the whole situation.

If satsangis indeed made "death threats" to someone who wanted to take the guru to court, then I think the most likely explanation is that sant mat theology impelled them to make the threats, and not direct orders from Gurinder Singh.

I strongly suspect these "threats" were on the order of "if you or anyone criticize GIHF, the karma for such a heinous act will rebound back upon yourself and even your family." (What satsangi doesn't believe that?) I don't suspect the threats were in the line of "if you do anything to hurt Gurinder, I will personally kill you." That is of course until we have actual evidence of the content of these threats. Or even evidence that the threats were made at all.

In other news, someone who half the country and all the media said was surely guilty of treason was just exonerated.

Exactly what you are saying. But the media sensationalizes everything and people here believe what they read. Hold of guys don’t jump to any conclusions.

This reminds me of an anecdote from years ago. There was a local satsangi in my area who was telling me about RSSB having trouble buying land to expand the Chaturpur satsang ghar near Delhi. Supposedly it was a farmer who raised chickens for eggs. The satsangi said that after a lot of pressure from RSSB the farmer still refused to sell his land, and one day he woke up to all his chickens being dead. After that he decided to sell.

The implication was that by refusing a "master" the man was committing a heinous sin and the dead chickens were karma for that. But it only recently dawned on me how ridiculous that would be from a sant mat theology standpoint that states our karmas are ours alone. What the hell did those chickens do to Gurinder?

But assuming that story is even remotely true (which knowing how many stupid fairy tales satsangis pass around i doubt it is) I would now just assume that some satsangis were ordered to go and kill all the chickens with poison or something.

It's all kind of coming together now. This is just a standard land grabbing mafia in the guise of a religion and healthcare corporation. Good thing I don't pray to them anymore. Seems sort of silly to literally worship a mob boss.

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