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March 14, 2019


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So, Shivinder is a sadhu? Not a “householder”, a sadhu. Must be difficult having a wife and kids.

I’m not attacking the Singh’s, it truly is going to be quite an upheaval when Shivinder and Malav have to get the money to pay the fines and diverted funds. Weird that the spokesman for SEBI focused only on Malvinder and Shivinder. What about Sunil, Shabnam, Gurinder? What about all the investigative journalism that painted a much more involved string of companies (and OMG, the companies! It’s like they hired someone to sit around all day creating new companies). I have never in my life seen such a fondness for red tape and paperwork! Could they possibly complicate their lives any further?

That said, I hope nobody goes to jail and that the family is able to get 800M - 1B or whatever it’s going to take to pay everything and everyone off.

It’s weird how irrelevant all this is to those of us that are not sitting on the fence. I think this whole news scandal has affected the fence-sitters the most. Whereas those with blind faith or the conviction that RSSB is for flying monkeys and hobbits (although I have nothing against hobbits).

RSSB seems like such a bizarre place with bizarre beliefs when you realize Gurinder is just a man... the man behind the curtain.

Sonya, the RSSB connection wasn't brought up because it's a trickle down affair, separate from the the Daiichi case. The implications, I believe, for RSSB and the Dhillon connection will come out of the fact that Malvinder and Shivinder cannot possibly repay the their $500M fine without recalling the loans back from the 21 companies. That's where the shit will hit the fan in the next 3 months. The can come up with whatever plan they want in two weeks to satisfy the courts, but actually getting the money back is where the sparks will fly and pressure is applied to the entities involved. Malav and Shivi have no money left, the don't even have their own paternal house in their names anymore, and their shares in the company have been reduced to almost nothing. We see that from the letter Malav sent to Mr. Dhillon stating as such. Interesting to see what happens by the end of the summer.

Smoke and mirrors... smoke and mirrors

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