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March 16, 2019


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Business ethics and morals to what extent have been compromised and despite that the fall of an empire run by Singhs seems imminent. Now as collateral RSSB empire is also taking a direct hit with a word yet to be cleared out by the father figure of the family and RSSB, Baba jee.

Yet it is not clear whether the intents for making compromises were mutually exclusive of each other between Malvinder and Baba jee's side or were they collective family intent irrespective of business ethics or morals for destined business goals. This could be a test case for the moralistic path promising Super Super Heavens - our home of eternal bliss to come clean. The matter as being put out by the immediate respondents, witnesses by and large miss the intent of the parties involved,

An unpartisan investigation or complete voluntary disclosures or unambiguous confessions may help restore the slip in Trust millions hold very dearly and divine love. Most of us wake up with Him and also sleep with Him at the back of our eyes.

It is beyond argument the quantum of financial mess that was perpetrated by the accomplices yet all of them are honourable - the powerful tycoons and Mighty One (Omni...) in their respective fields of Business and Mysticism. The linkage and connivance of plainly the Master is still speculative than concretely concluded. Yet He can not absolve Himself of the charges if framed in the whole episode - morally if not directly. Lets see how He plays this out before us.
As also it must be carefully examined that the will by virtue of which He sits on the throne of Guru - Almighty - Perfect Divine Master at RSSB had been carefully handed over by His Guru and who willed as such conforming to the orders of His late Guru, Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji and also in concurrence with His predecessor Guru of RSSB, Jagat Singh ji. So His Gurudom is not linked to His relation to previous Guru merely but way back even though written in all divine spirits ( for reading of faithfuls only).

For rest all this may be hoax - hoax to the extent of divinity xpressed by Perfects divine adepts as Christ, Kabir Guru Gobind et al. Guru Gobind Singh proclaimed in one of His hymes:

That He is present in each of us and none of us is free of Him,
Blessed is the One in whom He has enlightened in this World.

yes, some of us may argue that the path (given by RSSB Gurus ) may not be that divinely.
It is for us to judge among the choices available at present...

Yes, helpless we stand in that case.

I came across this story long ago about Morals and "legal-ese"

The richest man of the villang was flying with the villagers when the plane hit some serious turbulence. The rich man feared for his life and he began to pray and prayed very loudly.

"Please God, save me. I don't want to die yet. I have lots of unfinished business. In fact this is a business trip. Please, Big Man in the Sky, if you save me. I will sell my mansion and gift the entire amount to the poor people of my village.
Now this was a huge statement as his mansion was worth $10 Million.

Anyway as luck would have it, the plane got passed the turbulence and landed quite safely. Everything was okay. Or was it?

All the villagers surrounded the rich man and reminded him of his promise.

"Damn it", thought the rich man, "Now I know why every fucker prays quietly. Promises made in secret don't have to be honoured"

"Okay", said the Rich man, "I will keep my promise, just give me a week or so"

The villagers were happy, but he was in deep thought for many days.

Finally he came up with a plan.

The next day there was an advert in the newspaper.
"Huge mansion in the village for sale for $1. Please contact
0169 -696969 for details (or whatever his number was)"

Lots of people made enquiries and they all got the same reply.

"Yes the mansion is worth $10 Million, and you can buy it for just one dollar, but you have to buy my cat as a condition of the transaction."

Everyone said "No problem, we will buy the cat also" until they found out the cat was being sold for $8 Million.

Finally a rich man took the deal and the richest man in the village called the villagers and said "I am now going to make good on my promise"
He took $1 and gave it to the villagers. "Please share this between yourselves. I promised to sell my mansion and the price I received was a dollar."

The Moral?

Man is clever. Devious. A Liar. A cheat.
He learns this in childhood and never loses his immense ability to distort the truth.

Someone knocks on the door and the father says to the six year old "Open the door and tell him I am not here". The child opens the door.
"Is your father at home?"
"Yes - but he says to tell you he is not here"

Innocence. But we soon learn that only lying will get you ahead.
Liars excel.

This account above, regardless of whether all the details are true, makes perfect sense.

If Baba Gurinder was offered such a deal, he would almost certainly take it, especially as he is a businessman, and also it's his nephews who are offering the deal. So would any other normal person take the deal.

Of course some people would not take it - but bear in mind the huge sums involved and the very low chances of anything ever going wrong.

It would be a calculated risk. Everyone stands to gain - so nobody is ever going to spill the beans.

This is also how drug dealers work. They don't sign contracts. They don't go to the police if someone refuses to pay.

If anyone cheats, they hire a hitman who will recover the money.

Both sides know this and it usually works. Occasionally hitmen get hired and drug barrons are found shot dead. Goes with the territory.

Like the commenter says, nobody hands over a quarter of a Billion dollars as a charity donation. Even if they wanted to - they could have kept the shares and given a donation to RSSB for the quarter of a billion.

But this was obviously the start of a long term business deal, that would eventually go wrong. Too many things went wrong and the timing was bad. Naturally the singh brothers aren't going to feel happy when they lost their bank pledged shares. That was the single biggest loss for them. And it was triggered when their bank accounts were frozen.

Gurinder never helped at that crucial time. Most likely because he was not in a position to. Most likely, the Singh brothers were getting some kind of payments back for their share in the Hidden Agenda.

After all, like Hidden Agenda says, it makes no sense that the Singh brothers just handed this money over for no reason. They must have had a deal that made them richer in the process.

Of course this is all speculation, unless of course Hidden Agenda is an insider who knows something we don't.

But certainly his theory has merits as it explains why such immense loans would be made with no collateral and no interest.

Where is the Singh Brothers benefit out of all this? No businessman gives away huge sums of money for no reason.

A business deal always gets done only if the benefits exceed the costs.

When the deal for first done back in 2009/2010, it doesn't appear that it was illegal in any way. The Singh Brothers would stand to save a lot of tax, as their would be a huge capital gain.

The persons who made the gain would be others now - GSD and his sons and others. Each would pay far less capital gains than the Singh Brothers - as the liability would be spread over many people rather than just these two brothers. So immediately there was a huge saving in terms of capital gains tax.

As Brian pointed out at the time - a guru should not use his position to benefit financially.

This was a deal among nephews and uncle, and not directly related to RSSB. So Gurinder could easily justify this and also it wasn't illegal in any way.

The illegal things happened only much later when things went wrong.

Gurinder was also not directly involved in the illegal moves - but the Singh Brothers were, as were family members of the guru.

Unless things go very wrong - most likely the guru will come out of this cleared of any wrongdoing. Others members of his family may well get into trouble legally, including his sons and anyone named as directors on the companies involved.

As far as I can see Gurinder is not named - so unless I am mistaken, its going to be hard to prove any wrongdoing by him directly.
Even the so-called death threat was not made by him.


Yet another post based on speculations and conjecture, anything but reality.

As per Albert Einstein, common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen. Since each community/group may have their own line of thought, own ideas or opinions, own reasoning, own experiences, common sense is not so common. It varies from person to person and group to group. Each one of us may perceive things differently and create our own perception of the sequence of events.

So what appears common-sense to you, appears utter non-sense to me. Going by the logic that you are promoting, one may even wonder why does Brian keep making anti-RSSB posts? What is his hidden agenda? Who is he doing for? What does he get in return? Nobody does it for no reason. What could it be? Someone paying praying Brian for doing so? Could it be Ruhani or any other opposing group?

Such conjecture may seem common sense to you Brian. But as I have said, common sense if not so common. Stop imagining things from the realms of fantasy. Everything will be out in the open as and when the investigations are completed.

SC Jockey

Good notes so far. I have to mention that in all likelihood, the name of Mr Dhillon's wife Shabnam is/was listed as director in many of the companies, simply out of convenience.

I seriously doubt she had any idea what was going on financially or otherwise. Her name was probably listed to keep Mr. Dhillon's name one step removed from the process, but I'm pretty sure he was making the decisions, or maybe his sons.

Hard to tell without some disclosure, but to say that Mr. Dhillon was not implicit in these transactions is laughable. Proving it will be equally challenging.

What I don't understand is why the Singh brothers would knowingly bankrupt themselves. They're not stupid people. There was obviously some deal to transfer the money out of their business into the hands of the shell corporations, but to do it in the manner it was undertaken just doesn't make sense. There's no end game here that works. They must have known that any oversight would immediately catch this... or maybe they ARE idiots, who knows.

The other name that I think is getting overlooked and has also been very quiet in all of this is Mr. Godhwani, Mr. Dhillon's right hand man and appointed head to oversee these transactions. He definitely was the front man in all of this, but I'd be willing to bet Mr. Dhillon or his elder son Gurpreet was dictating the flow and timing of the money coming out of the business to make the Beas connection viable for Shivinder. I do think back in 2009/10, Mr. Dhillon had already been making succession plans and Shivinder was probably identified by him as a solid replacement.

To push the money into real estate is not a short term play, at least when you look at the commercial properties invested. So the money was parked for a longer play.

Something is not adding up. Unless there is some truth in Malvinder's allegations of Shivinder's wanting to make the move to Beas permanent, and the Daiichi fiasco throwing a massive monkey wrench in the whole arrangement. Malvinder was connecting the dots and realized he was going to be the one taking the fall for the whole thing.

The fisticuffs at the board meeting probably arose out of some discussions between the two brothers and Mr. Dhillon about the state of affairs and no money coming back and Malvinder probably saying I'm taking everyone down with me. Possible? Sure. Provable?

In fact the One in particular whose alleged intent and acts are dissected on this forum with abject disdain is not in good taste for many of us irrespective of it's whatever bad or worse or worst reasonings.

Wish that matter is not stretched too much. Truth has to be accepted whatever it may be. Being offensive to criticism of an act does not make it anymore sane.


You all first study
a lttke bit
Next try judging & see it's results on your observing mind and its diffractions



SC Jockey, your assessment of Brian in your comment yesterday (on another post) is spot on in my opinion. A friend of mine had told me what a joke his blog is and a few weeks ago I had to see for myself. When I saw that he was stating things as facts and forgone conclusions based on accusations that have been made, I saw what my friend meant. However, it was his responses that had me rolling on the floor laughing. It doesn't appear that he understands how truly ridiculous he sounds. It is comical that a man like that writes a blog post that claims to be "common sense talk".

@ Michael - I second what you wrote.

I’m shocked he smokes weed.

Arjuna, it's a blatant lie that I smoke weed. Actually, I use a vaporizer.

It's easy to use and vaporizing takes out any harmful chemicals while leaving the healthy THC and CBD to imbibe (I use strains of marijuana with both THC and CBD, since they have different benefits).

If marijuana isn't legal where you are, my condolences. Legalizing it here in Oregon has been a big success. Lots of money has been raised through taxes for government programs. No major problems have been reported. The main problem is an oversupply of cannabis that has caused prices to drop dramatically. Too many growers got into the business. Good for consumers, though.

Someday I'll write a Church of the Churchless blog post about the benefits of marijuana. Along with numerous other psychoactive substances, it's been used in a "spiritual" sense by people in many cultures.

I find that it is helpful in resetting my mind in the evening to a calmer, relaxed, more in the moment state. Sure, my meditation does this also. Doesn't hurt to have an extra helper.

In the United States it's become a platform of the Democratic Party presidential hopefuls. I suspect it will be legal nationally in not too many years, since most states have legal medical marijuana, legal recreational marijuana, or both, as here in Oregon. Check out this story:


@Arjuna,...why are you surprised? Where have you been the last few years? Brian has been hyping Weed along with Buddhist meditation for as long as I have been hanging around his Church.



@Hidden Agenda,
You are likely right. His family may very well be implicated at some point, although the mighty one is all but behind the curtain in all of this. The only closest link is Lowes Infra (and Logos by shareholding entities).

"Lowe Infra and Wellness, a company in which, the Dhillon family had a 49 per cent stake has been named in the Sebi order. According to the latest shareholding of Lowe Infra was initially floated by Yuvraj Narain Gorwaney and his wife Sangeeta Narain as Lowe Realty, before undergoing name change. Entities controlled by Singh brothers RHC Finance and Fortis Healthcare Holdings owned 25.5 per cent each. While Logos was the single largest shareholder, the brothers indirectly held a thin majority. The land bought by Lowe Infra in Gurgoan for Rs 600 crore began a series of transactions that eventually led to the siphoning of funds. It is explained in the Sebi order as follows:"


As Brian pointed out at the time - a guru should not use his position to benefit financially.
Totally agreed. Such conflict of interests generally tend to lead to whole lot of self-dealings and foul play, which appears in this case it did.

@SC Jockey
Yet another post based on speculations and conjecture, anything but reality.
Can you shed light on the real "reality" and not the percieved, speculative reality that you argue is what is discussed on this blog? Do you think what is discussed on this blog is stretched too far from what is discussed by the press and reports generated by SEBI and others? See these for e.g.:
(1) https://www.business-standard.com/article/markets/the-dhillon-factors-in-religare-115093000975_1.html
Take a look at the two comments on this linked article after you are done reading. Looks like you will belong to the category of the first commenter and people on this blog to the second one. So do you think all of us are high on drugs or alcohol or what not?
(2) https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/stocks/news/sebi-order-throws-a-spanner-into-singh-brothers-plans/articleshow/66281777.cms?from=mdr
This is also an old write up on SEBI findings but perhaps you will see some names that are also discussed here. It just may be that the people on this blogs are throwing out all kind of hypotheses to connect the dots. But remember that this connection is only possible when there are some dots (and really some questionable, dirty dots) to begin with.

(3) https://m.dailyhunt.in/news/india/english/financial+chronicle-epaper-finance/disequilibrium+a+brotherhood+in+hubris-newsid-96422091
Get some gree tea to read through this as you may not like Brian's name thrown in there. But a point mentioned there is actually well taken whether you like it or not. Something (hopefully) good will come out of this. "But let us not be taken in by this bluster and lose sight of the real issues of how India Inc runs itself, both brothers are guilty of taking decisions that now need to be explained. Rather an exposition of why most of these dubious decisions were taken in the first place needs to be placed in public domain and expounded upon. The culpability of the two brothers, their partners in crime Sunil and Sanjay Godhwani, their boards at the time and Dhillon's role needs to be probed with great precision."

If you are looking to the sky above while you pray and something falls from the sky and you think it is "manna from heaven", but two people standing next to you - a scientist and a non-scientist - both think that it is likely bird poop, who should one believe in?

Going by the logic that you are promoting, one may even wonder why does Brian keep making anti-RSSB posts? What is his hidden agenda? Who is he doing for? What does he get in return? Nobody does it for no reason. What could it be? Someone paying praying Brian for doing so? Could it be Ruhani or any other opposing group?

Let me help you: Read about or watch or email or talk to Leah Remini and understand her motives to go after Scientology. Perhaps the lessons you learn there could help you appreciate Brian's mindset. While you do that, please focus on the message and not the messenger. If you say you don't have the time to do that, then you shouldn't have one to comment it here either. To get you started, here are two links one that could be called as neutral or somewhat Leah-biased, and other Scientology-biased:

Like Bill Maher says... if you don't like science, there is scientology for you. In similar vein, I guess if you don't like real food, there is KFC and McDonalds for your processed food needs. And if you don't like objective reality, then there are processed reality places like... i guess you know where.

The author's personal life is not relevant. Receiving embezzled funds to the tune of hundreds of millions is.

The law of karma is strict
If you hurt you will be hurt

So, after reading these links here
I cannot find another "hurted" party then Daiichi

And Daichi made a fortune , much bigger than the arbitrarian money
I see no karma if they don't pay at all

And in terms of world-karma Daiichi deserves a much greater penalty
for killing the entire ocean up to Brian's door


than Diaiichi ( Fukushima )

I never said or thought this in my life
but for Daiich :

May they rot in hell


Let me make it clear.
I don’t know the facts. My version is simply speculation.
Gurinder could be s fraudster. Equally, he could be just running the business and acting honourably.

In terms of the Singh brothers, they didn’t choose to go bankrupt. They lost the pledged shares because their accounts got frozen. Not something they could have anticipated. Also no fault of Gurinder. But once malvinder lost everything he may have blamed Gurinder and sought revenge.
Once again simply speculation

@Arjuna seems like you're jobless. Go find a job dude, do not waste your time here.

@ seeker - you got me! I will update my résumé ASAP.

Thank you for your perception. I will get a job ASAP lol.


I’m looking for that Post you shared about one of GSD’s attorneys—some email he (allegedly) sent around and how he was “fucking sticking by GSD” (paraphrased). I just want to see it again... it shows how even highly educated people will blindly follow the blind. His name was Mike or started with an M I think.

I found it... it was posted last August.

" The Bloomberg article caused so much angst with endless troubled souls contacting me that I started sending my standard response. My view on the Bloomberg article: the extremely short version based on all that I know, which is a lot more than most given my lawyer position, is as follows: I see all this Religare stuff as the modern version of mud platforms.

Centuries ago the guru could puncture his disciples' false confidence in him by mud platforms because he only had a handful of disciples. Now a modern day guru with 4 million followers worldwide uses Bloomberg to get his message across that they don't know shit about him or who he really is and it is time that they should meditate earnestly to find the answer inside themselves.

I have been around long enough and witnessed so much that I have no difficulty in believing that BBJ ( Baba Ji ) can do this effortlessly. He is the hunter of souls and he couldn't care less what the minds of men think about him. Feel free to pass on to anyone you like ... And you can attribute it to me since it may help people to know his lawyer is standing by the Man. "
~ Message by Michael Cooke

He didn’t use the f word... but blindly stands by him. And jets around the world with him... and relishes being part of his inner circle with all the perks that offers. I think I’m actually more a fan of GSD than I am of Michael. And that’s saying a lot.

Scurry off.

Was Michael Jackson guilty of child abuse - the debate still goes on - and he is dead!
Nobody will ever know the truth - but people will have their opinions.
Even a court verdict does not tell you the truth - it just tells you the legal verdict.
The legal verdict is based on evidence.
Plenty of innocent people are in prison for crimes they never committed.
Plenty of guilty people are free because there was not enough evidence for a guilty verdict.

One thing is very clear - there is very little DIRECT evidence against Gurinder Dhillon. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence and hearsay and accusations.
None of this is enough to convict in a court of law.

So what it will come down to is this:
What do you believe?
if like spence, you believe he is guilty, then in your mind he is guilty, regardless of any court conviction. You will have your opinion.

If you think he is innocent, then he is innocent as far you are concerned, regardless of a court conviction.

Like the saying goes: you are entitled to your opinion but not your facts.

It is unlikely that any "facts" will be revealed in this matter.

Most of Malvinder's accusations cannot be proven.

Spence says "just follow the money to find out who is guilty"

The last I looked - it was not a crime to receive money.

The crime is the fraud - backdating payments and making it appear the payment has been made this quarter instead of next quarter.

and the people who did that was not the Dhillon family - it was the Singhs.

Despite that Spence says, there was no "Robbery" - there was a financial transaction and we don't know the details of the transaction, as we don't have a legal document that shows the reason for the payment.

maybe it was a unsecured loan. maybe it was a business transaction according to an agreement.

We don't know the details.

But so far, at least, there is no actual evidence against the person of GSD for any actual wrong-doing or anything illegal.

So spence, unless you have actual evidence that the SEBI and the rest of us are not privy to - then you are entitled to your own opinion - but on your own facts or your own evidence.

@Arjuna - get a job. Funny eh?
First you will have to resign from your existing job - or do two jobs.

anyways what business is it of anyone if you or me or anyone has a job or not.

I guess anyone could say "get a life"

but we have a life and part of that life is commenting on here for amusement or whatever other reason.

It's like someone who said to his wife "I will get into shape after the new year"
After the new year she reminded him he was still fat and he had promised to get into shape.
"But the last I checked ROUND IS A SHAPE" he replied.

Smoke weed everyday...

Hi Radh(er Not) Soami,

Take a deep breath and relax while you read my response to the issues you raise below-

What is Real Reality?
Mystical reality is not an intellectual concept that can be transmitted through this blog. But let me try to explain reality in the context of the discussion. Reality is the absolute truth which will remain true at all times and at all places, no matter what circumstances. As it is based on FACTS that cannot be changed. In contrast what is being discussed on this forum is supposition and guesswork, perfect example is the post where you are commenting right now. Implying that GSD has committed financial fraud just because some of the companies involved where owned by his family back then is again speculation. “Hidden Agenda” whose comment has been turned into a post has himself admitted that his comment was only speculation, and speculation cannot be called reality, right?
I don’t know whether you are high on drugs or alcohol as there is no evidence available and I would prefer not to speculate, but we do know for a fact that Brian uses marijuana as he has once again admitted to it by commenting on this very post. If you look closely, he is proud of it and will even post its benefits. It is kind of funny he is talking of common sense.

Note from the article you shared:
You may have overlooked below text in article which indicates that detailed investigation is pending. Without even a proper investigation is the matter GSD is being stamped as fraud and the claim is being supported by ignorant people like yourself

A detailed investigation of the entire scheme employed in this case is necessary to find out the role of each entity in the alleged routing of funds. Such investigation by SEBI shall not be limited to ascertaining the role of the Noticees into the entire fraud but would also extend to other entities who may have played a role directly or indirectly in the entire fraud, including banks and auditors, if necessary.

Brian’s mindset
As for Brian’s mindset, I have mentioned previously, one needs to examine the incident of his removal as RSSB speaker in 2005 to better understand his mindset. How would you explain someone turning bitter and belligerent overnight? If you were to somehow remove that incident from his memory, you may even see Brian of the past, preaching Sant Mat yet again. You also request to focus on the message and not the messenger, but if the message appears to be flawed and distorted, it is only wise to question the intention of the messenger, rather than acting like a gullible fool. Plus, his approach is overly based on lack of direct knowledge and purely speculative.

But I would also like to appreciate Brian for allowing counter arguments to be posted on his blog, as he always allows, unlike some of the other forums where critics are banned and posts removed.

SC Jockey

@ Osho / brother - hello!

I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote above.

I have a job and it’s a demanding one - but it pays the bills.

Thank you for your comments - only you could have said it better than me. Too man!

All the best

Osho & Arjuna

Some people seriously do not understand sarcasm. No words. Over and out.

@Arjuna,....Didn’t you say recently, that you reenlisted back in the Army and was being deployed once again to “ help keep people safe”? If you are back in the Army , on a Team doing Missions, why would you need to find a Job,...as per seeker’s advice? Or, are you only a part time Soldier, or a Mercenary, i.e., a hired Gun, willing to Soldier for the highest Bidder?

Question for you? Do you have any Pot Heads, or Weed smokers on your Team, and if so, do you, or would you ever trust a Pot Head, or Weed smoker watching your back on any Combat Missions you are deployed on?

Would you trust Brian with his Locked and Loaded AK-47 walking 2 feet behind you, or walking Point, on a Search and Destroy Mission, wondering if he is intoxicated, sober, stoned, or hung over?

I wonder the same, every time I read his latest Post.

In fact, wouid you, or will you, EVER completely trust ANY Doper with your life as your Partner in Combat?

We are ALL, in Combat, right here , right now, in Hine’s Church. We are all Terminally Ill, Spiritual Combat Soldiers, and are in various stages of our Sentences to die.

We are ALL dying, so we ALL should be watching each other’s backs,...and souls,...helping each other from being prematurely wounded in Spiritual Combat, or killed before accomplishing our individual Missions!

Of the present 7 Billion people on earth, considering the Billions of streams, rivers, brooks, creeks, that have led we few Soldiers to accumulate here, in this almost unknown Church of the Damned,....we ALL should ask why us, or why have we been led here, with all of our accumulated baggage?

Were we sent here by accident , or were we sent here to watch each other’s backs, while we are finishing our Missions in Hospice, considering we are ALL Terminally ill Patients, sentenced to die, while awaiting our next Mission?

We each, in this Church, should ask our selves, ....,.WHO in this Church, would we trust the most, watching our backs, ......if the whole shit house is ready to go up in flames, if some Psycho with access to Weapons of Mass Destruction starts the Catalyst of Nuking those who will be trapped in The Wheel of 84, i.e., Charausi?

Choose your Partner wisely, as intoxicated Team members might miss the Bull’s eye and shoot you in the back.

@ Jim

Hello Sir.

Hope you are well.

I re-enlisted some time back and am back on rest.

Chat soon

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