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March 07, 2019


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I understand man’s search meaning and why interest in an afterlife gives comfort. Out of fear, people accept all sorts of superstitious beliefs. Birth, life, death are endlessly fascinating but our mortality terrifies us. Honestly, I don’t think that God can be proven or disproven even with science. But to me the biggest question is how people define “God”. If you believe that Love has some form of consciousness that connects humans—well that I can believe in. Consciousness and connectedness are interesting topics. What is “God” and do some people define it... why does the concept provide some people much comfort while giving others fear? People usually aren’t even aware of what they’re thinking... we throw around terms without thinking deeply about all aspects of the possible definitions.

This is really more of a “thinking out loud” comment from me. When the question of whether there is in fact some sort of higher power arises, I can’t deny it or prove it. It just brings to mind more and more questions... and questions about why we don’t question more.

Questioning doesn’t mean you completely doubt a thing or concept. To me, questioning means you’re trying to understand something better.

The human brain has adapted to stories and symbols. It is built around a symbolic model. If the human mind vwill ever know, understand truth, it will only be when we have the right model, the right symbols to interpret that reality.

Our brain only functions in symbols.

Spence says "Our brain only functions in symbols".

There seems to always be a continual search, as Sonya points out in her comment, an ongoing quest to find answers, the whole God question, why are we here, what is this life all about.

Our brain is hard wired to continually seek for answers but we will probably never find them.

Our brains will only see in others what we are ourselves, otherwise how could we recognise a pattern of behaviour in another if we do not have that very same pattern of behaviour in ourselves.

This is the Zen perspective: Life is a dream, a grand illusion that we perceive through the filter of our personality, our experiences, our ego. This is a great piece of theatre in which we do not see all the actors and in which we barely understand the role of those that we see.

Yuval Noah Harari is a fake human

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