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February 28, 2019


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Wow! That was stunning!! One of the things I appreciate about Indian culture... their dance. :-)

I tried to look those guys up on YouTube to see more videos of them but couldn't find anything...

One year there was a stunning performance by a group of ladies—some form of Indian dance. I don’t know what it was called, but it was breathtaking. Not like most of the acts which are just silly fun. Occasionally an act is impressive with someone whose talent is exceptional. But they say it’s not about the talent. It’s a chance for them to show their love for their guru.

Can you just step back for a minute and imagine another country, another commune of 4 million followers worldwide and thousands surrounding just one man desperately trying to get a glance from him, “darshan”. It’s sounds creepy... because it is. But the worst part, and I believe this is why RSSB is where it is today in the news—the worst part is that this “guy” is worshipped all day long every day... and has been for years. He can’t go anywhere without someone desperately jumping at the chance to wipe his ass.

And then consider this; how is that man’s mind affected by constantly being treated like a god—24/7?? Is there any hope in hell that he’ll have a well adjusted ego?? I’ve said that GSD’s ego is impenetrable but beneath the steel shell is a very fragile man with a very fragile sense of himself. How could he possibly manage if he were to wake up one day to find no one left believed in him or worshipped him, if no one was there to wait on him hand and foot? Would he have a complete mental collapse if all of his disciples turned against him and none of them loved him anymore or believed anything he said.

GSD’s ego is built on the sangat. That’s why when one of his “initiates” makes him feel weak or intimidated, he attacks. “We’ve” created a Monster. All those who follow RSSB are just feeding the Monster. And the saddest part of all is that the Monster didn’t create himself—his followers did. Man made god in his own image. One day way back when...

If anyone else was put in that same position today and tempted with the worship, adoration, women, wealth, power that GSD has been tempted with, they would most likely become a Monster too.

Just ask any completely non-biased Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

And while I’m on a role here, I’d just like to point out all of GSD’s impropriety with women. He did this weird dance with a Bollywood actress at the Christmas party a few years ago. Not even appropriate for your average Joe. He flirts with women constantly without shame. He has many little favorites and emotional affairs. No wonder his wife avoids most of the meetings. I don’t doubt for a moment that he was romantically attached to Sheena. He must think that since he’s a “god” or maybe he believes he is God, that it’s OK... because they’re all supposed to merge with him anyway... it’s sooooooooooooooo disturbing. I think that was my biggest issue with him aside from the full frontal attack I received last time I spoke with him.

He just “can’t help himself when it came to pretty girls” as he often admits. He got really mad at one sevadar during an evening meeting when she asked him why he had so many pictures of young attractive girls on his phone from Haynes Park (she was the sevadar in charge of collecting the cell phones and making sure no one had taken pictures they weren’t supposed too. So, there it is... like most other men. He is no different.

OK, I PROMISE, now I’m done with my rants about Gurinder... I just see Shivinder as a little Gurinder mini me. I’m done talking about GSD now. There’s nothing more to say anyway.

Thanks for letting me air my grievances. If only Gurinder actually gave a shit.

I have seen most things you write about.
Less often then you,but I have seen it.
From the fragile little bit shy man..
to the pfff ´strong guru man´
And he indeed likes woman..

Charan did not become like Gurinder.
Gurinder is a lion also.
Often his face in morning satsang was as he was like this :0( about people it seemed.

But I also saw his fragile...


Thanks for your kind words of understanding. They really mean a lot. I hate sharing such inner, deep feelings sometimes but it’s not like I can tell a therapist and sometimes you just need to get it out so that you can let go and move on. 🙏

Absolutely Sonya,

There are even jalousy’s ,maybe not concious””

There you go,because he is “god” that love is aloud....

Sonya,you helped me too to write this here!
It is very healthy to make it concious for yourself and others...

By the way..

This has nothing to do with ´me too¨ at all.

There were also good things, also with Babaji..
Especially the different look at ´the path´ as Osho Robbins also mentions more times.
That is maybe freeing for people as it was for me.
However strange it is in comparence with the teachings earlier.

Itś a mixed bag...

Posted by: s* | March 01, 2019 at 06:24 AM

Thank you, and I agree, it is a mixed bag... one thing I like about ACIM, ‘A Course in Miracles’ is that it makes it very clear what Love is and what Love isn’t. No ambiguity at all. Just consistent (key word consistent) language which refutes the notion that a spiritual guide can do or say whatever hurtful things they want and say it’s for the good of the disciple. People often rationalize “the ways of the Mystics are beyond our understanding” in order to defend their spiritual leader’s unloving behavior or dishonest measures. When a guru or spiritual leader behaves that way, then they’re just “being human”... albeit a lower level of human behavior.

However, perhaps it’s a real mistake is to confuse RSSB with Sant Mat. There are lots of good principles in Sant Mat—teachings from ‘Honest Living’ in particular.

Sant Mat itself is filled with many precious gems. :-)

Hi Sonya!
Thank you too!
I think we understand eachother in many ways..
That is good and healthy to discover the good from the bad.
Love is good and we find that in our own self.
Itś true that there are inspiring teachings and by growing up we see what things are worth.
English is not my mother language and words are only written here..
But I understand you in more ways.
That is good because then one sees that it is not only our ´mind or thinking,about some insights.
To see things as they are is fine and makes one more detached from older patrons.
It hurts also to see some things what we dońt want.
But it is what it is.
ACIM is very fine to always find love and forgiviness.
It is we who have to deal with ourselves. <3


That’s beautiful! And what synchronicity because my friend just shared with me a comment about something she read today from ACIM. Her comment was, “Love attracts love so when we give love it will return to us because Love is attracted to itself”.

I should sent out more love and curb the negative. :-)

Hi Sonya,
That is good if one stays see the difference between good and bad ;)

I like Sufiś,they are mostly wise and uplifting.

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