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February 25, 2019


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RSSB English translation SSDD

I notice no arrest warrant for baba ji because it was the Singh brothers who gave him the money. They need to explain why and get it back.
Baba ji did not rob the money. It was a business transaction and the Singh brothers need to explain the transaction.
Accepting money as part of a business transaction us not a criminal offense

In the articles I read about this from three other sources, it appears as if Shivinder feels very confident that he won’t be arrested or go to jail for some reason. He doesn’t seem worried and uses the excuse that he had stepped down to serve his “Master” at the Dera during the time in question.

With all of GSD’s political and social contacts he needs to consider something very carefully—both of his son’s, Gurpreet and Gurjeet were very much involved with related companies on SEBI’s hot list. GSD may be doing everything he can to take down Malvinder but he will wind up taking down his own sons as well.

Malvinder's allegations at this stage can not yet be described as facts.
People who can not bring themselves to acknowledge that 'fact' are operating from a self-delusion and are being dishonest -- both with themselves and with others -- if they maintain otherwise.

Critical thinking should still apply even if you are disappointed with a meditation practice and its results.

And conn-firmational bias is still something to watch out for, even if you have become an athiest.


Chris, it seems that you didn't even read this blog post .If you had, you'd realize that it isn't just Malvinder's criminal complaint that points fingers of wrongdoing at Gurinder Singh Dhillon. Sebi, an Indian financial investigation authority, has confirmed that the flow chart shown in this post is correct.

The Dhillon family has enriched itself by illegal loans. You may not like that fact, but facts are facts. Deal with it. Unless you chose to ignore reality, which I realize you probably do, if you still believe in the divinity of the RSSB guru.

And nobody can be disappointed about meditation practice.
Because it is your very own practice..what can be disapointing??
When you do not expect inner hights but just see feel undergo your very own inner being..
EVerything is as it is without labeling,just looking inside..in what is there in the moment..
From moment to moment also in stillness..
Nothing to loose.....Just Be..

Dear Brian
Not a criticism of you as i genuinely regard what you offer on this blog; but as someone who has works with data protection issues and liability issues in government service/private sector you do need to be careful about stating things as facts which are not yet facts (death threats). There are lots of predatory wing dings out there who would love to pounce on that and make a charge against you.
You may already realize this, but just cross check that any documents you post up with email addresses on is already clearly in the public sphere, otherwise you could fall foul of data protection legislation.
Just paraphrase stuff with 'it looks very likely that' or 'multiple independent sources allege'. That way you can get your point across without being vulnerable to legal predators.
By the way, you missed some of the excuses that are going to come in the wake of this if GSD is called to account. Others will be;
- The Saints have always been persecuted by others; witness Jesus, Sarmad, Al Hallaj etc. This will no doubt be a popular one.
- It is all a conspiracy by evil bloggers and posters who hate the path now they have left it.
- It's only money at the end of the day and no one has died or suffered much over it.

That's just a few more that i can think of. The creative nature of theological thinking will ensure there are more of that type.
I have posted before that i just don't think this will make any difference except to the few. Fundamentalist religious thinking is extremely resilient and robust as it is intertwined so deeply with the ego and social conditioning from a young age.
I certainly do not 'hate' the path and neither am i averse to spirituality, but this scandal really should disillusion all serious thinkers away from RSSB.
I have been uncomfortable for years with the garish show of wealth on offer at Haynes park and it really gets my goat. Probably British working class hostility to snobbery, gross wealth and class structures (not the politics of envy I hasten to add).
Even if GSD is absolved from criminal wrong doing, all the diddling around in huge business deals that aim to accrue more wealth than you would ever need to live comfortably on for generations to come is really distasteful and straight up wrong. Just what sort of example is that to the Sangat? Where the heck is the 'honest living' in all this?
What are we talking about here? I swear i have heard GSD in satsang advising a Q and A to avoid speculative playing in stocks and shares? Exactly how is this different? It all stinks to high heaven IMO.

Gurinder has done nothing legally wrong at this point.

He has not taken funds from any company. Companies that belong to his family may have received funds, in some business transaction.

That money was removed from those companies by Malvinder and Shivinder. They will be held liable. Of course they can counter sue, but I suspect they have no legal grounds. Not making good on a business deal is not a criminal offence. There may be a breach of contract if there was an actual contract in place, which should be the case, otherwise the singh brothers will have a lot of explaining to do,
Merely saying he was not there, is not much of a defence for Shivinder. He is liable to make sure nothing illegal happens if he is named as a director.
There may be moral issues, but it is unlikely that Gurinder has done anything illegal.
non payment of debts comes under civil not criminal law

Brian. I did read the article.
So right there, you are -- as is your way -- making negative and innaccurate assumptions in order to support your current cherished viewpoint. You made a negative assertion based on something that you couldn't and didn't didn't know.
Do you agree?
I wonder, if you can acknowledge THAT fact to me and the other readers?

I wonder if you are able to, as I have not yet seen you admit error when it is presented to you by others.

So anyway, yes, YOU are convinced of Gurinder's guilt. Got it!
We can all see that.
And your assumption may turn out to be an accurate one. Maybe he IS guilty as alleged by Malvinder.

But YOU keep presenting news reports reporting allegations AS IF they are factually proven. They are NOT.

So... Here is that fact concerning YOU again:
you are currently unable to see what YOU ARE DOING.
I.e. you are deceiving yourself. You are suffering from a self-induced delusion of surety.

Ultimately we are all responsible for OUR actions, our motives and our behaviour.

. . . . . . . . .

People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered.
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind,
people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful,
you will win some false friends and some true enemies.
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank,
people may cheat you.
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building,
someone could destroy overnight.
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness,
they may be jealous.
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today,
people will often forget tomorrow.
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have,
and it may never be enough.
Give the best you've got anyway.

You see,
in the final analysis it is between you and [the Ultimate Reality];
it was never between you and them anyway.

-- Mother Theresa

Brian decided that, based on allegations from a person who is about to go to jail and he is ready to do just about anything to save his neck, that hey, RSSB is corrupt and the Master at Beas is a fraud.

Because, who cares about facts or proof. The RSSB/Dhillon side made any comments whatsoever in public, have they been through trial in a court of law? Nah. We don't need to hear them out. It's RSSB. And according to Brian they are guilty.

And again according to Brian, a guy from Oregon, who cares about the Presumption of Innocence covered by the Article 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Brian is apparently above all these petty legal principles that exist since antiquity. Because hey, it's Brian. Who at somepoint wrote a book or two. And RSSB did not publish them. And then he was "fired" from his seva. And he doesn't have any connection with RSSB for decades. But, you know, Brian is all about impartiality and truth and unicorns.

Give us a break mate.

The important thing is Truth.

What is true.., that is the point here,nothing more nothing less.

We talk about a´ spiritual teacher´,people must know if things are good and honest..

Or are not good and honest..., that is the point!!


Because they looked upon their cousin, the guru, as a divine being who could do wrong,

Hi Brian,
Did you perhaps forget the word "not"?

....as a divine being who could NOT do wrong..

These ad homs against Brian are pathetic attempts at diversion. Pointing out typos now? Really?

What does a mother theresa poem have to do with the investigation? It's madness.

Another desperate attempt is to try to reframe this as one single allegation that is, as yet, unproven. When in fact there are MANY allegations to deal with, not least all the off-colour that dera attendees have witnesses. Remarks that a GIHF would never make.

How did I ever get mixed up with these delusionists.

And if one master is not GIHF, then NONE of them were.

Did you know that Julian Johnson was manslaughtered at the Dera? Kept that one quiet didn't they?

Or that RSSB is an offshoot from Swami Ji, using 5 names that Jaimal Singh got from... where exactly?

The books are very clear that Kal exists and that Kabir's Anurag Sagar is true. So which is it?

In my view the issue here is really a very simple one, PJ.
It is that Brian Hines is spreading information AS IF it is proven fact when -- at this stage -- it clearly isn't.

He has shown that he cannot currently distinguish between his own beliefs and what is verified fact.

If you also don't see anything wrong with that, then I suggest you also are ironically a person who is deluding themselves, and who holds their own cherished viewpoint in higher regard then the quest for accuracy, and truth.

No blame. Most people live their lives out of self-invented illusory certainties. In my view Brian Hines and many others here have merely swapped one set of erroneous sureties for a different set.
As we ALL have the right to do.
But if Mr. Hines wants to claim he is spreading "truth" -- and doing it very publically -- then he also can be held accountable for what he spreads. Don't you think?

Or has he now become an untouchable icon for dissatisfied meditators, thus someone who must be defended at all costs, even when he is clearly in error?

IF there is such a thing as 'God', and IF we are all 'drops' from that 'ocean', then the logical corrollary of that is that 'we are ALL GIHF'.
- - - - - - - -

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.
And when you experience your own beauty you will be the idol of yourself.
The whole universe is contained within a single human being – you!
And when the world pushes you to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray.
There IS a voice that doesn’t use words: listen.
Then love for everyone and no-one will become the bridge between you and everything.
We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside ourselves."

Actually we are all humble before Love and Truth..


Why do you keep saying “dissatisfied meditators”. I was very satisfied with my meditation when I followed RSSB and am still satisfied with meditation today. That had nothing to do with GSD. It’s GSD’s stomach churning behavior and the comments I personally witnessed spew out of his mouth as well as his inappropriate behavior that were intolerable. Maybe you haven’t spent enough time in his close presence to understand this yet.

As you’ll see in one of Brian’s recent posts he threw in “allegedly” and made reference to how Stephen Colbert often throws in “allegedly” when talking about Trump. That made me laugh... All of the other late night TV show hosts repeat the news... (and they don’t even say allegedly) that’s exactly what Brian is doing (on a more serious note). Watch Colbert, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, John Oliver... they repeat the news and add their own Op Ed to it...

I wish India had an SNL type show... maybe they do. If so, I’d love to see it because this whole RSSB, Dhillon, Singh scandal has rocked the Indian Media. They like to refer to it as a potboiler... they say it has all the makings of a Bollywood movie with a guru even thrown in! It’s a blockbuster Bollywood film in the making. You should spend some time watching the News channels in India cover this... get a translator. It’s sadly very entertaining.

Or are you more of a Fox News and Info Wars kind of guy/girl? (respectfully, Chris could be either)

What made GSD will break GSD.

@ Sonya.
If there is such a thing as a divine and ultimate Truth, where do you think that YOU YOURSELF are going to find it?

I suggest it won't be on any news channel, nor any TV programme, nor from any TV entertainer.

But, YOU can decide where you want to go for that, as we all can. Just as we all can and must decide or select what we choose to accept as 'truth'.
I still strongly advise, that despite Brian's self-cherishing belief that he already has it on this and other subjects, and is spreading 'truth', he actually isn't.
And I think there's a lesson for us ALL there. Which is why I am highlighting it.

. . . . .

"If I had to choose between 'God' and 'Truth' I'd choose 'Truth'.”
-- Meister Eckhart.

La Madrugada, good proof reading. Thanks for catching the typo. I've added a "no."

Chris, you claim to be devoted to the truth, but you speak of things that you have no knowledge of. Such as, what I and other critics of the RSSB guru have experienced in meditation, and continue to experience. As Sonya correctly said, we are not the "dissatisfied meditators" that you say we are.

That's fake news. I've meditated every day for 50 years, and do so today. Why would I do that if I was dissatisfied with my meditation? For 35 years I meditated in accord with the teachings of Sant Mat/RSSB. Now I meditate in a Buddhist fashion.

I practice Vipassana (mindfulness) and Metta (compassion) meditation. I enjoy sitting quietly every morning, coming into closer contact with the reality that surrounds me and indeed IS me.

You seem to look upon meditation as some sort of a contest where some people succeed and others fail. I've never heard meditation described this way, at least not by skilled meditation teachers. And believe me, I've read a lot of books about meditation, including many RSSB books (all of them, up until the time I left the organization).

If you're willing, please share what you consider should make someone dissatisfied with their meditation. I'm curious what criteria you have in your mind for this. Maybe you believe there is only one sort of meditation, and only one kind of experience people should have in meditation.

Again, along with Buddhist teachings, I consider that coming closer to the reality of the present moment, whatever that reality consists of, is what meditation is all about. If you disagree, share your own view of meditation.

Who's the criminal: actually accepting money from business associates IS a criminal offense if that money was acquired fraudulently. That's what the criminal complaint filed by Malvinder Singh against Gurinder Singh Dhillon, his family, and associates alleges.

That the Dhillons and others conspired to fraudulently divert money from legitimate businesses into entities controlled by the guru and his family. Read the criminal complaint and you'll understand what happened.


Is this a conscious, dishonest attempt at a dodge, Brian?
Or is it perhaps an unconscious defensive manoeuver?

I've already asked you questions. One in particular.

Plus I made some observations.

If you are genuinely interested in a dialogue and exchange of perspectives, before you start on me, will YOU ask the questions put to YOU or not?
And will you comment on the statements already made by me?

Chris, ask me some specific questions and I’ll answer them. You falsely accused people of being dissatisfied meditators. I cleared up that misconception of yours. So share your questions, and I’ll do my best to inform you on other subjects.

As a gesture of good faith, I'll do you the courtesy of replying to your points and questions first.
I have assumed you will permit me to be rigorously honest with you.
. . . , . . .

BH: “you claim to be devoted to the truth."
I have not made such a "claim" here. Can you quote me? FALSE ASSUMPTION 1

BH: “you speak of things that you have no knowledge of."
Brian you don't know me, nor what I know. FALSE ASSUMPTION 2

BH: "Such as, what I and other critics of the RSSB guru have experienced in meditation, and continue to experience."
I have made no such claim to such knowledge. And I admit I don't have it. FALSE ASSUMPTION & ACCUSATION 3

BH: "As Sonya correctly said, we are not the 'dissatisfied meditators' that you say we are."
I meant specifically surat-shabd-yoga meditation. And I wasn't referring to JUST you. I was colloquially referring to you and some of your defenders/supporters. In your case I was referencing how you have often expressed a dissatisfaction with the results of your decades of RS surat-shabd yoga. I admit I have made an assumption of my own, that someone who had satisfactory results in surat-shabd yoga would not be regularly engaged in the kind of comments that are commonplace here.

BH: "You seem to look upon meditation as some sort of a contest...”
No, I have not written that, and I do not think that. FALSE ASSUMPTION 4

BH: "If you're willing, please share what you consider should make someone dissatisfied with their meditation."
I regard this as a devious attempt at entrapment used as a defensive avoidance tactic. But ...only you can know for sure.
Whatever, I have no interest in pursuing such a line of enquiry and don't see how it adds to the discussion of you presenting one-sided allegations and speculations as if they are factually proven, when any honest person knows that, as yet, they aren't.

BH: "Again, along with Buddhist teachings, I consider that coming closer to the reality of the present moment, whatever that reality consists of, is what meditation is all about. If you disagree, share your own view of meditation."
Again, I see this as yet another irrelevant point to my specific observations and therefore a diversionary tactic.

Will you now reply to the previous observations and the related questions put to you?

Here are a few more:
Can you see how you have again in this reply made many false assumptions and made unfounded claims?

Can you see that you have built a picture of what is occurring between us based on those false assumptions AS IF they were 'factual' and 'true'?

Can you see how that appears to be a pattern of behaviour?

Chris, thanks, when I have time later today I'll respond to your comment. I heartily disagree with the general thrust of what you said and will explain why.

This is fun and who is playing who lol.

Trust me - nothing comes out of this.

The world is full of much worse kind of men.

I don’t believe Master would have issued death threats to anyone (fake news).

If he was such a man - surely he would have attempted to shut this blog down - via legal means.

Sorry don’t buy it. I am a man of military and this is like “get real” !!!

Over and out

"Who's the criminal: actually accepting money from business associates IS a criminal offense if that money was acquired fraudulently. That's what the criminal complaint filed by Malvinder Singh against Gurinder Singh Dhillon, his family, and associates alleges.

That the Dhillons and others conspired to fraudulently divert money from legitimate businesses into entities controlled by the guru and his family. Read the criminal complaint and you'll understand what happened."

To consider that a transaction was fraudulent there are certain requirements that need to be proved in a court of law. The definition varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction although in a common law jurisdiction such as India three elements are required to prove it: a material false statement made with an intent to deceive, a victim’s reliance on the statement and damages.

The complain that Malvinder filed does not prove a single thing. It merely allows the investigators to investigate those particular persons and/or entities listed there in order to define whether there are grounds to file a criminal case. (somebody who is versed in Indian law could be of help).

Which again (criminal case) needs to be proved beyond any reasonable doubt.

Arjuna, here in the United States we have a constitutional right to free speech. And Oregon, where I live, has even stronger free speech provisions in the state constitution. No one could legally shut this blog down. Not the RSSB guru. Not President Trump. Nobody.

Chris, keep in mind, Malvinder said he has recordings of threats. And I believe him.

Malvinder is like Charan Singh and Shivinder is like Gurinder. It’s interesting watching the two of them fight this out. Very sad but interesting. Let’s just say that Charan Singh actually got into a fight with Gurinder—who do you think would win?? Just food for thought... a brain teaser. Gurinder told me (directly) that Charan Singh was too soft on some of the Satsangis and that when he took over he straightened them out by being tougher on them. I responded to him with the question, “so you think you handle things better than Charan Singh did?” To which he said “well...” and then he looked down because what could he say? Was he going to say that he was doing a better job than his Master (which is exactly what he had just said).

And from my personal one on one experience with GSD, he can be vicious when he feels threatened or intimidated whether it’s imaginary or real. That’s not really something you would expect from a “Saint” is it?

Hi Arjuna
I'm with you. I don't think Gurindar issued death threats.

But many people have lined their pockets in this huge and complex shell scheme of corporate robbery over many years. Those hands might do anything to stay hidden in the dirt.

And of course using Master's name is a great cover.

Still, when Trump's people talk business with Putin's people, we must ask, "where is the captain of this ship?"

It's a fair question.

Chris, I made your comment, and my response to it, into a blog post. Enjoy:


Hi Whisper
If you will please review the earlier articles you will see that two independent audits confirmed...

1. the Singh Brothers in combination with the head of the RSSB board, all working as principles at Fortis, originally set up by Baba Ji's Religare Holdings company, gave loans with no collateral requirements and no board approval (both in violation of Fortis policy and the law for publicly held corporations in India) to a number of corporations many of which were addressed in one small storefront, whose principle owner was Baba Ji's wife. They totaled over $400 million US. The money has never been returned.

This was only one of several such schemes that involved not only Fortis, but Religare Holdings, Baba Ji's private holding company run by his son.

For example, Baba Ji had a charitable hospital built by Maharaji demolished under the agreed plan to rebuild it. Once it was destroyed he then sold it to his own holding company and then turned around and sold it to the for-profit Fortis.

The latest Securities and Exchange Commission of India investigation puts the total siphoned to Gurindar family shell companies at over one billion dollar U. S..

These are established facts. The court's job will be to assess responsibility, that is all.

@ Sonya. You wrote:
. . . .
Gurinder told me (directly) that Charan Singh was too soft on some of the Satsangis and that when he took over he straightened them out by being tougher on them. I responded to him with the question, “so you think you handle things better than Charan Singh did?” To which he said “well...” and then he looked down...
. . . .

Fascinating. Thanks for sharing that.

I presume that you are too young to have had any time around Charan Singh? Is that correct?

Chris, you don’t need to worry about me or “my soul”. I’m well connected. ;)

But I won’t stand by and watch GSD or Shivinder take Malvinder down. Let’s just say it’s a personal thing, or “karma”. It just isn’t going to happen. I’m as well connected as GSD is and his selfish tyranny has come to an end. Gurinder has no respect whatsoever for his Master. He brags repeatedly that he hasn’t read the (Sant Mat) books in over 20 years. Personally, I don’t care if he reads or not. I don’t care what he does. But this scheme and dream that Shivinder has to become the next guru—to assume the worship of millions of people and to be treated as a GIFH, well that must be quite a temptation for Shivinder. Because what’s more tempting to the average selfish billionaire—money or worship??? So Shivinder willingly gave (helped give) all the family money away to the Dhillons in hope that one day he would be the next great RSSB guru... GIHF. Yes, worship and adoration are far more tempting to narcissistic people than gold. Of course, there are those who want both—who want it all, like GSD.

hahah, could "Sonya" be Malvinder's kin?

@ Sonya.

You wrote: "you don’t need to worry about me or my soul. I’m well connected".

Where have I suggested that I am worried about you or “your soul”? :-o

Just for clarity, all I am interested in is presentiation of the known facts as fairly and as accurately as possible, seperate from all spin, bias and any pre-conceived prejudice.
Are you OK with that?

Plus you didn't answer my question. I think I know who you are, and so I have guess of what age you are. Are you willing to confirm my presumption that you were too young to have known Charan Singh? I'm just curious.

Hi Chris
Unvarnished established facts, no spin. You may find these in the articles Brian had published before Malvinder's accusations and in a variety of other articles found through Google.

Two independent audits ordered by the Fortis board and the independent investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission of India have verified that...

1. Money was siphoned through loans made in secret without board approval and without collateral by Fortis' founders, the Singh Brothers. This violates company policy, standard accounting and financial practice and the laws that govern publicly held corporations in India.

2. Many of these loans were given to a single storefront address that was the main address for several shell companies.

3. The loans to that address amounted to over $400 million us dollars.

4. The principle owner of those shell companies is Subnam Singh, Gurindar Singh Dhillon's wife.

5. Additional loans were siphoned to other corporations held by Gurindar, such as Religare Holding Company, and to additional shell companies owned by Gurindar, his sons or wife.

6.The total amount siphoned over several years exceeds $1 Billion us dollars.

7. The loans have never been repaid.

8.Gurindar had the charitable hospital built by Maharaji demolished as part of an agreement to rebuild it. But once it was demolished he sold the land to his own Religare Holding company, and through that company sold it to the for - profit Fortis Healthcare, which built a new for-profit surgical specialty private hospital there.

These are established facts.

It is for the courts to assign responsibility.

Thanks for that, Spence.
I appreciate and respect your assessment and your understanding.
I have been following this developement in the news for a while now. Just so you know.
I only jumped in here after this latest developement of the criminal complaint from Malav and when I saw Brian's writing about that, stating as if fact that GSD HAD definitely issued death threats, etc., etc.

So I still stand by my previous observations and comments.

Though, if you think I have written anything that is incorrect or false, please feel free to let me know. I welcome correction and access to a greater/fuller understanding.

. . . . . . . .

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself—and you are the easiest person to fool. So you have to be very careful about that.
After you’ve not fooled yourself, it’s easy not to fool other[s]...
One example of the principle is this: if you’ve made up your mind to ...explain some idea, you should always decide to publish it whichever way it comes out. If we only publish results of a certain kind, we can make the argument look good. ...That should not be done.
...We must publish both kinds of result.”

-- Richard Feynman,
(from his 1974 Calteh's commencement address).

Chris, you need to stop lying. Have some self-respect. Tell the truth. Below are some direct quotes from my post about Gurinder Singh Dhillon being accused of making death threats against Malvinder Singh. Note the title: "Gurinder Singh Dhillon, the RSSB guru, accused of making death threats."


Do you know the meaning of the word "accused"? Look it up. It's blaming someone, in this context. It isn't a statement of fact. I've never said that it was a fact that the guru issued death threats. Here's the direct quotes of what I said in the blog post linked to above.

I speak of "reporting," "accused," "allegations." Those words are exactly true. Your words are false. Again, stop the lying, Chris.
A mere day after I wrote a blog post ("Gurinder Singh Dhillon back in financial scandal spotlight") where I wondered how long it would take for the Radha Soami Satsang Beas guru to be directly implicated in wrongdoing, the Indian press is reporting that Gurinder Singh has been accused of making death threats against his cousin, Malvinder Singh.

And as if that wasn't enough to trash the guru's spiritual reputation, Gurinder Singh also is accused of accepting a huge amount of money in exchange for guaranteeing that another cousin, Shivinder Singh, would succeed him as RSSB guru.

I encourage people interested in this Indian financial/religious/criminal drama to read each of these stories in full. I'm just sharing a tantalizing excerpt from each, along with a PDF file of the story in case it becomes unavailable online.

...It's hard to see how Gurinder Singh Dhillon and his cronies can avoid a criminal investigation, given the seriousness of the allegations against them.

To answer your question, no I am not that young. Maybe I look younger than I am. My experiences with Hazuur has made him near and dear to my heart—always. You need only look into Hazuur/Charan Singh’s eyes just once to be left with a lifetime of love. I will never forget him—he is still always around. But RSSB today isn’t the organization that Charan Singh helped build. And Great Master... well, well, well.
And I know who you are as well.

@Sonya I completely respect your reply above. Seems like you are closely associated with RSSB. Do you think Charan Singh made a mistake by appointing his successor? If yes then who is a perfect master?

@ Spencer - hey buddy how are you?

I don’t believe master would threaten anyone.

@ Brian - I’m not trying to stop your freedom of speech - I would fight for you to have it. Quite literally! However I’m just concerned all we have is media reports about the threats - that’s all. Let me ask you - where you with Malvinder - when you and he heard the threats? No you were not - so I rest my case. Chill out abit - nothing comes out of this. Trust me - look into the future and look for yourself 😀

@seeker, sorry I don’t always go back and look at previous posts’ comments. Do I think he made a mistake by appointing GSD successor? Actually, no. I believe there was a reason that appointed GSD. Gurinder has a certain amount of free will. He could have been a great guru. I believe in free will. Quite honestly I believe Gurinder can change (I’m going Quantum here). I mean, ANYTHING is possible...

Do I think it’s likely he’ll change... eh’


We are all perfect masters in our soul. Your soul is perfect. How can the soul not be perfect when God created it? He doesn’t create imperfection. The mind is simply confused—the lower mind—the ego. Your mind if used properly will reveal to you the perfection within you. People have to stop succumbing to guilt and fear. God is everywhere. And when I say God I mean Love and I believe Love has a consciousness all of its own. A consciousness that sees you as perfect. You don’t need a GIHF to merge with the One or the Oneness.

@Sonya thanks for the reply. I totally relate to your way of thinking. I feel there is no GIHF or a PLM, it's all a big propaganda to mislead the masses in the name of God.

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