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February 17, 2019


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Wow my life is shattered. I’ve been a follower of the path for so many years and my life has revolved around it. At least I can commit suicide now without having to worry about karma.

WTF !!!!! This is absolutely a live bomb, both these things that you report here, and fully deserving of these gaudy exclamation marks I've taken the liberty of putting in here !!!

One watches with fascination as these sordid happenings wind their way to ... well, let's see what happens, these still qualify as allegations (although that's a flimsy enough qualifcation, or so it seems sitting here).

Here's what fascinates me, really, about this whole business: What, exactly, is the psychology of this Shivinder character, the one who's apparently trying to buy his way into Guru-hood?

Is it simply chasing lucre? Become a Guru, the better to fill your pockets? That's base, despicable, all that, but at least it is understandable.

Or might this guy actually still be buying into this whole narrative, and might he believe that getting anointed as the Guru will actually help him grow wings on his buttocks?

This is the part that I'm really curious about. Had this been a novel that I'm writing, I'd devote a full two chapters on the man's psychology. Unfortunately this is real life, so I suppose there's zero chance of his actually coming out and speaking honestly on this.

Also, WTF was that about "Sheena" returning to the Dera (as reported in the previous thread by a commenter, presumably a Beas insider)? Are we to expect another book, then, detailing her re-conversion? (Always provided this commenter has her facts right, of course.)

Sheena is known writer of rssb books

Yes she is a known writer but she has also written a book against the organisation without naming it. If she was so against it then why did she go back?

It is a thing to worry for those who still are comforted by its guarantees on post-life safety and therefore their wholehearted acceptance of the Path.

wish that matters be put to rest by either humble admission to certain errors that might have occurred or clear denial with adequate proofs by the concerned parties as most of the financial mess - counting in billions is in public domain. This would help us in strengthening ourselves onto the path and become free of any second thoughts about it.

Where is Sheena? Is she a real person or a fictional character?

@Guru Sheena is a fictional name just for the purpose of that book, however it is written by a person who has actually stayed in Beas for several years. She writes her story in great detail. Do read that book if you get time. It is definitely an eye opener for all the blind followers.

@seeker that still doesnt make her a real person. Until she comes here and comments herself and talks to us it could be anyone who has written that book. Brian's interest and hate towards rssb is so strong that one can think he has written that book just to add to his anti rssb collections. I am a bit confused and not sure if i can belive sheena is a real person. Although i mean nothing here lol i still can express my feelings. Hoping Sheena will join the anti rssb force and come here to take questions personally or maybe the original writer of the book if Sheena is just a cover up personality!

@seeker: what is the name of that book, and where will I find that? TIA.

@Tejinder Here is the link to the book on Amazon


@Guru She is a real person. I know her real name and can vouch that whatever she says is her own experience. It's her choice if she wants to be active here. There is nothing anti rssb force, everyone is just trying to find the truth.

@seeker maybe sheena should thank you for vouching for her but if you have watched bollywood movie Mr India, there this dilemma who hasn't seen him cannot believe he exists and he is invisible. So not sure if i can believe if she is real. I know it doesn't matter to anyone whether i believe it or not but i have my doubts of her existence. I rather believe in brian because he at least has the guts to come out in the open about his experience! Lets hope Sheena does come out one day in the open and people can believewhat she says like we all trust Brian! Hopefully i am not being disrespectful to anyone?

She is a real person.
She was in dera for a long time. Did seva very closely with Gsd.
People in dera know exactly who she is.
I have also communicated with her directly so can say she is real.

Buy and read the book.

when I notice money matters above the spiritual, I'm gone and out of there.
on the spiritual level, your highest guru is your higher self
nobody can claim the throne of your higher self

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