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February 01, 2019


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Part of the problem with/for atheists is that some of them make a big deal about it. It's like they feel self righteous for being so and thus challenge others' faith via their faith in atheism. This makes the faithful ill at ease with atheists. Or even the unfaihful who just don't like people being in people's face about something.

Like JW's who show up at your door with all the good news. They're pushy sometimes. Nobody likes that. At least my dogs don't. I hand them a decades old flyer about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and send them on their way. By the way, is he dead? Must be. Dumb question.

A religious dude says, "This atheist is kind of pushy about his atheism. He's in my face about it. So, why not just be atheist and be done with it? I know, atheists object to the calls for prayer I thrust upon them. So, don't pray. I'll be religious. You do your thing."

Now, if anyone goes after someone with a knife, that's another thing

I see this issue as no big deal but people make a big deal about it. That's me. I'm cynical about all the big deals people make about stuff. The religious like to pray. So, pray away. I'll check out the weather forecast on my phone.

No matter what we think or believe we could be in delusion. In that way I think atheists are just as deluded as the religious, but they don't think so. They are cocky about their superior "scientific" reasoning. Do scientists know what is really real, what really is absolute and eternal... the why's and how's of this Appearance? Their opinion on that changes all the time. Is it "This here now" as the neo-advaitists say? "Nothing at all" as the Ch'an Buddhists say? Is it angels and bagpipes as the Christians say? Virgins as the Muslims say?

What if there really is "God"? We just don't see it because it doesn't conform to the rules we use to give cohesion to perception. It may be as obvious as the air we breathe or something else. Something entirely different. Something incomprehensible to our neurologic structure. Something we will never know?

So, since Life is incomprehensible, I, atheist declare God not to be real. As if i knew anything.

As evidenced by the above, I , tucson, don't know s--t.

It's bothersome to me, if I let it, when somebody thinks they do.

On the other hand, maybe they really do. Who knows?

Yes. We are not loved.

I don't think they realise how arrogant and self centred they seem to be. Look at me, they seem to be saying, aren't I wonderful, I don't need a God to look after me, I don't need to follow a saintly person. I'm so brave and amazing, this life is all there is and stuff those people who are having a sh*t life in a country full of warfare and disease. Why should I care? No need for me to be humble and caring. I'm so smart and its all about me and my wonderful lifestyle.

My apologies Brian. Just a kind of knee jerk reaction to atheism.

Now I feel guilty and stupid which is not going to help anyone in anyway.

Being over sensitive. Sorry.

I have now spent 5years studying the history of Jesus. I am certain 90% he never existed.
If you knew what historical figure he really was, you would be astonished. HE WAS DELETED FROM HISTORY by the church. He was really a king. He fought the Romans. His wife was
the richest woman in the world. The Romans crucified him, but historian Josephus saved his life
on the cross. He ended up in Egypt the one eyed man.

Look towards Syria. A huge section of history us missing. Mary was indeed his wife.
But, they were king and queen. But, from where, history has hidden, in the greatest
coverup of all time.

We can accept our difference as humans?
It is interesting to hear eachother?

I know some will like to force ideaś on others..

Forcing is stupid and most of the time or sometimes one can say that.
It is good to communicate as long as it doesńt become a sort of fight.
Live and let live..something like that.
Nobody should force,because it doesńt help..

Hey Mike

That’s interesting especially the 10% bit that you are not certain of :-) Given all the bullshit and fake news we are served and the seemingly massive amount of ancient history that’s been repackaged, covered over or simply as you say ‘deleted’, maybe there’s some truth in your research.

It got me thinking about the nature of belief and how what you wrote relates to atheism. I think what you are getting at (at least in part) is that many ‘truths’ especially in the religious sphere could be dodgey. I guess this would be the case given that belief is held by something that is itself ‘untrue’ - a self created by thoughts, strengthened by belief. Well that’s what I believe at present.

Not sure where it all leaves us, particularly when it comes to the truth - whatever that is…
Best wishes

Hi Tim


The entire Bible has been debunked by scholars.
The whole thing was a fraud. Literally.

'Like JW's who show up at your door with all the good news.'

Yes, atheists are banging on your door... Guess what, genius, religious people are the pushiest ones around, and have been for centuries. They are constantly trying to legislate their crazy beliefs, alter school curriculums, get businesses they don't like closed, ban books from libraries, harass people out of jobs, and lots more.

' Do scientists know what is really real, what really is absolute and eternal... the why's and how's of this Appearance? Their opinion on that changes all the time. Is it "This here now" as the neo-advaitists say? "Nothing at all" as the Ch'an Buddhists say? Is it angels and bagpipes as the Christians say? Virgins as the Muslims say?'

This guy is typing on a computer (technology created thanks to science) and communicating with people around the world and can't figure out if science has any claims to superiority in terms of comprehending reality than some primitive religious beliefs about virgin births and angels. Derp.

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