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January 12, 2019


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Yes, this is interesting. In his book The God Impulse, neuroscientist Kevin Nelson - after pointing out that all spiritual experiences are a result of the brain, goes on to say in the epilogue that such experiences are far from worthless and such clinical facts 'do not suck the divine nectar from our spiritual lives.' He suggests that a drug, more refined than psilocybin, which produces states such as rapture etc., could legitimately be given to alleviate suffering; just as morphine makes one feel unnaturally good. Obviously he is looking at it from the perspective of a doctor.

But yes, a 'mind shake up' can have a profound even life-changing effect. As far as I am concerned, I would not entertain chemical drugs. Meditation yes, as it can throw insights onto questions how our minds produce the phenomenon of the separating effects that is the self structure and thought.

Blogger states: "Sports, dancing, martial arts, Tai Chi, walking in nature -- I've found that these also are good means of lessening the feeling of being separate and distinct from the world.

--My experience with martial arts has produced altered states such as seeing stars and being unconscious a few times. This never yielded any special insights except that maybe I was a crappy martial artist and should avoid good martial artists. It dawned on me that unconsciousness was becoming too frequent (horse riding accidents) and that dementia was not an altered state I wanted to encourage. I wanted to walk around with my tongue properly located in my mouth and not hanging out gathering flies.

However, I have long believed in the benefits of psychedelics. However, they are not to be trifled with or abused in any way. With respect, good intent and fortune you may unleash perceptions that 50 years in the lotus pose on a diet of watery, coarse gruel would be hard pressed to surpass.

The question of mind altering drugs -medicinal and healing purposes, yes. Recreational purposes - your choice. I would be very wary of mind enhanced experiences through the use of substances. Just little or huge mind tricks I would say with all sensations attached to the physical senses. Never having taken drugs, of course, (apart from 3 puffs of marjuana on 3 separate occasions, one made me afraid, one burnt my throat, the other, nothing - all many years ago) these are just my thoughts. Alcohol is the worst of all and causes the most destruction, yet it is legal. I say legalise all drugs, then there will be less crime. If people choose to burn their brains, then let them. Brian, as an ex satsangi, you should have realised by now, you do not need any mind altering substances to enter into sunyata. Whatever the truth behind that be!

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