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January 30, 2019


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"Meditation isn't mystical. It's about awareness of actual reality."

This is pretty much how K. Nelson in his book 'The God Impulse' talks of the various mystical states. He sees them as natural and often beneficial, yet all brain based.

Your quote on yogis like Mingyur “ . . . seem to experience an ongoing state of open, rich awareness during their daily lives, not just when they meditate. The yogis themselves have described it as a spaciousness and vastness in their experience, as if all their senses were wide open to the full rich panorama of experience.” 

This is probably the primary reason for meditation – to see reality before it is reduced to concepts. Its described as though we live in a bubble, a bubble consisting of ideas, beliefs, thoughts, opinions – all the information we accrue in life – and then describe reality in our particular conceptual terms. Concept are of course part of our lives, but do colour and obscure experience.

Recently I have been re-reading Steve Hagen's book 'Buddhism is Not What You Think'. (A lovely double-meaning title). He talks of reality in this way and describes enlightenment as ultimately realising that there was no you to go into enlightenment.

It is not mystical..
It is wondrous..
How this works..

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