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January 25, 2019


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"Slow as Moses." That's a new one, I hadn't been aware of that usage.

I checked out a bit, and sure enough, that seems to be an accepted usage, if somewhat obscure. As you point out, Moses took all of 40 years to get his "flock" to the Promised Land. But that apart, apparently Moses was literally slow in speech -- apparently when God ordered him to go make his case in front of the Pharaoh, Moses expressed doubts about his own capabilities, and mentioned his speech impediment.

... Of course, when it comes to "slowness", one would think that it was Abraham who was even slower! After all, he started with his "begatting" when in his eighties (an age when others are grandparents, if not actually great-grandparents), and did his circumcision thing when he was, like, a hundred or something. How's that for slow? So let's start saying "slow like Ahraham" instead!

On the other hand, in another sense, Ahraham was "fast" enough. After all, he pimped his wife out twice, first to the Pharaoh, and later on to that other king with the unpronounceable name, and did very well indeed out of both transactions. That's as "fast" as can be! So perhaps "slow as Ahraham" doesn't really work after all!

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