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December 08, 2018


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Fair play Brian - you are bigger man than me and my respect is always there for you!

Just wanted to say that as your post on the Shivinder vs Mohinder World Championship pre- fight conference fight for the unification of the Belts lol - made me think a lot about what was actually at play with a rational mind! And I hope it has forothers who believe in God but are now thinking this is now becoming rather fishy!

Respect Brian

Remarcable , . . after one week or so

I think few of us would support it
And generally most are very honest and feel raped

Also : everybody knows what he/she wants to read or not to read
( would be even easier if the commenter was mentioned at the start )

Plus . . . with this actual very much going in the wrong direction of science
namely DIGITAL , NUMERIC and counting op to 10 ( ten )
and admiring this Brian
you might like scientist be totally mistaken

Real science is analogue and Fibonacci and a little bit of quantum (Schroedinger)


So , . . . you drop this so called "free" chapters too ( for for subjects that can only be captchures by Love )

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