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December 12, 2018


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"churches shouldn't be able to discriminate against gays"

-- In a free country, why not?

I'm not against gays and would not prohibit them from any church or business that I might have. I would welcome them as long as they didn't steal stuff or something like that. But it seems to me people should be able to bake a cake or not for whoever they like, for example.

It's not very nice not to serve gays, but it's my business, not the government's. Maybe someone doesn't like people with Finnish accents (personally, I'm not sure I could identify a Finnish accent). That's a weird attitude, but I'm the owner of the establishment not the people who go there.

You used to see signs on restaurants,.. "No Shoes or shirt, no service". Isn't that discriminatory? Maybe I have sore feet. I guess I'll have to eat at the hot dog cart.

I know there are all sorts of arguments against what I just said. Some I may agree with. That's just my gut feeling on the matter..

I am not homophobic, what homosexual and heterosexual people do in privacy, is their own business. However it is a fact that HIV is predominant amongst homosexual men. Anal and oral sex are not healthy practices! FACT. And there are high promiscuity levels of sexual practices amongst homosexuals. If two people of the same sex really love each other
then well and good. There are many of those born in the wrong body, I do believe for whatever reason. But no matter what a male body will NEVER be a female body and a female body will NEVER be a male body. I have read only 0.2% of the population are actually transsexual. THERE ARE ONLY TWO SEXES. To all homosexual people and people who call themselves trans, yes you do have the same human rights, but you have a disability and you are a minority. Compassionate societies care for all minorities.There should only be a choice of two genders on birth certificates and only females menstruate. Just be and let be and please stop pushing your agenda in the world's face. You are already taken care of. Gay used to mean happy, a fairy was actually a fairy, and a true rainbow body will never be achieved by certain sexual practices. Once upon a time a rainbow was a symbol of pure light and happy pure and clear things, a symbol of fairies and unicorns for children certainly not what it is a symbol of now! I have had some dear homosexual friends whom I respect, but please, please, there ARE only two sexes and just stop perverting the TRUTH. You already have rights and I am tired of the corruption!🧚

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