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November 29, 2018


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Nice post!

I love my slower bike ;0)..just because..

What would be your personal equivalent of "Nirvana"?

"""So I could envision that I and the driver of the other car are powerless to do anything than what we are actually doing"""

Underwhile You have chosen NOT to be enchanted by HIS lovely Song within You !


I read it again

I would put my watch 7 minutes earlier


Great list of subjects, Brian

Brian's list of Attributes for Personal Philosophy of Life and Living :
-- Reactivity
-- No-self
-- Responding to a totality of circumstances
-- Objectivism within subjectivity
-- Detachment
-- Nirvana

Every one of us fills the outline out a little differently. But listing the items draws to mind questions of how I personally answer each. It's not merely a matter of whatever system of belief a person adheres to. Each of us has a different understanding of it and makes adaptations for themselves. Your list is not necessarily intuitive and raises new questions for my own examination.

And I would suggest that there are striking simularities in the answers by those of different beliefs.

I'm going to take some time asking myself about these categories first.

I will say this....
There is so much rich thought within Atheism that I don't believe any of us can claim to be a true believer in God, a TRUE believer, until they have mastered the art of being an Atheist.

And anyone denying Atheism I boldly suggest, cannot be a true believer in God.

What is God?
Brian calls ''it'' Universe..;)
There is It, Universe,God..whatever name one gives ..
There is some sort of Ruler of the ''world''..existense''
Question mark..

Maybe strange but I think I love God..


Satsangis know exactly The God they love.



A very compelling panel of university professors discuss a variety of evidence for existence after death.


Just to experience the boat on the lake, reflected in the still water with the background hills and mist - nirvana.

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