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October 24, 2018


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Even without preaching

@ Brian / what’s the latest on the fraud and money issues reported with regard to the Singh brothers - it’s all quite on the western front?


The simple answer on all questions


The youtube links do not work.

Try it with the TOR browser or Opera+VPN
or any other VPN

I cannot believe btw that Google or the author
has excluded The Netherlands

To many clever souls overthrew


More on gravity "waves".
Gravity still hasn't been directly detected.
Science still cannot detect the actual mechanics that pulls us down to the planet, and that pulls this planet around the sun.

These immense forces can only be measured by their effects on matter, specifically the weight of a falling body and its speed, or the mass of the earth and the centripetal force required to pull that mass hurtling through space into an arc around the sun.

Those are calculations based on the mass and speed of the object, but the invisible rope that ties the earth to the sun, and the tremendous force that pulls the earth around have never been seen by any instrument.

These forces do not in any way exhaust the mass of the sun or the earth. Yet based on that mass, the effect of these forces seems eternal. As if they were a never ending source of energy, an eternal force on mass through empty space.

Newton said he had no hypothesis as to what was going on. He could only describe the effect mathematically, and called it "Gravity".

Einstein took it one step of refinement further, but we still don't know exactly what gravity actually is, except by the calculation of its effect on other things.

Einstein noted that if you conjectured that there had to be a connection between objects in order for them to effect each other based on their mass, then empty space would have to have some connecting qualities.

Mathematically, Newton's model presumed a direct linear connection. Einstein 's model is based on the geometry of a surface that all bodies of matter reside upon. It's just a better mathematical model. Therefore, since this model more accurately describes the movement of celestial bodies, and time, then space and time itself must be changeable, affected by mass in much the same way as the force of gravity.

More accurate results accrue if that invisible conjectured fabric called space - time, which is proportional to distance and effects mass and time, is itself effected.

Again, by all measurement, nothing is physically connecting the earth to the sun. We conjecture it must be there because of the effects we can measure on the planets.

They aren't waves of energy or Particles like light, quanta or other Emf energy (including radio waves)..

Recently a test that further proves Einstein's math on gravity came forth.

If empty space actually acts as a flexible surface to transmit gravity and changes in time, effected by bodies in space, then any large changes in mass would create ripples in that surface of empty space. If those changes are large enough, like two massive neutron starts crashing into each other, circling into each other, a huge series of ripples on that surface of empty space would be generated that would also be detected as ripples in the mass and time movement of matter.

That's what scientists have detected.

Detecting a resonating change in the mass and width no greater than a proton particle would suffice.

But again, this is simply detecting an effect on the mass we can measure, and not a measurement of some new form of matter or energy.

The wave is a ripple in matter itself. As if all reality, including empty space were liquid on a surface.

But we still have no clue about the mechanics of what connects the objects across empty space. It's still empty space we are conjecturing about, to explain effects on distant bodies of matter we can measure.

@ Spencer - is space - time can be bent -what does it push into?

Black holes - times stops at the singularity or breaks down. We age slowly cognates to those on earth / that’s one thing that can tie us into knots.

Do you think black holes are portals to hell ?


Yes, there is news

The RSSB.ORG which was out of use for 2 days has been renewed
and the part

is also renewed

I'm actually in the middle
so I'm without comment yet
apart from
that the sweet Sound is gorgeous

I think it's the best source
of future information

Peace to all of us



mr Vader in Star Wars :
" A giant ripple was detected in the 'Force' "
After all the theory dates from < 1930

Detection can occur in the range of 10 to the power of minus 23 frequencies
No instruments yet !
It's partly "etheric"
not "astral" at all yet

Hitler decided it was Jewish non-sense
If not, he had won


Interestin thought

Did U know that at the astral plane level
a Jeeva that will ascend
will have to "die"

to ascend in th Causal time_space_frequencies

So happy my Master had an extra seat 4me in his rocket


Also happy I can place here ( SIGHT ! ) what I think is fruitful


Hi Arjuna
You wrote
"@ Spencer - is space - time can be bent -what does it push into?

Black holes - times stops at the singularity or breaks down. We age slowly cognates to those on earth / that’s one thing that can tie us into knots.

Do you think black holes are portals to hell ?"

If creation was made in an instant, then time is actually static, unmoving. There may be nothing more than monofilaments of time that we move through stringing together an infinite series of pre-made snapshots, like motion picture frames, constructed long long ago.


Imagine or listen your very favorite piece of music imaginable

Do you believe that the player will very much, and more feel He is that music

Perhaps your answers are no
Blessed who say Yes


Placing now in N° 17 here , . . . -if that would hold-

If within in 6/12 years the IBM
50 QUB Quantum Computer
after mining all crypto coin mining in 3 minutes,
next will declare that a God definitely exists




Not the IBM computer
but since today available :


Mad world


So now there is controversy about gravity waves detection
Copenhagen physicists have published their critique after stidying for two years the LIGO data. Their article chlorine the LIGO scientists had to filter out so much noise in our busy world that their algorithms had to make many assumptions and so that what they called gravity wave displacement may have just been noise.


Arther C Clarke gave us the answer years ago, and that would be to place several detectors, and other astrophysics measurement instruments, on the moon. The moon is a nearly perfect environment to study the cosmos.

Even a space station suffers vibration that is non-existent on the moon.

The moon, with no atmosphere and no wind storms is actually a much better place to observe the heavens than Mars.

For scientific reasons we should be on the moon.

... "their article chlorine....
Should be
"... Their article claims....

Hi Spence,

Have you heard about "SpaceX's Starman and its Tesla Roadster are now beyond Mars". So cool!

November 3, 2018

The red electric car and its spacesuit-clad mannequin driver, which launched on the maiden mission of SpaceX's huge Falcon Heavy rocket in February, have made it beyond the orbit of Mars, company representatives said Friday night (Nov. 2).


Hi Jen!
Thanks for the link!
Elon Musk is bringing the love for space exploration back! It's an exciting time. Do you think he will succeed in putting humans on Mars in five years, as he has indicated?

Hi Spence,

Elon does seem to get things done. Its wonderful he is putting his money into space projects. It is exciting and I'm hoping to still be around when humans are successful in landing on Mars.

Forget what you can't grep
better go :

Héé. Guys
I found the Tusi site from Hathras
Very nice
The are still in the Know

I saw

"Reach thou the banks of the Lake of Nectar, 0 Tulsi,
There take a holy dip and wash away thy karmas.
Pure is the love of that immaculate Lord,
Seeing whom the soul is filled with bliss."

-- Sant Tulsi Sahib

I always say "DIVE IN IT".
Haha. - Like dip
But today we swim

That's the Path : Dive & Swim
( I like it > little preaching on chapter 17 - Wow


Suddenly , I saw How that works
"washing Karmas"

I like it

Here an item that science(digital) ignores , like so many many many others
but intuition (analogue) can capture
Apart from the "ant-arttic" pyramide visited by Secretary Kelly, The Russian Patriach, a Moon astronaut Buzz Aldrin who said "We are all in danger" - "This is pure Evil"
there are 2 pyramids on the bottom of the ocean at 2,4 KM depth.
at the Boston_NY coast
What science doesn't even dare to research is
Why are there no fish
around these pyramids
I believe this is by the same surrounding anxiety-fear_producing-radiation,
creating intensive
"fear of death" in optima forma
like what the astronaut felt in ant antartica
An artificial region, not to be visited
Actual humanity has been destroyed, 3 times deleted and genetically modified
The third modification has flabbergasted many alien species and they still
try to find out in awe
Why by their actions for other purposes
a perfect 7 chakra system was developed
The direct and not "7 steps route" to the Omnipresent Almighty Creator One
The Crown Chakra which is ( as the top of evolution) integrated in each perfect 7 chakra system
Yes , some of less respectful aliens, abduct humans , just to find out
how genetically it works to go outside time and space
and pierce through the 7 fire-walls that are installed against nasty non compassionate entities
If we didn't possess this jewel, . . . they had destroyed our stupid species many times over
You can go Google Earth
for coordinates you type
39°00’03.95" N 71°50'54.21" W
next take street view and place it on this coordinate
You will see 2 pyramids , both 1000 M high, and no fish around
This radiating might go far over the planet
creating nightmares in people that forgot the Light

Posted by: 777 | Nov 25, 2018 11:00:28 PM

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