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October 10, 2018


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@ Osho - I run away from no one but it is my vow to myself to avoid conflict! I have spent a life time avoiding that and helping people.

And you not anyone else is leading me to an argument on here - I would rather have you as my friend with different beliefs. That all.

I believe what I believe and you believe what you want.

However -carrying on asking Master questions! And I hope you find peace in that. God bless!

Hi Osho
You wrote
"I guess you’re trying to say “the master (finger) is an extension of God (moon)”
And that when you touch the master (connect with him), god appears inside you
However, our topic is: that god has no form
This is irrelevant to that topic.
Of course the ‘master’ has a form, but we are concerned with god.
So back to my original premise, that god has no form, according to sant mat. Do you refute this statement, as earlier you disagreed with it."

I apologize. I had meant to send you this from St Bachan

" Saints are the embodiments or incarnations of the Lord of this region (Sat Purush). It is the region of the Dayal Purush (Merciful Lord) where love, mercy and his reign eternally.

In this region innumerable Hansas (loving souls) live in different islands and enjoy the bliss of the presence of Sat Purush, and live upon Ambrosia. "

Saints are the embodiment of the Lord.

Come join me in my little island, Osho, and I'll pour you a glass of Master's Ambrosia!

@ Spencer that was beautiful 😀

@ Osho - may I ask please as to how many times you have stood to ask Master questions? Once? twice? Three times?


so the sar bachan quote proves that god has a form?

or you just did a 777?
and made a pointless remark?


how many times?

I lost count years ago.

maybe 50 times as a wild guess

Hi Osho
No I'm not pointed.
I don't bring things to their sharp point.
Let's look at Sar Bachan again
"" Saints are the embodiments or incarnations of the Lord of this region (Sat Purush). "

Embodiment of God. Incarnation of God. That's God in the flesh.
God in human form.

Is there a difference between God and the incarnation of God?

What do you think Osho?
And what has been your experience?

You answered Arjuna 's question
" @arjuna

how many times?

I lost count years ago.

maybe 50 times as a wild guess"

Please keep going.


When you are asking HIM the questions,
HE is The One having entertainment not you 😀

Love to you.
(yes Osho, I wished you Love - just the synonym for Sound - listen, feel, eat, drink and enjoy it).

I have copied this comment that Sarah posted (October 11, 2018 at 09:40 pm) because it made me so sad. Nothing I have read on Brian's blog before has made such an impact and moved me to tears.

I can only imagine the burden placed on Gurinder by his predecessors. I can understand that he was “sad... very, very sad”. Also, "He isn’t perfect. He’s just like us... with a little more intensity at times."

My heart goes out to him with love and compassion. I doubt that there ever has been such a thing as a perfect living master.

"Gurinder has confessed to feeling miserable at times (those were his worlds, “I feel miserable” and then he pushed the mic aside and stormed out). He once told the Western Sangat that he was “sad... very, very sad”. He has his ups and downs and sometimes he’s afraid and very worried. He’s not always in a state of bliss as some would like to believe. His closest companions that travel with him joke that he’s bipolar. The guy has real struggles. He fights with his family just like everyone else does from time to time. He gets in big fights with the committee at the Dera sometimes. He makes mistakes and he apologizes. He is human. He has many, many challenges and receives as much criticism as he does praise. He isn’t perfect. He’s just like us... with a little more intensity at times.

And he tries. He tries to make sense of his world. He tries to make sense if the world and worlds or states of consciousness beyond this life.

It must be utterly exhausting."

Posted by: Sarah | October 11, 2018 at 09:40 PM

Jen, keep in mind that Gurinder Singh and his family have made hundreds of millions of dollars during his time as guru. No one demanded that he engage in this extra-curricular financial activity. All that money should assuage his occasional sadness at doing the spiritual job that he accepted after Charan Singh died. I feel like shedding tears for all the people who have suffered because of the guru's business misdeeds.

Yes Brian, Gurinder has certainly shown that he is not a very good business man. Still, I'm not going to hate him for it. He's just another flawed human being like the rest of us.

@ Osho - wow you have balls - pardon my language and fair play. That’s respect

I want to say if I was rude to you - it was not intentional. We just have different outlooks - and I like you nevertheless.

Have a good day

Dear Jen,

I always enjoy to read and observe your love.

You repeated Brian's expressions:
"He's just another flawed human being like the rest of us."

Calling HIM will not make HIM that.
You can call the Sun is just like the Earth but it will not make it that.

The only common thing b/w Sun and Earth is they both appears in spherical mass.
The only common thing b/w a Master and disciple is that they both appears in human mass.

It's a tough world these days and it's not easy even for HIS physical form to deal with all the nuisance.
All the Masters are always congratulating HIM for carrying forward the mission with such an elegance.

You, I, Brian or anyone else is not appearing inside many disciples who are in there.
HE does and in HIS Brilliant Grandiose.


A lot of people claim to see inner visions of various kinds, including of different Masters. This is not unique to RSSB / Gurindar initiates at all.

That said, any experiences that give you light and bliss should be appreciated and valued. But don't think for a second that Gurindar initiates are unique.

"Godmen" and inner experiences are a dime a dozen, especially in India.

Long ago I wrote via
recommended letter @Charan

"Now I have°° You Sir, . . I don't need God anymore"

°° should hv been : Now I am You Sir . . . . . .


( Agreed Jen > It might have been shocking to Him
aren't we all BI-Polar )

It's a tough world these days and it's not easy
even for HIS physical form to deal with all the nuisance.

When it becomes to much
HE implies The Simran
and I hope The Shabd !

Yes such a 'position' makes me cry too Jen


I have found, and I don't mean to suggest anything to anyone else, that when someone I'm helping gets caught in a mistake, that it's best to jump in and say "I apologize. We'll fix this." And then actually work on doing that.

In other words, as the person there to help and teach I actually take the responsibility.


Just a thought.

@ Spencer - wise words - that way you keep the peace and win a confidant.

I am not offended by anything you wrote.
The whole point in writing here is to be clear.
But that does not mean I have anything against any person I disagree with

One-initiated wrote:
When you are asking HIM the questions,
HE is The One having entertainment not you 😀

Well I hope he is, as why else would he invite questions.
And I am also entertained
Who knows maybe even some of the audience is too

@ Osho - good to know! If you knew my life story and where I have served - you would think I’d be a very angry man! But I’m not and will not be!

I do appreciate intellectual sometimes but some times it’s best laid to rest as it will leave us individually ruined particularly in older age. That is why I want to have love as my main purpose in life. It’s an individual path for all us but I admire you for asking questions to master. You have a strong mind!

Have a good day


Love as your main purpose is a noble aspiration.

but why do you think the two are mutually exclusive?

Do you really think that a person who can argue a point using his mind is devoid of love?

You can have love and intellect.

Of course there is no point in the sometimes "name-calling" that some do on a blog when they feel hurt because they cannot give a meaningful reply.

Some believers do this. The argument seems to be something against their guru and they feel hurt and want to hit back. Just like at school when two kids may argue "My dad is bigger than your dad"

The guru is viewed by many as their true father, so when someone appears to insult their guru and father, it becomes a matter of honour to defend their father / guru

So they feel angry and want to attack

The divine light/ Noor exists even at the level of quantum physics. There is one energy manifesting, that is what Baba Faqir Chand said and now GSD is saying. All these stages of journey are emotions, thoughts, excitement and phobias of mind. Beyond that there is one light/noor pervading the whole universe. From Myron Phelps Notes on Sant Mat : Souls who became unstable in higher regions of light were sent to material world. After struggle in material worlds their essence/being/Ruh will become strong to experience trance/samadhi/universal energy/one energy

@ Osho - my last words to you is “just love”.

Intellectual leads you no where in the end.

Chill out and mediate.

Osho Robbin
Sound Melody,I.e.,the sound of shabad can be listened or felt when it takes the soul to its abode.Those who are blessed,once listened for a few minutes,it withdraws the soul from the body within few minutes or a moment even.It is the Formless God.
777 rightly said-You can Be it.


you say the sound current is the formless god and it withdraws the soul from the body.

and just where does the sound current take the "soul"?

if it withdraws it, it has to take it somewhere.

does the sound current have any attributes?
can it be heard?

the formless has no attributes

The Sound Current was first

Any 7 chakra entity can hear
and can dive in it as in a river

Then you ARE That Gorgeous Sweetness
and what trivialities happens around your molecules
we have no time for that

Love for the already affected Big Brother did it, does it
It is dynamic
with a static factor in it, The Love, But That also forever grows

Who asks a Lover if there are any attributes?
Adi Granth : A fool among fools and as such they go !


Osho Robbins
Sat Bachan does prove that God has Form (s).But Soami Ji also says God is Anami (Nameless),named Radha Soami by Him and known by many other names by other saints..In His Anami Form He is Formless.,He had a Mauz .He created Word,and with Word ,He came into form of Sat Purush and created Sachkhand and so on.So
Formless adopted forms.

@ Osho - think you are going on too much about “attributes” buddy.

It’s only your human senses that require attributes to see and hear etc. You and I are down the pecking order of any ability to see. So it’s a pointless question.

Ok we seek alien life - how do we know they ain’t already here. By using our standard attributes- we ain’t seeing shit. So why the hell seek for attributes you can’t fathom / respect and Gods Grace

GSD is a sheer fraud. Yesterday i wrote about how he devimated my school and ruined the careers of many people. Here's the link:

Namaste Sarah and Jen and others too,

It is not so easy..I also feel for Charan and Gurinder..
But..that's just the human feeling..longing for God..and project it on'' the Master.''
Now I ''know''that..
But at times it still feels painfull while it's freeing also!!
It is anyway good to feel love,also even when difficult.
Love to all!! With folded hands..<3

Well argued! A perfect example of how the mind is the devil's tool, to keep one in the domain of its ego, and away from the One.

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