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October 23, 2018


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My English is not that fantastic.
But are you telling that ''there is nothing outside the brain?''
Or is there ''everything outside the brain?''
Only not the feeling of ''I"?
The brain makes us feel an apart ''I",but in fact there is Oness?

What does this tell actually??Are we only flesh and without that there is nothing?
Am I stupid?I do'nt understand ..!
Who was/is the creater of all the things??

This is too materialistic in my vieuw.
How did you become so??

SIngh beautifully describes some current research on the brain.
However, when he discusses the concepts of God, afterlife and Consciousness, he is speaking in conjecture about things there is no hard objective evidence of either way.

Why would he do it?
A belief in Atheism!
(My conjecture).

Why would he do it?

Got sikh of religion?

Singh writes, "We don't know where the "I" or "self" resides."

This makes sense because we don't know where the conscious region of the brain is located (the region correlated with or analogous to that condition). We haven't found this either and currently represents the holy grail of neuroscience. The symbols "I" and "self" ultimately refer to nothing other than that operational function and I still maintain that the condition of being conscious is consequential simply by virtue if its very occurrence.

The brain is what experiences, and that region of the brain that experiences is the referent of "I". When experiential function reaches a certain complexity, the awareness that experience is occurring becomes part of the same experience. Experience (including being cognizant that experience is occuring) is consequential.

The brain acts on itself, and if the function of being conscious is identical to the brain (as it must be), then being-conscious is one of the ways that the brain acts on itself for itself (for its experience).

I bet you Singh goes to the temple to pray!

Lol. Nah just another somebody bumping his lips together or writing...

As soon as man landed - the portal was there! Some call it the third eye.

Anything that man did afterwards - Ie - science cane later!

Nah not buying it- sorry!

You wrote
"The brain acts on itself, and if the function of being conscious is identical to the brain (as it must be),..."

This apriori assumption makes the argument circular.

Actually the brain is only part of a larger organism that effects it. And which it also effects. And within the brain are a series of smaller" brains " each acting somewhat on its own but in coordination with the rest of the brain and body. Even the organs have a level of intelligence and autonomous functioning.

But no organ is independent. And the whole body is effected by the environment, and acts upon the environment.

Our neurons are even triggered by subtle radio waves.

So, while it is convenient for scientific study to think of the brain as a completely isolated entity, from a scientific perspective, it isn't.

Therefore neither can be this concept of consciousness.

@ Spencer - scientists know what you wrote but they gonna share it with the hoi pilloi!

You would have mass worshipping going on - what pisses me off too many people have read books on neuroscience and now think they are experts in the brain or mind.

I speak to consultants on immunology and the like and a few (honest ones) have said that there is something about mediation that focuses everything into one area of the 🧠 brain!

The brain is just a device that activated by another being to operate on this shitty rock (sport God - it’s not shitty only as shitty as out karma made it).

Over and out 😀

What about people living off on Sunlight and water [Sungazers], according to his neuroscience their brain should not survive starvation but they do?? Now some atheist will give some lame argument to score brownie points

@ vinny - well said!!!

"Actually the brain is only part of a larger organism that effects it. And which it also effects."

Of course, no where did I say that the brain is the onlything that affects the brain.

Spence and Vinny, what you say is wrong. The brain doesn't emit radio waves. And going without food and water will kill you. Next time, educate yourself before leaving an obviously false comment. See:


Singh reveals his agenda so transparently, it dwarfs
the metaphorical "elephant in the living room". Look
at his dismissive verbiage: "false notion of souls",
"unwarranted conclusions, "fabulous stories",
"imaginative notions". Then he drifts off into
psycho-babble that we concoct fairy tales to
"feel special".

Singh moves briskly on to conjecture: "it's illusion
that consciousness can exist outside the brain".
He posits the proximate and only explanation of
consciousness is the physical brain. It's all the brain.
The brain giveth and the brain taketh away. Only
"Science" will pry secrets from this dark maze we
call the brain and escape only at death.

Of course, Science's anointed priests are as fallible
as any poor schmuck saddled with a brain naturally.
But fear not, advances will be made via an aggregate
"Group Brain". Again only the priests of science can say
anything definitive..

As so often reported, ithe endless, uncanny reports of
reincarnation are an compelling counterpoint. A
separable consciousness is arguably far more probable
than contrivances of brain particles wafting in the wind.
But this is all swept under the scientific carpet.

One interesting study by researcher Dr. Banerjee cites
the case of a young girl in Russia who suddenly begins
to relate precise details, in fluent Japanese, of places
and events occurring in Japan although she had never been
there. She was accompanied by Russian researchers to the
actual site and details of her story were confirmed.

There are literally hundreds of similar cases. Were they all
fake news? Machinations of publicity seekers? Children
coached by parents? Pure coincidence on the order of
the Big Bang?

Or looking scientifically, was a damaged/diseased brain to
blame? Did some unknown force permute molecular reside
in the brain to create a new memory? The odds have been
compared to that of a gale wind blowing through a junkyard
and fabricating a fully assembled 747.

Or did some long-deceased Japanese's brain particles
traveling via upper atmosphere winds make their way to
Russia and waft down targeting this particular child's brain.
The Russian Academy of Science actually examined the girl's
case and theorized that exact scenario.

The "hall of mirrors" may be a fun-house we refuse to leave.

Oh boy... I love Dr. Seuss and Alice in Wonderland so here we go—let’s take a trip down the rabbit hole just for fun!


Here is and excerpt from the link above to the article ‘Challenging the Consensus Reality’:

“People in the New-Age community see Bleep as confirmation of the reality they know, or would like to know. For the materialists, the film is obviously mistaken and promotes a dangerous illusion threatening the very basis of reality. Both these conclusions support and arise out of pre-existing ideas.

Knowing our minds are very good at fitting the world into the patterns we expect is where a grounding in scientific thinking can be helpful. We can form an idea, observe and experience, then decide if our knowledge and experience fits the idea. Scientific thinking requires that we test our ideas against our actual experience, not our preferences. The problem is, we can’t agree on what constitutes valid experience. The realness of an experience shifts in different CROs (Consensus Reality Orientations). Materialistic science says only what can be objectively studied is real and falls short when determining the reality of intangibles like gravity, love, or consciousness. Yet, scientists have just as much faith in the existence of gravity, as the religious have in their GOD. The spiritual traditions say it’s only consciousness, the ‘I am’ inside every experience, that is the ultimate truth. Both views may be correct as observed within the limitations of the each CRO. Quantum Physics brings the scientist and the spiritualist closer together.”

—The White Rabbit 🐇

Atheists and educated fools have agenda , sinister agenda of preventing people from accessing Unified field of consciousness , they are paid trolls feeding off each other to be- fool innocent public . In Sufism the term for these kind of people is " Aaalim o jahil " / educated fools . They are Kaafirs who have no fear of God in their heart. Their days are numbered

I have read Paul Singh's book several times. What I appreciate about it is how it is really talking about the amazing story of the nature of life. I enjoy reading books on the subject of nature and the natural life which includes science and philosophy and also books from the Zen, Taoist and Sufi approach. I see much in such readings that reflects the world I inhabit and it is always interesting to see how they explore and communicate the wonders of life.

I admit that (by temperament and through everyday experience) I do not feel the need to add any thing of a supernatural nature to explain the 'everyday sublime' (which is how S. Batchelor ably describes it). In this sense it is a linguistic and conceptual pity that we separate the 'spiritual' from the 'physical'. I see no difference in this natural world, in this world we inhabit.

The only thing that sometimes comes between me and the natural state of my body experiencing life is thought. Instead of thought functioning as a natural response to a challenge it attempts to interpret all experiences in terms of its cultural conditioning thus missing what is actually happening through being distracted by, what is often irrelevant thinking.

Sorry if this sounds a bit Zen like, but when on occasion, as I am presented with life as it is, and with thought still rumbling away somewhere in the background, everything becomes clear, peaceful and simple. The 'hubbub' drops away, it is quite natural, a sort of natural, unsought meditation. There is a tendency to want to chase after it, to repeat it, to name it and make it something special – but for me, it is just how things are.

Hey, Vinny, regarding your comment below I'd much rather be an "educated fool" that an ignorant fool like you. You believe that people can survive on light and water. That idea could only come from someone totally ignorant about science. Also, about common sense. So when are you going to start your sunlight and water diet, Vinny? Let us know. And broadcast it live on You Tube so we can watch how you fare.

Remember, your days also are numbered. Do you think you're never going to die? News alert: you are. We all are. You're just going to die sooner if you try to survive on sunlight and water.
Atheists and educated fools have agenda , sinister agenda of preventing people from accessing Unified field of consciousness , they are paid trolls feeding off each other to be- fool innocent public . In Sufism the term for these kind of people is " Aaalim o jahil " / educated fools . They are Kaafirs who have no fear of God in their heart. Their days are numbered

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