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September 25, 2018


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Re cancellations: "So it still seems to me that something is up. We just don't know what."

Gurinder's health has not been that good recently? Maybe he is ill again?


"induce hatred in your hearts and shake your faith."

Brother, you are not proficient enough of doing that.
Not only you but the ~7 billion odd population of this earth is incapable of doing that.

Brian, Juan,

You did not perceive the expressions.

Why would there be a problem to me for any such meeting ?
Master could call HIS secretaries for a discussion - to take on the negative propaganda.
Why would I be worried and there be a problem?

Why would there be a problem if the initiation at Delhi on 24th September Monday got cancelled ?
Delhi is facing extreme whether conditions and the last weekend it was enormous rainfall
that caused revocation of various events at Delhi.
HE is organising the initiation events and if HE cancels it for one or the other reason,
these are routine proceedings of an organisation,
it doesn't necessarily required to be associated with any negativity.
However, on this blog forged and counterfeit comments and posts are becoming a fashion now.

And see the irony who are most worried about the cancellation of initiation event
are those who call themselves exers - wow. What hypocrites.

When I asked the Vidhur and Blonde about their source they both chickened out,
Blonde started adding the followed up absurd and void comments,
which were just humdrum and I couldn't care less to even respond to such non sense.

And now you are posting it as a separate blog post.
Are you running out of the genuine content to keep your blog alive ?

Notwithstanding, the fact is that the initiation programme was successfully conducted on Monday 24th September. I can give you more details if you genuinely want.
And whoever wants to confirm can do so by calling a Delhi number from here: http://www.rssb.org/india.html

You are no longer a follower of RSSB - got it. point noted.
And you and the other genuine exers when share their genuine experience (negative or positive)
it still makes sense - as it offers the scope of discussions between the believers and non-believers.
Which many times is very helpful for those who are feeling low in their lives.

But by banning/deleting beautiful comments like that of 777, promoting fake stuffs, forged comments and posts to create a propaganda, you've created a big mess on this blog.


No that's just counterfeit stuff.
HE appeared in HIS full glorious majesty.
Those who were able to attend were fortunate to have received HIS Darshan.
The Satsang hall was full of electrifying spiritual vibrations.
It was a pleasure to remain under HIS feet for 2+ hours.

Lots of Love.


One Initiated, I made Juan's comment into a blog post because you had questioned the accuracy of my post about the meeting of Indian secretaries. You called it "fake news" that a meeting of Indian RSSB secretaries was going to happen on September 17.

It turns out that you were wrong. Not only was the meeting scheduled, it happened, from what I've been told by someone who knows a person who was at the meeting. Since you were so sure of yourself with your fake news talk, I wanted to point this out.

Regarding 777, I guess you don't pay enough attention to this blog to know that in August, I put 777's comments on hold for the month of September, because he has been a repeat offender regarding excessive preachiness, incoherence, and such. So I've been deleting his comments, as promised in August. Come October 777 can attempt leaving comments again. I believe in second chances.

Hi One Initiated,

Glad to hear all is well with Gurinder and thank you for letting us know. Much appreciated.

Brian it Was fake news cause you insinuated that it is because of recent money stuff. You are good at manipulating Brian very good. And when you said to Manjit you admit your faults its not true ..you rarely admit being wrong. You still have very dogmatic mind. You only left rssb but you did not leave your dogmatic thinking. Now back to your gossips.

hi Jen,

I am glad that you are glad.


fake news!!!!! lol a meeting that happens every year is a standard meeting....Brian go work for CNN and hug some trees. Fake News based on a post you tried to spin off in a negative manner.

I also think that Brian is working for Wolf B. On CNN's situation room lol crying wolf all the time....FAKE NEWS TREE HUGER!

Now listen here you filthy mongrel, don't you call Brian a liar cause then you're playing me as some kinda clown and I'm not a clown.

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