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September 17, 2018


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Mothers are gods. Wives and daughters in law are scum. It's so common to see daughters in law get abused sometimes by the whole faul family.

A satsangi family I knew admitted that the mom helped her son beat his wife.

It should be said that RSSB definitely deserves credit for one thing. The printing of that book Empower Women which discussed female infanticide was actually a much needed thing in society, especially amongst those of a Sikh background who have a massively disproportionate sex ratio, yet who also describe themselves as a "feminist religion" in some of their own publications.

Funny thing is that India needs some amount of ideological shift to balance out their sex ratio, but some, mostly the rich and immune to reality, in Indian society think that adopting western feminism is the answer. Imagine that. Adopting the culture of killing unborn babies just because you want to will solve the problem of killing unborn babies. This is the "thinking" that billions of people around the world are oblivious enough to buy into, and yet we still pretend like democracy makes any amount of sense.

Well, from the Hindu Gurus, Rishis and Munnis to Sikh Gurus to Fakirs to Christian Priests, Rabbis etc. I think it's all too " holy man " dominated. But, I think in Sikh society it's a tad interesting ......... as many times women can be more empowered but not any less patriarchal. Like torture their daughter-in-laws but free yourself to some extent.
I think the whole notion of family is very patriarchal in India, lots of what we think of as Indian culture is one aspect of something larger. Here, I must applaud the Singhs for the financial inclusion offered to their wives. The very fact that they were shareholders is a good thing, from a mildly feminist perspective.

I'm a harsh critic of the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao political farce. In the light of the current rape situation in India, a more fitting banner for the campaign would be Beti Bhagao. ( Make the girls run ! )

But what struck me most was despite the “Emowering Women” message Dhillon projects, look at how they actually treat their wives:

“It was always the understanding between the families of Respondent No. 2 (Malvinder) and Petitioner No. 2 (Shivinder) that ladies from the families are not supposed to ask any questions with regard to the business activities as the same were supposed to be handled by male members of the families, as was the age old tradition and family values. Therefore, the ladies were expected to follow the instructions given to them for signing the papers, says the petition.”

“ladies from the families are not supposed to ask any questions with regard to the business activities as the same were supposed to be handled by male members of the families”

YUCK 🤢 🤮

@ Sarah : What the document suggests is that their wives were shareholders on paper and were not involved in the business operations. That's normal practice amongst the big business families in India, and a healthy one.

Women should be included.

Besides, who reads the fine print with a magnifying glass when a partner or a close family member tells you to sign a bunch of papers ? They would have your best interests at heart, right ? Picking up a fine tooth comb would point to trust issues. I would hate to be in a relationship where I would feel the need to dissect every paper I signed.

The traditional understanding is just as is stated, that financial inclusion doesn't amount to decision making.
What is so wrong with that ? This isn't about inequality or suppression. It's about being a sleeping shareholder.

It's the culturally patriarchic wording of that statement that comes off regressive, I agree.
If only " age old tradition and family values " were actually followed, none of this would've happened.

I still have to watch Serena Williams take on Carlos Ramos, that's a cracker I've been told.

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