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September 08, 2018


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@ Brian - we have disagreed and then you gave me food for thought! I have never been nasty to you as it’snit in my nature.

Respect Brian - you are still a good man And what’s coming out is leaving me feeling lost with humanity to be fair!


Hang on isn’t Trumo trying to kill if free speech in the US!

The U.K. tolerates free speech - I don’t think free speech will survive for long in the State under Trump as it undermines him. I guess the dumb ass think hill billes who voted for him will learn - that he is for the rick and not for them very soon!

I don’t like racists - and yes I know India has issues but I don’t care as I am from the U.K.! Hail Mueller and the Bob Woodward!


I am amazed that you Brian found these nasty

Per the criticism done by this blog, these are below average I would say.

Arjuna, I don't know if you're just extremely uninformed or trolling.

U.K. has barred an unprecedented number of US and Canadian citizens from speaking because of "hate speech" laws which are randomly applied to people who disagree with the status quo. I haven't confirmed this, but parents who spoke out against the grooming and sexual exploitation of their daughters were jailed under these same laws. Tommy Robinson has been jailed for "hate speech" many times as have many others, and they're not even extreme in their views. You do not have functioning protective measures for freedom of speech in the UK.

And your assessment of Trump is 180 degrees from reality on the question of free speech. He's dealing essentially with a media orchestrated coup which has forced him to seek measures to not limit their speech, but possibly enforce slander laws when there is a near monopoly in their industry. On the side of citizenry, he's the only president in my life who has been asked by multiple major corporations and members of all levels of government to help restrict the free speech of citizens. So far he has gone against them. Hopefully Twitter and Facebook, both of whom have become monopolies and want to eliminate freedom of speech, will face regulations by Ajit Pai, who happens to be the polar opposite of my earlier generalization of immigrants against free speech.

@ Jesse - not trolling - and certainly not misinformed. Just stating my opinion on my observations.

One, they sound nastier because they're so stupid. It's one thing to rip someone apart, but the comments being left are limited only to the insult part. They're not even ad hominem attacks, since an ad hominem suggests that the insult is the argument.

These are just insults without arguments.

Did you read that cult watch link I posted? You're seeing a cult fall apart now.

@ Jesse - however I’m a fair guy and will look into what you wrote when I have time.

I can't find it, but there was a public meeting with police officers somewhere in England which listed all the ways your social media posts could land you in jail.

It was basically saying that your intent matters not, what you say matters not, but how someone else perceives your words is what counts. That is as dystopian as it gets. We have some trying to push in that direction in USA now too. Dangerous times.


That was for Brian not for you.
You are miles ahead even that of Brian to assert what is nasty.
I am glad you are not the tenant of this blog.

"You're seeing a cult fall apart now"
At least that imagination is giving your poor mind some relief,
whereas your soul is craving for something else - you can't even listen right now.

@ Jesse - ok if you find that article post it. Interesting .

And yes dangerous times if that was true case. Anyone who has a grudge against one could land us in trouble due to their perception of what they think you said! Not good

Might as well give up my job and fly to the mars ! If that was the case

If Juan is correct, One, then there is a serious problem and they're desperately trying to find a way to do damage control. This isn't imagination. Your guru being more than a filthy pig is your imagination.

RSSB was able to distance itself from the corruption of its leader(s) for a long time. Now that the connection has been made clear, the pressure on the guru and the org will increase. This is the sort of thing that causes schisms.

Brian Hines is the most egotistical person in the world.
He became dead against the RSSB when his book was not printed by Dera.
His ego was so much hurt. He will never let this truth out.
He is a big time fame and attention grabber.
He pretends though opposite...I closely know and have seen his actions first hand.
The best thing we can do to him is IGNORE HIM. It is said that ignoring anyone is the best insult you can do to him. Let us not fell in his trap. If we all ignore him. He gets unsettled. He tries to find something to trigger news and get attention
WELL IN MY LIFE, I HAVE NEVER SEEN MORE EGOTOSTICAL PERSON THAN YOU. YOU beat by miles anyone I have known of in this life.
Also, I was surprised in my personal encounter with you. Could not even believe then that you were in path...this was those days...You were epitome of ego anyone can have...

Jesse, sister I wish you well. I don't know you. I don't want to comment on your messages.
I know Brian much more than you know him.
Only one thing I want to say to you is
if someone else's freedom encroaches on mine then it is not called free speech or freedom
Colin Kaepernick is teaching everyone this...

Believer in Humanity, I have no idea what you're talking about. I've written three books.

God's Whisper, Creation's Thunder was published privately, with RSSB subsidizing the publication by buying several thousand books from Threshold Books. I've recently gotten this book back in print, in a shorter and simplified version that is available on Amazon.

Life is Far was published by RSSB. I wrote it after being asked to by RSSB officials, who said the guru who initiated me, Charan Singh, always wanted to have a small book about the karmic rationale for vegetarianism.

Return to the One was written by me after I asked Gurinder Singh for advice about what my next book project should be. It was read and reviewed by many people in RSSB, but in the end it was decided that I would publish it on my own.

These are the only books I've written so far, though i have a new one in mind. There is no other book that RSSB was involved with. I don't know where you got your incorrect information, but you're wrong.

Heh, brilliant! Read this post just now, and loved your witty and yet civil responses to these less than civil (and sometimes downright uncouth) personal attacks from the outraged faithful. Some of your responses had me actually laughing out loud. Nice!

Whatever you want to do, u can't find anything except god..it is as pure as god..my dears...radha swami

Spending 35 years ..Writing some books which Motivated many to come to this path is awesome sir... V still have ur books in satsang centers ..
But couldn't understand y so much of hatred??
I believe u might hate the present master but u still love Hazoor ... He always used to say " love everyone.. love the enemies even more because God is there in everyone". Hating someone is hating God himself!!
So y not just leave this hatred .. ??

Hi Brian,
I have been a seeker and associated with Rssb from last 35 years and I have also been a reader of your blog from a long time. and I confess you contributed a lot in strengthening my belief in the path and Master and in helping me mature as a spiritual seeker. I have nothing to criticize you or hate you for vitriolic writings against Rssb or Master. This is really strange for me too but as I kept reading about how vociferously you followed everything that happened in beas.. and criticize almost everything about Rssb, my concepts kept on clearing and I went a little deeper.. I agreed with you about how most of so called satsangis are imposters and many of management people are also far from good seekers but that's how it always is, the path of spiritual awakening is not meant for everyone and untill and unless you have some internal progress and realization to fall back, you can never be convinced of the way or the teacher. There's no surprise that very few of seekers are true seekers and most of the people are inane and at the far periphery of the true teachings.. but believe me there's that light and that sound and that transcendence where all doubts get dissolved and believe me all the anxiety, and the strong desire to prove yourself right and someone else wrong means nothing there! You once talked about zen Buddhism, nissargadutta maharaj and tao te ching... That's going the true way.. You know I have gone through all these teachings and those of ekhart tolle, sufis, shams tabrizi, rumi, rammana mahrishi and nondualistic vedantic teachings and who made me go through all these Rssb! Your criticisms ensured that some fierce critics of masters are there as they always are in every era and for every mystic.... Thanks for this!

I sincerely request to all of pl do malign RSSB name without much knowing about it.
Filthy language in this blog is hearting the satsangis feelings .fyi RSSB was established in India in 1891.
I request pl do not pass any loose comment on GSD.as he is our master , however if anything wrong has been done knowingly or unknowingly there is a law which will do the scrutiny of what has happened and give decision publicly . PL wait till such things has been proved and do not jump on conclusion or assumtion . And if any thing illegal is done law will take it action and in such an senario GSD himself will surrender if anything wrong has been done.
Mr Brian be quiet till the judgement is there .first of all you being a foreginer you have no right to comment on any subject of what is happening in RSSB

@ Dinesh Manchanda : This isn't an all Indian group here, most of the regular contributors here aren't even Indian. We are a group of multicultural and multiracial people. Wrong window. RSSB welcomes foreigners, it always has. Brian happens to be an ex-speaker for the sect, kindly read his profile.

I'm impressed that you smell a rat.

" GSD will himself surrender " is what you are saying which means that you and I are in agreement. Let's see what happens, the speculations are rife and it's healthy to speculate at a time like this.

On a side-note, financial wrongdoings aren't usually accidental or unknowing. I think you should stop trying to justify what you already know. ( Gut. A funny thing that tells you what's coming but no one wants to listen. )

I wish some of these fuckers from India would learn some English grammar before posting here.

Oh, and Shivkumar, it was ten heads, not seven! Get off your lazy ass and read a little about your own culture!



I feel you Todd, but imagine how much worse it would be if Brian decided we could only use Telugu language on the site.

Well Jesse, if I had to post in Telugu, I would first consult a native speaker, and double check everything I plan to write, before actually posting.

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