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September 07, 2018


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After the claim on the RSSB website about how transparent the org is, I'm really suspecting and hoping my prediction comes true that some sort of melee will break out at the dera.

An investigation into RSSB itself could spark that.

Please god, give us a spectacle to watch.

Have you done a study of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib though?

Sikh followers believe that the Radha Soamis try to unfairly sell the message of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh scripture, and lose it's original message. Sikhs have had may problems with these cults like the Gurmeet Ram Rahim, the Nirankaris, etc.


Sikhs believe a printed book has a soul, which is ridiculous especially in a book that quite explicitly states that books can't confer spirituality. If anyone misunderstands the Adi Granth, it's mainstream Sikhism. Namdharis are the closest thing to real Sikhs. The rest of you are Jatt Supremacists and hair fanatics.

Sikhism is a tribal religion that is very hostile and violent, both to competing Jathas as well as foreigners. Nobody here cares about joining it.

And what you don't understand about Radha Soami is that it is a syncretic religion. It uses scriptures from all religions. Christians, Muslims, and Jews. The only people crying all the time about it are Sikhs because your corrupt Akal Takht has genocidal intentions and wants to kill every non Sikh to make Khalistan a reality.

@Jesse 4channer seeking a happening detected :)

PJ2000, you're cutting and pasting that same comment again. Don't up the flow with spam.

Are Gurinder and his associates crooks or not? That's the only question.

Someone should try to get other RS sects to make public comments to sow discord between the sects until beas gets auctioned off and turned into an amusement park.

This is our society who knows only throwing mud and stones over all spritiual gurus whether it's Jesus, Arjun Dev, Meera or any other. Once we kill them then start worshipping their statues. We can't accept a god in human form, but in statues only. One person may be wrong or can be hypnotized but not lakhs of people, who came to deta. People who are criticizing RSSB, should visit dera and see majority of the people visit dera have not enough money to pay for their rail fare or transportation charges. But they get free food all the times and free accomodation. Do u think electricity is free, or free food. U just try to invite only ten guests and will come to know how costly it is. And RSSB is having lakhs of guest on every bhandara or even without bhandara days as well. Before blaming one shud check the reality. And this bastard who is saying that RSSB will get auctioned shud wait for auction of his own house and business. Dera is not just a place, it's a spiritual place which has been reaped by the meditation of five Gurus. God is watching everything and whosoever is talking against guru have to face consequences.

Spam? The fuck do you think you're talking to?

Pj, you better show that spam what's up.

Eliza, most people here criticizing Guru MonyBags have been to dera. Personally, I wasn't all that impressed. Just a really big ashram that was pretty well maintained and had a dystopian amount of security around.

But, Eliza, we know that the Dhillons and relatives are corrupt. There is no question about that, but do you think Gurinder stole money from RSSB, or in what way was RSSB connected to his scheming?


anonymous, I'm assuming you're speaking of the Singh brothers and Gurinder Singh Dhillon. I couldn't agree more. Thanks for supporting me and this blog. Return often! I post regularly about all things churchless and atheist. Always good to hear from a fellow believer in science and reason.

Who posted the figure of pig,
They are belongs from that family
There pariwar belongs to this category
We are very very sad.RSSB not involve in any political parties.they are serving all humanity. We are associated from very childhood but never listen or seems any wrong.so shut your propganda to defame RSSB and guru ji

it's pathetic how people are still into showing that the other religious faiths are the mud in your shoes. I pity you for still your third eye is so closed. If you were enlightened you would be able to tell the truth, as to who is right and who is wrong. Keep feeding your greed and ego, keep saying that all saints and prophets are crooks, all the best in your endeavour.

Is it a crime to be a relative of someone who is involved in some dispute? Biased reporting to defame a sect, is itself an act of moral turpitude. Brothers are fighting a legal fight ,it is imperative to wait for the decision
Let us don't throw mud. Please wait for the decision. In this article the writer has given the decision as he seems to be in a hurry to tarnish the image.Bad.

If you are following any religious fact & involved in some fraud dosesnot means that your relegious fact head or office bearers are also involved because you are close / relative to them.
Anti religious fact lobby makes all propoganda to misguide the fact followers.
In this case also same .

At one place you say Guru agrees to answer all questions and at the same, you guess for resignation. Spitting on moon falls on the face. Meeting of secretaries is a routine affair for management updates. It is all absurd and non sense on your part to seek to appoint a lady Guru. Meera bai, Sehjo bai were ladies. Sorry, you are indulging in to character assassination. You will fall flat. Hidden agenda will make you suspect.

N Yes The finest example of how our media works ... Just knowing not even the half of the story Respected Blogger is soo much eager to defame The RSSB society and the guru ... Well there stands no rigid proof about the involvement of the guru or members of society. The society dates back 300 years back and has been active during major disaster in the country running free hospitals in North India and providing free food and medical aid in each centre during the Bhandara. Its depressing to know that without any rigid proofs the respected blogger has put soo many question marks on the name of Honourable Society and the guru. He should better visit it once and he himself would exprience the discipline and gracious vibrations of the place where he would find people with love and in their eyes. You shouls better know a fact. Go to the proof and then put some questions on the facts .It never works like u hear anything n justwith a dust particle u r ready with a mountain of defamation!!

Never make Perceptions on the basis of lack of knowledge/ Oversmartism.
The writer intentionally defaming the Guru, in fight of two brothers.
What is the sence¿??
That picture posted by writer shows the Anger/Frustration of his own.
Knowing, to someone is not crime.
Further the writer also admitting that the RSSB Guru is not involve in wrong doing.

Our family knows/heard about RSSB & its Gurus from Generations, we did not heard any thing of wrong activities.

So, the writer sir, keep calm & chill.

Is the man writing this blog is a mentally disabled person. What is hell wrong with him. He claims that he has been the disciple of RSSB for the last 40 years. What the hell he has been doing there. Upon going through his nonsense, which continues, it is difficult to prevent from using such language for him. Basically, he does not know even ABCD about RSSB. Foolish man , RSSB spends almost INR 10 million on construction, repairs and other regular works everyday. You are blaming that Babaji steeling money from there ? Are you OK ? I do not think tat you are . His family and relatives contribute millions donation towards the organisation . Come to India, visit the thousands of Satsang Centres , meet the people . You are too unfortunate to think that the people supporting you are intelligent , no, not at all. What is your problem. Have you ever followed the instructions of your master and and moved just one step ahead.

Stop this nonsense about RSSB . Nothing is going to happen. Who say that a Great Master can not do any business? on the other hand , Sant Kabir ji warn not to follow the master unless he make his own livelihood, by his hard work. and what you know about the financial background of Babaji ? you do not feel any shame while writing blogs and posting pics like the one above ?
You, the nasty people are the same set of people who crucified Jesus and after he died, you went up on the roof top and start slogans " oh look at me , I am the first follower of Christ , and I hereby declare that He was "Son of God" . PITY on you man .

Respected Brothers and Sisters,

Have faith on Him. Let others do what they want to. Some people do faith blindly. Some do a lot of experiments and after wasting their precious time they get the same result. We know the result, so again, don't worry and have faith, do what he want from us to do... Sewa and Bhajan-Simran with love and devotion.


The dispute is between Shavinder and Malvinder Singh, it's a pure corporate problem. The matter is in front of the court. Nowhere in the chargesheet or the court records RSSB or Baba ji is named.
People just got a chance to comment on Baba ji because one of the party of dispute Mr.Shavinder resigned from his office and joined seva at RSSB.
People who are commenting are not judges neither subject matter experts, it's only their opinion and they are driven by their vested interests, including the blog owner.

All are having problems with saints. But they are not caring. As per history we can get realize. How people treated with Guru nanak dev ji to till 10th pathshahi ji. Even they are telling NINDO NINDO MOKKO LOKK NINDO. Truth will come itself. Noone can chaze to saints. Do whatever. Write whatever. Truth will never change. RSSB is non profit organization they are not asking for any single rupee like other religious places. The financial source of RSSB is sewa donation only by the disciples. Nothing else. Just wait and watch. Slap will come itself those whose are talking beyond to their limits.

Vicky, RSSB books explicitly say that we should be giving money. You could make a better case if you read the books.

if you do not believe in religious scriptures , do not be afraid but be a gentleman. don't be rascal to play with emotions. you are neither a judge nor an editor of accounts. do not conclude by some incomplete press reports.and how do u dare to call someone criminal on the basis of some reports.
a gentleman rightly quoted that you are like crucifers of Jesus.if u believe in bible,at least read it thoroughly.

@jesse i have been going to beas for 26 yrs, my age and i did sewa for one year , in a department sewa smiti majorly as part of pandal. And yes it was a horrible experience , was i weak not humble enough , no . It was really butchery . And many many people there were equally tired of the incharges , the egoistic attitude . Even the heads the ones who meet baba ji daily when he is in dera lack morality to huge degree . I took namdaan during the same time. Did the whole thing make me question my fairh , 100 pc did . But in the end i thought its a bet. I havnt done bhajan , ao i cant really judge anything . Untill i give my 100 pc to it i just cannot . Do i feel the love when i see baba ji . Absolutely . Do i doubt from my experience with the incharges chosen , sometimes i think if he is god why doesnt he remove them( i have seen some really egoistic shit) . I left sewa and with few other people who were doing it with love because of some very shady reasons but the thing is sprituality is a thing where u have to give ur 100 pc to really know and yes its illogical , yes in the end we can be prooved as fools . But its a choice . Each one to its own . You are mot wrong in pointing out the finances , involvement of baba ji that is clear and that questions some teachings . U r not wronf to try and question and doubt if rssb is also like thousand other organisation . Because some facts of the finances are real . But at the end of the day its a choice do u want to take a leap of faith find our for yourself or not . If u want to good one must take it . If u dont cool , u have right to doubt or inquire as an individual . But yes to the both sides defending and accusing rssb ( i am following my path without any ) lets just for humanity sake , not abuse each other .

Emotions are for little whining girls, dharam. Little whiny girls like you who have no confidence in your religion.

The bible talks about false prophets and godmen by the way. It's you who needs to read it.

Can any of tell who gave the power to these RSSB guys to convey naam daan... from where did they got the instructions

B) guru granth sahib is the soul and learning of 10 gurus which RSSB also uses to frightened the ppl to tk naam..they dont have anything of their own.. one should remember jahagir who forced guru arjan dev to accomodate aiyats of quran in guru granth sahib which was denied as it had thoughts of mohammad sahib and not brahm gyan and guru govind singh ji was aware that white cloths will misguide ppl so he clearly said no deh dhari guru is required for sikhs... they will find everything here

C) yes we are warriors by birth and are here to protact humanity.. our gurus sacrificed themselves not to save sikhs but to save humanity... where were theses gurus that time and why they did not called upon auragzeb and gave naam to him and save the conversion of religion ... all know .. na iski na uski .. agar na hotey govind singh to sunnat hoti sabki

"..they dont have anything of their own"
Surinder, Radha Soami has two original books of original scripture, both called Sar Bachan. You don't know what you're talking about.

Also, Sikhs borrowed the writings of many non sikhs and you took your entire religion from the bhakti and sufi religions which predate you by centuries.

Radha Soami is a dumb religion, and so is Sikhism. You're not capable of convincing anyone here of anything. Stop trying.

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