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September 05, 2018


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Your site reaches a far wider audience than I thought, Brian. The fact that various mainstream news channels were made aware of you shows how influential this blog is.

I know you mentioned traffic numbers recently, but remind us, was it in the tens of thousands monthly? And you got a boost after the last time you were mentioned in the Indian press. This will likely bring even more.

By the way, the pic they used isn't so bad. It just looks like it might have been processed by a fisheye app or resized to dimensions wholly opposite of the original picture. Like it was originally taken as a landscape, but the aspect ratio was modified to make the photo square.

Look like you, if you happened to have become a cube.

Brian why are you keep sayin that previous gurus were so humble. Expansion begun with Sawan and Charan was driving around in not so cheap cars and was spending money on watches and more stuff. You are disillusioned from Gurinder but not for others. Half disillusionment!

Jesse, this blog was averaging about 1,000 page views a day before the Bloomberg story was published. Then the daily page views went to about 2,000. Today there were 12,000 page views, which is an all-time record for this blog.

The correct name of Gurinder's wife is Shabnam.

Brian, I was your most vocal opponent for a long, long time.
But you were right.
Brian, you were right...

Are we all aware about the world beyond senses.if not, how we can question the person beyond senses.our psychetry is the part of world evoluted by tri-energy process.our explanations are limited to our capacity which can not see beyond it's frequency.As I understand, it's about our own personality while we elaborate the half filled and half empty glass...

Hi Sanjay!

We cannot question any person, actually, since we are each of us much more than we know.

But we can, and must, be responsible for our own actions. And to support crime is wrong.

So, recognizing a clear series of criminal acts, whatever the motivation, and to gently remove ourselves from supporting that chain of events, is a crucial step in the duty of every citizen. And in fact it is part of living a life of Ahimsa, to do no harm.

Hey Brian - take this as a compliment - you look like a Rock Star 😑

The Rolling Stones, The Who!


The majestic mansions of the lofty city of the Devas had
cracked and crumbled. Indra on his part deputed the
divine architect Vishvakarma to reconstruct heaven.
Within a year, Vishvakarma completed the construction
with excellent gems and wonderful diamonds. There were
marvelous palaces, gardens, lakes and towers. It
looked very lovely indeed, nay, it was incomparable in
the world. But Indra was not, even then, satisfied.
The demands of Indra became more exacting and his
unfolding visions vaster. He required additional
terraces and pavilions, more ponds, groves, and
pleasure grounds. Whenever Indra arrived to appraise
the work of Vishvakarma, he developed vision beyond
vision of marvels remaining to be contrived.

Vishvakarma, unable to leave without Indra's command,
sought the protection of Brahma, who, knowing his
purpose, addressed him, "Tomorrow, you will be freed
from your task."

Early next morning, a Brahmin boy, carrying a staff
and a parasol, dressed in white, with a bright mark on
his forehead, made his appearance at the gate of
Indra, bidding the porter announce his visit to the
king. The gateman hurried to the master, and the
master hastened to the entrance to welcome the
auspicious guest. The boy was about ten years old,
dwarfish, smiling, and radiant with the luster of
wisdom. Indra discovered the boy amidst a cluster of
enraptured, staring children. The kind bowed to the
holy child and the boy cheerfully gave his blessing.
Having greeted the boy with oblations of honey and
milk, Indra asked him, "Tell me the purpose of your

That Brahmin who was the Guru of the Guru even of
Brihaspati, when he heard the words of Indra, replied
with a voice that was as deep and soft as the slow
thundering of auspicious rain clouds, "O king of the
Devas, I have heard about the construction of your
wonderful city, and have come to refer you the
questions in my mind. How many years will it require
to complete this rich and extensive residence? What
further feats of engineering will Vishvakarma be
expected to accomplish? O Highest of the Devas, no
Indra before you has ever succeeded in effecting such
a construction."

Full of the wine of triumph, the king of the Devas was
entertained by this mere boy's pretension to a
knowledge of Indras earlier than himself. With a loud
laugh, he asked, "O Brahmin boy, Tell me! Are they
then very many, the Indras and Vishvakarmas whom you
have seen, or at least heard of?"

The wonderful guest calmly nodded, and pointing to a long trail of ants marching across his path, smiled and exclaimed softly, "Indras all.."

Cute story,Spencer.

Now if it were more real indra wouldn't exist and the little Brahmin guru boy would soon be caught with a bunch of underage women in his home, or possibly get in trouble by his local panchayat for selling rotten grass to the villagers and telling them it's ayurvedic medicine.

One should not write without facts if he or she is being read by a number of people . before giving decisive document on a person who brings positivity into millions of peoples life , one should have a visit to Beas . I am not arguing for religare people ..I want to share that RSSB is never associated with any mean or untidy business n if anybody doubts then a visit n stay of 7 days in Beas will purify their vision...........

Gaurav, you're not smart enough to make it through life without parental guidance even as an adult.

I'm worried about you. Make sure you find a care giver before your parents get too old. The world will eat you alive if you're alone.

Whoever has written this is absolutely dumb and has no respect for anyone. Get your facts straight before pointing fingers at anyone. The author is totally an ignorant ignoramus!! Do you even know the meaning of spirituality? No? Please visit Beas you pathetic miserable author!!

Hi Gaurev
The noble spiritual and charitable work of the Dera are not the issue of this post.

RSSB funds and land holdings are tied up as Religare investments and used as collateral for purchases and loans, such as the purchase of Fortis, which then gave illegal and unrepaid loans to various companies owned by Baba Ji's wife.

It is about embezzlement. And it actually started with the fraudulent sake of Ranbaxy to fund Religare. Also by Shivindar, Mohinder and Sunil.

Links to all the evidence can be found in the prior post and comments about Shivindar.

You are most welcome to spend an evening reviewing them and please come back with any evidence to the contrary.

Simran - Why don't you check your facts instead of making others sound stupid. Don't be blindfolded, do some research. Nothing is written out of thin air. Get your facts right first.

Some people force themselves to believe in dark to create self defence...But there may be personalities who have experience the enlightenment under astonishing guidelines of GURUS .Just two steps above humen design may let us be able to understand the facts. Whole humen psychetry plays on the palm once get this stage.
.Let us INVEST time to find something amazing instead of swimming in the sea of illussions

B-r-i-a-n, get a b-r-a-i-n. Go find something better to do.
You talk like you know everything as a "Former rssb member" ? LMAO.

Mix sugar and salt together and then separate them. That'll be more productive than writing dumb articles on rssb lol

Jake, I'm just writing about stories that have been appearing in the Indian financial press. I didn't call up the CNBC TV 18 reporter. They contacted me.

The debacle of the Singh brothers and the RSSB guru is one of the biggest business stories in the history of India. It relates to the theme of this blog: why organized religion is to be avoided, and spiritual independence embraced.

I've been writing about the shady financial dealings of Gurinder Singh Dhillon and his family for quite a while. People doubted those reports at the beginning. Now we know that the truth is even more disturbing than it appeared at first.

There's nothing "dumb" about the truth. If you don't want to learn about the truth, there are lots of places on the Internet where you can fulfill your fantasy.

The problem with Brian and other westerns (nothing to do with race) but intellect is that they never truly understood. You are the ones who question each and every step. They question each aspect of the Guru's form.....they question each move the Guru Makes. Stop and apply the teachings and experience! By applying loose your so called intellect! Baba Ji has said after he had cancer treatment to a westerner who asked "Will your beard come back" and he responded "See the difference between the westerners and the easterners is this..you look at the outside covering...but the eastern can care less if the Guru has hair on his face or not...the true master is not the body but the Shabad." The outer is a means but not an end. And he emphasizes this over and over again...he challenges us to seek him within...and asks how do you know im not a fraud...come inside and see. But when westerners use their "knowledge" to try to understand this they challenge the holy spirit...this challenge creates their disconnect.

Unfortunate that I have to use the term westerners in this case it has nothing to do with race....but it has everything to do with intellect. And intellect is by assuming that they are smarter than the Shabad and can understand spirituality without a guide. Brian even if you think today that you are better off not having a Guru it is because he taught you how to stand. The saints of the past and ...have all said with intellect you get nothing....when you surrender that intellect you get everything.

My families experiences and my own give me faith in who my master is. Watching my mom pass was very hard for me but the experiences that my master gave me and to my mother was something. Watching my grandfather sit in meditation for 5-6 hours at a time was something. And when my grandfather would tell us dont wait until you DIE to see where you are going DIE WHILE LIVING AND SEE IT NOW!!! Experiences....cannot be taken away.....they are the foundation to this journey...unfortunate that you chose the path of the intellect and left the experiences behind which would have removed the blinders from your eyes so you could have the experiences.....

"A sin against the holy ghost can never be forgiven"

ਸੰਤ ਕੀ ਨਿੰਦਾ ਨਾਨਕਾ ਬਹੁਰਿ ਬਹੁਰਿ ਅਵਤਾਰ

sant kee nindaa naankaa, bahur bahur avtar. ||1||
“One who slanders the Saints, O Nanak, shall be reincarnated over and over again. ||1||”
(GauRee, Ang 279, SGGS)

@ Brian you broke off because those who were near the Guru were not elevated souls LOL AHAHHAH.....what made you think just near proximity would make them elevated....your reasoning on this interview is horrible....Baba Ji is the first one to tell you that those who surround him arent elevated and they struggle more than anyone!

Also in case you haven't noticed RSSB.org the official site for Beas has posted links to all of the articles coming out..

"In RSSB we have always maintained an open policy and therefore we want to share these articles which have appeared in the Indian Press."

LOLOLOL HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! They hide everything they can for 50+ years and finally when the whole scam starts to fall apart the org magically becomes dedicated to transparency. That is pure hilarity.

This PJ2000, is what is called "damage control."

"They question each aspect of the Guru's form.....they question each move the Guru Makes. Stop and apply the teachings and experience!"

Yeah, dude. We have brains. We don't want to live in abject poverty and slavery for 3000 years being completely duped by brahmins who now come from every caste and clan. Who woulda thought that Jatts would be the priestly thieves keeping the whole of punjab in both worldly and spiritual darkness for another century.

Do you think there is some sort of honor to being cheated by fake godmen? Do you think it makes you moral? Is it "dharmic?" What is the benefit of being stupid and getting conned by the same people who tell the same stories over and over again? What is spiritual about never learning and always remaining a pathetic fool?

Your guru, who I liberally and happily slander, will go to hell before me. I am a better man and a more honest man. If there is a god who chooses people like him over the good people of this world, then I curse god too.

Please don't talk like you know everything. I'll just say just visit Beas once. And how'd you feel if someone was speaking blatant lies about your father?


Since you are initiated, you might not go to hell.
shall you be required to experience it here per your karmas,
it's indeed going to be very tough.

Please keep spending time in listening to the Sound daily without fail,
and that shall relieve you from a lot of stuffs.

@ Jesse

" Your guru, who I liberally and happily slander, will go to hell before me. I am a better man and a more honest man. If there is a god who chooses people like him over the good people of this world, then I curse god too. "

Yes, yes, yes ... it is that fucking simple.

"Please don't talk like you know everything. I'll just say just visit Beas once. And how'd you feel if someone was speaking blatant lies about your father?"

I've been to Beas, Simran, and so have many commenters here. The place is ok, but not that special. There are parks within 5 minutes walking distance of my house that offer far more splendor and peace without the hassle of being locked into a room half the day or having to sit through mind numbingly inane "satsangs."

I also spoke to your guru, Simran. I asked him a good question and he gave me a thoughtless and stupid answer. You know why? Because he's smart ,but he doesn't care about this stuff. It's a boring job for him. He does satsangs for one hour, then spends 50 hours chasing money. The guy admits to having not read the foundational books of the sect he represents, Simran. He's not even a satsangi himself.

If someone criticized my father I'd maybe be upset, but Gurinder is nobody's father here. He's a celebrity on a stage speaking platitudes to a crowd of uneducated villagers and mentally unstable westerners who don't know better. They'll never see these articles and learn that their guru and his family took those 5 rupees they donated for langar, and spent it on the guru's wife so she could by another leopard skin chanel bag or whatever costly bauble she desired.

Don't compare random celebrities to your parents. That's a bit disrespectful to your parents. If ever you meet Gurinder, ask him if you can sleep in a spare room his house for a month or two while you work and save money. If he's really your family member, he won't hesitate to say yes.

I was going through all the articles, post, blogs etc about RSSB and these are my findings :-
1) This Church of the Churchless is the hardcore critic of RSSB.
2) If you have read this blog, just look at the starting, "Name of this blog, yay publicity". That's what Shivinder has mentioned in his comment "recently planted articles".
On what basis this Brian Hines was chosen to be a part of this debate, reason i guess because he is a negative critic of that organisation🤣😂.
Why that panel doesn't have a lawyer from RSSB.
3) After going through the comments. I found only 2 people enjoying these articles, named - Jesse, Spence.
4) In one of the comments, one of them mentioned that RSSB money is in Guru's hand. So my dear xyz 🤣😂... .clear your facts all the charity lies with the trust and not the guru. You can file an RTI (Request To Information) for the confirmation on this.
5) One of the recent blog of this Church of The Churchless says that Guru has finally said yes to answer all the question. Can you verify this statement or did Baba ji came personally and whispered in your ear, hey Jesse / Spence i will answer all the queries 😂😂.
7) After this both of them indulged in vast exchange of comments against RSSB and happy in their own little world.
8) He acquired property worldwide, yes he did. But why are you not telling the reason; He did so to accomodate the ever growing Sangat and not just to park his helicopter.

P.S I am not a follower of RSSB but Jesse and Spence and rest of the critics.
If 1 million people yell false facts that doesn't become truth. Rather than showing some one side flow charts .
Please file a case or ask your followers here in India to file a case against Baba ji with all the valid proofs.
If you have still any queries, here is my number bro +91- 9818137330.

Bombay blonde,
It's a travel from contamination to purest form of energy. Each attitude and feels have the base atoms inside us in physical and metaphysical form which determine our actions and reactions. You must be a very good and honorable personality within your self
But how your goodness allowed you to use objectionable words for anybody.its a travel of experience and hardest working where the Soorma of this planet can not stand. Till the time we are away from mysterious channels,we sound like band.once we start intimating to the way to OUR REALITIES.our eyes opens.I wish a more better life than you think you have..All the best genuinely

@ Sanjay : We hang out here agreeing and disagreeing like we're sitting in group, the profane is not something out of bounds as long as it's not directed too offensively. When used in agreement, it heightens the endorsement. Your moral radar seems to be skewed to very judgemental proportions, the very idea of " contamination " is rather regressive. I feel ensconced in the love of the great Behemoth of Matterhorn, the King of the Mountains.

You probably call him God.

Don't worry too much about me, all the very best right back ... :)

Bombay blonde,
I wish you best for your travel to your own Matterhorn...,

Quote Brian : Today there were 12,000 page views, which is an all-time record for this blog.

That’s great, Brian, congratulations! :-).

Looks like your recent journalistic breakthroughs around the financial misadventures of the RSSB Guru and his cronies are drawing in the “eyeballs”.

It’s been fascinating, these exposes that you’ve been putting up here. Although I have to confess, I find the details of these misadventures far less compelling than your more abstract and philosophical articles and discussions. But that’s probably because I am not one of the RSSB faithful to begin with. I can see how those who’ve been attached to RSSB might find these endless details riveting.

And even to those who are, like me, only casually interested in RSSB, definitely your exposes have done a world of good. Take me : Basis what I’d learnt about RSSB, primarily from your blog, I’d determined to someday try out RSSB meditation, someday given enough leeway in terms of time. But now, it is clear that this RSSB place shouldn’t be touched even with a long, long bargepole, no matter how tempting the philosophy and how apparently experiential their meditation technique. It is perfectly clear that the RSSB organization, from the Guru downwards, are only in this for what they can personally make for themselves by fooling gullible seekers who are drawn to the apparent simplicity and the apparent authenticity of the teachings.

While further details of this unraveling of RSSB is of only peripheral interest to me, nevertheless I’m grateful to you (as well as to others who comment on your blog) for making this much so glaringly clear to me.

@ Jesse - bombay Blonde has the hots for you dude 😀

I would like to say rssb is corrupt organisation. They have only bought land and on those land they do satsang nothing else. The fortis hospital chain run by shivender Singh if you get ever admitted they keep the dead bodies for daysto earn money . What kind of teachings guru had given to shivender Singh. Is this what he learnt being so close to guru. These all people are living a lavish lifestyle and preaching to do meditation and be away from materialistic things. I hope governments should completely ban these organisations as they are just taking money from poor people pockets and themselves travelling by jets and helicopters. India is a spiritual country but guru like gurinder Singh have used it to their own advantage. They should be put behind bars.

Sachin sood,
I am interested in your details and comments of corruption.pls define 10 corrupt acts done by RSSB. so that we all come to know the reality...

@ Sanjay : What's legal isn't necessarily moral. Some of the worst acts of corruption come gorgeously guised in pristine legal robes. That's just the way it goes, but the greater laws of nature always prevail. Sooner or later, something blows ... whether it's a whistle or the winds of truth, facts come to light. You have to just be a little cued in to what's happening in the Indian business world and you'll find your answers to the question above.

i m not a investigator but i have seen how guru travels helicopters mercedes private jet .. i hope he was less materialistic himself . If guru actions are totally contradictory to his own statements then followers are foolish people. there are 60 million people poor who are attached to rssb they are using this fan following to their advantage.
A guru doesn't need to have A lifestyle of billionaire n these billions of rupees have come from corruption only .. please have a logical thinking. Have u ever went to satsang after satsang they keep boxes so tht followers donate money in them it's ok to donate but where is the accountability..

I have done sewa in the last year in pandal in rssb as kind of under the top member and being given a position of kind of inchargship ( just to tell u i know what i am talking about ) and i got initiated too last year . I can tell you something it was hell doing sewa there . Yes i met some gem of people too but the administration they can fall as low as possible . The incharges and the second incharges want to eat each other alive . And worse . The supposidely incharges made there in pandal for ladies and gents side by the incharges of sewa smiti are butchers real butchers no love at all . There are somethings that happened with me if i tell u will hate that place but for 26 years i have gone to that place and filled with love .
Sorry for the long intro but i am a strong believer ins pirituality and god . But i do feel spirituality is between u and god and the guru who intiates u . Considering dera as the epitome of love and perfection is false . There are normal people wanting to be good but still get egoistic in the process . Out of millions there must be only hundreds who are actually humble and understand spirituality . Defending it is stupid . Whats real is ur relation with god . Thats it .
And yes following the finances of shivinder and others involved its fishy any logical mind would say that so denying it is stupid . No need to defend anything . I am a follower i believe in spirituality . But saying rssb is perfect no . But so we are taugh nothing in the world is . Just look at ur inner journey for all those defending baba ji . He doesnt need to be defended . Truth will come out in the end . And i think the finances questions make sense . But why care for them if u believe the path is right .
In spirituality its each one to its own and should be that way . And if anyone is questioning anything like brian he has a right to . Calling him names wont make u right

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