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September 10, 2018


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I agree Brian. What is possible are learning, improvement, progress.

"Notice ke bad bhi nahi kiya khali."

Even after being notified they haven't vacated is what I think it says there. So they knew this was gonna happen, and seemed confident that the Gov wouldn't act. And they were wrong.

Maybe all this stuff in the news also means that the untouchable (western definition. not Indian) status of RSSB has been revoked by the government, and RSSB will now have to play by the rules or face consequences.

Land encroachment is somewhat normal in Delhi and there are tons of illegal settlements, Majnu Ka Tilla Tibet colony being one of the more famous ones that has been threatened with removal for decades, but the gov can't act due to the favorable opinion people have of Tibetans. It'd be a PR nightmare to remove that place even though it sits directly on a massive forest reserve.

This would mark the beginning of a dramatic shift since the time that I joined RSSB. They've been accused of this kind of stuff many times but been immune to repercussions. A sea change is certainly upon the faith, at least by worldly measurements.

@ Jesse : That's right, they were given several notices to vacate. RSSB is notorious for getting petitions signed from the Sangat to circumvent illegalities. They even diverted the Pusa Road metro line in Delhi through one such mass petition. I'm so relieved that Mr. Bhure Lal ( Chairman of the Ministry of Environment and Forests ) and the NGT ( National Green Tribunal ) aren't having any of it and are adhering to the order of the Supreme Court.

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