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September 28, 2018


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Very apropos as so many of the comments on the last two posts revolved around the topic of “ethics”.

I read in another news article recently that Sunil Godhwani was head of finance or treasury at RSSB. It’s been reported that Godhwani was essentially GSD’s right hand man in business matters at the Dera. So, I find it HIGHLY IMPROBABLE that GSD wasn’t aware of the loans Sunil Godhwani was authorizing (to the Dhillon’s no less).

OK, I think maybe this post had too many words in it. 😂 Our brains are fried. It takes a lot of effort to keep reading and rereading all of these reports. However, one really important thing I’ve learned from research and investigation is that one of the best ways to get to the bottom of things is to asktesame questions to multiple different people. Everyone adds something new. It’s quite amazing how one new sentence or name can lead to more and more evidence.

That being said. No one seems to be arguing the ethical nature of this affair anymore. I’m mean, what can you possibly say at this point? It’s obvious that several key people in the RSSB related group made a fairly regular practice of putting their interests before those whom they had a financial responsibility towards—those outside of the families and RSSB.

I guess it’s sort of “case closed” on the ethics issue. Now let’s just see how the legal cases play out.

asktesame means “keep asking” lol

In spite of their demise, would the Singh brothers file a case against GSD?

There is only one God and that is Jesus and me being Indian have never regretted the day I accepted Jesus as my my lord and saviour , read the Bible my friend and do your deligent research and find the true God , Forgive me for telling you that we all seek The truth and those who seek shall find ,

Nick NY,

No, never. They credit him with putting them in a position of financial control over Ranbaxy after their father passed. Their father knew they weren’t ready so didn’t hand of control of the family business to them in his will. Not to mention, GSD is their guru and weilds such psychological power over them it’s to the point of complete brainwashing.

However, with regards to a suit, a recent interesting piece:


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