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September 11, 2018


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I think you're right. They won't easily give him up. Some will. Many won't. What will they believe in if they do give him up? Where will they go? What will they do?

Ishwar Puri talks about Sardar Bhadar Jagat Singh and Maharaj Charan Singh in this video (https://youtu.be/ZQB3QqeI9Xk)

Love and Devotion of Sardar Bhadar Jagat Singh.
How Baba Sawan Singh’s voice was heard from Sardar Bhadar Jagat Singh after Baba Sawan Singh’s passing away.

Ishwar calls Maharaj Charan Singh as a Great Living Master.
How Maharaj Charan Singh got Ishwar Married in 1955. Ishwar’s wife is Sardar Jagat Singh’s initiate.


Ishwar Puri's wife is Sardar Jagat Singh's initiate.
Ishwar's Daughter is a GSD initiate.
Ishwar's Grand-daughter is a Sant Rajinder Singh initiate.

Only Ishwar's son-in-law has received Great Master's initiation from Ishwar.

"That Sai Baba case is super weird.The guy was a 3rd rate magician with an ugly hair style, and his crappy magic tricks were considered proof of his divinity. Imagine what someone like David Blaine could do in India."

This comment reminded me of a Discovery Channel show where a magician like David Blaine travels to India and other countries to research claims of supernatural powers like levitation, etc.

In this episode, he investigates Yogic Flying /levitation and finds a monk in Nepal to demonstrate (@5:40) for him. Interesting stuff


Well ...still judging using your perception, you still want Sadhguru the way you want.. than you make comparison Between Charan Sing and Gurinder Sing.. it mean your mind working very well.. Sadhguru is unpredictable if it is predictable namely a mindguru.. if i exist so sadhguru doesn't exist.

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