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September 24, 2018


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...... I can sense that what she / he writes comes straight from the heart, thank you for sharing Brian.

There is immeasurable humility in " my thinking changed and then of course seeing the condition there by my own eyes, a place lacking love, the very foundation it was supposed to be built on " ... :)

About knowing for sure..
I now am sure that santmat is not true.
The cycle of transmigration and the master as a saviour..
Not true at all.
Life has meaning..we don't know what meaning..but it is not about guilt.
It is about experience..

Chaurasi is a farce in the way the masters has told.
They make themself important at the cost of people's fear..
In my ''humble''opinion.
Babaji changed the teachings what I give him credit for.
But it is all very confusing for lots of people.
The old books are done that's good!!
But what about now??
Master is a human being point period.
I am sort of sorry to say..I loved Maharaji and also Babaji.
But now..I love ''myself''more.!!.much much more!!
Also what do we really know about guru's??
Know ThySelf..Love yourself only then ..we can give that to others..
What we have ..we can give..
Satsangi's always talk about babaji..ppfff far away from ones own self
It is not at all egoistic to learn from one's own inner being..because only then we understand eachother.

Working in hospitals every day, I can tell you that they are places for sick people to get healed.

They are not like public parks, with healthy kids playing games, young and in perfect or near perfect condition, or at least stable condition.

So much laughter, so much joy in public parks.

But less so in hospitals.
Yet, it's my career. And I think hospitals are places where miracles, real miracles, happen every day.

Some of them are miracles of technology, others miracles of compassion, and a few, or prayer.

Dera isn't for the healthy. Dera is for the ill to come and be healed, and find a moment's peace.

One Initiated gave the example of shirts. The clean one's are neatly placed in the closet...to be worn at the appropriate time. The dirty ones get great care, being washed by hand by the Master.

It is the filthy ones that get all the attention and handling.

So, that's what you have at Dera.

For true love, no organization is needed.

So, does that mean the Master Himself carries some of that filth?
When you jump into the dung heap, yes, you get covered in it.
But happily shoveling away, things get cleaner in time.

This is why I believe its crucial for the Master to take full responsibility for all that has happened. For every unpaid loan, every siphoned rupee, every relative - wife, sons, cousin's decisions in positions he helped them gain. The captain of the ship is responsible even for what every waiter does.

Housecleaning. Spring cleaning time.

It's what each of us are taught to do by our true Master: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

The Master is there to help us do so.
Maharaji is there to help Gurindar, just as Sawan is there for Maharaji, Gurindar and each of us.

There is nothing to fear by doing the right thing, Baba Ji!

We're with you. Go ahead. Take the responsibility and all the blame. Do it now. It's a great opportunity, a great housecleaning opportunity.

When a patient is ill, we don't say "it's your job to walk".

We support the patient as we ambulate them.

We don't say "You shouldn't have done that.."

We give them the cure. We live with them through the cure.

The Hospice nurse doesn't say "You are the one dying, why should I clean and bathe you, shave you, make sure you take your meds?"

They say "It is precisely because you are dying that I will do these things for you now."

Hi s*
You wrote
"What we have ..we can give..
Satsangi's always talk about babaji..ppfff far away from ones own self
It is not at all egoistic to learn from one's own inner being..because only then we understand eachother."

TRUTH!! (IMHO... ;))

No doubt,people like Brian Hines and Spence Tepper do not need any dera because they have full knowledge and they are enjoying. spiritual freedom.Nor do they need any Master because they consider themselves having more knowledge than any master in the world.Dera and Master is only for those who have the courage to accept themselves having no knowledge at all.Sangat at dera sings the hymn-ham moorkh tum chatur siyaney-------means 'we are fools,thee are full of wisdom-----.' So this path is only for those who can keep their knowledge aside and that is what Master wants to tell by saying," burn the books." He does not want seekers to literally burn the books .He only advises to keep bookish knowledge aside.
Now,since you have specially given sub title of RSSB to your blog which you consider to criticise as your spiritual freedom , you mist know that spiritual path,dera and Master is not at all for the genius people unless they keep their wisdom aside.

Hi Dharam:
My Master is Maharaji, and I'm doing the work assigned. And that includes doing my best, making my best decision about right and wrong, and seeking at all times to help.

I don't comment on your place in Spirit and surprised you are doing so.
We are all in the same family.

But right and wrong should not be set aside at any time.

In fact we of all people should know best the difference, and jump in to help where we can.

imho ;)

Dharam, I've been meaning to ask you if you have or have ever had a job at Dera or in any RSSB Sangat. Have you given Satsang?

DId you meet your employer at the Dera? Are you, your friends and family employed by anyone on the Dera board?

Just curious...

Thanks Spence and good posts!!
Babaji should be honest now..
In every way he can.
I hope he does.
It would be good..,in more ways even.

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