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August 01, 2018


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@ Brian - If only lol

Put a turban on this chick and parade her around a stadium on a golf cart. I want that darshan.

@ Brian - thought you didn’t believe in God??????????????

Arjuna, the Ariana Grande video convinced me that God is a good looking woman. The evidence is right there on You Tube.

@ Brian - I could agree more lol. This is hilarious- you do have a fun sense of humour too. Fantastic 😊


At last , . . . You get it . . of Course She is

Perhaps it made you so happy
that you can
place my 2 latest deleted posts

Then Ariana will certainly forgive you



777, your comment went in the spam folder, probably because you don't make any sense. Stop lying about me deleting your comments. I check the spam folder when I have time. Be patient. And like I've noted before, you need to make sense in your comments, not just recite religious dogma, or your comments may indeed be deleted.


We thank You so much <3

It was specially for our Muslim Brothers
and for our beautiful Muslim Sisters
I sense you see the connection



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