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August 21, 2018


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Marko, I never said I'm tough. I said I have a karate black belt, 25 years of martial arts experience, and continue to take Tai Chi classes where martial applications are shown. These are facts. Facts are good.

Brian guys never say they are tough they say i have a black belt and i train ma for 25 years.

From the book:
Sheena’s inner experience (abbreviated here):

I had a vision, an inner experience.
I found my body unable to move. A gigantic wave came in a warm embrace and cradled me. I was engulfed with a resplendent light, filling my entire being with serenity and elation, overwhelming me with a divine presence.
A voice tenderly said “now its time to turn your attention inwards to me , any other form will be an obstruction for your journey.”
A man in white, golden halo on his head, held my hand and led me to a cave filled with bright light.
He removed his hand slowly and said, “you are delivered home as promised”
The supreme power takes the reins in His hands when we give up, surrender and submit to him.
My personal experiences shattered the illusions I had of a living guru.
Eventually I gained more than I lost. I am eternally grateful to god.

the book describes it in far more detail.

This is what most of the satsangis are seeking. Their own confirmation.

To them it confirms they have found the truth.

Arjuna ... it’s was a joke, and I take it back because I didn’t read all your comments. You have a deplorable attitude towards women. I thought that the “ women flocking to rich men ” remark was a one off, but it isn’t. My bad.

Arjuna ... your overtly patriarchal tone is rather sickening and this is no place to peddle your military might. Calling Sheena’s story “ cock and bull ” makes you sound like a rowdy bully, the kind who has beer brawls in pubs over a gherkin. You are pretty clueless about RS-Mat and how the philosophy serves as an anchor to some women, you haven’t witnessed it and are in no position to comment about stuff you have no idea about.

@ bombay blonde - morning abit about me.

I have stopped pub brawls.
I have protected women in my younger years from men’s hands going everywhere and usually got punched (not that it registers as I have a chin of granite my dear lady) or attacked by weapons.
When I am off your I help in volunteering- ie soup kitchens. Serving etc.
I run for charities in marathons - particularly for Cancer charities as my parents died of it and I run for kids charities - who organise a better life for those unfortunate children who need homes to go to.

I am from a family where the great parents were Initiated by the Great Master and went to satsang until 2001- I joined the forces (and changed). So I pretty much am clueless.

Do me a favour honey - don’t join any government agency as a “profiler” as your observations will get many great men and women hurt and worse.

Spot on in your analysis but I wish you all the best. People think of me as a gentle gaint and the way I write doesn’t always reflect that.

Have a fab weekend😀

Above Sheena describes her experience and many people (not just RSSB followers( have such experiences. They are very convincing to the disciple or person because its what they were seeking.

Neale Donald Walsh wrote three books called conversations with God.

He was unhappy and frustrated and wrote a letter to God. Then his hand started writing automatically, and it was the reply to his questions.

When a person really seeks something, something happens.

Like all experiences, its in the mind.

Many christians will see a christ like figure.

All such experiences feed the "I" as they make the "I" feel better.

The "I" is saved. It feels better as it has been taken "home"

It feels much better than "nothingness"

from the book:

RG was curious "So whats your take on this mystical journey you walked on for 25 years?"

"I can only speak of my own experience" says Sheena,
"There is and can be only one 'real',that is God, the higher power which is unseen but experienced.
The only sustaining power for a guru is bhakti, meditation, not family lineage, only meditation."

Sheena previously looked upon her guru as "all knowing" and was disappointed when that belief was shattered.

She is not alone, many disciples believe the guru knows all.

Arjuna ... I have a zero tolerance policy against men who insult women and your “ cock and bull ” remark did just that. So, while you may want to think of yourself as a gentle-giant, that wasn’t very gentle. If there’s any truth to the variety and extent of your self professed good ( I’m wishing to believe you ) ... then why wouldn’t you support Sheena ?

Osho Robbin ... + 1, I couldn’t agree more. Glad that you, like me, have spoken to Gurinder like he’s one of us ... I’m sure that nothing peeves him more than someone not being subservient and meek in his presence.

@ Bombay blonde - I am big man and will apologise for the cock and bull remark - upon reflection it was not wise nor fair.

Can we now continue in a civil manner ?

@ Bombay blonde - and yes I really do all those activities I stated. Shall I tell you why? Not because I am a do gooder.

More so to escape my own demons - caused by lack of live during childhood, moving from home to home as a child and seeing my parents die young and spending Christmases alone but sometimes with others.

I said I apologise as I love the way you write and you have been so civil in your response - so there you go. I hope Sheena is write and at the moment I am coming around to the fact that rssb is a con. But please appreciate years of childhood conditioning on rssb is even hard for men like me and many others. It take time - but we will see what happens and I hate fraudsters and men who harass women!!! And I mean that!!!

Just read that you spoke to Gurinder - what is he like - I’m intrigued!

Osho Robbins:

"It feels much better than "nothingness" "

No it doesn't. Here is what Ananda said about Nirvanic "nothing" in The Middle Path:

"I abandoned craving for sensual pleasures,....Why is that? Because there is, Māgandiya, a delight apart from sensual pleasures, apart from unwholesome states, which surpasses even divine bliss. Since I take delight in that, I do not envy what is inferior, nor do I delight therein."

This is not a bland nothing, or a who cares nothing, or an uninteresting nothing. Osho Robbins, you may have your nothings mixed up.

Is Simran Godhwani the author of Sheena's "Memoirs of a Seeker" ?

@ Arjuna ... an apology in an open forum is a rarity these days, I accept it on behalf of Sheena's ordeal, thank you for the words that display a good measure of self reflection. I applaud you for sharing your story and for sharing that you were indoctrinated when you were a child ... I hear you. And, more power to you for standing up to the men who harass women. Even if you come across a bit rough around the edges, you have been doing the right things ... good to know, Arjuna. I'm sorry to learn that you lost your parents at a tender age, that must have been very, very hard. Life has been rough at my end as well, but in different ways. We're all made up of mirroring kaleidoscopes of demons and disappointments ... but there's always something left to love.

Gurinder is just like you and I. He's nothing special. In fact, he seems more and more ordinarily human every time I meet him. My gut sensed a superficial humility the first time I met him and I've consistently noticed that there's a lack of conviction ... just an air of entitlement and some unnecessary humour. There's nothing even remotely spiritual about the man ... the only spirituality that you'll find is the projection you'll bring along.

@ La Madrugada ... no, she's not. Simran is a child, all of twenty-two or twenty-three, please do not drag her name unnecessarily into this discussion. Yes, she's Sunil Godhwani's daughter. Yes, she was going to marry Gurinder's younger son ( Gurkirat ) and it fizzled out when Gurinder and the Singh Brothers fell out with Sunil. But please, the girl is innocent and she has nothing to do with the choices that her father made. Let's stick with the facts that are in the public domain and let's stop speculating about every name that crops up. Simran has been lucky to escape that match, there's no reason for her to feel jilted for not marrying into the Guru's tangled mess ... let's collectively wish her a happy, normal life ... hitched or unhitched ... but away from these looney RS bins.

Bombay Blonde:

It took me all of 2 minutes to realize who Sheena is. Aren't we supposed to keep it secret? I mean if she wanted her name or even RSSB mentioned wouldn't she have said it herself?

There is no need to debate whether or not this author is genuine. The true name of the author will soon come out. The incident where Guru Ji says "A copy of this (accusation about him chasing Sheena) has been sent to every committee member" means every committee member will know who this is. If we don't hear about the persecution of a particular woman soon, then this article is a fake, if we hear the contrary then we at least know who the author is and can do some fact checking. The odd thing is that the author would have known this and decided to use a pseudonym anyway.

@ 287 ... Sheena's identity isn't as important as her story is. How does it even matter who she is, or isn't ? Her courage to come forward should be applauded by everyone who understands the RS theology - basically, here is a lady telling you that your God In Human Form is a whack job, that she pulled herself together and left him and never looked back. If you're wondering whether I'm Sheena ... I'm not, but I stand in defence of her because I sense sincerity in her articulation and it's a groundbreaking accomplishment for an ex-Sat to put her story out the way she has. The book is a great read for those on the fence with the RS philosophy - it sweeps all those tired, outdated perspectives and sheds fresh light on the happenings of the current Guru-dom. Some RSSB sympathisers are calling Sheena an attention seeking victim, but followers are in general defensive and just because they believe that their Param Sant hasn't harassed someone it doesn’t mean he hasn't. Let me remind you that Gurinder's unprofessional behaviour would attract lawsuits if it wasn't for him sitting turbaned and pretty on his spiritual high horse.

Gurinder's public image is struggling as the revelations exposing his greed and shady financial dealings keep emerging. At this point, the faithful need to keep being reminded of the fact that he did some serious corporate shit after the sale of Ranbaxy. That's what's truly important. Sheena's story is a straightforward narrative, let's stop reducing her ordeal to speculation around her identity and understand that it is impossible to directly mention RSSB and Gurinder, because that would mean targeting a very powerful cult and its leader with ramifications that could be disastrous.

"Gurinder's public image is struggling as the revelations exposing his greed and shady financial dealings keep emerging."

That's an understatement.

@ Jesse ... the believing fucktards think we are an insignificant minority and Gurinder's approval ratings are through the roof. I don't think we will take the house and draw up impeachment ... :)

@ Bombay blonde - thank you for your reply and yes I am a bit rough around the edges - but once you see beyond that you find something else entirely. I suspect it’s an old fence that I have not taken down.

The thing is I don’t get Gurinder. I always thought I would feel a pull towards God in human form. I didn’t.

Why shocks me is that Ranbaxy was sold dodgy meds. Surely as god he would have known that and then why bring Shivinder Singh to the Dera? I have never met Gurinder and spoken to him - otherwise I would be able to profile him better ( that part of our training in the “forces” along with the macho stuff lol).

And also why on earth did he get involved in all these companies - when he said in the U.K. “if you want to destroy someone’s house - give them loads of money”

And finally where the heck is the real God - why has he got involved I stopping all this?

Loads of questions and doubts - did you speak to Gurinder ever? If I may ask.



Bombay Blonde :

It never occurred to me you might be Sheena. I know who she is. Any healthy male that spent time at Dera when she was there noticed her. She was the hottest thing in the world, royal bearing like a queen in the nicest possible way. I thought you might know her though with the bombay in your name. That's why I asked if you think she is fine with our little message boards using her actual name.

I guess Brian can take this down if it turns out she wants to remain anonymous. I think Sabina's work on the book Wake up call, and concepts and illusions, together with this latest one has done more for demolishing the old sant mat mythology than almost anyone. Excellent stuff.


ARJUNA wrote

" Why shocks me is that Ranbaxy was sold dodgy meds. ""

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Do you need a prescription for this? Is it legal to just send it to usa? If you know of a german manufacturer tell me... I will plan on looking for this when I go to the city probably Tuesday. All the presciption drugs here are a tiny fraction of what they cost in usa.


A Delhi friend tried already in India but we never know

Perhaps the Singh Brothers have somewhere some stock yet
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Perhaps the best chance is in Thailand under the name : HYDRINE
(Very nice Satsang Ghar there , perhaps here are Thailandese readers )

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@ 287 ... apologies, I didn't get your drift the first time around ... :) ... I'm just overworked. Yes, I know Sheena, I've met her a few times. I don't know her too well, but she seemed like a good lady with her heart in the right place. Yes, she's savvy, attractive and charming too ... and yes, her book is a wake up call.

@ Arjuna : I've spoken with Gurinder several times. He's flippant and contradicts himself all the time. He also likes to think that he's very funny ... and that's because his crony circle approvingly laughs at his dumb jokes and jibes. We create these Godmen ... by themselves they're just puny, powerless beings.

Blondy said

""" We create these Godmen ... """"

NO, . . . Charan created HIM

A Saint can appoint anybody to carry that Power
You might be unable to judge from a few visits

Read please what I wrote about HIS RADIANT LIGHT !!

In other posts earlier you said he was like-able when not on the gaddi
You changed idea in one week


@ 777 please don’t talk about stuff you have no idea about !!! Brian injuries! I have never offended you so don’t talk about the forces in that way!

I merely asked you if you have seen the Usual Suspects!!’

And stop making a big thing about Ranbaxy and big Pharma - I know Big Pharma does a lot of wrong things particularly doctors giving out anti depressants to people who may need other help such as avoiding the use of this blog and speaking to some seriously deluded people. In the U.K. 77 people are on these doctor prescribed drugs and the business is worth 7 billion dollars globally.

The point was simple - should Ranbaxy have done that bearing in mind they people who were running it - had a direct line or radio transmitter to God! Please don’t answer!

I am seriously not in the mood for BULLSHIT today.

Have a good evening !

@ Bombay Blonde _ you answers clears a lot of demons from my head - thank you.

On a lighter note - see we are getting along which is nice - I can control my rough edges when I need to!

And I have a Bone to pick with you !!!! Why didn’t you mention you knew Sheena - that would have prevented a lot of misguided comments on my part!

As long as she is happy now - that’s all that counts

@ 777 ... that's ridiculous. Do repost the part where I've said that Gurinder was likeable, gaddi or no gaddi or whatever else he squats on. Yes, I've always been softer on Charan, simply because he never came across materially vicious.

@ 777 ... at first, I thought your writings were some incomprehensible Haiku, but I'm now convinced that you speak a peculiar dialect of some intergalactic gibberish that no one understands. I'm given to believe that you're deep into your Science Of The Soul mystery solving practice. May I kindly request that you take your outlandish posts to the moon and let us mortals on Earth discuss things with a touch of reason and logic. Please.

( ... and shove that sexist crap up you a** ... )

Bombay Blonde,

777 is an old guy and English is not his first language. I think he is in his 80's and Brian allows his posts through and its his blog and he can decide when to block someone. We regular readers/posters know that 777's comments are difficult to decipher but then we are probably used to him by now and he is not causing anyone any harm.

Your rude and offensive comments are quite over the top especially this latest one. I haven't seen 777 saying anything sexist and I think he means well. So, newcomer, perhaps you can try to be a bit more moderate in your approach.

BTW, I don't think you are blonde and I also query whether you are a female. If you are, you are some tough kind of female, not the elegant kind of Indian women I have known.

@ Arjuna ... it's not about knowing Sheena or not knowing Sheena. I'd stand in defence of any woman who'd come out with her story, if it's credible. Women being mistreated by men in power is a societal plague across the globe and I'm glad that women are finally speaking up. What makes Sheena's story such an eye-opener is that this kind of psychological abuse was unheard of from the Beas Dera, Gurinder's misdemeanour is inexcusable on all fronts. Locking him up ( and throwing away the keys ) is far more necessary than jailing the Singh Brothers. I must add that I've met some pretty phenomenal men, one doesn't have to be anti-men to be pro-women.

Blonde Bomb person, can you please describe what you mean by "Gurinder's misdemeanour is inexcusable on all fronts". What is he guilty of, may I ask?

Jen, you said "I also query whether you are a female. If you are, you are some tough kind of female, not the elegant kind of Indian women I have known. "

Spend some time outside of the rich tourist parts of India or the Dera and this thought will never come to your mind again lol. I've met Punjabi women who would rip your eyes out for looking at them the wrong way.

The old T.V. stereotype of the gentle Indian woman who knows all the traditional arts is true for a segment of the population, but it's certainly not a good generalization. It's mostly not even on TV anymore outside of Doordarshan.

I'm married to an Indian woman and I've seen the family fights. Trust me, there's a lot about the culture you obviously aren't privy to if you can't imagine that Bombay Blonde is a chick.

I find a lot of Indian women to be quite tough and crass often times, to be honest. When I think of all the Gujarati hawkers in Delhi, the most aggressive ones I met were women. Paan chewing, foul mouthed, abusive and aggressive women.

Now that I think of it, I think I've only seen women get into physical altercations in India.

Jesse, I was born in South Africa and my husband and I were friendly with the Indian satsangis so this is what I have experienced, very polite and gracious people.

Maybe you are right. I am simply surprised by the venomous comments this person is making.

None of Bombay Blonde's comments strike me as even remotely "venomous" personally, but maybe I have a way higher threshold for internet banter. Everything on this blog is tame to me and it's hard not to get into chan mode and go off on people here.

South Africa though. If you're of European descent, I pray that you've escaped. I've been trying to warn people about that place for years, and the disgusting lying media in America is still outright denying anything is happening, and refusing to acknowledge all the videos of various politicians dancing and singing "kill the boer."

Hopefully Trump pulls out of Middle East altogether to transfer assets and start a war with the ANC and all their even worse competition. They need to be neutralized before their killings increase.

@ Jen ... I find women who turn the other cheek more problematic than men who do. Should I be excusing 777 for calling me " blondy " just because he's eighty ? Rudeness is rudeness, regardless of age. Let me go so far as to say that at eighty, 777 should be wiser than that. Regarding the gibberish, it is gibberish. But when 777 wants to write properly, he does ... but then he'll suggest that " Big Pharma " is responsible for the Ranbaxy mess which is as crazy as his other outings. I have no sympathy for a Beas apologist so how should we resolve this ?

One scores by merit of argument, this is an open forum and not a members-only so old or new is not a criteria. BTW, Brian has already requested 777 to post on the Open Thread, but he hasn't told me to be " moderate in my approach " so let him take a call on that because I think I'm well adhering to the comment policy.

I have no residual romantic yearnings about the colour of my hair, would you be checking on the shade if I had called myself a Bombay Brunette or a Maharashtrian Mamba ? Why is it so important ? We're in 2018 and your stereotype of an " elegant Indian woman " is just that, a stereotype, and that's exactly what I like to run through my shredder. I'll take your opinion of me as a compliment, thank you ... :)

@ Jesse ... +1, those were some excellent points on Indian women. India is a land of such colourful diversity that the ethnic fabric is far from singular and so are the societal structures. In every nook and corner of the country the cultural diaspora shifts, blends and bends. It's a composite culture of so many divided and undivided sub-cultures that it's impossible to pin the entire subcontinent down to one identity.

I think you were referring to the Gujarati hawkers in Mumbai, I don't see them in Delhi. ( ? ) It's a great idea to get some vernacular ( Punjabi ) news on the happenings in Punjab. There are some interesting interviews on the land grabbing incidents at Beas and this is important stuff as these don't make it to the mainstream English channels.

Hi Jesse,

"If you're of European descent, I pray that you've escaped."

Yes, I am of British descent and thank goodness escaped many years ago and now living in Australia. I've just been watching a young South African fella (Willem Petzer) talking about the South African farm murders on youtube. Very disturbing. Even Donald Trump is speaking out about South Africa, whereas Obama couldn't care less! Interesting how Russia has offered sanctuary for 15,000 white farmers.

Bombay Blonde,

I'm surprised that you found 777 calling you "blondy" offensive, lol. This must be something to do with the age gap because when I was young I was called blondy and it was no big deal.

Anyway, its a crazy world nowadays... Peace to you both :)

@ Jen ... we're just spinning in different orbits. I guess you find my descriptives hard to handle but I can't do much to help you feel better.

I'd like to say a couple of things.
1st) A vegan diet is far more environmental friendly. You need to much water, plants and what not for animal agriculture. Animal agriculture causes too much pollution and too much cruelty.
Here, take this as one of the sources:

Now, I'd like to talk about Laws in India and how feminists have turned the system against men.


MRA attack: You won’t believe what’s on the Wikipedia page on Gender Discrimination in India
"Indian laws highly favour women"

TNM Staff

Friday, April 15, 2016 - 07:45

There are many reasons why the internet is fun, and one of them is it throws up such amusing things every now and then, and you wouldn’t want to miss them for other world.

We were researching for a piece on gender discrimination in India and clicked on the Wikipedia page, which was the very first link.

Here is what the section of the page reads. Feminists with high-BP issues, we advise you to close this window and remain healthy. The section is titled, ahem, ‘Discrimination towards men’. (emphasis added)

Discrimination towards men
Although socially women have been at a disadvantage, Indian laws highly favour women. If a husband commits adultery he will be jailed, but a woman cannot be jailed for adultery and neither will she be punished by the courts. There is no recognition of sexual molestation of men and rarely the police stations lodge an First Information Report(FIR); men are considered the culprit by default even if it was the woman that committed sexual abuse against men.[citation needed] Women can jail husband's family for dowry related cases by just filing an FIR. The law IPC 498A demands that the husband's family be considered guilty by default, unless proven otherwise, in other words it implements the doctrine of 'guilty unless proven innocent' defying the universally practised doctrine of 'innocent until proven guilty'. According to one source, this provision is much abused as only four percent of the cases go to the court and the final conviction rate is as low as two percent.[12][verification needed]

Judiciary discrimination

There are many laws including 498a, false rape laws etc., favoring women to greater extent. If a man files a rape complaint, it's not considered as rape, since rape clearly is for men and not for women. If a woman rapes man then court cant punish her.


Out of 100 cases filed under this section in India, only 4% is the conviction rate. Parliament is still holding its firm stance on this law. This is being more misused than being used in proper way. According to the National Crime Records Bureau statistics, nearly 200,000 people, including 47,951 women, were arrested in regard to dowry offences in 2012, but only 15% of the accused were convicted. Arrest in Dowry offences in 2012 is 9.4% more than in 2011 and it is continuously increasing. [14][13]"

Now, I'd like to point out something really important:
When advice related to marriage is taken, it's taken from someone who has had successful and long lasting relationships.
I'm sure that Gurinder said something similar.
If this was about guys, between guys and Gurinder said so, it wouldn't be an issue at all. Even if the master was a female.

The issues about the Sevadar sound exaggerated. None of them would've had any issues with what was mentioned, I suppose.

I guess that'll be all.

Sorry, there was an error while copying. I should've seen the preview or proofread. I apologize.

@ Jen ... the trouble is that people habitually excuse so much that we end up in societies where there are no lines drawn. I don't personally care what 777 calls me ... but I just wanted to point out the prevalent conditioning. I don't think I can walk into Starbucks and call a light-haired stranger " blondy " ... it's inappropriate, times have changed. It's the small stuff and the small stuff becomes the big stuff. You can't get away with a friendly pat on a woman's a** now, that era is behind us. I knew that the ( blog ) name Bombay Blonde would invite " blondy " and other jibes on the colour of my hair, intelligence, ethnicity ...

Bombay Blonde is a beer and Gurinder is guilty of his behaviour with Sheena.

I think anyone who has spent much time at Dera knows who Sheena. Their names even assonate. Dera does turn a blind eye to child abuse, which makes me think it would do the same for sexual abuse.

I was walking by the laundry shop many years ago when I saw the owner very violently slap the back of his hand across the face of a child who was working with him. I would gauge the child to be 11-12 years old. He did this right out in the open, making me think he had never been reprimanded. The child did no cry, he just took it as if he were used to it. I was shocked and reported it to Mr. Desai at the guest house, whose eyes immediately flashed in anger as he told me to mind my own damn business. He was as high up the chain of command that I could go so I had to leave that kid there with this perpetrator. I still feel bad about it. I thought management was going to be concerned for the child given RSSB teachings.

I think all of this should be included in the next edition of "Heaven on Earth".

There is one fact that you won't see anywhere: Jagat Singh's son committed suicide. He is referred to as "Brother Claire" in Treasure Beyond Measure. I also heard a weird story about Jagat Singh's wife jumping off a building either in an attempt to kill herself or because she was nuts but I don't have any evidence of this. Given how Jagat Singh is described in RS literature you can imagine what kind of father and husband he was. Ever notice how absolutely nothing is ever mentioned about his family?

It's 81 generation gap , Not mentioned to offend
There is/was this fine UK singer : "Blondy"
I liked her very much
But you are in Bombay
I should have been more thoughtfull but feel still as a appearence_compliment


Bombay Blonde you say: "... call a light-haired stranger " blondy " ... it's inappropriate, times have changed."
Also, you say: "I knew that the ( blog ) name Bombay Blonde would invite " blondy " and other jibes on the colour of my hair, intelligence, ethnicity ..."

Okay, so you knew that your blog name could attract jibes etc. Does this mean you were looking for some kind of challenge or conflict? You obviously are intelligent but also sensitive about your ethnicity. So is this just a game you play?

Commenting on a blog in today's world is not easy. People are suspicious and rightly so because we have no idea who we are talking to, what this person's motive is. So we try to figure out, is this a male or female, is this a devout satsangi or ex-satsangi or someone pretending to be either.

Yes, times have changed, very much so and I'm just trying to understand you. Most people on this blog are very nice and would welcome someone as smart as you are, so you can drop your defences and just enjoy being here on this (for some of us - recovering) ex-satsangi site :)

before I had/have this Darshan Inside of so many Masters
I didn't like Jagat very much
Much to severe, more catholic than the pope , I thought
and didn't like these little books with his advises

Then How amazed I was when HE is part of this great line of Masters
inside myself , all with their own charactere and even HE with so much humor

It's a kind of String going back to Jesus ( yes) and Buddha
and so many guys and girls I cannot define
I do not know who is the first, ONE with the Source already
so that He/She can put Souls in His/Her pocket to transport
them through the great Giant Sunna Desert with nothing in it
between the ( let's still use) 3rd and 4th region

I know nothing about Jagats story and family
but now
it is brought up
something like Gurinder's cousins karma

just my 2cts


such a great Path is this
see my comments

@ Jen - forgot to say to you! Take care all the very best in life.

Remember not all of us Indians are not bad as all white people ain’t good. And I’ve seen a lot of action in my life -I am now reaching a livel where I think all of humanity is lost - whether you are white, brown, pink or green. But there are good souls out there and some I carried to safety whilst all hell was breaking around me- that’s my achievement in this life.

Be good I’ve seen enough on here and need to get off.

All the very best

Hi Arjuna,

Hope you can come back soon !!

sheena writes

My personal experiences shattered the illusions I had of a living Guru or else I would have been trapped in the web forever.
The ashram is entangled in its own trappings - of power, wealth, hypocrisy, and pseud-ism. Sewadars are not guru loving people but guru-fearing people.

All the followers DO remain trapped forever in the web, because they depend on it and believe the master has great powers and is infallible, despite what he himself says.

They ignore his own statements and put him on a pedestal. With Sheena, the pedestal shattered for the final time when he said she slept around. His statement shocked her but in reality he did her the greatest favour because that is what enabled her to leave.

And the leaving was essential for her to continue her spiritual progress as she states in her book. Only after leaving did she find her truth.

On reading her book, she doesn't seem bitter, just disappointed.

She is on her own journey and part of that was leaving the guru - who in her experience is a hinderance once you go beyond a certain point.

When asked - she makes it clear that this was just her journey and others can make up their own minds and does not want to speak for others. After all, she herself spent the best part of twenty five years with her guru before leaving for good.

another snippet from sheena's book:

When a mother delivers her baby, the umbilical cord is cut off - it is necessary for the child's growth. Lao Tzu taught his disciples the method to God-Realization, but they had to leave the monastery after their training because the path to God-realization is walked alone.

She wrote this in her letter to Guruji.

Clearly she was aware that the disciple has to let the master go - and cannot remain a disciple forever,

@ osho -

Bullet point as you have read the point what Gurinder said to her that upset her.

I know about about the sleeping with many men remark - rate is the soul that is pure at the time of marriage these days - that’s why the cauldrons of hell are always working over time lol.

@ Jen - flying out Tuesday last tour .

All the very best and a little story!

Last decade I was badly injured and alone where I was at that particular time. Not giving you people anything too much to walk your brain cells together - however a Sikh gent with a turban dragged me out and gave me water - my eyes were bloodshot and he then just vanished. My team were amazed as both my legs were broken and there no way I could have moved. 😀 it’s all a game and I wasn’t in India ha . No Sikhs or other turbaned men there .

@ Noname ... excellent points, thank you for refreshing my memory about what little pissants these RSSB high rankers are. Beas is abnormally patriarchic top down and there must have been several such incidents involving children, I can imagine. I must find out whether they've finally shut down the " Children's Seva " ...

A ton of folklore surrounds Jagat's family. It seems like you may be right about his son committing suicide, my texts say the same. There are doubts surrounding his anointment, Baba Sawan's original will has either gone missing or has never been seen. People think I'm cuckoo when I talk about the history of Beas but what they don't realise is that the books are not just fairytales, but are also factually incorrect. Interestingly, there is no official mention of Bibi Lajo in the English texts. There are, of course, several accounts of her in other texts and in the chronicles of the older generations of Beas. I've always known that Beas fudged a ton of hard facts, especially in their English publications. History is debatable and they fear the thinking believer. They keep the poor, uneducated multitudes busy with promises of a better afterlife and don't really bother with the vernacular as much. I wish more people could get hold of " Origins and Growth " ... Gurinder had recalled its circulation and destroyed the stocks after he took over the Gaddi. I personally think that Baba Jagat wasn't expecting the numbers to swell, but thousands of people took up refuge in Amritsar and its surrounding areas during the migration from ( now ) Pakistan. The ones who stayed on at the Dera were subsequently initiated and that was the first mass expansion of RSSB. It's also widely believed that Baba Jagat was a recluse and didn't quite know how to handle the rapid rise in numbers. I've heard that if he had his way, he'd have none of it and that he was brusque and didn't speak much.

What is noteworthy is the role of the matriarchs in the Sikh patriarchy. Bibi Lajo, Bibi Ralli and a handful of the other Bibis ( old women ) have all played their part in the power games at Beas. It is common knowledge that Nimmie Singh ( mother of the Singh Brothers and daughter of Charan ) has little tolerance for Shabnam Dhillon, Gurinder's wife. This isn't in the wake of the recent revelations, they've always had an discreet tension between them. My personal take is that Nimmie is a woman of sharp instincts and had read Gurinder right in the beginning. She has been against the financial joyride that the Guru orchestrated. She's a feisty lady and would've been a far better custodian of the family wealth had the boys not succumbed to Gurinder's trickery and their own greed.

@ Bombay blonde - you have a unique mind - god I wouldn’t want to face you in a chess game 😀

That’s a compliment by the way

@ Arjuna,

Interesting story of how you were helped. At times I need that kind of spiritual and magical feeling in life to keep me going. I've had some strange and unusual experiences which I remember fondly. Makes life more interesting than boring humdrum practical existence.

@ Jen - I’m not closing it was Gurinder - could have been anyone. I think the divine came in a form that would be More comfortable with at that time of my life.

Where he touched me on my shoulders when pulling me - there appear to be markings which the doctor said appear to be made inside out. Ie a reverse tattoo. Perhaps it Satan - we do get along as I have been employed in an industry where he has a lot of sway 😈

@Arjuna said
In the U.K. 77 people are on these doctor prescribed drugs and the business is worth 7 billion dollars globally.
please google
SSRI + school+shootings

and they know it

do it again with DUCKDUCKGO.COM because GOOGLE ie not what it was under Eric Scmidt

This payment of 48 Million $ to this infiltrator proves it all

Bombay "dame
bring your snake stuff elsewhere where they like your taste

BTW : 81

but the Judge will see through


@ 777 calm down brother

from Sheena's book:

Aunty VK was quite ill, guruji visited her. "Is she taking good care of you?" glancing in my direction.

"Guruji - YOU are taking good care of me" she replied like a good disciple.

I promptly made a mental note of that. I had been up all night nursing her and she was happily giving all the credit to GuruJi. She needed serious talking to.

Within a second, Guruji turned to me "What's that fertile mind of yours thinking?"

I froze. Impossible. Had he just used his divine powers to read my mind? Was that allowed in the guidelines laid out for spiritual Gurus?


"sewa is all consuming, leaving no time for meditation. It's very upsetting.
and... there IS a bias amongst the paid and unpaid sewadars.
Why doesn't guruji take a stand and act on it?"

Aunty VK smiled "Don't worry, Sheena, Everything will happen at the right time, and you will develop better understanding."

"Aunty, I love your optimism, but it is mis-placed"

She patted my head, "Trust me. Just continue to do GuruJi's sewa, without questioning anything."

"But I don't quite get this..."

"Sheena, you are not here to get. you are here to let go. When you change your attitude, your true learning will start. Open your heart and mind, disentangle yourself from your pre-conceived notions. Stop resisting and be accepting."

I was getting a clearer insight into the teachings. I attained clarity of thought, better focus, and deeper realization.

GuruJi strengthened me further by asking me to give discourses. I had to read a vast amount of material.

This is the same journey most of the disciples are on. Struggling with the mind. Unable to let go.

Sheena wanted desperately to let go - but also could not ignore what she saw happening in front of her. In particular the 'flaws' in her GuruJi.

later she was going to sell her apartment - but guruji advised her not to sell. The property market plummeted, then when it hit rock bottom, he told her to sell. He then advised her to put the money into the stock market, which crashed, leaving her penniless.

"Blind belief left me in a state of utter disbelief" says Sheena.

"Having no funds to sustain myself in the ashram - I left broken-hearted. "

I arrived in Bombay penniless, homeless and jobless.
My old gang was furious. Ally was the most vocal
"Your GuruJi let you go because you were broke? When he was responsible for what happened?"
"After then years of voluntary work, wasting your youth at the back of beyond, he washes his hands of you? Is this his sense of responsibility?"

"I can't figure this out"

"There's nothing to figure out Sheena. Wake up to reality. This is the real world, not the stupid ashram. Why did he give you that dumb advice? and why did you listen to him? See where it's landed you?"

"Ally, perhaps it was destiny, you know, my karma..."

She threw a magazine at me, "Have you been brainwashed? Gee, what a twit. Is this the garbage they feed you there? Shit about Destiny and Karma?"

"Do you still believe in GuruJi?" Mona asked

"Of course I still believe in GuruJi. I can't blame him. Maybe I was meant to learn something from all this..."

"Bullshit", exclaimed Ally, "What's got into you? Why can't you see sense? Pull yourself together, Sheena. Your head is stuck in the sand with this insane karma stuff."

Life without Guruji was indescribably painful, like losing a loved one.

Isn't this the same struggle that all the disciples go through?

The struggle between trying to figure it out and trust / surrender?

People are at various stages on their own path of struggle.

The above was after ten years of seva. Later she goes back for more....

once a person is on a spiritual path - it is like being in love

logic no longer works. Just like people in love - the person seeks something that will transform their life.

Disciples look up to their guru like he is the father that is going to fix everything.

but it never happens.

Like Sheena, many disciples will have some mystical experiences from time to time

and that keeps them going - confirms they are on the right path.

but this is all part of the endless seeking, never arriving.... delusion.

thinking it will happen soon.... not even knowing what they are expecting to happen.

Soon it becomes a mindless journey to god knows where (and he's not telling....)

Some eventually convince themselves they have arrived. But where?
can't really say, as it's not a 'place' - it is subjective.

@ Jen ... I have nothing to be defensive about. I came up with " Bombay Blonde " at a whim, after buying half a case of my namesake beer on an evening I was emailing Brian. My line of work involves dealing with people from different nationalities and that ( I guess ) has shaped my worldview. I am a vociferous voice for the rights of women and I'm a hundred percent in support of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. I've seen too much patriarchal nonsense in my own life that I have actively taken steps to call out and cull off ... and nothing has ever made me feel as empowered as standing up for myself and others. Currently, we have an American intern in the office and you have no idea how much unmindful racism she faces in India. I thought I'd reverse it and see what happens ...

What I've observed is that people are not insensitive, they're often just unmindful and unaware of how they choose to respond because their conditioning is set in an algorithm of stereotypes. Last month, I was out buying a coffee with our intern, when I overheard someone whisper ... " she's blonde but she's fat " ... in other words, she was expected to fit the ideal notion of blonde, thin and blue-eyed. Basically, I have no place for stereotyping in my world. There's far too much heterogeneous beauty that surrounds us all and it's important to break the barriers.

I'm the least sensitive about my ethnicity, I was only making a point regarding stereotypes. Call me what you like as long as there are no stereotypes involved. That said, I suspect the " generational gap " between us ... ( if you insist, though I think that the concept of a generational gap in this particular context is a tad misplaced ) ... coupled with the fact that I am, possibly, coming from better confrontational experience given the nature of my offline work, is a bit much for you. Apologies, but I have no intent to mislead or confuse but I'm always up for a challenge.

I wanted to observe reactions to " Bombay Blonde " but I now wish I'd gone with " Porn Star " instead ... :)

Pornstar ( you asked :-) ) wrote
"""" I wish more people could get hold of " Origins and Growth " ... """

I think I have that
It's a kind of Balance sheet about
moneys coming in and out
and explications

I 'bought' or got it in Beas but never really read it

At the time I thought
"Héé , . . other religions don't give such bookkeeping out

But why should it has been suppressed

My wife was raped and killed during these unfortunate happenings
she was burned
and all that time Sawan gave his inner Darshan
She felt nothing
Only HIS Love

Gurinder is right
Let's go IN, . . if not for the Divine Love
there is a lot info available about your past lives
and future lives


@ 777 ... Blondie, the group, that's right ! Hey, what's with the " snake stuff " ... I enjoy studying the histories of not just Beas, but Surat Shabad Yoga. That stuff is far more complex and layered than the current financial coup.

@ Osho Robbins ... +1, that's all there really is to it ... that one disappointment that sinks in so deep that it takes years to recover. Brings to mind a poignant scene from Call Me By Your Name ... :)

but Surat Shabad Yoga

It s not complex

Did You grep that it is about "How to become happy ?
also while living

It's very simple


@ 777 ... O&G isn't about book-keeping, we obviously have different editions. It's just interesting that GSD wanted to get rid of history. Why ? I'm sorry about your loss, but I find your musings difficult to comprehend ... did you lose your wife in Dera, or while you were in Punjab ? I don't ascribe worldly goodness to the inner dimensions of sound and light. I have absolutely no first-hand experience of the discovery of any higher mystical plane, even after living on a hilltop for three months in solitude and silence with five fellow seekers for ( dinner ) company.

"I think you were referring to the Gujarati hawkers in Mumbai, I don't see them in Delhi. "

Bombay Blonde, go to Janpath and you'll find them.

@ Arjuna ... that's an interesting story, about a saviour saving your life. I've heard of such miracles, many of them. But, the only miracle I know and the only Guru I've experienced ... is the present moment.

@ Jesse ... interesting. I was always intrigued by the feisty Maharashtrian and Gujarati hawkers in Mumbai. It would be interesting to compare a tale of two cities in this aspect.

"" I'm sorry about your loss ""

This was in a previous life , 1947 ; the particien
we were brother and sister in that life
She remembers , that is : Charan told her in pre-meditations
these things
even another life where she met Seth Shiv Dayal
when she was married out to somebody near Agra

Telling in your insight is more or less that you re-live it again
exactly as it was but by His Sweet Help and the Sound you hear
It doesn't hurt anymore
We had an wallnut orchyard in now Pakistan Punjab
Charan tells her so much more
also about the future of the planet and the Beas Sangat

All what Gurinder seems to do bad . . . it is good

We live actually in France
She is 11 years younger

In my comments I make reguarly 2 mistakes
That most readers are used to and remember what I posted before
Assuming that here are EX-initiated readers

I learned that that is not the case

Many "initiated" by other saddhus, Babas , otrher than RSSB came uttering their grievance

I have now the idea that on the 4 million initiates are only around 10 / 15
disappointed EX-RSSB persons

Happy satsangis are reluctant because of Gurinders suggestions not to involve
MaharaJi Charan Singh , Our Master did , even commanded to involve here

Yes many advises I suggest here can only be understood when U are initiated
In that way not many pearls are wasted

You said "World benifices of Sound and Licht

There are many - How about to be invulnerable , happy like orgasmic (above yr eyes) even
any times if not all the time

I explained many times - I hope your karma let s you read some
or question me
on the 16 Chapter where Brian authorises serious talks

sorry - my corrector still nor working

@ 777 ... meditation and happiness aren't related, in my humble opinion. I have a yogic meditative practice that has the same effect like Zen archery, it helps my focus. The five-regions mantra meditation that is exclusive to Beas-Mat is something I tried for a few months, and boy, I tried hard. However, I felt it was making me dull. All of us are wired differently - a certain type of meditation may work for you, but it may not work for me.

@ 777 ... alright, I personally know many more ( heretic ) ex-Sats than your estimate. But hey, what's your core argument anyway ? That the infallible Guru-God is doing some heavy duty karma shedding for his family ? I just don't buy it 777. All of it just looks terribly wrong when I think of it in real world terms and completely whacky when juxtaposed against " The Path Of The Masters " ... :)

@ Arjuna ... I don't play chess, but I don't think I'd be very good at it. What I do enjoy is a good drink and a nice cigar by the lake. I'm not an aethiest ... somewhere deep within my heart, I think I'm still a seeker. Somewhat.

Were You really rssb initiated
Because , THAT is the point
Real mrditation = 100% not thinking while fully awake, . . then things change
Like all pubers know >> it happens best out of LOVE
So hearing you , i don't think that was your case :-)
All depends of your former lives, . . what happened there
It's easiers with not to much $$$ haha

You are Young - Don t worry
Just do not hurt other jeevas ( important )
Alcohol = not helpful - wow


@ Bombay Blonde - omg you are at exactly where I am right now in that you like a drink A cigar and still are a seeker

All of it just looks terribly wrong when I think of it in real world terms and completely whacky when juxtaposed against " The Path Of The Masters " ... :)

What about juxtaposed with "mud huts" ? Both wacky and humiliating. Schlepping dirt for a loony old Guru can be quite hard work too ;)

"I wanted to observe reactions to " Bombay Blonde " but I now wish I'd gone with " Porn Star " instead ... :) "

You do make me laugh, gotta have a sense of humour to survive this crazy world! Your story is fascinating to me because my very sheltered life has been so different. Big difference in the women of today compared to the past that I experienced.

Am I allowed to call you "BB" for short? lol

About following a guru, its great that you are now moving away from the delusion that gurus are more powerful than you are. We are all individuated souls on our journey and taking back our personal power is important, at the same time its not the 'ego' that I'm talking about.

You say the Beas-Mat meditation was making you dull and yes, I agree, we are all wired differently. I can't handle sitting still like some kind of robot and prefer to spend my very quiet life being in the moment, being present as an observer which is kind of Zen like. I am grateful that Sant Mat put me on the path of being vegetarian, moral life, no alcohol, drugs, etc. but then of course, to each their own.


I think you made a great point. Once on a path sometimes Truth itself gets lost.

The thing of it is, without the path, the guru, the sangat, a lot of people do not have the sustaining power to keep the buddhist precepts and will soon be back using intoxicants, drugs, chasing sense pleasures, stretching ethics and morality.

There are pluses and minuses to a spiritual path.

I'm guessing that each person's 'truth' is a kind of confirmation bias? Some of us seem to be continually searching for truth, always seeking, looking for answers, the mind does not want to be still. Sant Mat is a path and then some of us branch off into other pathways, even imaginary realities, wandering through life forever seeking for something more than this.

I like the "intuitive wisdom" that Zen speaks of...

Zen as a possible antidote to many of the problems of modern society:
"One obvious answer is- through Zen. Not necessarily Zen Buddhism but Zen in its broad sense of a one-pointed aware mind; of a disciplined life of simplicity and naturalness as against a contrived and artificial one; of a life compassionately concerned with our own and the world's welfare and not self-centered and aggressive. A life, in short, of harmony with the natural order of things and not in constant conflict with it."

Not an easy path, still a discipline, and still battling against conflicting emotions and ideas... sigh*

'm surprised that you found 777 calling you "blondy" offensive, lol. This must be something to do with the age gap because when I was young I was called blondy and it was no big deal."""

YES It was a big compliment
JEN , mail me a Photo, . . .


@ 777 ... thank you for the compliment, we all agree that Blondie was a music group. Yay !

@ Dungeness ... totally ! It's entirely suppressive, oppressive, regressive and depressive.

@ 287 ... that's a very interesting line of thought, a few of my family members went on a " rebound " of sorts after junking their belief system. I'm in love with the Earth ( with a phobia of house lizards ) so I cannot bring myself to consume any sentient being. I'll have a few drinks on the weekend, I'll have the occasional cigar ... and spend the rest of my time in professional and personal pursuits. I can be gregarious, a tad outspoken but I've always been like that, it's not the result of the shedding. I strongly believe that my curiosity, education and career saved me.

Quote Bombay Blonde : I'm in love with the Earth ( with a phobia of house lizards ) so I cannot bring myself to consume any sentient being

Well, that would seem to indicate that you're "in love with" sentience, and not necessarily the part of Earth that isn't sentient! (At least, your dietary choices do not seem necessarily dicated by an all-encompassing Earth-love, only to a [perhaps anthropomorphic, or at least empathic] love for sentience.)

This is no criticism, merely my observation. I'm in the same dietary boat as you.

I sometimes wonder : What would we do, you and I and those others who think this way (people whose stomach turns at the thought of consuming a being with the smallest hint of sentience, without necessarily linking this instinctive abhorrence to any kind of religious mumbo jumbo), if -- just suppose -- it turned out that plants too had some form of sentience?

Incidentally, having asked you that question about sentience in plants, I was curious, and checked out, just now, some random google links, and it appears there is a great deal of speculation, already, about plants actually possessing some form of sentience.

I only very quickly browsed through these links, just enough to tell me that there are those who speculate about such.

I haven't actually read these articles in detail, and I'll go with the assumption that these are no more than speculations (since any actual evidence of this nature would have been announced in blazing headlines, not hidden away in random internet articles).

Still, the question remains : If it is proved, tomorrow, that plants do possess sentience, then what worth our instinctive empathy? Do we starve to death, or do we dismiss our queasiness? If the latter, then why not go the whole hog (yes, pun intended)?

I suppose there's always a third option : harnessing science to (attempt to) develop alternative food sources, that don't involve even plants.

@ Appreciative Reader ... I'm glad you brought this up. A close friend ( who devours mussels and oysters ) insists that plants secrete a sap and that they feel " pain " when they are being plucked ... especially root vegetables. He also insists that mussels and oysters feel no " pain " ... and that there's a way to pick berries " painlessly " ...

Oh well well ... I'd have to be a full time research scientist and a gatherer of every morsel that goes into my mouth if I would get into such precision of karma reduction ... and all of this seems too far fetched for my understanding.

I'm using the word " sentience " in its widest connotation, I guess. Would I have a chicken egg if the chicken is not interested in hatching it ? Yes. Would I have a scoop of ( only ) mashed potato from the top of a Shepard's Pie ? No. Would I go hungry if there's only meat on offer ? Yes. Do I eat cheese with rennet ? Hmmm. I would prefer a rennet free cheese, I really would. Do I feed my dogs and cats meat ? Yes. They can't do without it ! Does all this add up to being hypocritical ... I'm not quite sure. I don't like the sight of meat for self consumption but I have no issues with others eating whatever they enjoy. I try to avoid looking at the fish heads though, they freak me out.

Would I go entirely ballistic if someone tried to chop off a tree branch ? Oh, yes, yes, yes ... I have a very strange affiliation with trees. It's like a deep attachment that I'm trying to learn more about.

I commend Sheena on her writing this book. I wish Sheena would show more courage and file a case against GSD. Many Gurus in India have landed in jail after such complaints have been filed and hopefully we can put one more guru behind the bars. Between the money scandal and the sex scandal, the probability of GSD going to prison looks promising.

I am posting this message for others at all posts for those who want to search independently.

Please don' delete it.
Sir, the screenshots you have posted from Memoirs of the Seeker by Sheena show that, that particular Guru is popularly called Guruji, his meeting centres and the main Dera called Ashrams and a Beauty Salon. All the above things point towards Dera Sacha Sauda which is located in Sirsa, Haryana in North India.
Hospital, school and shops are there in Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, headquarter of RSSB but no Beauty Salon. Also, cutrent RSSB is popular as Baba Ji, previous one as Maharaj Ji, Jaimal Singh was also popular as Baba Ji while Sawan Singh was also like Charan Singh popular as Maharaj Ji.

But the current head of Dera Sacha Sauda, Gurmeet Ram Raheem is popular as Guru Ji.

Meeting Centres of RSSB are called, Satsang Centres, Satsang Ghars in India and Science of the Soul Study Centre in most other countries.
Main Centre is just called Dera.

But meeting centres of Dera Sacha Sauda are called Ashrams.

How to verify the above?

I am sending you screenshots of news articles.
First, I send you the link to Equilibrium of Love, 80 mb (approx.) pdf file which from page 186 to 221 shows what facilities are there in RSSB Main Dera. Its a pictorial album so don't worry you can read these pages in a few minutes. On page no. 209 shows the general services in which it is mentioned there is one barber but there is no Beauty Salon/Parlour mentioned.


Please download from above link.

That Dera Sacha Sauda has a Beauty Salon is verified from the link of this news article


That, head of Dera Sacha Sauda is popular as Guruji and centres are called Ashram as well is found in these articles.

This is an article on fficial website of Dera Sacha Sauda and mentions its current head as Guruji.


This article on official website of Dera Sacha Sauda clearly uses the word Ashram for its centres.


Such usage of words Ashram and Guru ji is not common in RSSB only due to tradition.

Beauty Salon is the biggest Clue.

Persons claiming to be Sheena or her acquaintances may have wrongly guessed after reading "Memoirs of Seeker" that it must be about RSSB and may had thought that they can lie to you about their identity but anyways will be conveying the truth so they lied to you".

As one of the comments on that post of yours includes the statement "where else there is a school, hospital, etc" which is wrong as Dera Sacha Sauda also has hospital and school but as mentioned in above links has a beauty salon/parlour as well.


Above link mentions school and hospital, below links are from official sites of Dera Sacha Sauda



You can contact RSSB, see within the picture album from the first link or use any other means to see whether there is a beauty salon or place of cosmetics within RSSB Main Dera or not and demand proof of the same from tgose claiming to be Sheena or her acquaintances as they claim them to be.

If you search Dera Baba Jaimal Singh or Radha Soami Satsang Beas along with Beauty Salon/Parlour you will see many search results showing Beauty Parlours with their addresses because that is how Search engines work but the addressses show different cities/towns but never the address of the Dera.

Hope you search for truth in an objective manner.

Why is not my comment showing?

Brian Hines has mistaken, there is no Beauty Salon at the RSSB Dera.

The following link is of Picture Album of RSSB, it mentions all the services available in RSSB, there is a barber but no Beauty Salon.


The pages 186-221 show the facilities available. Page 209 mentions which shops are there.

Memoirs of a Seeker says that the Dera has a Beauty Salon.

There are many other Deras, atleat one I know "Dera Sacha Sauda" has school, hospital and even a Beauty Salon.

Brian Hines only claims but gives no proof. I don't think he is lying, just he has believed fake people

Thus, the Ashram mentioned in Memors of a Seeker is not RSSB Dera and the Guru must be someone else.

Vibhor, Typepad put your comment in the spam folder, perhaps because it had so many links. I just published it.

Vibhor, I've checked some reliable sources and they tell me that what you said in your comment is wrong. Dera Baba Jaimal Singh does have a beauty parlor, coffee shop, and such. So I'm going to consider that Sheena's account of Gurinder Singh Dhillon and bad stuff going on at the RSSB headquarters is correct, and you are wrong.

Hi Brian!
If I understood correctly you already confirmed with a mutual friend of the author that this is actually a narrative of the Dera at Beas.

An author may combine events from different people which actually occurred as part of creating a narrative.

Whether there is a coffee shop or a Harley dealership just outside the gates may be fictional details added to actually protect the anonymity of the actual location and organizion.

Of more utility would be to ask Victor...

Buddy, have you witnessed any strong arm tactics or off color jokes from the Master?

Have you spent time with him?

Hey guys

Any Ashram or Dera worth its salt has to have a beauty parlour - don’t folk go there to get their ‘self’ waxed?

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