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August 28, 2018


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English is not my first language Brian, i cannot find the correct words to express my
gratitude for your blog too.
As ex-satsangi i am not feeling anymore alone,
Thanks again and a big hug.

I also appreciate your blog Brian, very much so. First thing I read each morning to see whats happening on the Churchless site and its great to be able to express our feelings and annoyances and thank you for being very practical and patient.

I'll give you a pat on the back and say thanks for all the stimulating topics to comment on over the years that attract so many varied and interesting personalities. I have learned a lot and have had some laughs too. That's what good blogs do.

Ditto Tucson's sentiment. My important takeaways: laugh, beware all
fanaticism, (particularly my own), and always try to remember the
most important manta of all - "So what!"

Living in the Land Down Under - Australia - its great to read the comments and observations from people all over the world.

The date today is 29 August 2018 and the time is 11:11am - woohoo

Cheers guys

Ditto, ditto the previous posts Brian. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute, discuss and reflect on lots of good stuff and perspectives on the thing that still occupies a lot of my thought - truth hankering. There is some really helpful comment and information to be found within this blog. Great job - glad someone is doing it, particularly in regard to RSSB. Based on all the recent hoola it seems things are really opening up. Will watch with interest. Have to admit I felt somewhat sad about it, especially remembering times at the Dera in the late 80s and early 90s - I believe many of us considered the place to be one of the nicest places on earth. Everything changes.
In regard to Life is Fair- I still have a copy and used the segment ‘Am I Blue’ in a Philosophy class I was involved with. Just had another wee look at the book which has quite a few 2B pencil marks throughout - ‘We need to cast off the chains that limit us by freeing ourselves of whatever binds or clouds our consciousness’ (Hines 1999, p. 19) - there was a big tick next to this.

Tim, damn, thanks for the quote. Sometimes I make some sense. Haven't read that book in a long time. I'm still working on a non-bound, clear consciousness. As are we all, really. It's a lifelong project.

I'm not going to pat your back, you are well fit to pat your own.
No disrespect meant. A bit like paddling your own canoe kind of thing and if people like to see your canoe and how you handle it great! If they think you are paddling all wrong, great!
Keep paddling. That's it.

I'm taking the oars of my canoe into my own hands.
Here is what I've come up with so far.

Option 1:
For most of my life I've been in a giant playpark, full to the hilt of drama.
Played some good characters, some awful and some a nightmare.
The main character decided that it was bad and needed saving. It feared for its life, it's role.
It found a Ji among many Ji's to save it. Played that well, (as well as it could ha) but again, that role started breaking down.
The Ji in hindsight (no pun intended) had a part in breaking this role down.
Anyway, the role has dropped along with a lot of other roles I've played all my life.
It all seemed a farce. The whole bad/good character.
A hatred of the lies built up into one simple word. Bullshit!
All of it. Everywhere I looked or anything I thought I was, was bullshit.
The only thing I can know for sure, is I exist. I'm alive.

Option 2:
Now I'm living in option 2. Not much drama, zero tolerance for bullshit which leaves nothing really. No fizzle about annoyance or turning back to 'prove' any character wrong or bad, no hatred for any of the characters, including the Ji.
If I did try and muster that, it puts me back into option 1 again and there doesn't seem to be a lot of juice, or enough juice to get something going. All fizzles out.
I can't seem to get back to option 1, even if I want to.
Option 2 just seems to be nothing, a great big boring nothing and from this perspective, that's how it looks until death, which is one sure thing, comes and flips the off switch!
In this "place" if death came along, I'd say 'bout time'.
Who knows really?! Maybe if death did come in the next hour, I'd do a Mrs O Connor in this amusing short advertisement - if an option 3 appears and I'm having fun with the playpark?!

Option 3 ?!?!



Quote Brian : Recently I got a message from a Church of the Churchless visitor that moved me a lot. Even brought some tears to my eyes.

Brian, I am very, very, very touched to see how very closely you care for and empathize with the effect of your work on your particular correspondent there (and, by extension, on all of us who read and participate in your blog).

I’ve said this before, but this seems the right time and place to reiterate how much I personally appreciate your work here.

I first came across your blog a few years ago, at a fairly crucial period of my life (“crucial” not so much in terms of my personal mundane workaday personal life as in terms of my ‘spiritual development’, if I may rather grandly call it that), a time when I was myself moving, on one hand, from largely unexamined apatheism to a very close examination of the God idea, and, on the other hand, from (largely unexamined) theism to (very closely examined) agnosticism and (soft) atheism.

I was so struck with your blog and your rational and fully-well-informed approach towards spirituality, and your personal journey and your words so closely resonated with me, that over the next few months I went systematically through most of your blog, starting with your very first posts here.

And your views and ideas -- and also the many wonderful comments and commenters here -- have helped inform my own ideas a great deal. I’m not saying my thoughts necssarily mirror yours always -- absolutely not, that would be weird! -- but your blog has been a priceless resource to me personally in terms of expanding my own particular knowledge base about spirituality in general, and also in terms of helping me to rationally work out my own personal world view (especially when it comes to the God question).

Thanks very much, Brian, for this extended labor of love of yours!

And here’s hoping that we continue this journey with you for many more years and decades to come! :-)

Wow Brian , this is a win win apparently
Everybody can take to his desire here

Not amazing that you, . . with a tiny life prediction ( not personal, but humanity_wise )
plus "No, That was It, Pal" . . . ( John Cleese answering : "Can I have another life" )
are finding support
as so many churches misuse their "power" big time

Of course my solopism / solispism ( only scientific math ) is more attractive , which is
Everybody is Sweet God Almighty, who plays around a little
for acquiring more love ( all the time and non time )

Life is beautiful


@ Brian - guess you wouldn’t expect this from me. But you have shaken a lot of things up for the better.

To extract someone from the Matrix is not easy but we are getting there my friend😀

However control the ego now - that you are on your own 😀

Arjuna, who are you talking about? Yourself? Me? Everybody?

What do you mean by "control the ego"? What is the ego? Does it exist? If so, why do you want to control it? Don't you trust yourself? Don't you trust me? Don't you trust other people?

Who do you know who has controlled their ego? If you know someone, how do you know they've done that? And again, what is the point of it?

See, it's easy to spout pseudo-spiritual stuff like "control the ego." But unless this means something real, practical, and observable, those are just three words without meaning.

I'm wondering and curious, speaking of this blog and appreciativeness (not a real word but who cares), does anybody know where my good friend tAo is?
I haven't been here in many years and I haven't seen him about.
I miss his sweet words.

@ Brian - think it’s vest if we leave the discussion on ego😀

Arjuna, you brought up the subject of ego, apparently in reference to me. I was just trying to do a little bit of the Socrates thing, asking some questions in an effort to show that maybe you don't have a good understanding of what ego is, assuming it is anything, and whether having some, none, or a lot of it is a good or bad thing, or an indifferent thing.

Often people throw around spiritual or psychological words as if they mean much more than they really do. Sometimes it is productive to ask questions about what someone means by a word, especially if it appears that the person is using a word unduly loosely.

@ Brian - my response was More to do with me after a hard day - I’m back in training to fly out to serve.

Will be facing many people who have the wrong idea of ego or who fear nothing as they either think they are god or that there is no god - so they can do what they want. and some who want to hurt the innocent - we protect the weak. That’s when we step in to as the last stop! It’s a messed up world don’t be so keen to enjoy this realm - as Huzar once replied to a lady who wanted to learn to be humble- “what is there to be proud off”!

Tired - must go


Not an easy task you have - protecting the weak and the innocent - and kudos to you and the others who are doing a difficult job to keep us safe.

""" See, it's easy to spout pseudo-spiritual stuff like "control the ego." But unless this means something real, practical, and observable, those are just three words without meaning. """

The mind, according to Shankara consists of 4 attributes

Ahankar is PROUD, not Ego, but mostly described as EXTREME PROUD

Like people fearing WW3 to come because this US moron will have his Mueller soon

So many destructive cases in history plus our own case of AHANKAR :
Brians second book, refused by Gurinder

Don't say 'no' because you described how Gurinder just layed your manuscript in a corner
hence this blog

Another example Osho Robbins after years of "satsang" heard from Gurinder
"This is not Sant Mat"

There is a third hysteric anti RSSB here ( Mike ? ) but by my age I need a few hours to remember him


Thank you Arjuna

"" In this "place" if death came along, I'd say 'bout time'. ""
If anybody might comment, it's me
so :

Ramana Maharshi
"Only to be immerged in Him, TO BE HIM is to know Him"

This is Tulsi's Sant Mat

Yes We All Can
Isn't that 24/7 fabulous, . . . OMG


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