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August 03, 2018


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My troubles didn’t originate here. So, why are you here? What karma do you have in France? ""

Would be a whole Roman 12 tomes
You want to play . . . ?
it's mostly in my comments


Hi Sarah,

I am also quite disillusioned with Sant Mat, probably because Gurinder does not seem like the real deal and I am a Charan initiate. You probably know about Sam Busa, the South African representative, he had a very warm personality and I have fond memories of him giving satsang. He was very close to Charan. Here is a short video of Sam with Charan. The Durban satsang was very friendly and I haven't experienced that since I left. Its the feeling of belonging that I miss.


You ask: "Are your family members part of RS?"

My parents were British and we were English South Africans, living in a very divided, tribal country which is getting worse now. My brother, who was from the 'Beat' generation, travelled around the world hitchhiking. He was a strong character, seven years older than me, and he heard about the Master when he was living in Cape Town and he visited the Dera in the sixties and when he came home he told us all about the Path and my mother and I were both initiated in Durban. I'm glad I was initiated and still stick to the principles although not great at meditating but am happy to be living a good healthy lifestyle.

Sorry to hear that you have had negative experiences on the path, especially when you were at the Dera. I've only visited once in 1998, travelled on my own from Sydney, and it made me realise that my faith carried me through so well because I was a true believer then and felt protected. Had a wonderful trip, the satsangis at Delhi hostel and Beas station were very helpful, the train ride was through the night and I arrived at the Dera at 3:00am in the morning!

Negativity is underrated.

Coming from the most polite and nice Scandinavian part of the midwest but not being purely Scandinavian Midwestern myself has always presented challenges. One side of my family are Slavs, and Slavs have no problem expressing seriously dark emotions.

My mothers entire family are Norwegian, EXTREMELY high trust, positive, giving, and generally pleasant agreeable people. Also much to the chagrin of Appreciative Reader, they're mostly above average in intelligence as well, not including the ones who got into drugs. Anyway, you could steal from them and they'd probably smile and never mention it to avoid unnecessary conflict.

The others on my Dad's side, Russians, had no problem screaming at each other, never smiling, doing weird ritual curses aimed at people in the most minimally important conflicts and I assume some were into crime, though I never confirmed this much.

The older I get the more I appreciate my Dad and his side of the family who I once considered to be absolutely insane. It's not that I think smiling, politeness and all that are bad things, but when they're so deeply ingrained in the culture as to be expected even in extremely difficult times or even in fights, there seems to be an inhumanity to that level of positivity. It breeds naivety and cowardice in a lot of people here.

Sometimes, you need to be able to express anger, disappointment, distrust and rage, you need to seek revenge, and you need to do it shamelessly and directly. It's healthy to say "this is f***** bull**** and I hope those mother***** get torn apart by f***** farm equipment." At least if you have even a drop of realness in your blood.

As for South Africa, I hope all the farmers escape safely and get to watch the murderous goons of the ANC die in self inflicted abject poverty and servitude to China as the Afrikaners drink vodka on their new Russian farms. God protect the Afrikaners and may he save them from this silent genocide.

Hail Jim

‘Represent’ to you and your wife - 57 years of marriage - fantastic.

I’ve noticed you are not averse to using the word ‘fart’ in your posts. I have a question for you -

Do farts manage to hold onto some sort of identity when released into the wind? Or, do they completely disappear particularly when re-entering the original gas cloud? :-)

@ Tim,....Since I do not have a Degree in Fartology, a B.S. ( Bull S- - - ) ; M.S. ( More S - - -‘ ), or Ph.D. ( Pilled High & Deep). I don’t really know, professionally, if a good healty fart completely disappears and disapates in the surrounding air with out leaving even a trace of residue that enters the nasal passages causing the “ Phew” of By-Standers. But having 76 years of experience of both voluntary Flatulating, as well as silent escaping Sliders, my personal conjecture is, that under many circumstances, and hea y survailence, such as after ingesting a good Southern Baked Bean Dinner, when the Snappers have not been removed from the Beans, the Scientific Proof of material residue remaining in a Fart that was realeased to become a Shart is by examination of the brown crust found in the area of white underwear directly in the path of the Anal Muffler. Under close examination, some might even be able to scrapped off with your fingernail. So, I don’t think we would need to do the “ Double Slit” test that Physicists do, to prove my Conjecture. My Single slit has proven beyond a shadiw of doubt that a good healty fart does not loose its personaly identity after being released to awaken others in close proximity to the Donor.

How ever, to offer further Scientific proof for the Scientists reading here, you may enjoy the information provided in this Link.


Jim Sutherland


This was the Journal that my early Peak Meditation was published.

Jim Sutherland

Hi Jesse,

I enjoyed your comment, hearing a little about your family history. When you first arrived on this blog I kinda freaked out a bit but now I realise how in the past I have been far too sensitive probably from upbringing influence.

I really enjoyed Jordan Peterson's take on agreeable and disagreeable, loved this bit, about the extremes in society...

"If you ask a disagreeable person what he or she wants they'll tell you right away, this is what I want and this is how I'm going to get it, but agreeable people, especially if they are really agreeable are so agreeable that they often don't even know what they want..." lol

The video below is short segment of a lecture he gave:

Jordan Peterson - Agreeable and Disagreeable People (12:03)


Quote One Initiated : Dear AR, --- On a side note:--- (Not trying to get b/w yours and Jesse's ongoing discussion) --- Your writing style reminds me of Socrates, --- (telling positively - I do like reading Socrates and Plato)--- Do you like to read them as well ?

Dear One Initiated,

Apologies for this very belated response. Hadn’t been able to check in here in some time.

Thanks very much for the thought behind your comment! (As for the similarity, I don’t know, perhaps any focused discussion of substance, where one tends to speak one on one, would take exactly this form?)

Re. the Dialogues : I haven’t read them all, not by half, but yes, I have read a few of them, long ago, and enjoyed them too.

And yes, they’re impressive, I agree : Even the least amongst us can rightfully aspire, today, to far greater lucidity than anything Plato has written, as well as a far truer “map of the territory” than any of these ancients could devise for themselves : but when you consider how ancient are those works, and when you consider how abysmal was the base level of knowledge from which these people looked out at the world, then absolutely, they cannot fail to strike one with awe.

Quote 777 : A.R.s rebuttals make my day. - Thank You so much !

Dear 777,

My pleasure! And thank you, my friend, for acknowledging this!

Debunking the irrational is important, but it is even more important to make sure that that debunking is done rationally. It makes no sense at all to attempt to replace one brand of irrationality with another.

Quote 777 : Like You AR I write this out of Love

Ah. Astute of you to detect that, the underlying “love” -- I suppose you could call it that, although I’d prefer the less dramatic word 'empathy' -- behind those somewhat combative comments of mine.

To attack individuals under the guise of taking down irrationality, to attempt to denigrate individuals basis one’s personal irrational biases and prejudices under the guise of debunking the irrational, that I believe is abhorrent, and must be guarded against in ourselves, and exposed in others.

That is all I was trying to do here. (Although I have to admit, the task wasn’t wholly lacking in the element of fun!)


The fun notwithstanding, this sport has run its course, so far as I am concerned. There is only so much time and effort one is willing to give to content-free back-and-forths of this nature, before they start getting tedious.

Besides, you remember what that patron saint of the racists of the last century had to say : In fighting monsters, see that you do not, in the process, yourself become one! (Although of course, what one is gazing at here is not so much an abyss as sewage, but the same principle would apply I guess.)

Quote 777 : L'arroseur arrosé . . . :-)

Heh … That’s what petards are for, eh? The occasional “boom” can be fun, eh, as long as one does not, following old man Nietzsche’s words of wisdom, end up making a habit of this sort of thing?! :-)

Quote Jesse : … much to the chagrin of Appreciative Reader, they're mostly above average in intelligence as well …

Hello, Jesse. I see you’re still persevering with your half-witted-troll act!

Here’s responding to your astonishingly irrational comments one last time :


Why would you imagine your Norwegian maternal family’s apparently inherent intelligence would cause me “chagrin”?

You do understand the concept of averages, don’t you? The “race theory” deals in averages -- probably in means, since they’re aggregating the data out to a bell curve, and perhaps in medians as well, but all it speaks to is aggregates, and therefore to some kind of average. That is what the “bell curve” you keep on speaking of refers to : it is a statistical graph, and your favorite book is based on a particular putative instance of this statistical graph. Your folks’ intelligence or lack of it, in as much as it represents individual instances of intelligence (or the lack of it), has nothing whatever to do with what we were discussing, at all!

As I’ve clearly shown, in my comment here -- and as you’ve been singularly unable to contest effectively, except by simply clamoring unthinkingly and without actual content -- the race theory is wholly lacking in any kind of validity. But even if one were to grant you, for the sake of the argument, that all of that is true, that still does not speak to individual Jews (who the race theory holds are the most intelligent “race”), or individual Asians (who as a race follow Ahkenazi Jews in intelligence, per your race theory), or individual North Europeans (like your maternal family, who, as a race, rank third in terms of intelligence ), or individual Ethiopians (who, per race theory, rank towards the very bottom) -- each of whom may well, as an individual, turn out to be either Mensa-level in terms of intelligence, or averagely intelligent, or intellectually challenged, without in any way affecting the race theory argument one way or the other.

Again : One gathers from this casual comment of yours that you’re either (a) staggeringly ignorant about the very basics of statistics, or else (b) you have, once again, very subtly thrown in as bait an obvious error that has tempted me, one more time, to respond to you.


Fun talking, Jesse, but it’s “over and out” from me now. I’m afraid I’m without the apparently unlimited leisure you seem to enjoy, and also lack your apparently insatiable appetite for content-free back-and-forths. I’ve enjoyed engaging with your trolling act thus far, but the entertainment value is now starting to thin.

Carry on fooling away and having fun, then, as long as Brian doesn’t mind : but try if you can not to attack individuals, would you? By all means go after the irrationalities you come across, but to personally go after those who believe in those irrationalities is bad form. The “believers” who frequent this site, their feelings are just as real as are your own feelings, and it makes no sense to personally denigrate them just because you disagree with some of their views. After all, as I’ve clearly shown here, not once but many times over, your own worldview is also quite as chock-full of irrationalities as are theirs. (And no doubt so is mine, except that I’m not myself aware of the irrationalities within my own worldview.)

AP, you measure individuals individually and groups by averages. You're still opining on topics you know nothing about and asking stupid questions that have received sufficient responses for decades.

The fact that you need to write so many words to say so little is impressive. Study first, then ask questions.

Gods above! That the average of a group might be more intelligent (or richer, or whatever) than the average of another group, does not indicate that some individual within the former group must necessarily be more intelligent (or richer) than the average of the overall population. And nor does the fact that some individual within the fomer group is indeed more intelligent (or richer) than the average of the overall population necessarily speak to the average of that sub-group.

Do you really not see that?

Calling me "stupid" will not make it so, and nor can it mask your astonishing and repeatedly demonstrated ignorance about these basic things! And repeating again and again and again that some topic has received "sufficient responses" does not make it so, and nor does that hide your singular inability to make any response, thus far, that has come anywhere close to sufficiency!


But here I go, taking your bait again. Congratulations might be in order, I suppose?

Having typed this short comment already, I'll post it, but I'll be on my guard against taking your bait in future.

"" although I’d prefer the less dramatic word 'empathy' -- behind those somewhat combative comments of mine. ""

I had that same feel - kind of under-estimation of a great phenomenon that created everything

I simplified somewhat in the same way with my new banner about Love ( I saw on FB )
"Love is the desire to do good to another entity"

That covers the big bang ( if existed) and also : helping the neighbour crossing the road.

For those disappointed in Gurinder , I have a nice alternative :
I nice guru_like person in Siberia - not so hot overthere
I saw him on TV

I see you hv big Fun
In away > i feel likewise
All fun & good music give endorphines , good for a long super happy life

But suggesting Gurinder equals Weinstein goes to far
I'm even capable to take the plane and beat the hell out of him

Or go to court - loss of their assets hurts more

I did that once in 1996
when I was phished by a guy in Modesta or Modesto CA.
I hired a US detective who told me
he was paralysed . . . I dropped the thing

He had 20 different pseudos on one blog
and 10 different opinions
I suspect this forum of the same situation
but "un-paralysed"
It makes me strange angry but very serene !

Perhaps I just should make them a little more poor with Lawyers

Please stay Cool
Myself and my wife see the Radiant and also the Normal
communicable forms inside of us
Myself : All the 6 of Them but also Tulsi and many before HIM
They, all of them have great fun
each in an individual way
Wy wife had a talk with Jésus but was asked not to tell me ! - Wow
During the Years Jésus was taken to the indeed type_of_consciousness 5 ( Satch Khand so to say )

The Major difference there is that it's eternal
myriads suchs speres around a center à la Fibonacci

Difficult to explain that like the difference in frequency between the
physical and the inner
there are again great differences between what is called the regions

The highest form is the Creator, is His/Her Love
and we are also That
but must slowly accomodate, starting in lower 'spheres'
sorry for the word
even starting HERE by meditation and/or through Grace

This is my 3rd Life initiated, . . One to go, via the UK to the USA

The Indian Center will go to Nepal - the waters will go high

It's all self inflicted

Nice you reacted as you did


( did is N°15 > > assume that's OK too )

For all criticasters actu

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