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August 25, 2018


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"all this Religare stuff"
Doesn't sound much like a lawyer. And the rest of what he said is batshit insane.

Agreed. It was a bit weird. BBJ might want to start hunting for quality counsel. What a mess.

That story has existed since at least 1000 years before there was any such thing as Sikhism. It's just a piece of old India folklore that gets retold by every sect.

If this guy is really Gurinders lawyer, it just goes to show how much Gurinder thinks his personality cult is worth. It's one thing to use your cult to get cheap stock, but anyone with half a brain would get a lawyer who doesn't believe in the cult. The courtroom is the last place you need mindless sycophants.

The more I think about the lawyer’s response~

This is Gurinder’s second Saturn Return for those of you familiar with that... He was appointed Master after his first Saturn return and now he’s going through the karma of the past 30 odd years... Saturn is weird.

At first I thought the reference to using bloomberg meant that gurinder was feeding the media bs to keep them busy like many business men do. After rereading it seems that guy actually meant that gurinder uses magical powers as implied by Brian. Yikes.

Jesse, you're right. And I'm right. Because Gurinder Singh hasn't authorized any news releases, interviews, or such in connection with this financial dealings. So the lawyer can't be claiming that the guru is manipulating the content of these stories, because RSSB and Gurinder Singh aren't providing any alternative facts/slants that a reporter might be tempted to embrace.

It isn't like Trump saying "Fake news!" and then providing his own alternative reality. The lawyer didn't address any of the actual issues involving RSSB and the guru. He just claimed that the whole thing is the guru's way of providing spiritual uplift to disciples by disillusioning them about the physical form of the guru.

This Attorney is representing RSSB at the Australia Sanghat. Just another lone “ opinion”,.


Jim Sutherland

Yeah, he's not Gurinder's lawyer; he's Gurinder's rep. No lawyer would be caught dead (weird expression) saying the stuff quoted by Brian. He might however be saying stuff like this to try to help win an opinion from lawyers on whether or not RSSB is a religion...a religion headed by a hunter of souls apparently.

"RSSB's head in Australia is Michael Cooke, a retired corporate lawyer from Perth," according to The Age.

I was wondering...after he hunts them down, does he kill them and then eat them?


It's the Reality of what Christians symbolize by "Eating His flesh, . . Drinking his blood"

It is the Reality that Souls can only return by first unify with a guy Already there

Then we can enter "there" unharmed, without Scars

Everybody agrees that Aldebaran in a big star, a trillion times the Sun
but a peanut compared with The Divine, who has a xillion big bangs
in His Her Pocket

So we won' t be burned to ashes on our way back


SB's head in Australia is Michael Cooke, a retired corporate lawyer from Perth," according to The Age.

I was wondering...after he hunts them down, does he kill them and then eat them?

@ Brian - don’t analyse too much! Heard that one before?

You are being played by someone - you will attract all sorts now.

... and the faithful can’t wrap their heads around the fact that the Guru himself has ended their fairytale - basically, they are still looney.

@ Arjuna ... I left a reply for you on Sheena's thread.

@Bombay Blonde - hi. Replied back.

Hang hang hang - stop press. This “lawyer” - doesn’t Gurinder say we are too weak to be tested - loads of karma to pay off!! So what the hell is he bumping his lips about???

I’m not sure I like this God.

Giving bed meds to suffering people is that grace??? Whilst satsanghis use the Hubble telescope to examine the man minute writing of ingredients on a biscuit packet to avoid heavy karma - they give out bad meds????

@ apologies for the bad grammar / picking up iPad Pro today so should not be making bad grammar again🤫

@ Arjuna ... see, that's just one great hypocrisy - telling the faithful to scrutinise food labels while he okays the peddling of bad meds. It's too bad most people aren’t seeing through this.

@ Bombay blonde - hello. Yes it is and it pisses me right off.

That’s evil and they admitted it in court you said?

@ Brian - have you contacted Oliver Stone yet??? This is a “Snowden” type movie in the making????? And a bit of “The Wolf if Wall Street” chucked in!

Ps I want Seth Rogen and James Franco to play Shivinder and Malvinder Singh.

@ Arjuna ... yes, charged and proven guilty. I'm so grateful to the real Almighty ( if he / she exists ) that the Japs took it to the wire. Now it's just a matter of the last lap of the arbitration going in favour of Daichii.

( ... a flick on Gurinder and the Baxy Boys ? I'd call it the The Baba Of Blunder Street. )


This link is disgusting!!!! Brian / get in the blower to Oliver Stone!!!

@ Bombay Blonde - I’m raging - not with meds that go to the rich and poor. The poor need hope not conmen doing that.

If he is all seeing - why didn’t he see that- then he brings one of the Singh brothers to de seva at Dera looool. Next master lol don’t think

@ Bombay blonde - last lap? Is there still a case going on?

@ Arjuna ... yes, and a huge round of applause for Dinesh Thakur.

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How can an article from 2013
write about 2011-1014

Yes this stinks on all sides
and the whole affair seems a "set up"
organized by Big Pharma
and the 45M $ guy

I"m happy to have seen this
Hope the judge will see it too


@ 777

Have you seen the lovely movie “The Usual Suspects” ?

@ Bombay Blonde - yes he is a Too Man - brave too in bringing public

@ Bombay blonde - I meant Top Man...

@ Bombay blonde - can you imagine if not picture the scene.

Poor single parent woman who is raising a family by herself - holding down two crappy jobs and one of her children has epilepsy - and she has hope for a new drug the doctor has prescribed. And she gives the child the medicine to see minimum improvement- how her heart would break.

Whilst those two singhs with brightly coloured turbaned men are chilling on holiday and doing speeches on how to business! And one wants to be a God lol

I say lock up those morons!!! Lock up em up and throw away the keys

Time will learn
At last one advantage of time

@ Bombay blonde - I meant Top Man...

You mean the 49 Million $ intruder man ?
who said the packaging was not ok ?
You admire that .?


"""" If he is all seeing """""

If U want make brain cells of a guy crazy >>> give Him ALL seeing >
Can't be taken during a nano second
It works like in the Army
on a need to know base
but perfectly


Initially the plants were not ok and were violating the rules,
then suddenly the meds came out to be not ok,
then suddenly they said the packaging of meds were not ok.

Are "they" ok ? Or only after money ?

Also, Daichi sold everything on a good profit to Sun Pharma already,
and after that doing arbitration to fetch more.

Whole world knew that Ranbaxy was under investigation,
and Daichi said "they didn't tell us". Wow.

Like "if we knew we would have paid less".
And Sun Pharma is just sitting idle seeing all this drama,
only to buy Ranbaxy at much higher evaluation later from Daichi. Wow again.

Apparently even bigger game by the bigger pharmas
which is not even in thoughts of a commoner
who is going by the rounds of media and court trials.

Think in Silence.


@ one Initiated - hello hope you are well.

Wonder who is playing who with Ranbaxy? Lol.

It’s all fun those on here - wink wink

One Initiated, your comment made no sense, but Ranbaxy pled guilty and the FDA banned their dirty meds in USA. The rest of the story is sort of meaningless except that it adds layers to the extremely strong evidence that not only is Gurinder Dhillon not god, but that he's not even as honest as I am.

Arjuna, thanks.
doing good on every front 😉- too much consumed these days.
Hope you are keeping good health as well.

yes, I can understand that,
it will not make sense to you as of now... later, I think yes!

Ranbaxy pled guilty

We all know how THAT works


"Ranbaxy pled guilty

We all know how THAT works"

Well, it often means that they knew they'd been caught and had no chance to defend the accusations to they're attempting to get reduced punishment.

And One Initiated, I mean that your comment was absolute rubbish. Both from the view that you don't think a filthy place of production would produce filthy dangerous meds (very 3rd world of you) and because you seem to think that nothing associated with Gurinder is ever bad. It's always someone else.

You know the old saying about the guy who gets kicked out of every bar he goes to?

@ one initiated - health is better - I am running now so looking for to more fun with the undead 🧟‍♀️

Glad you are well

Awesome !! Keep it up and hope you'll have a great healthy time ahead.

I never go to the bar, so probably that's for you - ha ha.

Sun Pharma gave huge profits to Daichi,
Since Sun is also an Indian multinational pharma,
they did know everything about investigation,
which means Sun disregarded both the arbitration and investigation,
and purchased Ranbaxy on even higher evaluation.

If you apply your brain logically (if you've not left it at the bar),
you'd be able to connect the dots.

Arjuna, just wondering what the 🧟‍♀️ means?

Just googled it and it comes up with:

"The Woman Facepalming emoji is a sequence of the 🤦 Face Palm and ♀ Female Sign emojis."

Being a woman I find that strange since you are a male?

Oops just realised there is the ongoing gender issue... sorry

"Sun disregarded both the arbitration and investigation,
and purchased Ranbaxy on even higher evaluation"

One Initiated, until proven otherwise, I'm with Jesse on this issue. But if your facts are correct then I totally agree with you that this is a good point.

@ Jen

Hahahaha ! You'll have to forgive me for my borderline ( obsessive ) disdain for gender biasing and stereotyping. It's a shrug that I can't shake off my shoulders. I guess it comes from working with too many women ... :)

Better than being obsessed with the speck of egg in a chocolate wafer.

@ One Initiated, Jesse, PJ, Arjuna ... ( in random order ... )

I'm waiting for the Singapore arbitration award. Let's see whether Salve can salvage anything. Seems unlikely. Unless, through the doors of Trikuti, Charan emerges and can somehow convince the bench that this is nothing but some financial karma cleansing and just dismisses everyone ... just like he sent the cockroach he accidentally quashed under his jutti straight to Sach Khand.

and purchased Ranbaxy on even higher evaluation"

These writings should be more precise

Date and prices

and ( like in Patent Laws) where and when then, . . there were publications

Even a 1000 samples village publication or a archive_www page
is sufficient in a court of Law to prove it was
public knowledge


This is how big companies prevent compatitors to take patents
They Spy and then secretly micro_publish
£and the inventor sees his invention refused

I didn't know the Diaichi claim is still in court

Dear PJ,
For Sun Pharma, it doesn't even matter now what's the outcome of the court,
Sun is already controlling the operations now.

If you guys are still skeptical about the misdeeds by the big pharmas,
search google "why Hydergine discontinued?"
(the same drug mentioned by 777)
Earlier Novartis and Sun both were manufacturing this drug for years,
it's outcome was commendable in helping the restoration of brain cells,
worked wonder in many cases.
Novartis and Sun both were selling it for dirt cheap prices.

Now all of a sudden an issue from FDA about banning this drug.
If you will go through the reports, you will find absurdest of the reasons for banning the drug.
This was produced and manufactured by Novartis and SUN as generic medicine.
What happened after the ban ?
The manufacturing rights for this drug by Novartis were sold to another company,
not known what has happened afterwards,
If some sources to be believed (I can not count on them thus not mentioning),
it's available in a totally different name and accessibility
with an extremely high price tag.

Dear Blonde,
I wanted to ask some questions:
You named yourself after a beer, do you still drink ?
How can the meditation work if you still drink ?
OR - you don't sit on meditation at all ?

Singapore is as influenced by Japan as Hong Kong by China,
and Alaska by USA. Don't you smell biasing ?
Why would a Japanese company file an arbitration case
against an Indian company in a Singapore's International court ?
How about if the case was in Israel or Russia ?

Dear 777,
Good point.
Sun is too big a company and not easy to get hold of their Balance Sheet,
to get the exact figures.
But, I've been following this whole episode since quite long
however, to me it sounded and looked suspicious from day one.
Daiichi bought it for https://www.livemint.com/Companies/tvbrlhX1YGdm7GshBC44VL/Sun-Pharma-completes-Ranbaxy-merger-shares-jump.html

I don't believe it's in the capacity of us online readers
to even understand the whole game when they talk in billions of dollars,
and finding ways to double them up.

@O I

Thank You for that link
It's a whole new ball game now
""" Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, India’s most valuable drug maker, has completed the $3.2 billion acquisition of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd after almost a year of navigating the regulatory gauntlet to create the world’s fifth-biggest generic pharmaceutical company by revenue. """

It's always the same
Novartis had Vit E mixed with Vanille é Chocolate
Long ago I phoned their LAN in Basel
Very friendly the chief explained to me that the Vit E
works much better when taken with fat
They had a specialprotocol, he said, to bind even longer

Then Bayer bought Novartis

They had heard about the excellent anti HIV qualities of that pil ( EPHYNAL )

They took it from the market world wide
and like with Hydergine no-where to find
aand came with so called great invented anti-HIV ( Aids bringer)
30 times more expensive

Worse even the GHB story
This was since 1930 a great anti stress remedy with doses 10 mgr

Next they lobbied the media
that this was a rape drug, almost impossible because it is so very salty
The real rape pil is ROHYPNOL
This is the base of their infecting the whole planet with their filthy SSRI pils
home of the school-shootings, the copilote suicide with 230 passengers killed

and now the worst which is vaccins
Pasteurs vaccins were very good with One death p/million babies and 10 Autists

Only for economic reasons they made a longer time / experation date

Now the One is Hundred and the 10 is 10,000



I'm sure there are many more stories, killer-stories
they make Ranbaxy a kindergarten fairy tail

I come to read this blog out of curiosity after it was mentioned in Bloomberg article. I thought of sharing some facts about Daiichi Ranbaxy deal and then deal with Sun Pharma.


Clearly shows how Daiichi lost money in dollar and yen terms. And yes they made approximately 200 cr in INR terms over 5 years, given the inflation/cost of capital in India, they actually lost a lot in terms of INR as well. This also does not include the settlement amount they paid to FDA for which they took Singh brother to arbitration in Singapore.
Now with regards to arbitration, Singh brothers would have agreed to an arbitration seat at the time of selling the company. Its a normal practice to choose an independent territory. Its not that Daiichi can randomly take them to Singapore arbitration.
Once the award was given, Singh brothers challenged it in Indian courts and lost both in High Court and Supreme Court. So now they are back in Singapore to challenge again, the last possible venue. If Singapore is so biased, then why did they loose in India is the question people need to ask who say Singapore arbitration was biased and why did in first place they agreed to Singapore arbitration when selling the company.
Sometimes its good to look at things objectively rather then spreading conspiracy theories.

@ Sandeep ... I endorse your view, a hundred percent. Singapore was agreed upon, mutually, by both parties. As you've pointed out correctly, the High Court and Supreme Court have both given their verdict, that the award is applicable in India. In fact, you probably know that the High Court judge had reserved his decision for months.

( I was worried that he was trying to be swung. ) But he ruled against the Singh Brothers and the Supreme Court didn't even take a month after that to endorse the High Court's decision.

@ One Initiated, I'm replying blow by blow ...

You named yourself after a beer, do you still drink ?
I don't drink beer, but I do look forward to a couple of glasses of a good red wine over the weekends. It's pretty normal across the world.

How can the meditation work if you still drink ?
Well, my " path " or if I'm on one, is the path of bettering myself as a person in the here and now. I don't need to meditate to better myself. In fact, let me go so far as to say that active self reflection and watching how I respond to situations in everyday life is a longer, deeper and harder practice than the RS mantra meditation. I'll take it a step further ... I'd rather do some volunteer work than meditate. I've met God in the eyes of street children.

Whatever I need to know about God is already within me. I figured, if I do the right things and help people along the way, this life or an afterlife will turn out fine. I don't need the crutches of faith.

RS meditation was working well on making me dull and I'm a sucker to keep myself sharp, so I quit.

OR - you don't sit on meditation at all ?
How do you define meditation ? I get completely absorbed at whatever is at hand, that's meditation to me.

You appears to be, like many others, conditioned with what you've read,
but not trying understanding between the lines - which is never written.

Do you validate the claims of Daiichi - "the didn't tell us"
And that Sun was ok for that ?

Printing more numerical data here,
will only help to those who are open to perceive the facts,
and not those who are prejudiced by the media.

For example if you've read this one:
https://www.businesstoday.in/moneytoday/stocks/ranbaxy-acquisition-good-for-sun-pharma-shareholders-experts/story/205526.html ... Ranbaxy was evaluated 2.2 times.

"We believe this is a good acquisition for Sun Pharma as it will help it fill therapeutic gaps in the US, get better access to emerging markets and strengthen presence in the domestic market."

And this is no surprise because the forces of the world, have always troubled the proceedings of the Masters. Probably labelling them as tax implications in this era sounds more understandable.

I know and surprising was the response by Apex court.
The Supreme court said "We will not interfere".

Thanks for providing the answers.
" I don't need to meditate to better myself" - none does, it was only to know myself - of how good (or how bad) I am :D i.e. the actual me - not the body.

If you can respond more, will allow me to better understand (I am just so curious to know):
Before you did quit,
did you try it at 3 AM for 2.5 hours a day 40 days at a stretch ?

Dear 777,

Those were exceptional accounts of pharmaceuticals.
Thanks for sharing them here.

I went through some research on them,
and I would say that what I've found in the results is just horrendous.
This is so inhuman.

As said in the IT and Computers Industry, the biggest anti-virus companies,
are the creators of the most complex viruses.
They compete each other not by making the best anti-virus,
but by making the best virus and that how fast and badly it can corrupt the systems.
After few months, mostly only one of the anti-virus provider their software upgraded to handle those advanced viruses.
I need to search my very age old hard drive backups,
but I do have a concrete proof of this if anyone wants it.
If anyone's willing to try (alert: system hazard) - you can DM me and I can explain how to confirm this.

This is my first hand experience.
In my young age I used to do these experiments. And what I found only one and only one anti-virus was able to detect and successfully recover files being corrupted by that virus,
later other viruses were able to detect the infection but never able to recover the files.
Ever heard of key based reversible encryption algorithms which requires the hashing key for decryption.

The negative energies of this world are much much more complex than they appear.

@ O I

What to expect

Soon "good air" will be on sale


Thanks for checking out

Please see my response below.
You appears to be, like many others, conditioned with what you've read,
but not trying understanding between the lines - which is never written.
I agree i am a very simple person who cannot read between the lines so i then rely on pure numbers for forming my opinion.

Do you validate the claims of Daiichi - "the didn't tell us"
Daiichi's claim always has been that they were not informed the complete extent of issues being investigated by FDA. They have never said that they were not aware of FDA investigation.

And that Sun was ok for that ?
Sun bought the company only after FDA had settled the issues with FDA and had paid the fine so yes Sun was ok to buy a company that had was not being investigated by FDA.

Printing more numerical data here,
will only help to those who are open to perceive the facts,
and not those who are prejudiced by the media.
I printed some numerical data which shows Daiichi made losses. Since you also say that numerical data will only help those who are open to facts, why dont you punch holes in that numerical data and prove your statement correct that Daiichi made lots of money from the deal. Just data and no subjective comments about reading between the lines. If you can prove through numerical data that Daiichi made lots of money from this deal, i will ask the moderator to delete my posts and also apologize. But again, please use verified data for your rational.

For example if you've read this one:
https://www.businesstoday.in/moneytoday/stocks/ranbaxy-acquisition-good-for-sun-pharma-shareholders-experts/story/205526.html ... Ranbaxy was evaluated 2.2 times.
A company being evaluated at 2.2 times its annual turnover does not mean anything.

"We believe this is a good acquisition for Sun Pharma as it will help it fill therapeutic gaps in the US, get better access to emerging markets and strengthen presence in the domestic market."
Yes its a good deal for Sun because 1). They got a company that now had no pending FDA investigation that was ongoing. 2) They got a company whose value had increased only by 1% in 5 years whereas even a simple investment in bank deposit in Indian would have increased by 50-60% in the same time period.

I look forward to your numerical analysis. For a simple brain like me, please dont talk about read between the lines, just pure numbers. You yourself said - Printing more numerical data here,
will only help to those who are open to perceive the facts. I am very open to understand the facts that are backed by numbers.

Sorry one typo

And that Sun was ok for that ?
Sun bought the company only after FDA had settled the issues with FDA and had paid the fine so yes Sun was ok to buy a company that had was not being investigated by FDA.

I should read
Sun bought the company only after Daiichi had settled the issues with FDA and had paid the fine so yes Sun was ok to buy a company that had was not being investigated by FDA.

Dear Sandeep,

I can understand the whole energy of the media is very negative right now,
and it's very easy for anyone to get dragged away with false claims,
specially when mis-presented by such big names of the Industries.

What all I've been saying isn't that hard to understand !

Only if the those who are against the Masters have all the reasons to spread negativity
around RSSB and HIS proceedings and literally any remotely connected matter,
they will ignore these informations,
And only rely on what the big energies of this world have to add.
Even if they are adding venom in the air - still OK - because it sounds correct in numerical analysis.

Would you mind reading this article:

Important Excerpt:
"Japanese pharmaceutical firm had availed monetary benefits to the tune of Rs 8,000 crore during the time it bought and sold Ranbaxy. "

Isn't it a simple enough english to understand ?

This is a statement from Singh brother which they have not been able to prove. Once again a humble request, share factual numbers and not just statements from one party. Give the analysis and details.

Have some shame Sandeep.

@ One Initiated ... the answer is yes, but not just for 40 days, much longer. More importantly, why are you telling Sandeep to have some shame ? Has he pricked your bubble ? Your Guru-con is unjustifiable to a rational mind, please save your defence for a corporate fraud that is not linked to feudal practices and a pseudo spirituality.

@ One Initiated ... one, I understand that you're initiated and two, I can imagine that this must be hugely unsettling for you, just like it is for parts of my family. On another note, I don't identify with duality ... I am my body, I am my hair, I am my thoughts and actions and everything that adds up to being me. These dichotomies are designed and taught to confuse, I canceled my subscription a long, long time ago. Best decision ever.


( Quoted from the article above : Thakur knew the drugs weren’t good. They had high impurities, degraded easily, and would be useless at best in hot, humid conditions. They would be taken by the world’s poorest patients in sub-Saharan Africa, who had almost no medical infrastructure and no recourse for complaints. The injustice made him livid. Ranbaxy executives didn’t care, says Kathy Spreen, and made little effort to conceal it. In a conference call with a dozen company executives, one brushed aside her fears about the quality of the AIDS medicine Ranbaxy was supplying for Africa. “Who cares?” he said, according to Spreen. “It’s just blacks dying.” )

Thank you Dinesh Thakur, for having your heart in the right place.

For 49 $ Million
many will invent
the most horrible tremendous evil

Name please
Who said : "Who cares"
and who heard that
and when ?

Mrs Spreen Thakur ?

Please anybody here , don't accuse without basics
don't slander , gossip, hearsay
It makes giant neg. karmas


Dear Blonde,

"Has he pricked your bubble"
Either you have not consciously gone through the above discussions,
OR you were not able to comprehend the articles.

Sandeep has failed badly.

@ 777 : Please read up on Dinesh Thakur and the hell he went through. If his moral high ground was up for sale, he would have struck an internal deal with the Singh Brothers and none of us here would be discussing this.

@ One Initiated : Sandeep is getting under your skin with the facts he's presenting that are out in the public domain. You are on a shaming and failing trip because he's making sense. You ( and 777 ) either post some counter arguments and articles that challenge the information posted above, or just go back to your meditation.


You are trying so much to behave like an intelligent person, you are only sounding more stupid.
As I said, only those who actually wants to know the facts will understand,
those who are already wasting their lives against the Masters,
can not even understand a simple equation like 1 + 1 = 2

Sandeep would be pretending and you probably actually didn't understand the latest articles I posted,
which clearly depicts that this has been a clear win win situation for Daichi and Sun.

We look at things differently. None of the articles you posted is backed by any numerical logic.
The second article you posted was nothing but a submission by Singh brothers to Delhi High Court. Since you are the most intelligent person here and I respect you for that, why don’t you also share the courts verdict on that submission made by Singh brothers. May be that will help less intelligent people like me to understand.

@ One Initiated : How does one behave like an intelligent person while sounding stupid ? It's an oxymoron. Please do us all a favour, just post some relevant, numerical facts that are in the public domain that either point at some kind misappropriation in Daichii's deal with Sun, or any other facts that can prove Dinesh Thakur to be a liar.

We aren't discussing valuations, or profits. This isn't a discussion about whether Daichii profited, or didn't. This is a discussion about your Guru approving the sale of a company that was sold on a scaffolding of fraudulent data.

Unless you are privy to a magic potion that you are keeping safe with you to take with you to Singapore and bail the Brothers out, let's focus on the articles out there that point to some serious con.

Tiny Question in the middle of bad & incomplete answers
Just one exact timeline would be sufficient

HOW COME an indian ex_judge presides a Singapore commission

Each comment I smell more dirt


you never commented on the judas reward of 49 $ million


@ 777 : First off, why don't you and One Initiated get over words like " bad " and " shame " and " fail " and other juvenile descriptives of frustration. Please cite and paste accurate references.

Dinesh Thakur filed a complaint in the US under the False Claims Act ( FCA ) also known as a Whistleblower’s Law. This enables private individuals to file cases against government contractors if they have information that the contractor knowingly submitted fraudulent claims to the government. So, the US government investigated Dinesh Thakur’s complaint and took over the case when it found sufficient basis to proceed. It is also common industry practice for a whistleblower to get anywhere between 1 and 18 percent of the fine. If you want to verify this, just Google and read up. Your " fake news " comments remind me of Trump. Sorry.

How come an Indian ex-judge presides over a Singapore commission ? That's like asking why Sundar Pichai heads Google and Satya Nadella heads Microsoft. It's 2018. We live in a cosmopolitan, multi-racial world.

Don't U see that U blowed your cover , Sir ?


I was in Searock Hotel at the beach in Bombay
The lassies were good
and that's all !

@ 777 : You are too, too funny ... I like it ! Cheers, have a good weekend ... :)

@Bombay Blonde- you are absolutely right that One Initiated has no data to provide from credible sources like Stock Exchange filings, Courts of India etc. And that is why he has resorted to calling people names and advising me to be ashamed of myself.

@777 below link will lead you to an article that give you the time timeline of events as well.


With regards to your comment about Indian judge on panel of Singapore arbitration, the way it works is that that each arbitration center/seat approves leading jurists/subject matter experts from the world to be able to preside over an arbitration at that center. The panel in this case comprised of three panelists, one nominated by Singh brothers, one by Daiichi and one elected by mutual consent. Retd. Justice Ahmedi was nominated by Singh brothers.

Fraud/Misrepresentation has been a culture at Ranbaxy and its later offshoot Fortis.
Extract from an article about over charging at Fortis of items that are price controlled by Government. Fortis was fined for this.

"Regarding the scheduled formulations which are under the ambit of price control, the NPPA said the hospital charged up to 343 per cent from the family of Adya. The per unit procurement price of Tranemic by the hospital stood at Rs 15.75 while it was billed at Rs 69.77 per unit to the family."

Link to the article

Another extract from August 10 court hearing showing how critical information was not provided in court submissions by the brothers

Shakdher asked why the Singhs hadn’t disclosed the existence of a top-up agreement pertaining to the brothers’ shares in Fortis pledged to various banks when they had disclosed the value of their unencumbered assets to the court last year. While the brothers did not divest the unencumbered shares following their disclosure, the top-up agreement allowed banks to encumber more shares if the value of the Fortis stock dropped below a certain threshold, their lawyer said.

“How can you file an affidavit that only speaks half-truth?” Shakdher asked.


Have a good weekend everyone.




So good our judgements will not count
I had read both links already
plus the CV of the judge which gave
a good impression.
We, . . Satsangis we do what is in our power
and leave the rest to the Lord
and the Lord does what's best for us !

Kal is not interested if we will suffer ueberhaubt

Yes BB
you had so much info in 'n hour, except "Who cases" . . ,
that you seemed the Mr. 49 $ Million himself
If that's the case : Pls Count your future blessings


@Yes BB
you had so much info in 'n hour, except "Who cares" . . ,
that you seemed the Mr. 49 $ Million himself
If that's the case : Pls Count your future blessings

@ 777 : Man, what's up ? Seriously. I'm keeping it simple and light hearted because Sandeep has already drawn attention to the pertinent facts. What else can I help you with ? What's the point of cluttering the thread with more of the same ? You either post some counter arguments or go build another mud platform.

( Guru's coming to inspect tomorrow, you make sure you have the right clay. )

On the meeting of dawn and dusk,
you will be ashamed - not by anyone else, by yourself.
I've given you the banana and I won't peel it for you. Do it yourself you lazy fella.

"How does one behave like an intelligent person while sounding stupid "
Exactly like you did above 😉

"about whether Daichii profited, or didn't. "
Blonde, you grossly dead wrong. I am sure your friend Sandeep will deny this as well.
It is actually the base. Read everything again and then again.

It’s now below my dignity to keep responding to you.
Cheers and good luck.

@ One Initiated : You obviously have no counter facts to offer. Isn't it strange that I don't meditate and don't feel the need to call you names, but your meditation hasn't even taught you how to tackle trivia ... :)

@ Sandeep : Thank you for posting the links and arguments above. Hundreds who are on the fringes of the faith read this blog regularly. While the faithful like to gloat about labyrinthine astral regions, it's important to present some on-the-ground realities. What RS Satsangis are failing to see, is that Gurinder is actually setting them free.

Well I am not here to teach you the basic accountancy,
I've given you clear proofs where it mentions the Sun's which you pretend to not being able to comprehend.
I mean that's literally daylight hypocrisy, you can believe one statement and not another and both are statements to you - not the proofs Daichi showed you on the dinner table. The post of Sun acquisitions contains all factual figures in details and you are asking me to put them here again. Wow.
It's easy to wake up a sleeping person,
and impossible to wake up a person who is pretending to sleep.

I am so glad to know you about your dignity Sandeep and well mannered behaviour BB,
please and if you follow it everywhere and to everyone and specially towards the Masters.
it will be helpful for you in the longer term - when all hell break loose.

@ One Initiated : The only hell that's breaking loose on my end is the struggle to straddle multiple worlds at work. There's no other hell awaiting me, don't bother with your warnings.

Regarding Sun and Daichii, I've read everything that's out there and I've read your recommendations as well. Thank you, One. What peeving you is that Daichii has somehow managed to restructure and rebuild itself and that should be enough to excuse Ranbaxy for misrepresenting clinical generic drug data.

I want to keep it simple for the rest of the readers. This isn't about " Big Pharma " truths and lies, this is about God In Human Form approving the sale of a company that falsified data, violated CGMP ( Current Good Manufacturing Practice ) regulations like they didn't exist and sold medications that were potentially life threatening.

Caution is in the wind, One. GSD should've seen this coming, cheating catches up with all of us.


In-fact I got amazed when someone subjected your anonymous beer name
as Blondy and you were going overboard.
Oh My MY - what's there in the name - Blondy (everything, even if it's anonymous beer).

"What peeving you" - really - who told you that ? 😉
You can't imagine, I am spending just my 1c here and having a good time,
(kudos to Brian for managing this fun space).
you think those funny name calling to you and Danseep was frustration ?
then I would say: Why so serious ?

@ One Initiated : Your feeble attempts at intimidation we so succulent that they've been fashioned into a new blog post, congratulations. It must feel good to be the center of attention because you really haven't posted anything of significance that refutes your Guru's shady business cocktail. So, you're just like GSD - in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Well done. Now, pass me the champagne ... :)

I will continue to stand up to typecasting and stereotyping, even if it is directed at a persona. You would agree, there are always smarter ways to open dialogue with another. I laughed, but only a little.

* were so succulent

@ One Initiated : Let's take this conversation over to the other thread and let you have your day in the sun.

OMG - you are so touchy, Blonde,
Ease it up. Don't you feel so heavy at the crown with this load !!

I am on this blog since quite long now.
Whether believers or non believers,
I've never come across any commenter here who has a tendency to insult women/men particularly.
It's neither a feminist nor a non-feminist blog,
in that respect it's a very neutral place I would say.

I have not found if any special importance is ever given to any gender here.
What would an individual's gender has to do with Spirituality anyway?

The altercations only revolves around the difference in opinions on spirituality.
I don't think these types of things even needs to be explicitly mentioned,
these are quite intrinsically understood.

"feel good to be the centre of attention" where?
In the middle of a bunch of Master abusers? Never Ever Never.

Cheers - non alcoholic 😉 - so no champagne, only Lassi !!

Dear Michael Cooke

Fraud is fraud.

The Singh brothers, along with Sabnam Singh Dillon (Baba Ji's wife) and Sunhil Godwhani, engaged in purchasing companies on credit, then leveraging their projected valuation for loans used to buy more companies and land, making loan payments by shuffling loans, and giving loans to themselves that have yet to be repaid.

They overextended their credit speculating on the growing realty market, letting ambition cloud judgment.

I'm a devout Satsangi. And I love Baba Ji very much. And tonight I'm heartbroken, because I see it very clearly.

My meditation has sharpened my understanding, not dulled it.

So when the Singh brothers write that they wish to restore their pride, it's clear they haven't learned the lesson of humility. Their pride is the problem. Their intentions were fine: The ones they paraded about and believed to be true. Their hidden ambitions were their undoing.

They didn't come forth. They were exposed. Years of shuffling money, siphoning money has been exposed. I'm sure they meant well. But that's how corruption works, subtly. You find yourself hiding things you know are wrong rather than being honest and making them right.

Corruption has its hands untied when you stop listening to your own inner voice, when you stop meditating.

How do people skilled in hiding their actions repent and do the opposite?

By blaming other corrupt people? LOL!

No. Integrity doesn't work that way. They left the Path long ago.

Their crime wasn't a one-time thing. It happened over a series of decisions over at least two decades to cut corners to leverage growth, to grow assets at the expense of service and quality; grow personal wealth instead of solidify company and service performance, over and over, year over year.

The greatest investment fraud in India's history and the largest Food and Drug Administration penalty in the history of the United States both at the hands of the Singh brothers, under the tutelage of Gurindar's chosen mentor for them, Sunil, with the support of Gurindar's wife, Subnam. Yes they all became famous. Infamous.

This shame will forever be connected to Baba Gurindar Singh Ji and Radha Soami Satsang Beas. If he wasn't famous before, he is now. And this will be something he will never be able to recover from. It serves no purpose to cheat, nor to allow that to proliferate. No Saint has ever advocated any such behavior.

Michael, we don't need explanations / excuses. These guys who wanted fame got it. They are infamous, and now, so is the Master. Over one hundred years of toil; Jaimal Singh's careful and loving development of his beloved Sawan Singh and the foundation of the Dera; Sawan Singh's lifetime of devotion and toil to His master, to the colony and the disciples; Jagat Singh's life's work and love; Maharaji's decades of work and love, building free hospitals, giving his entire life, and all his time to the Sangat; all destroyed in a career tainted by ambition over land speculation.

We should have seen it coming when Baba Ji started acquiring lands all over the world. They were donations. What corruption could be connected to it?

But why build such large sites, built for a crowd that might only be seen once in many years, and which today, mostly sit empty?

But by linking RSSB investments to these various Religare companies, and those to Fortis and other larger acquisitions, the valuation of these donated lands became the paper collateral for an obscene number of unsupportable loans. The very largess of their value was the irresistible Tolkien's ring.

And then efforts to sell the lands to help pay back the loans were thwarted, because in India, donated land cannot readily be sold. And as land values softened, depts exploded, and bankruptcy abounds in truth, though not quite yet on paper.

Baba Ji knew better. Material wealth is meaningless. Sad beyond words.

Inner wealth, inner peace of mind is everything. When was the last time Baba Ji actually sat in meditation and submitted all this to Maharaji?

Divided interested, and lost focus. The sword has slipped from his hands.

The kingdom razed to the ground by the nefarious and secret actions of Gurindar's closest relatives, including his wife. His own ambition, taken to corrupt ends by those near him who loved him and were, in their eyes, emulating Him.


But not the Practice. And not the Truth of the Inner Realms and of the Spirit.

But that mantle will now be passed to someone else, whom life and nature has already been grooming for the purpose. Someone who values those things more than life itself.

I look forward to meeting them.

@ One Initiated : I’m uncertain whether your seeming inability to put things in context is just the way you’re wired or is it yet another lame deflection for having no real argument to offer for Gurinder’s misadventures. Regardless, it’s getting boring, you’re dragging this thread down the rabbit hole and into a pile of nitpicking dissection that the others here have no interest in. ( It’s like creating your own little mud platform and jumping in it to keep yourself entertained. ) In fact, if you’d use half your set of tools to pin Gurinder to his words and actions, you’ll open a far headier concoction than my namesake beer. Your friend Spence has seen the light, I applaud him for his insights.

Now, you need to come back with an even better argument to prove that your Master is squeaky clean. It's piling up One, and it's more important than me or my beer. That said, if you still insist on having something to say to us infedels, heretics and Guru slayers, the very people that your Master warns you against ... I suggest you do post some real evidence that absolves Gurinder of his wrongdoings. Until then, spare me your shenanigans.

But Spence, if they were using RSSB properties as collateral for loans, which then needed to be paid back, wouldn't they have tried to sell some of them?

Or have you heard suggestion that they tried and were unable to get a good valuation?

I'm not suggesting you're wrong btw, just wondering why you're going with this theory?

I'm guessing you and other readers are in touch with other prominent Satsangis, I wonder what the consensus to all this is!


You wrote

"But Spence, if they were using RSSB properties as collateral for loans, which then needed to be paid back, wouldn't they have tried to sell some of them?"

They did exactly that but ran into trouble..


" I'm not suggesting you're wrong btw, just wondering why you're going with this theory?"

The Luthra and Luthra audit demonstrates their limitations on giving loans to business entities, which they also owned, without meeting any collateral requirements, violating business requirements.

When this came to light, they started using their own assets as collateral, basically double dipping. Most of those were Religare, where all RSSB holdings reside. RSSBs valuation is based on the lands.



Here is the Luthra and Luthra report of mismanagement at Fortis by the Singh Brothers, basically loaning themselves and Sabnam Singh owned companies money with no repayment, floating new loans on their own collateral (those same holdings) to cover loan payments on older loans,
In part to themselves...


And also here


And also


And here..


And here, too...



One more point. Healthcare, in particular hospitals, run on a narrow margin. There would be no business reason for a hospital system to become a bank, unless they were trying to keep smaller hospitals or vendors supplying them afloat. That was my initial view when I read the details originally posted regarding the loans.

But as it turned out these were loans to their own business entities, loans to their Religare buddies, and Sabnam Singh Dillon owned companies in particular. It was a scam.

Shivander claims he had nothing to do with it. He Claims to have founded Fortis.

But Shivander had never run a hospital department, knew nothing of Hospital operations and had no record of helping Healthcare institutions run better.

In short he bought the job as a financier, land speculation, and used the company for personal financial reasons.


So where did the Singh Brothers get the money to buy their way into Healthcare?

The Sale of Ranbaxy.
And that valuation was bard in hiding the investigation by the United States FDA into falsified records and adulterated drugs, all to cut costs.

Which resulted in the largest penalty by the Food and Drug Administration in the history of the United States.

Short course, Shivindar, Mohindar, Sunil, Sabnam and Gurindar are, Financially, the Indian Enron.

And PJ, one final note re: land valuation...

You had asked: "Or have you heard suggestion that they tried and were unable to get a good valuation?"

The fuel for their poor judgement in over extending their margins to give themselves loans and to buy more businesses and properties was the short term explosion in land values. That fueled substantial speculation: Not only over-leveraging but reckless short term buying and selling. The rise in property values in India fueled intense speculation. But as with the housing bubble, at some point the house of cards crumbles. Because, like the fictional Gorden Gekko, the Singh brothers added no value to the actual operations they bought and sold, but used them for short term asset and land value gains, and ultimately, put these companies at substantial risk.


and here..


When the Ranbaxy penalty hit, this shook the board at Fortis and that triggered the audit by Luthra and Luthra.

And eventually the Singh Brothers expulsion. Fortis realised that with the Singh Brothers running loose, the penalty world be paid by more shell games at Fortis ' expense.

And I don't write these things easily.
Brian, these are my days of personal trauma.

Over thirty years on this path.....

Most of my life...

Actually since 1978...40 years to be exact...

Spencer, if I remember correctly you thought the accusations were dubious earlier. Now you've accepted the validity of them.
But also if my memory is correct, you have had some amount of edifying inner experiences.

Now, in that situation, would it not be a bit liberating to know that though this man is involved in things you can't accept as ethical, you were still able to experience the bliss of meditation that others can't find?
I'd be happy and just keep meditating. Consider the new guru to be a fraud and continue with Charans dhyan.


Holy toledo Spencer! Not easy coming to terms with all this. That sharp mind of yours looks to have uncovered more facts and clarified things. A heartfelt and well spelt out post on Sept 3rd. I felt for you when I read it.
Still wonder where this all leaves us and how things (the potential great razing) will unfold. I still see large contradictions between what Gurinder S says to the likes of Osho i.e. the big Oneness talk which I relate to as a result of my own experience and of course all this unethical business/behavioural stuff. Bizarre.
How many folk are actually following all this and starting to take off the rose coloured glasses?
What about the 30,000 crowd at Haynes Park where Osho spoke a while back?
Are the people commenting here just part of a wee alternate reality bubble?


Spence, being one of the seniors here, is a friend, but not my Master.
Spence thinks what he thinks - I don't talk his talk.

There are other believers as well who have gone astray,
And I am not necessarily in agreement with them all on everything they say.

Per the above comment(s) of Spence,
he appears to have badly fallen in the grip of the mind.


Irrespective of whatever that is to come out of above,
what the True Master accomplishes is for the betterment of the planet,
including the non-initiates and non-believers as well,
with the thinking and planning of decades ahead from now.

You wrote:
"This shame will forever be connected to Baba Gurindar Singh Ji and Radha Soami Satsang Beas"
For the followers of the mind, till date,
which Master didn't have shame associated with Him.

The True Master is the true "Beparwah"
the one who doesn't care what you think of HIS actions.

HE isn't here to care for the shaming of this world including the disciples.

What HE has shown me, there is not a slightest and minutest of doubt left,
Baba Gurinder Singh Ji Maharaj is the current True Master,
and carrying HIS task progressively in a manner which can not be perceived if you allow your mind to take over your soul.

And after all it's not easy to remain firm with your faith,
specially when mind serves such delicious conspiracies to fall prey.

Lots of Love and Shabd to everyone.

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