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August 18, 2018


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Brian, you should know better.

Only bad things are due to your self-created karma. All the good things in life are master's grace.

"Fake News" draws 'em in like flies.

"Fake News" draws 'em in like flies.

Dungeness, people were calling it fake news and saying we should disregard the whole thing back when Ranbaxy, under guru and fam's control, was selling dirty meds knowingly.

@ Brian - well done but I fear this may not have much effect! People are so dependent on the Matrix that any attempt to awake/releas people willresult on mental and social breakdown😀.

You have already seen new people (Agent Smiths) write on the comments in that article.

You know this already as you once studied psychology.

@ Dungeness. Not Fake News and please stop quoting a deeply flawed human who has completed every sin possible in his life - fraud, links to Russia, dodgy business deals, racism, sleeping with pornstars under wedlock, causing strife, tariffs, and many more!

That’s my point above - the Matrix is powerful (people’s beliefs) - most god people just want truth and not games.

No smoke without fire buddy !!!

@ Dungeness. Not Fake News and please stop quoting a deeply flawed human...

What... you mean like all of us...

@ Dungeness. Not Fake News and please stop quoting a deeply flawed human...

What... you mean like all of us...

@ Dungeness.

We are all flawed - perhaps not as much as him.

That’s what makes us human. I have yet to meet a perfect man or woman!

Don’t take it personally

Arjun, a lot of those things you listed about Trump aren't even bad. Tariffs are normal and will likely help USA regain manufacturing that we lost in previous decades, good ties with Russia would be to the benefit of the USA for infinite number of reasons including less risk for nuke war, and what even is "racism?" It's not a serious word, more just a way for people who want to attack you to make you vulnerable.

There was research done in the 70s I believe and rapists were asked how they convinced their victims to submit. Often times they said they'd call the women "racist" and other emotional trigger words to make them feel immoral if they didn't walk behind a building with someone they thought was a threat. Media is trying to do the same thing, and it's obviously not working.

And Trump borrowed line "fake news" and reused it to his advantage. It's god-tier rhetoric and has been absolutely effective at furthering distrust in a media apparatus that is beyond evil at this point and had lost its credibility years ago. Usually rhetoric is only effective when there is some truth to it, which is why it didn't work for Hillary Clinton, since she's a psychopath and along with her hubby likely hired dozens of hits on political opponents. We may never know the full truth.

Hopefully many corporate journalists' collusion with their various masters who hold unelected positions in government will be better exposed soon via wikileaks or some other whistle blower. There are so many good real journalists getting blacklisted for not getting into the propaganda market and they'll never get a chance until most mainstream media outlets go bankrupt and/or their executives are jailed as they deserve to be.

We could use a lot more Tim Pools in this world, and a lot less CNN's.

@ Jesse - hello.

Interesting read and as I am on the other side of the pond we are subjected to a different media outlook.

I always enjoy reading a well articulated response and learning something new.

You have given food for thought.

We are all flawed - perhaps not as much as him.
That’s what makes us human. I have yet to meet a perfect man or woman!
Don’t take it personally

My response was irony, Arjuna.

@ Dungeness- I understand and sorry 😀

Arjuna has reflected the gross media bias that influences so many. It's astonishing what they get away with, but at the same time not surprising since it is they who are the watchdogs of themselves. I agree with Jesse and could say more but this is not a political thread. What Hillary Clinton has gotten away with makes Trump look like a choir boy, but who do they try to smear...

@ Tucson - I said in my response to Jesse I learn something new.

So I am humble enough to stand corrected.

@Arjuna wrote

""We are all flawed - perhaps not as much as him.

That’s what makes us human. I have yet to meet a perfect man or woman!

Don’t take it personally """

YEEES Arjuna
The lesson is that NONE of us can escape our Karmas, related to the SatGuru or not

Much and everything depends also of our "stand" in Life as we do it
Exactly as in/on the Battlefield ( see the Bagawat Gheeta )

Are we planning to really go back to our Source ?
or are we plabbing some other lives and accumulate karma accordingly

This is worth some reflection
Like : The Joy of triple readers versus chaurasi

Let's be wise and avoid destructive acts !



The law of karma makes no sense if karma is that all actions are the result of past actions, as well as the cause of future actions.

When you drop a ball it bounces less each time and eventually stops bouncing. The so called law of karma is the opposite where everything that happens creates more happenings. If that's the case, there would be no way for cessation of action.

If my actions are necessarily the result of a past action, how did I ever act in the first place? Did I perform an action before I performed an action?

We need a new theory to fantasize about. Karma has run its course.


I explained solispism or solopism many times now

The Creator did this not only in you but because HE liked it
he made many conscipus constructs

The Goal was to fulfill all desires and possible pleasures

Only, . . because Time_space was needed ( in our light_based creation amongst a zillio others )
some patience was required before ceryain deires could apply

Now one og these Jeevas ( Soul_constructs that is added ego )
couldn't wait and steals his 'wish' from a neighbour?

That is the first evil act that must be corrected

The thief took easily a complete time_space_equivalent from a college

That has major consequences

God knows only Love but the proctors , responsable for universal equilibrium
don't forget and automatically the results must be eaten
We have just to "give the apple, the wife, the country or a galaxy ( not Samsung ) back to the owner

That is what happening here

Don't say immediately " no sense" but reflect some days

Jesus said the same : " a little grain must be given back

This is SO mandatory

"Goes around, comes around"

You read it everywhere

There is no proud even in your "attitude" n you cannot escape either

Sound and a little bit of Light ( here where we are ) is the solution to again BE THE CREATOR
are blind and flabbergasted about the so many serendipities

The Creator and anybody who is in the Sound
cheating the proctors, of course when LOVE is at stake
Real Love

It s a simple universe here


Nothing you said makes any sense nor does it clarify what karma is. That was many paragraphs of gibberish that simply added to my belief that karma makes zero sense whatsoever. Thank you for that at least.

Was not for you . . . as u know


You can read it 5 times
That might help
Karma is no punishment > it's just giving back what you stole
at the moment the universe has prepared the right circumstances 4 U

I saw some miss-spels
my corrector doesn t work

777, I could read that nonsense for the rest of my life and it would still fail to make any sense. The theory of karma as presented by anyone, but you especially, is impossible. It's just a dumb idea.

Jesse used the term "gibberish" to describe 777's remarks on karma above. Gibberish is defined as unintelligible or meaningless language. It is also defined as pretentious or needlessly obscure language, This is what 777 does.. he pretentiously speaks in obscure, unintelligible language hoping to sound profound but only succeeds in appearing at best, absurd, and at worst, insane. If this is what sound, light, the master, god, inner regions, meditation does to you, I don't want any part of it.

You have to meditate in order to understand 777 as he is a great mystic and finds it hard to bring and keep his mind at this level.

From what I have observed everyone does that 777 is doing, which is giving his version of sant mat credibility. He is an extreme example which is why he stands out.

Some people here really think he is a mystic.

Others think he has lost his marbles.

We all think we have it all figured out.

So when baba of Beas says things on the mic everyone creates in their mind their own version of what he said.

And they are convinced their version is correct

@jesse c s :

I explained solispism or solopism many times now

The Creator did this ( creation) not only in you ( Jesse, ) but because HE liked it very much
he made many conscipus units (Tucson, Osho, me , . . every piece of consciousness, abird , an amoebe , . . )

The Goal was to fulfill in them all desires coming up and possible pleasures

Only, . . because Time_space was needed ( in our light_based creation amongst a xillion other non light based creations )
some patience was required before certain desires could be given

Now immediately after creation and being very powerful
sone of these Jeevas ( Soul_constructs that is done by added ego )
couldn't wait the given time and start stealing his 'wished thing' from a neighbour jeeva?

That is the first evil act that must be corrected

The thief took easily a complete time_space_equivalent from a collegue Jeeva

What I try to explain in kindergarten_language are giant happenings
at the beginning of time

That has major consequences

God knows only Love but the proctors , responsable for universal equilibrium
don't forget and automatically the results must be suffered by the actors/souls
only a small part of total souls
We have just to "give the apple, the wife, the country or a galaxy ( not Samsung ) back to the owner

That is what is happening here via many many incarnations (chaurasi)

Jesse ask what is the origin of the first calamity > It is Ego and greed

Don't say immediately " no sense" but reflect some days
I can make a multiple choice Q&A if neeeded

Jesus said the same : " a little grain must be given back

This is SO mandatory

"Goes around, comes around"

You read it everywhere

Hindu s say it's God s play
It is not, . . It is a serious succeeding way to let Love grow exponentially

I will try to answer eventual specific questions
Don ' forget I m trying to explain what most theologians write in 1000 volumes


Nothing personal against 777
But he is a perfect example

777 writes like he was there

And as if he is explaining facts.

Actually we know nothing

Just gave grand ideas of knowing

I did too.

I KNEW that sant mat was the truth and nobody could have convinced me otherwise. Yet it was just belief.

Beliefs create our version of reality

Here is what Charan Singh once said regarding Karma.

“ The Law of Karma

The world is a place in which we learn. Is that called karma? What do we learn in this world? To feel unhappy? To be a part of this agony? What are we learning? What advantage are we taking now from our experiences in our previous births? Do we remem­ber them? Are we not repeating the same mistakes which we repeated in our last birth?

How much have we learned from these mistakes? Nothing. So how are we learning?
We are just reaping the fruit of what we have sown. We even do not learn from the mistakes in this life, what to say of our past lives. This world is a field of karmas. Whatever we have sown, we reap, and whatever we sow now, we reap here in the future.

We have come here again and again to fulfil those desires, to reap the fruit of the seeds that we have sown in our previ­ous births, and while reaping we also sow for the next birth, and the excess also increases our stored lot. That is karma.

Question from a Desciple: "Master, if a man acts like a beast will he have to come back as a beast?"

Ans: " He may have been a beast in his last life and is still carrying all those instincts in him. Or he may come back again as a beast. Our own karma decides that. According to the karma theory, man can merge back into his Source, the Lord from whom he originally came, and he can also go back into a lower species such as an animal or even below that, to which he may have descended in a previ­ous life and come up to the status of a human being again.

The Lord does not find excuses to send us back. He gives us opportunity after opportunity to improve, to go ahead. But if we refuse to make use of this opportunity, we can go back.
Our attachments, our unfulfilled desires, our karmas can pull us down. We do not like to think so, but that is a fact."

Question: " Maharaj Ji, is it possible to have unconscious attachments without really realizing it?"

Ans: "Sometimes we are not aware of our attachments. We feel that we are detached, but when the situation arises, we realize how much we are attached. Our present attachments as well as our previous attachments can bring us back to this earth, because unless all our karmas, unless all our attachments are loosened, we cannot go up. We may have some previous attachments of past births which may still be strong and for which we still have to give an account. They may even pull us back to this world. " Ques: "Even if we do make progress?"
Anns: "Even if we do make progress. But we will, of course, go ahead, not backwards. We will be born in much better circumstances where we can clear our karmic accounts in a much better way. Once we make a start, we will always go ahead, not back­wards at all. There are no failures in Sant Mat. But unless our attachments are loosened, we cannot go back Home. And all this meditation takes care of our previous attachments also. When we think that we are not making progress, we do not know actually what progress we are making, how much we have to pierce through in order to get to the light."

"We all have a store of karmas from previous births, and unless we clear those karmas from previous births, as well as our fate karma and do not sow for the future, how can we go back?
Meditation takes care of all those stores of karmas. By meditating we are loosening those attachments, and when they are being cleared, sometimes in meditation we see many types of faces coming before us of gents and ladies, moving about."

" We do not know who they are. Those are our previous re­lations, our previous attachments. We are not to pay any atten­tion to them. We are just to keep ourself in meditation. Automatically they will cease to come before us. Their accounts with us are being cleared in this way. Only if we still have very strong attachments left at the time of death, then we are brought back into this world to clear them."

Ques: " Astrologers claim that when one is born in a certain month of the year, one is given a certain type of life and guaranteed a certain way of living. Is this true or not?"

Ans: " If you know what is going to happen to you, what difference will it make? Nothing can be changed. We will have to face what is in our destiny. So why add to our agony by knowing beforehand what we are going to face? If one is told that he is going to have an accident two years before it is to happen, one is living in that anxiety and agony for two years. Whereas if he did not know in advance, it may have bothered him for perhaps only two or three hours.
What is the use of it all? Astrology is a definite science, which very few have mastered, so mostly these predictions are not correct. One should not dabble in these things. Whatever has to come, will come, so why bother about it?"

Ques: "If we do something for someone and it turns out badly, and we find out that we were wrong and were truly sorry, does that rectify anything?"

Ans: " We should honestly, with the best of intentions, try always to do good. Then if it turns out differently, we should not worry. We should take it as our pralabdh karma, fate or destiny.
There is nothing to rectify. The thing that had to happen, has happened. Our conscience is clear. We have not done it knowingly. But we should not try to justify such weaknesses. When we are honest in our efforts to do good, then it is up to the Lord. W e cannot help it if it takes another shape."

Ques: "Regarding animals and our relations to them, is it detrimen­tal to our own progress to have affection for an individual animal?"

Ans: " It depends upon the attachment. If you are attached to an animal, naturally it will pull you down. If the animal is at­tached to you and you are not attached to the animal, but you are attached to something much better than the animal, then you may pull that animal up.
If we are meditating, we are attached to that Sound so strongly that it is pulling us, and if the animal is attached to us, we will also pull him along with us."

Ques: Is it possible to rise to some level where you can negotiate with the mind and these attachments and balance them without actually having to live through the karma?"

Ans: " We can always burn our karmas. They can always be des­troyed. That is the purpose of meditation. Otherwise we would have taken hundreds of lives to fulfil those karmas. But by meditation it can be done in one, or two, or three lives, and four at the most. The object of meditation is to destroy those karmas, to clear those karmas. Kabir says that if you have a big stack of hay, it takes only one matchstick to burn the whole lot. Similarly, one little portion of Shabd, an atom of it, burns thousands and millions of our karmas. We actually burn or destroy and rise above them, and do not make new ones in the process. These old karmas have relations with our mind. When with the help of Shabd our mind goes back to its origin, these karmas just drop down. However rusty a knife may be, if you hold it against a revolving grindstone, all the rust is removed. The knife again shines like new. It becomes pure. That is the condition of the soul when it leaves the mind after coming in touch with the Shabd."

Ques: "What is the reason for not remembering what has happened?"

Ans: "If you remember what has happened, what has brought you back into this world, you will not repeat those mistakes. That means you will never come back to this earth again, but will go back to the Lord. In that case, eventually everyone would do so, and the crea­tion would come to an end. If we all know why we are here, which bad habits or which bad karmas have brought us here, we will stop doing those bad karmas. Kal ( The negative power) has received certain boons, prerogatives, certain advan­tages. That is why this whole universe is going on.
One of the boons granted to him was that all creatures for­get their past. Those boons are essential for the continuance of this universe. Since the Lord wants this universe to go on, naturally we have to forget all that has happened in our pre­vious lives, for which we are here now. "

Ques:" Why would the soul want to come back here from the superior planes, knowing how much suffering and misery is here?"

A ns: "Even now, we do not want to go back. We see suffering all around us. If anyone tells you to prepare yourself, you are going to die, are you prepared to die at once? We say, "No, we have so many things to do yet." So even now we are not prepared to leave in spite of all the suffering in this world. We may think we are prepared to die, but realize that we are not when faced with the situation. Knowing that we are weeping and suffering, knowing that we are so miserable and unhappy, still we are not doing any­thing to get rid of this condition. We are doing the same things again and again. We are not taking lessons from that deed we have done in the past birth for which we are suffering now. We are victims of the senses, just the same as we used tobe. We are not taking any lessons from the past. Nobody does.When the situation arises we do the same thing, and we are again sorry. We have forgotten the reason why we are unhappy."

Ques: "Do I understand correctly that at a certain point in the unfoldment we are able to review all the past karmas? If so, is it necessary, and is it of any advantage?"

Ans: " We do know about our whole past when we go beyond Trikuti, the second stage. When the soul gets released from the mind, your past will be crystal-clear to you, as if you are look­ing in a glass. This is possible only when you go beyond the second stage, and then perhaps you will not be interested in knowing your past. You are not interested at all. You are rather looking ahead, and not at the back. You do not feel inclined to see what sins you have been committing, nor what you have had to go through. You are not concerned. Only those who reach their True Home obtain everlasting joy and peace. They break out of the cycle of birth and death forever, and return at last to the Father, thereby escaping the repeated torture of the Messenger of Death."

Ques: "With whose grace do we gain admission to the Court of the Lord? Surely not by our own efforts. Alone we can do nothing. We can never, by ourselves, traverse the uncharted terrain of the inner path. We owe everything to the immeasurable grace of the Master. He showers his blessings on us by joining us with the Shabd and Nam, removing all our doubts, and pulling us out of this quagmire of illusion. It is our Master who puts us on the right Path and awakens in our mind abiding love and devotion for the Lord. Blessed with his infinite grace, through meditation, we seek, we find, and we knock. All beings in the world are helpless puppets in the hands of destiny. There is nothing that they can accomplish by their own efforts."

"Those on whom the Lord wishes to shower his mercy and grace are given the gift of the human form. Out of these fortunate souls, he draws the attention of the marked ones( Marked Elect) to himself. These are the souls whom he, in his supreme bounty, wishes to deliver from doubt and delusion, whom he wishes to call back to his Mansion by joining them with the Light and Sound. It is the Lord's will which is supreme. It is His will that is "done on earth as it is in heaven". Man is helpless. Not till he himself takes us into his fold are we redeemed through the Master's grace. And that grace is showered on us through his gift of devotion and love, which eventually tunes us to him and draws us to our home to merge with the Lord forever..
- "Die to Live" by Maharaj Charan Singh“

You have a text scanner ?
Which one ?

Where our heart is now, . . . we go (


I believe Karma and Reincarnation to be the strongest motivations to believe in the mercy of God, and are the reasons to try to live as best as we can. I know by experience, haven seen Karma in action for my own deeds, in this life, that every Debit requires a Credit, sooner or later. Ebery time I chose to play, I had to pay later! Most of the time, sooner than I was ready for! Kal must be a CPA!

Jim Sutherland

@ Arjuna,...........


Jim Sutherland

777 writes like he was there
And as if he is explaining facts.
Actually we know nothing
Just gave grand ideas of knowing

… Maybe he has been there ( inside) by the grace of the Master, who knows?


Yeah sure, Just like I have been to wonderland and met Alice there, and the wizard.

BabaJi has already said there is no such place and still you say perhaps he has been there.


Thank You Juan . . . What can I say ! . . .

Yes, . . . What I can say is that it was to hot in The Kitchen



777, it wasn't the misspellings or grammar I was complaining about. Im saying that the concept of karma as we know it makes no sense.

And as we can see from yours, Charans and many others answers, once it's pointed out how nonsensical a system it is, the believers instinct is to then say "it's just gods play etc." If that's the case then there's no karma. Choose one.

The whole karmic philosophy is flawed, apparently the rich and famous have done good deeds in past lives but RS says that these people are the most miserable.

These Guru's don't even believe in karma themselves otherwise they wouldn't have done bad things.

If everything in the astral and causal realms is created by imagination (the Mind), then nothing we know or have experienced is really REAL. Nothing inside our out—in this world is 100% true. We belong to differet subjective clumps of mass consciousness. So, people believe whatever they choose to believe based on their own hearts.

That aside, Brian, can you please write an article (or even a book) on the psychology of denial??

777, nothing you see or experience in the astral or causal realms is “real” or “true” either. It’s all imagination and certain minds have an affinity for specific beliefs and inner experiences so they gravitate towards those fields of consciousness. You are simply gravitating towards the “mind fields” of those you respect and admire. You’re experiencing what they have imagined and then you are adding your own bit of creativity to it as well. The Mind is pure imagination at every level... it’s the creative force of this world, the astral world and the causal world. If you had been to a realm beyond the mind then you would have no stories to describe or words to explain why anything happens here the way that it does. So, with the malleability of the mind, people can justify whatever they want to believe. But certain beliefs prove very destructive to society as a whole if they’re not kept in check...

@ I too believe in karma and let me stress this the system for want of a better world owes no one on here or any one else an explanation. We can jump up and down or use the intellect - it will end in tears. Seen enough death to lay me a lifetime and for me it’s time to have faith

777 is probably more advanced than most off and they all speak thus and parables. Cast not pearls before swine ha

We are bit worms to eaten 😀

Sorry can’t expand on it as it is above my intellect - I agree with Jim just to the best you can😀

@ Jim thank you for sharing Arjunas story - I am not fit enough to pass him an arrow for his might bow.

As I get older I appreciate Orthodox Christian theology more. All this "nothing is real" stuff sounds like standup comedy on LSD to me.

Reality doesn't imply things unchanging nature's of things, permanence, or pertaining to states which originated in the purest non physical form. At least not to me.

Whether or not I'm a crappy reflection of something astral matters not. I'm still "real."

@ Jesse - hello buddy. Yes we are real until old age, disease or someone killing us. Then we ain’t real. We are real for 70 to 100 years if we are lucky - that if the aforementioned hasn’t happened or our loved ones haven’t through us into a care home as we are cabbaged and poo everywhere like animals. 🤫

Funny ole game as we say in London 😀

Or if our spouses have it run if with another for better sex, more money and excitement and then some people decide to end that reality - not real again.

I spent my life being a good man and used to want to give people a good uppercut followed by a haymaker - but something stopped me always. Why bother.

This world is a cesspit - if you could see what I have seen in my life...

I understand now why people esp in India and the west choose to believe in a real person as a master. I am conflicted with doubts - could be my mind! As the mind was never easy to conquer. Being honest I just sometimes pray that aliens created us and cone back and sort us out. There is nothing beautiful to ponder in a world where children die due to the ego and intellect of a politician declaring war or invasion, woman rapped, children made orphans and fraudulent practices leaving people homeless. Drug addiction, homelessness, disease, hatred - I experience it more in the U.K. now due to brexit but most just give evil looks and don’t try anything - as I would defend myself,

God does have a lot to answer for - so do we as we have discrimination.

Just my private thoughts. Not enforcing my opinions on anyone 🤫

Arjuna > Thi is not correct
you wrote
""We are bit worms to eaten 😀
Sorry can’t expand on it as it is above my intellect - I agree with Jim just to the best you can😀 ""

IQ only hurts > be glad

Creation is really from all sides seen made for LOVE

Love = "The desire to DO GOOD to other beings"

So, . . . try that and see the results - it goes exponentially
and evn better
It's the only stuff in the universes that increases when U give it away

One , . . poor on love ? . . with only a milligram
and gives it away sees how that grows

Continuing He is soon a WarrenBuffet mony_wise but now Love_wise
and all these good things start to happen

Have you ever seen a sad comment from me , in the midst of the slump here

You are not a worm

And YOU are at an exact position to see if you can shower some Love somewhere

Love is NOT trying to collect some . . . NO - It is give some AWAY without second thoughts

When it's missing calamities will start

Who understands this > will understand my former "no sense" texts


As far as karma and reincarnation are concerned I see nothing in me that is other than memories and impressions accumulated from birth and not from a previous existence as a murdered goat herder in Morrocco or as a one-eyed whore in London. Any talents or liabilities I possess are the result of environment, genetics like the color of eyes, height, sex and so forth.

Consciousness coalesced as this form and its specificity will dissipate into consciousness when its time is finished. What remains is what is now... Consciousness. This is the immortal part, what is real, the before and after and the in-between. Consciousness is fluid and manifests according to principles incomprehensible in human mind, language and relativity. As Consciousness, I was and am all things. I was Julius Caesar and Joan of Arc. I am who you are now. Perhaps this is why 777 often sounds cuckoo as he tries to explain the unexplainable.

"" What remains is what is now... Consciousness. This is the immortal part, what is real, the before and after and the in-between. ""


Ever reflected on the consequences of total remembering

-You would remember to be The Almighty plus his knowledge , . . so the creation would stop

OK : Partial rememberance

-Remember your exemple : Jeanne d'Arc > WOW The Pain, . . Fire is Hot

-Last life and you were a Billy Gates : " Where are my billions ?"

Half a life in a mental hospital where you were constanty electr shocked
and ended crazy

In the war 1914-1918 blinded by the nerve gas



Karma is not a pubishment > IT IS JUST what comes around
and applied in a learn_some manner

Remember Edgar Caycy and the parents who had a lame, a blind and a deaf child
He said
During the Inquisition they had to brake the legs, burn out eyes etc

Parents said : But why must WE suffer
He :
You were the judges

- They will never do this judging again

This 7 chakras system is so perfect.
Angels and and stunned aliens would give anything.
Take alone the FACT that a cruel person ( eating meat, a killer )
has automatically 'acces_denied' by slow rotating chakra_tunnels
caused by converted adrenaline ( from fear) in meat.

( Jim ) these are the bible Cherubines at the entrance (3rd Eye) of paradise.

LOVE is all that counts - no other Dogma, nothing else

Me only at 2 occasions I have seen under me
the flabbergasting workings of the Creative Powers, before Arch Angels existed.
Imaging the energies of before time was installed
Let's Jubilate with JapJI Oh mortels
or see a tiny tiny little bit in the Oapshe book 5 first & second rzgions) and have some fear
But too ( the intensity the swelling in cycles ) BE THE sure anahabad SHABD is Paradise

Good Luck and fine IQ _ Intuition _ equilibrum this time


Posted by: Sarah | August 20, 2018 at 09:21 AM
That was goood Cleopatra Wow - You wrote the book yourself
Solispism for dummies


@ Tucson - better men than you! And me have tried to answer the karma question lol. AND failed as will you.

Ego man - calm it down - you know nothin as we say around from where I am. As I know nothin.

Your response did make me laugh 😂


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