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July 05, 2018


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Myron Phelps Notes on Sant mat, The spirit current was not suitable to live in the higher spiritual regions because it developed desire to live in material world. For living in material worlds, mind was required which was developed by using the energy of spirit, during initial explosion the same energy formed gross physical matter, stars and planets. By fighting with the impulses of mind, spirit gains strength to become suitable to experience trance / beyond mind state. The unconscious mind conjures up due to desires of spirit force to live with material beings, when the spirit force discovers the defects of material universe it again struggles to ascend to the regions from where it descended.

@ Brian - thanks for reviewing this book. I walked past it the other day at the book store thinking it was about Facebook or social media and decided not to pick it up. There’s an example of my mind telling me stories about what clearly wasn’t the case. Prime example.

It’s rather like the people voting brexit in the uk and what a shambles that is. Airbus and the major car makers have warned the uk government that they need clarification or they will stop investment if there is no free trade with the EU after brexit. People are telling themselves stories that everything will be ok and it’s all noise. Interestingly when they lose their jobs - perhaps that will be a wake up call.

The same can be applied to to people who thought Trump was the answer. He must have a very powerful way of thinking in that he knows how to confuse people and himself to get what he wants. That story won’t end well either as he is most likely to drag the world into a full scale trade war and quite possibly a financial depression.

Have a good day - I will buy that book today

I am finishing Timothy Snyder's "The Road to Unfredoem." Snyder descibes a form of zombieism that has infecgted this country - something which which I am certainly not comfortable

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