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June 18, 2018


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What I'd always suspected. Wally (Dilbert's colleague Wally) is a Tao master. And comics are the highest form of literature, the shorter the wiser.

And yes, it is coffee -- not fancy percolations, but the standard office-issue machine-dispensed liquid -- that is the drink of the gods.

Think less, understand more.

The tree laden with fruit can only be what it is.
The tree barren of fruit also has its place. It is what it is.
But we become less labeling them.
Because we may not fully understand their value or their potential. You can't see it from the outside. It's on the inside.

The purpose human beings ascribe to trees, and people, is very much a secondary consideration. That is external.

The peace and purpose we find within ourselves matters most. And that happens when we accept our situation.

But we can hardly do that pointing fingers of anger, judgment and reaction at others.

Letting all that go, then we are not acting or reacting. We are just being who we are. We can focus on that, find purpose and happiness in that.

And that is why meditation is so valuable. It is the practice of letting all that judging of others, even ourselves, sort of thinking go, so we can find that happiness and in that, be who we are.

Uselessness of suppression of instincts opens new door, new door is love for higher things/people/places will provide a natural method to attain control over senses. That is what Ishwar Puri says when he says Radiant form of master is imagination but that imagination would counter lust/ carnal imagination. I advocate to imagine anything you love that may be place in delhi, your favorite scientist or anything you love. That imagination would replace the carnal imagination and control over carnal pleasures can be attained.

From the pdf "The Way of Chuang Tzu" by Thomas Merton


When great Nature sighs, we hear the winds
Which, noiseless in themselves,
Awaken voices from other beings,
Blowing on them.
From every opening
Loud voices sound. Have you not heard
This rush of tones?

There stands the overhanging wood
On the steep mountain:
Old trees with holes and cracks
Like snouts, maws, and ears,
Like beam-sockets, like goblets,
Grooves in the wood, hollows full of water:
You hear mooing and roaring, whistling,
Shouts of command, grumblings,
Deep drones, sad flutes.
One call awakens another in dialogue.
Gentle winds sing timidly,
Strong ones blast on without restraint.
Then the wind dies down. The openings
Empty out their last sound.
Have you not observed how all then trembles and subsides?

Yu replied: I understand:
The music of earth sings through a thousand holes.
The music of man is made on flutes and instruments.
What makes the music of heaven?

Master Ki said:
Something is blowing on a thousand different holes.
Some power stands behind all this and makes the sounds die down.
What is this power?

Just asked someone about this quote I posted who said that because it was written many years ago, it shows the beauty of nature in a pure and innocent way. Although in today's modern world some people would interpret a certain innuendo. It does show a certain naivety on my part. Damn this modern world!

It's beautiful Jen!

Happy to find your site. We write about some of the same things, and we are both in Oregon! (I'm in Portland.) I just spent a little time browsing around--I look forward to reading more.

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