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June 06, 2018


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I'm simply pointing out the obvious: that a major appeal of religions is the reassurance they offer about death being not an end to existence, but the beginning of another form of life.

I think that's truer of religion than mysticim. The
appeal and raison d'etre of the latter is to not wait
for death. Trust only what you can experience and
verify now while you're alive. Peek behind the curtain
of dogma...before karma runs you over.

Law of karma is brutal law, no one is above it, even cunning atheists are not above the law of karma. Brutal law of karma led to the downfall of mighty kings/ queens/feudal landlords at the hands of British Empire and it forgives no one. Law of karma unleashed destruction through atomic bombs. It may again unleash in third world war and as Baba Faqir Chand said " if we don't purify our heart we will not be spared"

Hi Brian

You wrote

"Us atheists have an easy response. God doesn't exist, so there is no problem with bad things happening in the world."

Only the God of religion doesn't exist. That artifical creation doesn't exist.

As a true Atheist, nothing more can be said.

As far as making peace and believing in a higher power, that does exist, and every scientist knows it. It's called this creation and all the mysteries as well as seen forces that made us all and keeps us moving forward.

We are an inseparable part of that. That can never ever change, even though our form changes all the time.

The infant died, and in his place the child was born.

The child we were died, and in his place the adolescent was born.

The adolescent boy died, and in his place the adult was born.

The adult man died, and in his place the middle aged man was born.

The middle age man died and in his place the old man was born.

There was life for us before these, and there will be after. But in what form? And what level of consciousness?

We are part of it all,
And that one fact is immutable.
Nothing can separate us, though we die to this form, yet our connection is inseparable and eternal.

If one don't want the word ''God'',maybe'' Universe'' is an alternative?
Or'' Limitless'' or'' Conciousness''..or'' Isness''..

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