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April 18, 2018


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We can't live with pretence. We all have an angel and a devil within (archetypes) but we can transform ourselves by being brutally honest with self.

Jordan Peterson - The Shadow Reaches All The Way Down To Hell



I'll have what he's having!

Actually, I have had (have) what he had (has). We all do. At some level we know it. Sometimes a catalyst like acid is the trigger and sometimes nothing at all.

In my case the guide was a female form of intense translucent radiance with ephemeral, subtle features of serene beauty, kindness, beneficence, wisdom. Words weren't said. Things were known. I have later come to call her Mary. Not necessarily the Virgin Mary of Christianity. Just Mary.

I too was somehow propelled through the universe at incomprehensible speed. I saw galaxies arise and subside.

I too saw that everything was exactly as it should be, could not be any other way and was perfect. All within the glorious infinite One which we are.

" I too saw that everything was exactly as it should be, could not be any other way and was perfect. All within the glorious infinite One which we are."

I have been saying this since times immemorial, Unified field/Shabd/Atomic energy is the reality.
The zone where Shabd interacts with a human being is an interface of Shabd and Causal world.
During stillness of thinking mind [Astral world] & stillness of desires preceding thinking [causal world] by either drugs or meditation; the Atomic energy realm/ Shabd opens up & very subtle form of sub-conscious mind creates actual forms of divine light due to its purity.

That is an interesting and no doubt massively influential experience in the life of the author, but it is worth noting it is by no means exceptional or unique.

The only reason I'm commenting on this is because the author of the piece may find the following book interesting:



The individual experience is sacred. There is a lot of symbology in what the author writes, almost as if it was out of revelation.

To what extent as Brian asks, this is a real experience or a hallucination in some ways is irrelevant. Even as pure symbology of one's subconscious, brought to the surface by the abatement of mental functioning, it reflects real elements within that person's psyche.

Drugs degrade our functioning, so the problem is for the author to work to their own internal capacity to visit that place again, where in full consciousness they can inspect it in detail at their leisure to evaluate what portion comes from a higher power and what portion comes from their own buried fears and hopes.

It is real in all cases. But real what?

We all can only hope to have an experience that sticks in our minds throughout our lives such as this, the realization of his duality is the key to this experience and the feelings that can be divided into the material and the spiritual,
all of his wants and urges that seem to drive his life are only but an illusion that he has given weight and importance to, since we all create our own realities his vision was as real and true as anyone else's,
it was meant to give him a glimpse into reality and it is and always will be up to him to mold it as he sees fit, this is the reason we all have "free will"
and as for the analogies, Satan can be considered our material selves driven by our senses and wants and Jesus would be our spiritual self that is of love and not material in the least,
our spiritual self is our normal state and our material self is limited and just for training and learning, there does not need to be a belief in God in order for there to be progress in any single life, you will have many other lives that will present this option to you.

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