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April 11, 2018


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Our identity is a construction, a belief system, it's own religion.

Meditation is a process, particularity spiritual meditation, of stripping away the persona through which we filter, censor and enhance information, and exposing our consciousness to new and finer realities, including, as part of the journey, direct exposure to our afore hidden unconscious.

We move from lower mind to higher mind and even beyond. But it is all a matter of experience. We replace the illusion based on reality with actual parts of that reality, undigested, experienced directly.

Every person, including the meditator, can only speak to where they are. The fault lies in believing they have gone the whole way when they have not. And then presuming to claim what is really there, instead of saying "this is where I am right now, that is all I can speak to."

Or worse, to say "this is reality, what you have experienced is illusion" :Dogma.

The illusion of a total understanding of that system, particularly of a system that is bound by one's own limits, isn't science. It's another illusion, another religion.

It's like Columbus "discovering" America, calling the natives "Indians" with the proclamation that he has found and proven a new route to India.

But in truth he has arrived in another land altogether. The natives aren't denizens of India at all.


Best about these bells within Bells within bells within our Bell :

Don't care about the garbage

Listen to the Bells of Love with Love
That is creating a resonance with all That
and we become That !
That is where the sweet never ending Path starts !

xillions of such Creations , all very different
don't try to understand
don't worry, . . . be happy
and some help is appreciated



Ah 777
The Bells within the Bell!

Atheists are paid trolls of some corp to disrupt the sacred/secret knowledge of Atomic energy / shabd. Fear resides in their heart about the rise of Asian nations by using Unified Field/Shabd.
" Qalb haibat sey larza hai insaan ka " Sufi verse describing the fears/phobias in the hearts of carnal men.

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