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March 28, 2018


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Enlightenment values are consistent with & convergent with Sant-mat.And all the anti enlightenment values are coming from anti Sant mat theology. If every country adopts Sant-mat , the arms race & wastage of resources on weaponizing counties would end. Biggest scientific evidence in favour of Sant-mat is " unified field of consciousness " / " atomic energy ". Second coming of Christ is Sant-mat armed with modern physics which will destroy anti-christ.

The beauty of spirituality is that it transcends culture, nationalism, politics, power and organization.

The values of universal brotherhood / sisterhood; that we are all part of the One, and have the same Father transcend the limitations of the human body, and set the true value as the soul which has no sex, no orientation, no system of belief. It is a drop of God, the Holy Spirit, the very force of life.

Therefore no caste or creed, no need for argument.

Reason can be biased by personal limitations and learning. Logic is nothing but a prostitute who will assume any position for a fee.

Progress to one vested interest is destruction and violation of rights to another.

Humanism can only flourish where there is a pre-existing acknowledgement of the basic equality and rights of all beings, not just the familiar ones who look and act as we do whom we thus label as humans.

And the true superiority of spirituality lies in the fact that Spirit can be witnessed, and through exposure to it, these qualities arise naturally, not as the artificial constructions of reason, but as the actual witness to the reality of who and what we are.

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