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March 11, 2018


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Jesus said, "When you see one who was not born of woman, fall on your
faces and worship. That one is your Father." Even Saints are born out of women.
Here Jesus is not referring to Saints , he is referring to shabd / word that vibrates in every atom of universe. Shabd / word can't be explained by natural laws.Anyone who says so , is be-fooling innocent gullible people. That shabd / word also vibrates in stone idols , proving once again hindus & christians reverence to stone idol of Jesus / Deities is perfectly justified.

Atheists make much noise but the problem is nobody can really hear them because the sound is muffled.

That is, atheism is so absurd it would take a brain surgeon to become a terrorist to justify such an absurd proposition.

Dear Lord

Thank you for all those who love you in whatever form they can comprehend with their limited understanding : The true believers who love you for no other reason than they are compelled within.
They most of all. They know nothing. They understand everything. Nothing on earth or heaven can shake their faith in you.

Second, thank you for those who love nature and science, the discovery of your awesome creation in all its elegant and powerful detail. They love science for no other reason than science. They love reality for being real. They are loving you, in the parts they can see and confirm. And their faith in reality, in the hope of discovery, in the future gifts of understanding is unshakable.

Finally, lastly, thank you for the mystics who love you because they know you. I offer thanks for these last because knowing, their personal conviction is no longer based upon the heroism of faith, and the courageous journey of discovery. They love intimately, and for that I offer thanks. But not as much as the first two above, as their love requires little faith and perseverance.

The believer and the scientist are stronger than the mystic. But maybe I should thank you most for the mystic after all, for you took the weakest and brought them very, very close. Thank you for protecting and loving your weakest children, the mystics.

D.r, I love your irrationality. You're a marvelous example of blind religious belief. Thanks so much for showing the benefits of atheism and agnosticism -- one's mind is preserved to fully function! Since there is no demonstrable evidence of God, obviously it is believers who are ignoring facts and holding to an absurd position. But i realize that in your current frame of mind, you're unable to see reality as it is, but rather as how you'd like it to be. Billions of religious people feel the same way, but that doesn't make a false belief true.

This post is hilarious .

Spence - Can I get your email Id? I want to write to you and know you better because whatever I've read from you has touched a chord in me. Thank you.

For Brian: If one wants to go somewhere, one has to stick to one thing. Truth or the divine does not need your assistance. It will happen without you. It is just that you can deny it to yourself. People bring enormous amount of punishment, pain and suffering upon themselves, not necessarily because of a life committed to evil. Their life may be committed to spiritual wellbeing, but every day they choose and re-choose. They keep destabilizing themselves by constantly falling off and falling on. We will bring enormous trouble to ourselves if we do not allow life to form itself – if we keep disturbing that which is taking shape. Every time you choose and un-choose, you distort the course of your destiny. Maybe you un-choose the path you are on because of some situation that you experience as frustrating. But even if in a few hours you are again on, by un-choosing yourself for a few hours, you have destabilized the formation and course of your destiny. http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/yoga-meditation/demystifying-yoga/nishchala-tattvam-creating-unwavering-intention/


There is a level of nonsense that even atheists don't accept
like again after accepting "Existence"
again a back fall :

F.i. 0*1=Brian


But being God yourself
you have to live with the pain


Hi RD!
Thanks for your message.

From you link....
"Whatever we think in our mind can’t be spiritual. You can’t have a spiritual thought. Whether you think about God, heaven or liberation, that is not a spiritual thought. Thought is essentially psychological, there is nothing spiritual about it."

This hits the mark.


You say, "stick to one thing, people bring enormous punishment, pain and suffering upon themselves, they keep destabilizing themselves."

Forcing oneself into sticking totally to order can be very rigid and stifling.

Life is Order and Chaos. We need to find a balance between the two. Chaos is where creativity resides...

'You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.’ ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Jen - Only from experience, I've come to understand that persistence pays rich dividends, especially in the spiritual path. And there is a certain discipline for the mind, not force, because, as my Master says 'the basis of all spirituality is mind control'. He also says, we should not go out of our way to convince anyone. It is all His will and is happening according to His wishes. So, not trying to convince anyone.

Spence - Love and light to you. RS.

Hi RD,

Thanks for the reply.

I do agree that we learn from experience in this life and also using discipline for the mind are very important.

Having moved away from following a Master, my path now is living in the moment and not striving for a goal.
I don't like "It is all His will" and "according to His wishes". I see people giving away their power in submission to another. Do they worship a "god" because it makes them feel humble?

I see life now as a discipline but not about praying to a higher power or following a Master, rather its about merging with one's inner self. The only thing we can be sure of is death and thats when we will actually know, is there life beyond death, are there other realms or does our brain manufacture all sorts of stories and visions when we are in a human form. Life is a mystery.

I see life now as a discipline but not about praying to a
higher power or following a Master, rather its about merging
with one's inner self.

I agree. If a higher power exists and is total "Omni-ness"
-present, potent, scient- then it's right within us. Whether
you call it inner self, or higher awareness, or the "G" word,
you'd have to seek it out, befriend, and merge with it inside.
Not off in some heaven, or holy temple, or cave in Tibet.

The only thing we can be sure of is death and thats when we
will actually know is there life beyond death

Actually, if you're only a brain, that's moot :)

or is there life beyond death, are there other realms or does
our brain manufacture all sorts of stories and visions when we are
in a human form. Life is a mystery.

Definitely, we get the full spectrum of stories and visions and
fake news from inside. But everything beautiful comes from there
too -reason, intuition, appreciation, love. The moments when we
know there is more than the dross of the world. Any process which
takes us inside to explore the mystery of consciousness is the
right path. Here and now. Before the "brain" goes silent.

"The discovery of this reality is hindered rather than helped by belief, whether one believes in God or believes in Atheism."
Alan Watts, The Wisdom of Insecurity.

Brian, do you remember reading this?

Belief in Atheism is a hindrance to discovering the reality around and within us. It's not about belief. Not about religion, including the religion of Atheism.

It is the experience of the divine. Which is the entire creation.

Beyond thought or argument, or any mental comprehension. But it isn't nothing. Just nothing the mind can manipulate.

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