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March 15, 2018


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" Atomic energy , Unified field " is the before-life , life & afterlife. That Unified field gives electrical impulses to heart to beat.

Once you awaken to the reality of this moment, you won't care about the mental notions of past or future. They don't exist. They never did.

Then afterlife is a meaningless concept. There is no afterlife. There is just life, and life never ceases.

It goes on in one form or another. In this life we take many forms, we shed our old bad habits and are born again as something new. The caterpillar becomes the butterfly. It happens over and over. The child becomes the adult. The adult becomes the child.
But in every moment the awareness is the same being.

Conjecture only means you aren't living in the now, just in that limited cage of concept. Live in the now, beyond thought, and you will experience eternity beyond the constraints of time.

Afterlive, . ; where is your importance


Anami ( God ) the Source
is just that giant stream of Saints
since always
coming in,
bringing Love

Each bound-

If every galaxy brought in ONE only
it would be a giant harvest

but it is much more
there are no losers
though Hitler & Pol Pot need some more time
but there is plenty . . .

Time2Love converter, . . . an old APP
Cheers & RS

and the very low will be the first
I just 'joined' with some remorse the hinessights stuff
as 777kal

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