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February 17, 2018


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Hi Brian, I have watched so many youtubes of Jordan Peterson. For me he is a voice of reason in a chaotic world. Am going to read his book as well.

I guess you have seen the Channel Four interview with Cathy Newman which has gone viral…


Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism

Another interesting discussion…


"A Glitch in the Matrix" - Jordan Peterson, the Intellectual Dark Web & the Mainstream Media

Journalist David Fuller made the first full documentary about Jordan Peterson, and also used to work at Channel 4 News as producer and reporter for over a decade. He takes a close look at the recent viral interview with Cathy Newman and uses this cultural watershed to unpack the deeper political, psychological and archetypal levels of the clash.

Published on Feb 15, 2018

It’s like making the inmates in a high security prison better Beings but still there is no way out. That’s my take on this book.

By introspecting and weeding out negative qualities , being becomes stronger than mind & numbs mind one fine day. Precisely called trance / samadhi in Sant-mat / yoga.

Hi Arjuna,

The message I get from Jordan is, take responsibility for our lives, be truthful, disciplined, have high morals and principles, be very aware and an observer, then maybe (this is my theory) when we leave this illusionary plane of existence we might be able to find a gap in the matrix and escape ;)

@ lovely Jen. Beautiful.

I loved your response but I really want to meet the “Artitect” of this Matrix.


Hi Jen

You wrote

"take responsibility for our lives, be truthful, disciplined, have high morals and principles, be very aware and an observer, then maybe (this is my theory) when we leave this illusionary plane of existence we might be able to find a gap in the matrix and escape ;)"

Yes, Jen beatifully written.

What you wrote is superior to what Jordan wrote,

" You will then begin to discover new, more subtle things that you are doing wrong. Stop doing those, too. After some months and years of diligent effort, your life will become simpler and less complicated. Your judgment will improve. You will untangle your past. You will become stronger and less bitter. You will move more confidently into the future. You will stop making your life unnecessarily difficult. "

Really? Are you so sure Mr. Peterson ? I think he overstates.

IF we could all be good just by choosing it. Or just by being told or scolded into it. But we have a little problem, habit. Habit and conditioning geared to exploit our own genetics.

He might as well tell people to just stop smoking. They need Peterson to say this?


Jen, I much prefer your take on things.
It is sane, mature, balanced.

At Spencer - I like your post.

Mr Peterson hadn’t considered the fact that when your karma are heavy you cannot think for shit. It’s impossible. They take us from place to place and torment us.

How cool is that. If only thinking so made it so. Also practicing most of what he says in that book will lead to an uppercut and right hook - lest you try it on the wrong person.

And trust me - most people who have bought that book could not take an upper cut and right hook.

Laters peeps

Dear Arjuna, you say "...still there is no way out"

In this talk Tom talks about who the Creator is (the Architect). Can you guess? You will have to watch... hehe


Tom Campbell: The Implications of Virtual Reality for Humanity

How can we gain a new perspective and shine a light on the dark agendas and disconnection we now experience in the world?

Published on 13 Feb 2018 (32:25)

Peterson talks in circles and often spouts intellectual nonsense. He is a flash in the pan. Totally overrated. Makes no real sense. Shame on you Brian for peddling this pseudo scientific nonsense posing as psychology, the science of the brain.

@ Jen - interesting clip.

However I fear a much worse fate after death for all of us. Speaking from my person experiences - we are a flash of light that can be merged with something very dark and evil. That’s why in my heart of hearts I hope Gurinder Singh is really the real thing. Amen

Very interesting dichotomy happening now more than ever. On the one hand we have the political correctness movement which I find very preachy and annoying and then there are the free speech activists who speak their own truth and are quite aggressive. Being polite and taking the middle road is becoming difficult, especially having discussions on the Internet.

Has anyone watched J.P.s bible series on youtube? Any thoughts?

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